Nice Guy Episode 18 Recap

Can we have an anticipatory standing ovation for the brilliance that is Nice Guy? Unless frogs start dropping from the sky in the final two episodes (I’m still pissed at you, Magnolia), this drama is hands down a masterful brilliant work of art that can take its place in the pantheon of great K-melodramas of all time. Its flaws are overcome by exquisite directing and excellent acting, and even the stretches in the script have built in room for the narrative to breathe and form into a cohesive structure. Isn’t it incredible to watch a melodrama that is so stunningly restrained in the pathos and unwilling to fall back on the hysteria? So this is what it’s like for a melodrama to cut it with the slapping, the hitting, the screaming, the tossing things, the general gloss of male rage and female backstabbing. NG doesn’t rely on any of that, and instead relies on complexities to drive the conflict.

I’ve heard folks bemoaning how Maru and Eun Gi is just one big misunderstanding that can be cleared up, and that is so far from the truth I wonder if we’re watching the same drama. Eun Gi and Maru can never be cleared up with conversation, because the fundamental dagger in their relationship is mistrust and memory distortion. Eun Gi is akin to a woman watching only bits and pieces of a movie and asked to render judgment on it. She can say she likes it, she connects with it her heart wants it, but her mind will always fear the missing pieces that could alter her perception once she sees it all. Maru is never going to use logic and explanation to overcome the choices he made to use Eun Gi, because she was all set to forgive him then and chances are she’ll forgive him a million times more. The problem is that neither have the wholeness of being anymore to render a decision with confidence and acceptance.

Episode 18 recap:

Maru reveals that he knows Eun Gi has regained her memory and asks what the hell she is doing going through with the wedding when she knows what kind of man he is (i.e. not a nice one). Eun Gi asks why he let her keep up the pretense and also why he went along with the wedding prep? Maru wanted to allow her to do things her way.

Eun Gi points out that he should have come to the wedding today if he was going to do things her way. Maru cannot understand her way – if she wanted revenge on Jae Hee and him, why does she have to put her own future at stake? Why marry him for real?

Eun Gi scoffs and says that her father died during the time she discarded him because she was so crazy about Maru. To seek revenge against Jae Hee and Maru, she can do anything. She can spill their blood, she can spill her blood, she will do anything it takes. This is who she really is. If he’s scared, then he can run away now. She’ll give him one chance, she’ll forgive Kang Maru just this once because he took care of her doing her amnesia period out of guilt. Eun Gi asks if there is anything he wants to say to her, but Maru claims he has nothing to say. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!

Eun Gi borrows Maru’s phone and calls Joon Ha, who arrives to pick her up from the river banks. Joon Ha takes Eun Gi to a hotel and she asks him to stay and keep her company, she doesn’t want to be alone right now.

Maru flashes back to the breakfast with Eun Gi when he asked her what she will do if she found out he was a bad man? Eun Gi said she wouldn’t forgive him since she lost so much to be with him. Maru smiled and told her to remember what she said and never forgive him. He sits in his car and smiles ruefully knowing that things are happening as he told her to.

Jae Gil and Choco stand to the side watching Secretary Hyun pack up Eun Gi’s things now that she’s got her memory back and things have ended in such a public way with Maru. Both Jae Gil and Choco are understandably sad but accepting of this turn of events. Choco hands a hair band to Secretary Hyun to give to her unni.

Maru goes home and sees Secretary Hyun taking Eun Gi’s belongings out of the house. He acts fine and asks for something to eat. Jae Gil and Choco watch him eating with relish. He flashes back to Eun Gi saying in the car that she will do anything to take down Jae Hee and Maru. He puts down his spoon and appears to realize he needs to do something (to keep Eun Gi from enacting her revenge and thereby hurting herself in the process).

Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn finally return to her house now that all the reporters have left. Suddenly the headlights shine on them and its Maru sitting in his car. They go inside for a pow wow. Maru claims that he was the one who leaked their previous relationship to the press. Jae Hee is doubtful but Maru reminds her that his plan from the beginning was to yank her off the perch of Tae San and bring her back to his world.

Jae Hee points out that Maru claimed to love Eun Gi. Maru says he was operating under his guilt towards Eun Gi and the one he loves is Jae Hee. All he wanted to do is bring his noona back to his side. That is his love. If he loved Seo Eun Gi then why would he not show up at the wedding? Now it’s completely over between him and Seo Eun Gi.

Lawyer Ahn is there listening to this whole conversation and now Maru dismisses him and asks for privacy to speak with his noona alone. Lawyer Ahn leaves and is looking really pissed.

Joon Ha goes to knock on the bathroom door to call for Eun Gi and finds it locked and hearing no response from inside. He has the hotel staff unlock the door and inside Eun Gi is sitting in the bathtub still wearing her wedding dress.

Eun Gi is totally out of it and she tells Joon Ha that she still cannot hate him – Kang Maru. She ought to hate him, loathe him, rage against him, but no matter what happens she simply cannot dislike him. The guy doesn’t love her and because of her love for him it destroyed her life. He now feels guilty and remorseful towards her, but he still doesn’t love her, he still loves Han Jae Hee. No, Eun Gi! That is not true, think outside the box!

In the beginning, he wanted to get back Han Jae Hee so he used Eun Gi. He thought she was amusing and could toy with her. Eun Gi tries to remind herself countless times that this is the kind of man Maru is, but she still can’t hate him. So… she thought by doing this she could end it forever between them. By leaking the news she could make it so that she had no way to go back to him.

She told the world about this messed up love triangle so that she could end her feelings for Maru. So that even if she relented and wanted to be with him again, the entire world would stop her. She did good, right? This is the right thing to do, yes?

Eun Gi asks her dead dad if what she did will comfort his spirit in Heaven. But what can she do now? She misses Maru so much. She misses him, she misses him, she misses him….. Eun Gi says to Joon Ha “oppa, what can I do?” Joon Ha cries as he listens to Eun Gi.

In the House of Lies, Maru and Jae Hee drink and talk. Maru smiles at Jae Hee and she says he’s looking at her the same way he used to, but she wonders if he really is the same old Maru? Maru asks if Jae Hee doesn’t trust him now? He asks if she’s willing to abandon everything now and leave with him. Go somewhere else and leave this place and Eun Gi.

Jae Hee warns him about pissing off lawyer Ahn, saying the man will do anything to get what he wants. Jae Hee warns Maru that lawyer Ahn may even have Maru killed. Maru acknowledges that possibility calmly. Then Jae Hee tells Maru that she knows him better than he thinks. She knows that the reason he wants her to leave with him is still because of Seo Eun Gi. Everything he is doing is still for Eun Gi. Maru gives up pretending he’s still in love with Jae Hee and flat out says that if Jae Hee wants him and is willing to return what is Eun Gi’s back to her, then he will be willing to sell himself to Jae Hee.

Joon Ha has put Eun Gi in bed and sits beside her watching her sleep. Maru goes home and heads to Eun Gi’s empty room. He sits down on her bed and picks up the photograph of them in Aomori. He looks at the picture as the camera fades to black.

Jae Hee is informed by the housekeeper that Eun Gi has moved back home. Eun Gi is in her dad’s study and looking at his picture. Jae Hee goes to see her and says that Maru is like trash and had an ulterior motive towards Eun Gi from the beginning. But now Eun Gi knows and she can finally wake up and stop thinking about him. Jae Hee tells Eun Gi that Maru revealed the scandal to the papers and this leaves Eun Gi puzzled.

