Jung Woo Sung Plays a Baddie in Upcoming Movie Stakeout

Woo hoo! Another big-budget cops-and-robbers K-movie is on the horizon, and it stars no less than my I Lub You playing the bad guy for once. I could not be more excited to finally see him unleash his maniacal badassery all over the big screen. Filming has commenced for the movie Stakeout (also called Surveillance or Lookout) starring Jung Woo Sung, veteran actor Sul Kyung Goo, Han Hyo Joo, and 2PM‘s Junho. The movie centers around the specialized surveillance unit of a police squad lead by Sul Kyung Goo that is currently hunting a skilled bank robbery organization led by Jung Woo Sung’s character named James. Han Hyo Joo and Junho’s characters are the rookies of the team and eager to track down this criminal mastermind. I have high hopes for Stakeout because its a remake of the Hong Kong movie Eye in the Sky, and Hong Kong cinema excels at cops and robbers movies like you wouldn’t believe. Stakeout will be helmed by movie director Jo Ui Seok who directed The World of Silence and Make It Big. As much as I love Jung Woo Sung playing the hero who still manages to be hella awesome despite playing against flashier co-stars playing the scene stealing bad guy (Cha Seung Won in Athena: Goddess of War, Lee Byung Hun in The Good, The Bad, The Weird), I’m happy he’s challenging himself and picking a movie and different type of role that sounds perfect for him.

I still think Han Hyo Joo must’ve won the life lottery when she was born. She’s a sweet girl, but she got the jackpot in terms of looks and has also won the career big prize with successive drama successes as well as subsequent movie box office wins. Junho seems a bit out of place amongst the heavyweight male leads but I think he’s adorable and he’s playing a cop called Detective Squirrel. How can I not love him here? I’ll also get to see Jung Woo Sung on the small screen soon since he is scheduled to be the high profile guest on Kang Ho Dong‘s first talk show upon his return to being an MC after his tax scandal last year.


Jung Woo Sung Plays a Baddie in Upcoming Movie Stakeout — 4 Comments

  1. Wow those are some really great castmates! Please be good movie!!!
    Also I wonder if this means we won’t be seeing Han Hyo Joo in a drama role again next year since she’s on a roll making a name for herself in Chungmuro….not that I mind as long as she’s working and putting out good stuff

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