Download Links for the Addicting Theme Songs from the Brilliant Drama Go Go Go

I love love love Drama Go Go Go. I’m all caught up to episode 6 (with episodes 7-8 airing this weekend) and this drama remains the funniest, sweetest, most sane cracky rom-com I’ve seen since Sunny Happiness. The lead characters are all totally functional, smart, sassy, and thoughtful people who make decisions that all make sense and are relatable. Ruby Lin continues to win my heart ten-times over with her performance as the creative romantic slightly bumbling Wang Ming Ming, making her jie jie (noona) character so warm and attractive that I’m not surprised there aren’t even more boys playing in her yard. As much as Lin Geng Xin is pitch perfect as the wry and headstrong second male and I love him to pieces, Jiro Wang is knocking it out of the park as leading man Eason. I root for him ALL THE WAY because he is sooooooo real and flawed yet wonderfully honest. His chemistry with Ruby is just right, almost like they were born to do this noona-dongsaeng romance and serenade my heart with the cuteness. You know what? This is exactly the chemistry that Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye currently are exploding the screen with in Missing You, except they are stuck in the dank mess of a script that makes little sense and forces them to be mopey.

When I see Seung Ho and Eun Hye onscreen being cute and happy with each other, I just want to pluck them from MY and plop them into a rom-com as sparkling and witty as DGGG is. I’m just grinning like a madwoman every time DGGG takes a rom-com trope and twists it around, all while acknowledging its inherent manufactured nature but showing us that the resulting emotional connection can still be real. It doesn’t hurt that this drama has a great soundtrack, including the opening theme “Our Script” and the ending theme “I Should Love You”, both of which are sung by Jiro Wang. I was the first person to be annoyed when I heard that Jiro is playing yet another singer-actor, after he did it so well as Mars in ToGetHer with Rainie Yang (awesome TW-drama, BTW, and so incredibly underrated), but now I can’t think of another TW singer-actor his age who can do Eason with such vulnerability and swagger. I almost needed meds to calm me down after the drinking scene/threesome in episode 5 I was laughing so hard. This drama is a true gem and I pray to god it won’t self-destruct in the second half. Below is the download for Jiro’s latest album What Are You Waiting For? with the two songs from DGGG in it. Enjoy!

Cick here to download Jiro Wang’s full album What Are You Waiting For? (mediafire zip file). The entire album is marvelous.


01. Feel Me ft. PopU Lady
02. 你在等什么 (What Are You Waiting For)
03. 我应该去爱你 (I Should Love You) – ending theme for Drama Go Go Go
04. 敢不敢爱我 (Dare To Love Me?) ft. Power Station
05. 我们的剧本 (Our Script) – Opening Theme for Drama Go Go Go
06. 这里没有天使 (There Are No Angels Here)
07. 像你 (Similar to You)
08. 假装我们没爱过 (Pretend That We Never Loved Before)
09. 完美心跳 (Perfect Heartbeat)
10. 替我 (In Lieu of Me)


Download Links for the Addicting Theme Songs from the Brilliant Drama Go Go Go — 18 Comments

    • They are subbing this drama at I am not going to start it until the semester is over. I will not start it until the semester is over. I will not start it until the semester is over. Really people.

      • I support you 100%.

        I started before the semester was over.

        Just. Kill. Me. Now.

        P.S. Subs are coming along pretty slowly on viki, so waiting is probably for the best anyway.

    • The original title was 姐姐立正向前走 (Jie Jie Li Zheng Xiang Qian Zou) lit. Older Woman/Sister Marching Forward. Now it’s Drama Go Go Go (姐姐一枝花) lit. Older Woman/Sister Is A Blooming Flower. Don’t even ask me why they’re calling it that in the literal translation =__=;; Either way, Drama Go Go Go gives you the most (english-language) hits, so go with that ^_^

  1. This drama totally sounds like my cup of tea, but I just cannot overlook the fact that the main actor is Jiro. I am, to put it lightly, not a fan of his acting/ the way he expresses himself on film. I don’t know what it is but something just bothers me when I see his acting. Even the temptation that is Ruby Lin and Lin Geng Xin cannot make me try the first episode, although your review is pushing me in there..a lil bit 🙂 Argh, I need me some good rom-com now! Especially since I finished “shut up flower boy band” a couple weeks ago and am kept alive purely on “can we get married”.

  2. Thanks for the download link! I “discovered” Jiro when trying to watch the hot mess that was Absolute Boyfriend. He and the other lead actor were the only saving grace of that show. But on the plus side, the OST was pretty good, especially Jiro’s songs, so I’m happy to have more of him to listen to!

    Glad to know that Viki is subbing this, so maybe it’ll be finished eventually and I can watch it.

  3. Ohohoh!
    I almost “know” the words by now, I have been playing “Our Script” non-stop at work while doing expense reports, spreadsheets and website updates.

    I am so glad you are also rooting for Eason. Love the dynamic between him and his award winning leading lady – earning her reluctant approbation.
    Jiro and Ruby are impossibly sweet, but not saccharine. Jiro is really good at looking at someone like they are the most important person to ever walk the face or the earth.

    This looks like an expensive show, at least compared to some of the other T-dramas. It has such a lovely dreamy quality.

    If anyone is watching King of Dramas – also about an idol playing actor – our DGGG leading man is NOTHING like Siwon’s character. The difference is DGGG’s Eason has been big and has failed, so he isn’t taking anything for granted. It makes him extremely sympathetic.

    Watching this show makes me giddy, and I don’t understand most of the words. The interaction, however, is very clear and nice and sweet and sometimes MAGIC.

  4. Thank you so much for the music. I am listening to Mando pop to learn Mandarin and you have such good taste. It would be so great if you could post some songs of Mando Music Goddess, the incomparable Faye Wong.

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