Eun Seok (sporting a brand new bowl haircut) comes home crying and tells him mom that all the kids in kindergarten are making fun of Jae Hee’s scandalous past with Maru, who almost married Eun Gi.

Jae Hee goes to work and lawyer Ahn tries to clean up the mess by telling her not to admit her relationship with Maru to the Board and he’ll prevent Maru from being at that meeting. Then lawyer Ahn wants to know if she’s planning to give up Tae San for Maru? Jae Hee refuses to tell him, asking what their relationship is that she has to tell him anything. Lawyer Ahn reveals that he stayed beside Jae Hee with the goal of becoming her love and he warns Jae Hee not to go back to Maru.

Lawyer Ahn brings up everything he did for Jae Hee to get her to this position. He pulls Jae Hee in for a forced kiss and tells her that she can go to Maru when she’s dead. He asks her to get married. Oh yes! You two can get married in the prison chapel! Afterwards Jae Hee wipes her lips. Aww, Jae Hee, did your lap dog bite you?

Maru is at work and handling the project he presented on earlier, ignoring all the gossiping around him. Joon Ha finds him and they sit down for coffee. Joon Ha wonders why Maru isn’t asking him about Eun Gi? Is she well, is she unhappy, is she alright? Maru admits he wants to know but he cannot ask because he will be hurt if Joon Ha says Eun Gi is alright. Maru then says that he’ll be hurt if the answer is the opposite of that. Joon Ha says the answer might not be what Maru expected. Maru gets up and leaves, but tells Joon Ha he’s still got work to do.

Maru goes back to his office and gets a call on his cellphone. He answers and its silence on the other end. He pauses for a moment before he knows who it is because the song “San Francisco, Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair” is playing in the background. It’s Eun Gi, and she’s sitting in her room and calling him. Neither says anything but keeps the call going. Then they start to have a conversation in their head, with her asking him something and him answering, as if they know what each other is thinking. OMG, kill me now!

Eun Gi: Hi.

Maru: Hi, too.

Eun Gi: Did you eat yet? Did you sleep well?

Maru: And you? Did you sleep well? Are you feeling sick?

Eun Gi: Aren’t you tired? I’m so tired.

Maru: That day you were already feverish, and wearing such a thin wedding dress, did you catch a cold?

Eun Gi: Maru-shhi, don’t be so tired because of me.

Maru: Eun Gi……. I miss you so much.

Eun Gi hangs up the phone. Someone give me extra towels here, my eyes have turned into rivers. Maru talks into the phone “I miss you so much, Seo Eun Gi” but too bad she’s already ended the call. He says out loud “call me again tomorrow, okay? Eun Gi-ya, I’ll wait for you to call me.”

Jae Shik comes to visit Jae Gil and Choco and they eat together. Jae Shik wants to know when Maru is coming home because he has something to tell him. Jae Gil notices that Jae Shik is carving Maru’s name on a piece of wood (it reads “Maru question mark”) and he asks what it is. Jae Shik just brushes it off as nothing and leaves without even eating dinner. OH HELL NO. If you are planning to kill Maru and dump his body with a little wooden name marker on some remote ditch, I will personally string your ass up and fillet you alive, you horrible little man!

Jae Hee is at work drinking and thinking about lawyer Ahn’s threat to her earlier, as well as what Maru said to her about them leaving together.

Maru takes her drink and heads to Maru’s office to get some company. Jae Hee sighs that when people are young they give up love and ethics in pursuit of wealth and privilege. But when they age and get sick, they gladly give all of that up in exchange for health. All of these things, wouldn’t it be so much better to be able to let it go? Drunk Jae Hee says she’s giving it all up now.

She picks up her cell and drunk calls Jae Shik and says tells him to stop her from giving everything up for Maru. Jae Shik can obviously tell she’s totally drunk. Maru sits there and watches her.

Maru brings drunk Jae Hee home and Eun Gi sees this. Jae Hee asks Eun Gi to join them and keep drinking. Maru asks the housekeeper where Jae Hee’s room is. On the way inside, Jae Hee keeps saying “I regret it. Maru, I regret it. I regret it so so much.”

After Maru puts Jae Hee to bed, he walks out and looks up towards Eun Gi’s room. She sits inside like a zombie. Maru enters Eun Gi’s room and asks if she lives here? He asks if she slept well? He asks if she’s hurting anywhere? Eun Gi answers a terse yes to every one of his questions. Maru wonders if that is all she has to say to him? If she doesn’t have anything else to say, then he’s leaving.

Maru walks out and then turns back to face her closed door. He picks up his phone and calls Eun Gi, who is standing just on the other side of the same door. Maru says “This is all I can do now. You still look so sad. Don’t hold it all in, let it out. Is Han Jae Hee good to you? Why is your face so drawn? If you are like this, I won’t be able to just look on any longer. Take care of yourself, okay? I’m really leaving now.”

Both of then make a move to open the door but they both stop before turning the handle. After they end the call, Eun Gi thinks “because I got to see your face today, I’m really happy.”ROAR OF RAGE!!!!

Maru tries to leave the house the next morning only to find Jae Gil laying across the entryway refusing to let Maru leave unless he’s going to see the doctor and getting surgery. He tells Maru not to worry and get treatment, he’ll take care of Choco. And if the surgery has repercussions, Jae Gil will take care of Maru for the rest of his life. Jae Gil reminds Maru that if he doesn’t get surgery he’ll die.

Maru steps over Jae Gil and leaves. Choco arrives and wonders why Jae Gil is laying on the dirty floor. Jae Gil says his heart hurts so bad it’s like he’s dying.

Jae Hee wakes up the next morning and asks the housekeeper if Maru saw Eun Gi last night and for how long? The housekeeper says for a few minutes only, though Maru stood outside Eun Gi’s door for a long time afterwards.

Eun Gi meets with Joon Ha and discusses how Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn was at the house when he died. She asks if her dad knew about their relationship, which Joon Ha confirms? She asks him to tell him everything now since she regained her memory. Joon Ha doesn’t reveals what really happened, remembering how he was told that if he revealed what happened then the world will know his father had a hand in the death of Eun Gi’s mother.

Joon Ha goes to see Maru in his office and asks to speak about something very important. Sigh, why does everyone keep getting Maru to do their hard work for them? Joon Ha, you need to have some balls and tell Eun Gi the truth like she deserves to hear.

Maru walks to the park and meets with Jae Hee. She starts crying and he holds her in his arms. The camera pulls back and Eun Gi is standing there witnessing this. She thinks to herself that memories are unreliable because it can be manipulated. Is this true, what she is seeing now?

Thoughts of Mine:

Group hugs, everyone! Gather around for a big-ass group hug so that we can fortify ourselves headed into next week’s grand finale. This has been a truly momentous journey to watch Nice Guy live, and I’m really genuinely honored to have so many folks sharing this experience with me and making it feel so alive and rich with well-written commentary and fascinating asides. This drama has managed to make us all think and not just watch blindly as “just entertainment”, but actually think the way we would if we were reading a good book. We stop to ponder, we rewind to get more insight, we step back and connect more dots that were laid along the way. Every week I wonder how this story could keep getting better, and the next week it keeps getting better. For those romantics who wanted this week’s episodes to be chock full of Eun Gi-Maru moments, I actually thought the two phone calls in this episode were hands down the most romantic interaction between them. It’s the first time that real Eun Gi and real Maru express their feelings for each other, and the brilliance is that they do it without few words and with true acceptance. This is what they feel, they will not deny it even if they cannot say it out loud. I cried buckets and buckets during those scenes, which wasn’t just truly gutwrenching to behold, but was also so innovative and mind blowing.

