Cheongdamdong Alice Releases Character Stills and Third Teaser

Cheongdamdong Alice continues its slow descent into underwhelming with the release of official character stills and the third teaser. Can somebody in the production team actually put some heart and creativity in it? The character stills are so dull I think I developed narcolepsy just staring at them. Park Shi Hoo‘s hair is much better than it looked initially but he’s got the smarmy thing going on again, though Kim Ji Seok takes greasy to a whole new level in his still. Moon Geun Young looks like an awkward deer in headlights, and So Yi Hyun is channeling the rich bitch well but I worry she’ll end up being wet and weepy as per her usual character style. The third teaser is the most comprehensive look at the drama plot yet (there is even a glimpse of Nam Gong Min!), but that just worries me even more. I don’t see anything different or unique in this poor girl goes to rich world story. As much as I love Geun Young, she’s not enough to make me pretend this is better than it looks. I’m going to double my offerings to the drama gods before this premieres next week in hopes that its yet another case of crappy promotional materials equal awesome kickass drama. Otherwise I’m going to have to lay down and cry my sorrows away. After Yoon Eun Hye picking Missing You (and me going on the alterna-ship in that drama with her and Yoo Seung Ho), I cannot handle the double whammy of pain if Geun Young’s drama turns out to be a turkey as well. *sobs*

3rd teaser for CA:


Cheongdamdong Alice Releases Character Stills and Third Teaser — 20 Comments

  1. I don’t know about you guys but Koala honestly I actually found myself pulled into the drama after watching the trailer. Not the greatest trailer, sure, but story seems… promising. (Hoping I am not jinxing it by admitting this though, pretty please!) I SUPER hope this show will deliver as well though because I totally, completely LOVE both leads.

  2. I’ve watched the trailer as it came on after ep 29 of Five Fingers (if anyone is aching for addictive makjang, FF elevates that to the next level :p) and if I didn’t know otherwise, I would have assumed it was one of those 50+ ep family dramas.

    It looks harmlessly cute so I’ll probably check it out – I might actually like it better if it’s more like a family drama and less like a typical romcoms (I know I am in the tiny minority, but romcoms set my teeth on edge more often than not).

    Let’s look on the bright side – it can’t possibly be as bad as MGY’s previous, Marry Me Mary.

    Oh, and about SYH – I will always love her for her role in Gloria.

    • I thought no one watched Gloria… (well, I didn’t want to watch it either, didn’t even finish it) BUT I fell in love with Chun Hee after that and by association SYH. I liked their character arcs much more than the rest of the drama.

      So, on to the drama, it’s generic, nothing terribly bad or good about it. I’m hoping it’s going to be a fun drama to watch, not many rom-coms on air right now.

  3. I don’t understand Korean, so I can’t really comment on the trailer. But I personally think the story is quite interesting! There’s actually another trailer that said Moon Geun Young is a woman who dreams to be a Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law, which is very interesting in my perspective because usually the main girl in rom-com actually gets paid by the main guy to become a daughter-in-law b/c she needs the money to pay off debt. This time, it’s the girl that actually wants to be in that position. I don’t know how the story is going to play out, but with just that, I think it’s interesting enough!

    This is just like City Hunter…it has no good PR whatsoever but the drama turns out amazing! And i’m hoping Cheondamdong Alice is the same…XD

  4. mmmm the trailers are a no go for me 🙁
    but but but it is PSH… I will keep an open mind with very very low expectations!

  5. I’ve given up on promotional material helping me understand this drama in anyway. I’ll just watch the first two episodes and if it pains me too much to watch I’ll never speak of this drama again. I’ll have a good bout of selective amnesia and forget I ever wasted 2 hours on this.
    Here’s hoping it’s good!

  6. I l know right?I finally get a Rom com out of PSH and an accomplished not so poor heroine.But all her fawning is getting me worried.They have a great cast.Do I have to start getting more worried? If the writers have spent 2 years over will it be that bad?I mean the actors must have liked the script.
    I mean viki has the licensed to sub but am not getting the vibes of a fantastic romantic drama.Hope I am dead wrong here and have to eat my words.

  7. I watched the teaser and think it is ok. I don’t get you guys, what do you guys want, a materpiece?

    it is a rom com and they usually aren’t nothing knew….

  8. yeah, it looks like these folks really don’t know how to do proper teasers but a badly made teaser does not equal a badly made drama so I’m going to continue to remain optimistic…afterall it is MGY comeback after 2 yrs, i’m positive she wouldn’t pick it unless there really was something to it…and I like the stills…there’s nothing particularly humorous or interesting going on but I notice rom-coms generally don’t seem to have really great posters/character still anyways…I do think they’re way better than the MSOAN stuff

    • You know. I think the scrip must be good for get MGY but as we know the script can change as the drama airs and they change to viewers’ taste, and the live shooting too, I think these are the things that ruin the kdramas. The actors don’t know the writer can’t deal with live shooting or already ended the drama’s script and will get lost creatig another messy and wtf drama…

  9. is it just me or park shi hoo looks so much younger than his prosecutor princess days … maybe it’s because of his new hairdo .. but i’m definitely digging his style right here … as for geun young .. frankly speaking i don’t really like the bang that she has .. however she looks so pretty without the bang.

  10. I’ll double your double offerings to the drama gods and hope that the trailer is just a very very small snippet of the actual drama…

  11. I’m actually really looking forward to this show. After all the melos I’ve been watching lately, I need a light romance/drama/comedy show. This teaser looks cute. But I’m guessing from the heroine’s crying scene, her boyfriend will break her heart? or something like that? And then she’ll meet our hero. Anyways even though the story remains a bit vague, I am looking forward to this show, hopefully it’ll be a good/entertaining show 🙂

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