Park Shi Hoo Reveals Moon Geung Young Got Him Drunk While Preparing for Cheongdamdong Alice

While waiting for Cheongdamdong Alice to air and the wave of official promotional materials to hit, I got lucky that male lead Park Shi Hoo has a movie coming out soon that he’s been promoting so he’s been giving interviews that mention CA. He’s expressed great eagerness to work with Moon Geun Young and was really impressed with how grounded she was when he first met her. Now comes the hilarious true story which revealed two things, one of which I already knew and the other left me giggling at the incongruity. Park Shi Hoo told the story about how he recently went out to eat with Moon Geun Young and the writers of the drama recently to bond and discuss their characters. During the dinner, he drank one beer and then passed out. No, I did not make that up. Turns out Park Shi Hoo cannot drink at all, and when forced he pretty much drinks soda with the occasional sips of alcohol. I’m still processing the notion that Park Shi Hoo cannot hold his liquor and falls asleep upon imbibing. So. Cute! In a twist of genders, Moon Geun Young is known for being to hold her alcohol so during the dinner she kept waking him up and making him drink, and he would drink, and then she would let him nap for another few minutes. I recollect that Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young also went out to discuss the drama over drinks prior to filming and really bonded. Plus during a memorable scene in the first episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night where Mu Gyul made Mae Ri drink, Jang Geun Seok later revealed that they were really drinking soju. I love hearing funny behind-the-scenes stories and I’m hoping being drunken drinking buddies even once means Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo have broken the ice and we can continue to expect an explosion of chemistry between them onscreen. Check out new filming stills from the drama.

This is the first look at the onscreen family of the leading lady Han Se Kyung. Her parents are in front and next to her is the younger sister, played by Hye Jung of idol group AOA. Below are fan snapped pictures of Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young filming a car accident scene. His hair is interesting, and until I see it clearly and up close I won’t be able to decide if it looks good or veers into helmet hair territory.


Park Shi Hoo Reveals Moon Geung Young Got Him Drunk While Preparing for Cheongdamdong Alice — 22 Comments

  1. I cannot wait for this drama! I’m definitely looking forward to the chemistry between these two leads… especially considering that they seem to get along well off-screen.

  2. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Its 2am here and I’m totally cacking like a maniac…I blame you Koala Unni…PSH can’t drink?!..LOL
    On a completely different note…so the other girl in the family pic is the younger sister????…Heh….I saw the pic at a MGY’s fansite earlier and all this while I was under the impression that the other girl was the older sis

    • lol from the pics above I could not tell which one is older and which one is younger. Without the parents, I would have guess that they’re friends/classmates

  3. Looking forward to the new MGY’s drama. Sorry to say but the idol who plays her younger sister looks so much older than MGY. Luv PSH too

  4. I love how Moon tried to connect with her co-stars when she works with them. it makes their chemistry more explosive.

    Its also hilarious how Moon keeps waking him up to make him drink and then let him go back to sleep afterwards…lol. I’m already loving this pair

  5. Oh so cute… I lub PSH and seeing him with MGY (and HE’S the lightweight drinker?!) Double explosion of the cute! I’m so looking to forward to CA.

  6. hahah…yeah, Asians don’t really have the enzymes to break down alcohol and in his case, he just can’t hold it for too long at all

  7. Kudoos 4 both PSH N MGY They are professional actor n actress Their acting is so convincing that they are able to retrive both negative n positive responses from the audience My wish to both of them keep up the good work n accept the negative remarks as a challenge 4 both of you to do better in your future dramas

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