I’ve watched so many Lee Kyung Hee dramas and loved most of them, but even then I didn’t know she had this level of talent in here. In NG she is exceeding my expectations of her, and I’m so grateful I don’t need to dumb down my commentary of her drama and just accept entertainment on its face value. Her story is really complex with human weakness and hope, and I’m able to appreciate her craft and feel honored we’re seeing it during this day and age when a lot of dramas are written for the lowest common denominator of showcasing famous actors. NG is about Kang Maru, Seo Eun Gi, and Han Jae Hee. They are who I care about and whose story I have absorbed and parsed through for eighteen episodes now. Put in different actors and NG would stand just as well on its own, but Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Park Shi Yeon have put their own spin on NG and this drama belongs to them and only them. The closest point of reference would be the subversive What Happened in Bali, one of the classics in melodrama lore, and a drama where I can still recall the characters names of Lee Soo Jung, Jung Jae Min, and Kang In Wook right off the top of my mind because they are just that memorable.

My gut tells me that the most fitting conclusion is for Maru die. He’s always got a death wish, gave up on his life for Jae Hee, and ought to have died in that tunnel considering it was a head on collision. Plus he got to be happy with Eun Gi, albeit temporarily, but that is the fulfillment of his wishes already. He was able to let Jae Hee go, able to move on, able to love again, able to be loved by another woman, able to experience the simplest of happiness being a little family with his sister, best friend, and lover. I don’t fault Maru for not telling Eun Gi that he really loves her and isn’t doing what he did out of guilt. That doesn’t matter. For Eun Gi, it was never about Maru loving her back, because she loved him enough for the two of them. It was always about Maru accepting her, and on the beach he rejected her. Episode 18 shows us that real Eun Gi still loves him, and those phone calls show her that he also loves her. But with Jae Hee still a threat, so Maru would rather use what time he has left to make sure Eun Gi is safe rather than being with her. Especially since he can see Eun Gi struggling so much to control herself, so that any move on his part and her tenuous control will shatter. I appreciate how this drama isn’t resorting to trick solutions for the hard problems and insisting is going to steer everything to a compelling resolution. I’ll be on pins and needles waiting for next week’s sure to be earth-shattering finale.


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  1. Not sure I can take this drama. Do you have plans of recapping Can We Get Married? I usually like your takes on relationships

  2. the ‘splainin’ I planned to share (come back to comment more after reading ms. koala’s awesomeness):

    I honestly don’t believe that a simple open the door and talk will solve everything… i’d like to think so… but real-life seems to say otherwise. by talking it out, you’d be dealing with the intellectual side of things: clearing out misunderstandings/miscommunications… the more technical stuff… but in this instance… and i guess more and more in real life… emotions are a part of us that we can’t ignore.

    some, more than others, listen in conversations with their emotions as a base– do i trust or distrust this person? does this person make me feel at ease and safe or does this person make me feel like i need to rile up my defenses and be on my toes alert because i think he/she might hurt/take advantage of me? for EG, she has the sharp mind to back her equally sharp tongue… but as we can see from her love for MR… she’s also very emotional. MR knows that… as much as he knows the other sides of her so well (ummmm except the tenacity of her love for him… it boggles me! nevermind MR! it’s like a miracle that she can still love him despite her own reasoning… after all the emotional damage that’s tied to him). so even if they talk it out with each other… the emotional baggages are going to get in the way… it’s going to skew the way the hear and interpret what’s being said in the convos… words are never independent in and of themselves… they function within context, tone, intent of person speaking them, and the interpretation of the listener…

    one of the highlights of this drama is this: trust may come quickly the first time… but it can be broken in a second, and take forever to rebuild….

    at the beginning of this episode.. the chances of EG twisting his words and count it against him is 80%… by the end of this episode, after some time has passed and she misses him, the chance of her counting whatever words he says against him is about 40%… but in MR’s mind, with EG angry and unwilling to forgive him all this time, he sees it as a 99% risk for him to speak up! that’s why he said: “I don’t know what she wants to do taking revenge… and even if I ask, I don’t think she’d tell me…” i go with the belief that he thinks she doesn’t want him to be part of the journey as her partner, but as the one she wants to take revenge on.

    basically… the time’s not right for them to talk it out and have the conversation thereby make things better… even without MR’s misunderstanding… it’ll take a little bit more and with MR realizing that she’s just trying not to let herself love him =P

    • feel the same. that is the most romantic plus heartbreaking moment in NG.
      *still can let my feel to ease everytime i remember the whole episode

  3. OMG! Ill wait for next week. Thank you Ms. K!!!! I love love love NG but I don’t have the heart to watch this gut wrenching episodes. No conversation can clear up the mess up situation. Not unless all the truth from the beginning will be revealed. It pains me to see Eun Gi struggling to hate Maru but she can’t and how Maru wants To take JH out of Eun Gi’s life thinking it will right the wrong that he did to her. But we’ll in fact they just need each other. I like Oppa Joonha and Eun Gi’s moment. From the beginning Maru is the sacrificing for love. No one else he is the only one who have the balls to protect and suffer for the one he loves.

  4. why do i think that the solution for this BIG misunderstanding is his Sickness?!?! i believe the issue will fade once Eungi knows his illness and he will know how much she loves him once he sees her reactions… am i wrong?! how do you imagine the start of the next episode? do you think Maru Saw Eungi or not? will he sees her after that in that same garden?! i had tears just reading the recap …thanks for that Miss.Koala.

    • I’d actually like Jae Hee to be the one to bring them together. Jae Hee might have the power to convince EG that MR does truly love her. That he moved on long ago and she’s finally accepted it, that everything he did for EG during her amnesia was out of love and only love. THEN I’d like EG to learn about MR’s hematoma, and MR to get the surgery as a sign that he’s forgiven himself and wants to live, not just for EG or Jae Gil or Choco, but for himself. Does that even makes sense? Lol it’s not gonna happen that way, but I can dream.

      • i was hoping the same too. MR got the surgery done and lives happily with EG. but i don’t think that will happen after watching this episode. so let’s dream together. but i’m still hoping for a happy ending.

        (That is me yelling across the ocean to the writer.)

        But the tone of the drama leads me to ready myself for redemption in death. It sucks, but it would make sense. It would also make SJK’s character the second one THIS WRITER HAS KILLED OFF. I hope he doesn’t turn into a Steve Buscemi or a Kenny in South Park.

      • It’s not Jae Hee only. Jun Ha also realised that Maru truthly love Eun Gi. If he want to tell Eun Gi, it would be good enough..
        For the last scene in this episode, I realy couldn’t understand.
        what did Jun Ha and Maru plan??
        why did it seem like Maru care enough for Jae Hee??
        Couldn’t wait for next week..

  5. I do think MR will die. Or he’ll get the surgery and lose his memory. However, I’m hoping he’ll live and EG and MR will at least have closure with each other- whether that means they both decide to let go and move on or start fresh without all the lies and misconceptions, I’m not sure-, and I think it might be through Jae Hee. After all, the reason these two met and kept meeting was Jae Hee. I see her perhaps redeeming herself by bringing these two back together, especially since she seems to have woken up from her delusions and realized that MR does indeed love EG and will even be with her if that means she’ll leave EG alone.

    Joon Ha, I love you, I was even kind of hoping you’d have a chance with EG (though you’ve ruined them before you even had a chance to truly express them), but you need to come clean about some stuff! Most of this could have been prevented if he hadn’t been, well, selfish. Unless there’s a catch we still don’t know, which is possible.

    I’ve been saying this for a while, but I just want EG and MR to forgive themselves. They can’t move on and heal or even progress until they let go of the guilt they feels towards themselves and their past choices.

  6. Gosh … I’ve just got to reiterate my view … So against my better judgement I pushed on and watch episode 18 .. ha ha ha… had a good laugh … not sure if the writer waging war on the script or end plot … so what is it .. will Maru sell his body once again to gain what was lost to Jae Hee through The company assets (selflessly)… And once the said assets are taken by EG hand will he go into surgery as if to wipe out all old memories and pray he dies so that he will not end of in his foes hand … I think Maru need to stop turning tricks and focus on being a good man instead of a master manipulate and con man … Who d hell will he con again … And Jae hee … she is beyond pathetic … she should be put down by another modern day Dr. Jacob “Jack” Kevorkian.. aka doctor death … I hope d other sexy lawyer Ahn lives and gets away scott free … because he sexy fuh days and waste of a good mastermind … If you ask me … my bets are all on him …

  7. oh yesss
    this drama remind me so much what happened in bali. The three main lead shared almost the same screen time and have depth. all character has fault. Though I still can’t accwpt if MR will die in the end. Because I really care his character so much. What I hoped for the ending he gets surgery, but will get the impact post- surgery, and force both woman has to take care of him.

    LKH always always knows how to make me drawn in into his leading man. I still remember I mourned Cha Moo Hyuk for month after finishing MISA…. And cried so much for Kang Jin because I’m so touched for his love for his leading lady. Gahhh you did it again, LKH…

    I still can’t accept MR’s death ending scenario yet (hope he won’t). but until this episode, I really appreciated for LKH writing this drama. I swear, it’s brilliant! For the past episode my sympathy towards JH is getting stronger. And really really hope even MR doesn’t love her anymore, he will be there for her when she down. Because i believe their bound is too strong, there is no way that kind of friendship dissapear.

  8. this phone call between maru and ej is the winner for me .
    maru will die and i wish this not happen.
    thanks for recap

  9. Ok so I’m actually floored …. and Ad nauseam …It is sure that I may never watch shows without it being finished airing … because instead of this show encouraging me,I want to give up on melo’s forever … Occam’s razor …I guess I should refer to it for this dear sad writer … or should I say ” Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate” In practice, the application of the principle often shifts the burden of proof in a discussion.[a] The razor states that one should proceed to simpler theories until simplicity can be traded for greater explanatory power. .. This is way too convoluted and has turned in to a macarbre journey into a twisted writers quest for a phenomenal script … Too much is sometimes too much … and quite while you are ahead … Now I wish everyone died except Jae hee’s son,sexy Lawyer Joon Ha and EG secretary .. This show has spiral out of control … Help …

  10. Am I the only one who is in love with Joon Ha? He needs to be rewarded for his selfless love. Gosh, I love the part when he questions if love needs to equal possession?

  11. this episode really really have the most cliffhanger ending. when i saw the ending i’m kinda “WTH?!!! i have to wait till next week to get the answer?!!”

  12. Ms. Koala… Thanks for all the hardwork.. we’re down to the finale and it will be soo hard for me to regain all the emotional stress I’ve got from this kdrama… need to prepare myself. Im so satisfied and proud that i watched this drama live..^^ The best Melodrama ever!!!

  13. TRUST is the wheel that is turning the wheel in NG. Do I trust what I PERCEIVE I see, what my heart tells me? Of course, we know the heart is fickle. Pulled by emotions rather than facts. That’s why the heart is treacherous. We can reason ourselves into doing something because that’s what we FEEL is right. But it begs the question, IS IT RIGHT?

    EG perceived MR actions toward her as honest and forthright from the beginning. That was where she went wrong. Because he continually told her not to trust him, and she discounted it. She has some responsibility for the choices she made, she can’t get mad at MR for that. She’s an adult, she willingly made those choices. So now the dilemma, the choices she made had dire consequences, and she wants to blame someone. Of course, we take it out on the one we love, the one closest to us. Yes, MR was a jerk and scoundrel of the worse kind.

    OK, I’m going to stop going there and talk about the bathroom scene with JH and EG. That had to be one of the saddest scenes to watch. So much despair on the part of EG, fighting her feelings for MR. And JH knowing he’s partly responsible for the way she is by not revealing the truth when he had the chance.

    Yes, I agree, none of the Kdrama trope of slapping, hitting, raging and whatnot absent from this drama, has made it a true joy to watch. It should be labeled for MATURE INTELLIGENT THINKING audiences only.

    Thanks you so much Ms. Koala for your recaps.

  14. Thanks Ms. K for another insightful recap. One of the things I really admire about this writer is as you’ve said, that how tightly the narrative is woven. She keeps us guessing by w/holding some important scenes and leave some clues and wonderfully reveal it later. Indeed, its great to experience to watch a drama that makes one think. IA, I too appreciate how subdued expressions of the emotions and feelings. Which makes me think the impact is greater because it doesn’t hit you like a bulldozer. It penetrates so slowly and with precision that it lingers.

    I too believe that one of the three main characters will have their tragic ending and will make the ultimate sacrifice. I’m actually thinking, it could be Jae Hee. I think its just too cruel if its Maru with all the cruel hand of life and fate has given him so far.

    I am on the fence on how far LKH’s character parallel of Maru and EunGi will go and if she’s also going to go with the amnesia part for Kang Maru.

    On a side note, I was watching Kings of Drama, and its funny that one of the writers kinda looks like LKH. Heh!

    Right now I will accept a bittersweet ending for as long as NG ties all the major loose ends and whatever happens to the characters and the events that will leading to resolution and ending makes total sense. But just like everyone else, I’m hoping for a hopeful ending for both Maru and EunGi. I want Kang Maru to live a realize his potentials and be at peace even if it is without EunGi. Who knows what the future brings.

  15. if they want to show EK find out about MR’s sincerity feeling without knowing his hematoma disease, someone has to find those couple ring and bring them to EK, as a proof MR honestly planning to Marry her for real!
    Is it not enough proof? so It must be JG and choco who revealed that during EK’s absent, there is no contact between MR and JH. Actually there is so much proof already.

    • Proof that we, viewers know.. but not her. She has witnessed and listened directly how people surrounds her lies to her. She knows Maru is good to her, but out of pity or love? how can she tell? what she sees in the past/hear in the past 2 episodes definitely something else (Maru-JH’s scenes).

      • It’s interesting EK has become looks like a dark MR… Afraid to believe something they want to believe… something they cherish for, afraid to believe that something there is light nearby in the shadow.. (because his sincerity is there). afraid she might be wrong… I don’t blame her, considering how MR act in front of her all this time.

        But if only, she knows human can change. Human can reach his happiness… If only she knows MR has change so much. She doesn’t know yet MR all this time always find the light in a dark room. That light he find it in her..

      • That’s why we heard her narration at the end of this episode. She asked herself about her own memories

    • I agree with missjb comment, the best conclusion for EK to know MR’s real feeling is showing that couple ring 🙁 but I’ve got bad feeling that evidence will show up very late after MR’s death
      (damn..NG’s writer is superb.. I feel I wanna cry now T.T)

      ah..and JH noona.. for making MR’s life shattered.. maybe she will pay the price.. (carmic way ?)
      still, if it wasnt JH who connects them.. MR and EK wont be drawn each other so deep..

      as a fan of happy story, I really hope MR and EK will have a happy ending..
      although in my this melo drama.. I have to say the best ending for NG is MR’s death.. because “The Nice Guy Never Seen Anywhere In The World”

  16. Amazingly beautiful k-drama indeed. And there’s 2 more episodes to wait and watch for. Kudos to the actors, SJK ,MCW & PSY. You said it right ms. koala, just like reading a book, a real page-turner. Thanks ms. koala for a wonderful recaps, as always.

  17. Thank you so much for the quick recaps ms koala. Couldn’t wait for subs. I haven’t had my heart squeezed so much in a long while. This drama with its beautiful, damaged characters is so powerfully moving to me too. It’s really well executed in every way – from writing to the directing to the acting – giving us an end product that is so satisfying, even as is is tragic.

    I wonder if it will finally be jae hee that redeems herself with her love for maru. That she will be the one to finally finally put the person she loves above her own selfish needs? Right now, the only person that seo eun gi miht conceivably believe if told that ma ru truly loves her would be Han jae hee. Will she do it?

    This drama is really coloring my world with a sweet kind of malancholia. There is beauty in the pain is all I can say.


  18. my god.. ican’t hold my tears anymore..
    this drama really draining my heart every week..
    i hope the ending..will not really hurt me..
    i really want them to be together..

  19. Oh Koala. I had to hit pause because I was crying so much during their silent conversation on the phone. My heart ached for those pitiful little lovers. Some might question how a person can possibly still have feelings for someone despite knowing all the hurt they have intentionally caused them. I think that is why it is so crucial to be careful who you fall in love with, because once you do, there is no reasoning that will stop the heart from loving and caring for that person. Especially while they are the stage where love blinds rationale. That scene with Joonha and Eun Gi in the tub in her wedding dress, and they are both crying. Deep sigh. She said it all there…as much as she wants to hate him, and keeps trying to, she can’t. That is one knotted up heart of emotions….part of her loathes her behavior, but loving him has become second nature to her because he is so ingrained into her sense of feeling loved.

    Next week we’ll need a gi-normous group hug. It is going to be intense. My guess: Maru either gets sick and dies, or dies during or after surgery. Jae Hee hears the news and commits suicide, because while she was ruthless, and did countless things to destroy him, she still cared deeply about him, and realized that her happiness would have been realized had she stayed with Maru years ago.

    • P.S. Forgot to thank you for the recaps!!! While I enjoyed reading everything you wrote, two lines put a huge smile on my face (despite all the meloncholy I was processing from the story)

      1. “House of Lies”. That cracked me up.

      2. But not as much as, “Oh yes! You two can get married in the prison chapel! ”

      Thanks for breaking up the gutwrenching with a bit of humor. 🙂

      Big hug to you!

  20. *flip table!*

    I’m going crazy here!!! I’m anxious to watch the episode as in RIGHT NOW..
    All my life I haven’t seen any other drama that is as great as NG. Every week is a breathtaking journey.. It feels like the thread I’m hanging on is getting thinner and thinner.

    With all the emotional torture I get from watching NG (but which I enjoy. haha. :D) I can say KILL ME NOW – but wait, I still have to see how it all ends.

  21. Thanks Koala for your recap! You way with words and analytic skills never fail to disappoint me. Its so much fun reading it!

    The last time i posted was for LTM which got me all excited like some virgin on her 1st night.. erh-erm.. you get the idea..

    I only started on NG this week and marathoned it, lapping it all up, loving every minute….. Although a dreamy EG x MR ending would be lovely and make many NG fans happy. A MR death, EG living on strong and JH leaving quietly after MR death will make the drama memorable and collect buckets of tears.. I always have a fetish with death of man in melodramas..

    • Can I swear?
      Oh my fuck, they are soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute toooooooogether!!
      What was in that bowl that SJK was eating like a dog – bacon?
      I liked how MCW took some, too, like “Oh no, this is not all yours.”

  22. The phone scenes between Maru and Eungi killed.

    The non-versation over the phone was such a brilliant way of letting the audience feel at ease about the status of Eungi and Maru’s love for each other. We all know that our leads and their spoken words do not really mix with the truth. It’s always the silence that speaks up for the two of them.

    And Maru’s phone call outside Eungi’s room. It’s what we needed, an overt act from Maru showing Eungi that he does care. It’s all about guessing with him, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see him actually do something for Eungi to know that there’s more to them than ulterior motives.

    I can’t wait for the finale. This has been a wonderful ride for me. I just don’t want anyone to die. Just… please, no death.

  23. This was the first NG episode that I thought was a total waste of time – nothing happened, nothing resolved, nothing moved forward. EG is still mad at MR (over everyone else, he’s the one she’s most angry with) just like before she rammed her car into him. Nothing’s changed, we’re right back to that point. Too many things remain unresolved for only 2 more episodes. I’m disappointed for the first time.

  24. I can’t help to think that they’ll give us a sad ending… (*Cries*) but not MR dying. All OSTs lead to that path :((( It feels like JS oppa is planning to kill MR but I think that JG oppa realizes this and will do something to save MR. Basing from the actions and dialoues of JH in this episode, I think JH finally raised the white flag. She accepted the fact that MR can no longer be hers, and that MR sincerely loves EG. The last scene makes me think that the hug was more of MR consoling JH rather expressing his love for her. Something must have happened between Atty Park and MR. I am even more confused about EG last time.

    Okay.. It drives me crazy to think that I need until next week.. haay.. I sobbed buckets watching this episode. In my opinion, and I have to agree to the majority, this would probably me one if not the best episode yet!

    • “It feels like JS oppa is planning to kill MR but I think that JG oppa realizes this and will do something to save MR.”

      I am happy that the writer has made us super uneasy about JS’s tragedy causing potential, despite the fact he has never been successful doing any real damage.

      So, it would be very 1970’s noir film to have him actually pull off Maru’s murder, almost accidentally. Therefore fulfilling the darkness the story threatened and with irony that you never know what the hell life will bring. Who knew the real bad guy was really bad?

  25. To be honest…I think Jae Gil will be the one telling EG about MR illness. Or MR will faint in front of EG and everything will be a disaster. If EG doesn’t figure out about MR’s illness by the end of ep 19, i think it is 85% positive that MR will end up dying. I hope he doesn’t 🙁

  26. I’m thinking that I’d prefer an ending that’s something like lawyer Ahn killing himself and Jae Hee by driving over a cliff. He’s driven by the notion that if he can’t have her then nobody else will. Or on the flip side we have Jae Hee killing herself and lawyer Ahn by also driving over a cliff. This is her last ditch effort to show her humanity and pay back Maru. She finally realizes that Maru will only be happy with Eun Gi. I’m also thinking that Maru will be able to get surgery but will lose his memory. And it will be Eun Gi working hard to get them back for him and realizing that everything he’s done was out of his love for her. I’m almost sure that there will not be a completely happy ending for Nice Guy. I can almost taste it….bittersweet to the end. Thanks for the recaps!

    • The bookend end would be Jae Hee saving MR’s ass for once.
      She could “take the bullet” so to speak from [her brother – but I hope not or from Ahn – really hope so], paying MR back with her life, and taking Ahn down with her.
      EG adopts ES and MR, Choco, JG and even JS live happily ever after with frequent visits from Secretary and Joon-ha.

  27. had to digest, cry again, and rest before i could comment on this episode!

    for the past episodes, Jae Gil has been insisting that Maru should undergo the operation. this makes me feel that indeed Maru will but first he wants to ensure that Eungi is already in her rightful place as head of Tae San. he’s doing everything he can even having to go back to Jae Hee just so he can be assured that Eungi will be OK.

    now as to what will happen after he gets that operation…i dont want to think about it anymore coz it can be a really really happy ending or a sad one, ill just wait til next week hehehe.

    everybody seems to know that Maru and Eungi indeed love each other except actually for Maru and Eungi! makes me want to hug them both oh so tight!

  28. I have a strong feeling that at the ending scene Maru is telling Jae Hee to turn herself in for the crime involving Eun Gi’s father death (of course Maru get the information from Joon Ha). It’s funny how this situation matches the one of 6 years ago, when MR told JH to turn herself in, she cried in the same way, and Maru comforted her in the same way. She’d better do that, I don’t think that JH is gonna leave quietly without receiving any punishment for what she did (twice)

  29. much everyone dont want maru to die.even if maru die it is appropriate for the ending.but it would be nice if it will be a happy ending. 🙂

  30. Koala!!!! *sends big, big virtual hugs*
    My heart…it hurts so, so much. What a wonderful, brilliant, and heartbreaking episode. That scene with Eun Gi in her wedding dress sitting in the bath tub just killed me. She loves him, she can never hate him no matter how hard she tries, but she also knows that it’s not just as simple as that. And the phone calls!!! Damn, I bawled like there’s no tomorrow.

    I’m with you, I can only think of 2 other dramas where the characterization and internal conflicts really moved and affected me this much — What Happened in Bali and Bu Bu Jing Xin. Though strangely enough I’m not afraid of the ending and what will happen to Maru and Eun Gi. I am confident that this drama will deliver and can’t wait to pop a celebratory bubbly in its honor.

    Here’s to NG and to your awesome playground, Koala! xxo

    • I loved Bu Bu Xing Jin, too. Marathoned that one for days. I agree-I think the drama writer will deliver. I’m truly impressed with the gripping storytelling, and look forward with anticipation for her next project.

  31. maru don’t want to get surgery, so I think jaegil will tell eungi abt maru’s condition or maybe choco.
    though minyoung told jaehee that he would kill her if she’s going to maru, but he would never do it. he loves her so better for him to kill maru instead.I think jaeshik also was ordered minyoung to kill maru. but I hope he will change his mind and jaehee will kill minyoung when she know that minyoung order his brother to kill maru.
    jaehee will get jail then.
    it is just my fantasy 🙂
    I can’t imagined what will happen to maru, with his hematoma 🙁
    oh no…………
    we know that the possibility for his life is only 20%.
    this story really influences my days.
    the good one we finally have are there are “EunMa Shipper” and “ChaeKi Shipper”
    I want them to be real.

    • Wouldn’t it be a great twist if JH ordered JS to kill Ahn in a double double cross? What does he care who he kills – as long as he gets his officetel?

      • @jomo:
        Loved your comment, great idea and sooo true to character – LOL, I had a flashback to Jae Shik singing about his officetel…

  32. Can I just say Joonha is pissing me off right now more than JaeHee. This guy needs to own up his mistake (or his father’s mistake) and grow some massive balls! He is always making Maru do the bad work for him making him the bad guy.

  33. first off… thanks so much for the super fast recaps!

    seriously, episode 18 is just heart wrenching. and i absolutely agree with you that the two phone calls are the most romantic so far. gosh! i was shouting with rage during the last call when EG and KM were are the door, and i was wailing like crazy for them to open it up and hug each other. it made me remember the an almost the same scene before, the difference is that EG opened the door for Maru.

    and yeah, Maru’s death would give off the perfect finale. but… but… but… i still want a happy ending… please.

    joins the group hug!

  34. oh, oh, oh…Thanks for the recap and the laughs to stop the relentless tears.
    When I got to “In the House of Lies, Maru and Jae Hee drink and talk.” I did that laugh/cry thing that sounds like a yelp, but kept crying anyway.

    There is always a scene for me in a drama that I will call the black hole of sobs, where it hurts so much when you watch it that you whimper out loud wiping away the non-stop tears, and have to stop the vid to regain your composure – hiccuping like a little kid who fell out of the tree onto his face. But, just like that kid who climbs back up into the tree, you rewind and watch it again. I was waiting for it in this drama, and I knew they were going to do it at one point, and, yes, they did The Phone Call. Sonavavitch. I think I will go watch it again.
    It was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.
    Everything true between them is unsaid. Nothing needs to be said because it is understood. What is bad between them – unspoken. What is good between them – unspoken. Should they sit down and hash it all out? I say no. Why bother? They both know the words will hurt a lot – even more than the miscommunication hurts.
    They both know they would forgive the other afterward anyway. Will they ever be free enough from the whole ridiculousness of the guilt and the anger of the past to be able to be together happy? Right now, the answer is no, and that

    And don’t even talk to me about Jae-Gil wiping away the silent tears he can’t explain to Choco. Ohmygod. Tears dropping now. I love him for loving Maru.

    Was anyone else as terrified as I was when MR was telling JH that he would go back to her, and that was his whole plan? JH’s face – the horror of the “be careful what you wish for” realization. Wow. I forgot how scary Maru was after a few episodes of him being a nice guy. His willingness to do anything combined with the patience of a man who has sat in prison for years. Not someone I want on an opposing team.

    Only one more week? *Taking part in the group hug*

  35. With every episode that passes, one of Maru’s quotes comes to my mind. “My beginning was Jae Hee Noona, my end will be Jae Hee Noona.”
    This phrase he said in the beginning keeps ringing again and again in my head for some reason. My deepest fear with this drama (and probably what would make it excellent), is that Ma Ru will die at the hands of either Lawyer Ahn or Jae Shilk because of Jae Hee. Despite hoping and wishing, it doesn’t seem like this drama will end well for Ma Ru and Eun Gi. If there is any resolution that concludes with Ma Ry dying, it’ll probably just be Eun Ki putting up a brave face and moving on. . .
    I am so scared for next week’s finale! =(

    • That’s my sense too. But I think both Kang MaRu and Jae-Hee will die at Lawyer Ahn’s hands. Or surprisingly they will both escape death because of Jae Shik.

      I’m not sure if I will watch if that is the case, I’ll just make do with the recaps.

  36. I have been an NG addict almost since the beginning of this drama due to its compelling storyline. I absolutely love how complex each character is. And now all their previous actions and decisions are culminating to what I hope will be a great finale.

    I would like to think that Maru and Eun Gi will have a happy ending. But the writer’s previous drama’s track record is not in favor of happy endings. *still wishing* *still praying*

    I absolutely love this episode. Everything that happened is a long time coming. I may not have anticipated how it turned out but that’s what makes it amazing for me. It kept me on my toes. I have a lot of thoughts on this episode and I can’t voice it all. I felt that it slowed down in the last couple of weeks. I am glad the pace picked up again. The change in momentum got me worried a bit. It seemed like the quiet before the storm. This week’s episodes just proved that.

    There are still a lot of things that happened that I feel will be backtracked on the last two episodes. Most especially on what Joon Ha told Maru and the conversation between Maru and Jae Hee. I have no sympathy for Jae Hee so I am suspicious of those tears. I am on Team Eun Gi but I just wish that she will not be too hasty in judging that scene between Maru and Jae Hee.

    I am terrified of Jae Shik’s role in the last 2 episodes. I feel that JaeHee’s drunk convo with him may prompt her brother to do something terrible. That wood-carving seems like an ominous sign. It may be Jae Shik who will end one of the lead’s lives. I sure hope not.

    I want a happy ending! Please!

  37. KBS is the best production this year..
    at the end of this year at KBS Drama Award..
    I really want Moon Chae Won to grab Daesang..Her performance in NG is unbelievable FANTASTIC!!! She and Song Joong Ki have a dozen praise from viewer’s bcoz of their outstanding natural acting.
    that only my hope..
    but all Korean already knows that Kim Nam Joo absolutely the only candidate who will grab Daesang in this year..SO.,i put my finger that MCW will one again grab the 2nd Daesang a.k.a Top Excellent Award a.k.a 2nd Grand Award after Daesang Award like how she and PSH take it from their performance in TPM last year.I don’t know if SJK will got TOp Excellent Award or not.,because he only become a leading in drama for the 1st time..
    So maybe he will be grab Best Actor Award even he deserve more bigger award than that because of his briliant acting..but i still put him at his right..
    BEST COUPLE~ CHAEKI(doesn’t need to say actually)
    ARRRRgggHHHRR….the drama not even finish yet.,but if i was one of the panel i feel like i Want to give my all to NG team…
    NICE GUY THE BEST of 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Glad to know, it’s not only me who think this drama reminds me so much about What Happened in Bali.
    And I think it’s very possible for Nice Guy to have similar ending with What Happened in Bali. Yes maybe the exact the same ending.
    I can’t stop imagining how in the end of the series, Ma Ru and Jae Hee finally leaving together and live somewhere in another country, sleeping together. Eun Gi, despite having everything in Tae San, go to buy a gun and leave to find Ma Ru and Jae Hee.
    Then in the night after sleeping together, Jae Hee said to Ma Ru “Even your body is here, but your heart is in another place, right Maru-yah.”
    And Bang, suddenly Eungi appear in the room and shot Jae Hee. With teary eyes, Eun Gi then shot Ma Ru. Before releasing his last breath, Ma Ru look into Eun Gi eyes and says “You’re the only one that I love.” And then he dies.
    At the end, Eun Gi who was really shock with Ma Ru’s real feeling just go to the beach and pull the trigger.
    It’s creepy, but yeah this What Happened in Bali ending style is really match with NG’s storyline.
    And just like how Jung Jae Min and Lee So Jung never leave my mind until today, I think I’ll never forget Kang Ma Ru and Seo Eun Gi in the future.

  39. Thank you Ms. Koala. Great recap as always. I stopped for awhile watching this show because its too painful for me but I’m always here reading your recap. Fingers crossed that maru will not die and be with eun gi till the end. Sigh…. I don’t know how will i face the finale next week.

  40. My head & heart is in war now….I crave so much for this drama!
    The casting was so amazing especially when camera starts rolling.
    It is really a roller coaster ride feeling while watching this drama,it will make you feel so down & suddenly gives you so much hope. It always leave you hanging to think the ending after each episodes. SJK & MCW is so good together even on screen & off screen. We all want them to be real! How we all wish here.

    While waiting for the final week, i found this link below. This video tells why people like this drama NG. Happy watching guys 😉


  41. They will end up together; Maru and Eun Gi. Now Eun Gi is playing hard to get. She is conflicting herself after regaining all her memories and trying her best effort to find the truth about what happened the day his dad passed away, as well as convincing herself to realize that the Maru now, is no longer the Maru then. Maru now is the one who truly loves her to death. Just don’t take too long Eun Gi….before it is too late.

    I’m loving this episode. I’m breathing in and out more easily with less tense, because that Korean drama thingy (the telepathy, the Eun Gi’s tears; since she had never been like that before) in this ep made me smile and hope; this is going to end happily whether with the condition of Maru to die or not to. At least I hope Eun Gi finds the reason why she held on to him despite knowing his bad intention before the accident. Why she loved him so much.

  42. I cant bring myself to watch epi 17 with sub on thursday morning; as its too heart breaking for me to see them in pretense. And I can not understand EG’s revenge at that point as well.

    So epi 18 bathroom scene blew me away; for me its totally unexpected as I was bracing myself in anticipation of EG’s revenge after epi 17 and esp after the car scene with MR where she said she wanted to kill them. So it took my breathe away when the 1st sentence that dropped from her lips was ” I cant hate him; kang maru” Then I realise the OLD EG that Maru was waiting for at epi 17 was back……….how I hope MR can witness this

    After watching epi 18, I wonder somehow do they really need to trash things out and talk? So many of us want them to talk and talk and talk…What can MR says to EG? I love you and not HJH?

    I actually think right now, they have to settle their own internal turmoil before they can actually have a meaningful heart to heart talk. EG has to summon the courage to take the risk and trust MR again and MR has to learn to embrace love, be selfish and fight to own EG.

    Just like how we love Chaeki beyond reasons, I think EunMa love is already beyond words and communication. No matter what EG said even in the harshest tone that she wanted to kill them, all MR think abt was protecting her, he went to sell himself to JH right after the confrontation in the car. He was not even angry with her revenge considering he went thru so much shit in helping her and may even lost his life in the end because of the car crash. Any anger MR had shown till now was always because he wanted to protect EG and did not want her to get hurt.

    As for EG, I think her love for MR is so strong even she can not control her self that she wont be running after him anymore; I think she loves him beyond even her own comprehension. Even if MR really loves JH, I think EG will still continue to love him till the end. She could not even bring herself to hate him.

    At this point of time, I really dont think they need to talk and explain to each other. It would actually feel strange for me if MR starts to explain his relationship with JH to EG. In my opinion, all they need is to hug each other and quiet down the noise in their mind; open and listen to their heart…..they can surely feel their love for each other which is so deep and in sync (just look at the silence phonecall). and then all they need to say is “I love you”………

    • I don’t think Kang Maru needs to be selfish … because he already is … he does what he wants … when he wants and how he wants .. he need to be selfless… you forget without Kang Maru … EG will be hurt … in pain … and those scares does not always heal …In other words he needs to embrace life not death …

    • I think EG might be long past opening her heart and trusting MR. She did it countless times before the accident and in her mind it got her nothing but heartbreak. Her leaking those pictures was her way of saying even if she loves MR with all of her heart, she won’t allow herself to go to him. MR gets this, I think it’s why he’s past the point of convincing her that he’s NOT lying this time; he used up all his chances before.

      It could be solved with talking, but not with MR. Jae Hee in this episode seems to be wising up, and I really think if she could talk to EG and tell her that even she knows MR is willing to do anything for EG out of love, EG might possibly believe it. Or she’d at least be a bit confused as to why Jae Hee of all people is telling her this.

      I must be one of the only people that think MR’s “selflessness” is actually quite selfish. He does things his own way, much like EG and Jae Hee, and often disregards how the ones he loves and who loves him will feel. I know his heart is in the right place, but hurting others through your actions (I’m thinking EG, Choco, Jae Gil…) isn’t the most selfless thing ever either. I know he plays the bad guy to push EG away and keep her safe, but he completely seems to forget how that would make her feel. I think EG is a pretty selfish person too, proved that when she said on the beach that only HER feelings mattered, but maybe it’s just a matter of opinion.

      I don’t know if this couple will ever get the chance to tell each other “I love you” since Jae Hee has brought Ahn in the picture. He hates MR. Jae Shik will do anything if compensated. MR has been one of the most tragic characters ever, I have a feeling his end won’t be too different.

  43. I’m waiting for the hematoma to come into play. I don’t think Maru will die – there’s no redemptive value in that! It’s not this writer’s style to have feelings and emotions talked out. There’s a lot of internalizing with characters taking a long time to process and then act. I think Maru will have the surgery by choice.. My prediction is a collapse with him losing his memory so he can have a fresh start. I think they’ll find each other somehow…with either MR or EG waiting somewhere for the other to return.

  44. Ok Miss K… lets duke it out!!! … I really want Nice Guy to be copasetic .. I want it to be Brilliant …Dynamic … Masterful .. But what about the one fatal flaw … that is Kang Maru … where is the ambit … where is that clearly defined line between … Love and Hatred , embrace and rejection, trust and mistrust , honour and dishonour… You tell me … is this the proverbial.. “you need to be cruel to be kind” … Bull$h!t… He is protecting her but mentally (whether knowingly or otherwise ) causes her pain at the slight of hand … Jae Hee is always used as a tool and weapon under the pretense of I love you EG … Maru’s charecter is weak .. he has to hide behind Jae Hee … EG … Choco … Jae Gil and could never stand on his own … more and more he seems to be a weak punk .. which lacks testicular fortitude … Although in this role he’s savvy , romantic and a real ladies man he has no clue .. what real love is … just a twisted perception left in the wake of Hurricane Jae Hee’s path …I’m not impressed tell me how you can love someone and disregard them … disrespect them … toy with them … manipulate them … 18 episodes and we have almost nothing to show for it … Sure you had dramatic, romantic , epic seens but yet ..Love but a hidden love … secrets that continue to be revealed but are not useful in providing a sense of closure … When are we going to see the metamorphosis of the selfish,careless,carefree Maru to the mature understanding loving man that has learnt what real love is about … Yep the Telephone seen what wonderfully romantic and internally demonstrative .. but again … two episodes to go and we still wetting toes … Come on Ms Koala … Digame …

  45. I also cried in the cellphone scenes. One of the best moments of K-drama that I have ever experienced. The beauty of is just simply wonderful. I’m wishing so hard for a happy ending and to I’m supposedly a fan of sad ones. It’s just that Maru and Eun-gi love each other but the situation just makes them misunderstand each of their actions. I need to mentally prepare myself if Maru is going to die. But I agree, it is the most fitting ending. With Eun-gi pulling the affair card, she lost all hope of ever ending of up with him. Because as she said, everyone else will be there to stop here. I just hope through Maru’s death, she can find the redemption in his love and move on with life living with her true heart. The heart she has hidden to the whole world.

  46. You know I don’t think that Maru will die …Death is not good enough… he has to suffer … that would be retribution for all his mal deads … So ultimately .. death will be a life sentence without the possibility of having that one thing he wants most in the world EG … Maybe Lawyer Park will sweep her off of her feet and Kang Maru will be the on looker and outsider doing the regretting like Jae Hee did in episode 18 … Love it … Although deep … deep down I really want them to be happy … I’m a hopeless romantic at heart …

  47. conclusion after rewatchin: i still stand by my belief that they’re not ready (or at least EG isn’t ready to hash things out yet… and Maru’s not going to force her). i got a bit confused at the silent phone call and Maru’s call after visiting EG in her room. But basically, both are acknowledging their hearts for each other in their thoughts… but the thoughts aren’t reaching through to the other person because they weren’t spoken aloud. EG’s still struggling to tell herself not to trust him, and Maru can only wait (like he did in the silent convo) for EG to muster enough strength to take the risk and as him again… Maru, where is your heart? and this time… if she asks… he will answer truthfully

  48. Just had to post a comment here, cause soon it will be too late to rant about this wonderful drama.
    I actually don’t hate Jae Hee, and I don’t really want to hate her either, it’s a weird feeling liking the scheming bitchy one, cause I usually loathe that type.
    Would love if it ends with Jae Hee taking the punishment for some crime Kang Maru did/will do. A full circle of sacrifices.

  49. I think eps 19 will start with
    junha tell maru abt presdir seo’s death. and maybe maru will tell jaehee that he has known that jaehee involved in it. he ask her to go away with him then. he pretend to be a nice guy with her to prove that he still care or maybe love her. but unfortunatelly eungi see them.
    I think “hematoma” will be shown at eps 20.

    • Actually, I believe that Maru is telling Jae Hee to turn herself in for her crime, that’s why she cries so hard and he comforts her. This scene is similar to the one where he also asked her to turn herself in 6 years ago. I also think that Jae Hee will turn herself in since this is possibly the only way she can escape from Min Young.

  50. I’ve been addicted to NG from de beginning (remain me of Marry Me, Me-that’s why I know this playground) and I cried seeing ‘telepathy phoned scene’ & ‘bathroom longing confession’. Even till now cant predict what happen to them all at de end, I hope ‘Deux ex machina’ has hand to enter happy ending. Just thinking that Jae Gil is a savior in this story. He will run telling the truth about MR illness and ask her taking MR to have surgery, coz he believe the only one who cant move MR heart is EG. Jae Sik will be on MR side & face lawyer ahn, while Jae Hee get in jail for her first and second murder. An EunMa will have a new happy life ever after with their baseball teamkids, ah…with additional of JH’s son.

  51. That ending! I hope it’s not a repitition of maru sacrificing himself for jae hee. I love this drama, but at times certain things frustrates me so much.

    Somehow that journal that maru wrote that his beginning n ending Is with jh kinda scare me, cause it might just be true. He loves eungi, but he must have feel sorry for jh if he had known the truth, cause that’s just maru.

    Oh well I guess by the time this show ends, n most probably it won’t end well, we will definitely need all the hugs we can get.

    I just hope Lkh won’t kill off sjk, cause well she did that before hehe. I’m not sure she will make this a happy ending,having watched most of her works. However I hope that she will surprise us with this one.

    If Maru have to die, then please release the bts of it, cause that way we will get to see the funny or the fact that he is still alive for that matter… And that is my wishful thinking.

    I’m glad To see that many share the same love for this show, n if we were to watch this together we might practically be wailing, flailing n flipping tables 2gether.

    Going to brace myself for next week, it’s the final ride in this twisted railway ride…thanks for the recap miss k;)

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