Written and Video Preview for Episode 19 of Miss Rose

Oh Roy, is that ring for me? I do, I do, I do! Just tell me when and where and I’ll supply my own white dress. As Miss Rose turns the corner from corporate espionage and clingy exes, Cheng Kuan stays true to his feelings and never once wavers in the face of never ending opposition and tricks from his mom or Vivian. Si Yi, on the other hand, isn’t quite as courageous with her feelings, or shall I say she is constantly worried about what will happen to Cheng Kuan’s future if he picks her. I would like to say that Yi Chun’s betrayal 6 years ago made her such a scared girl in love, but I think she’s always been this way since 6 years ago she should have stood up for herself and confronted the bitch who tried to steal her man. Even if Yi Chun chose money over love, Si Yi shouldn’t have taken it lying down and running off to cry her sorrows away in the rain.

This time around, I’m just glad the man who loves her isn’t tempted by power and wealth and is quite secure in his own ability to achieve both. Some OTPs give off the sense of complimenting each other, or are so awash in romance and chemistry that we just want them to be together even if it doesn’t make all that much sense. MR has created a lead pair relationship and falling in love experience that resembles the steady calm beats of real life and mature adults rather than the heady emotional outburst of youth. Perhaps that why at times it feels so staid, because that it’s not terribly exciting to watch. I love the juxtaposition of Cheng Kuan and Si Yi as a refreshing alternative, now if only Si Yi can just step up and shed her overly cautious weepy self, then it would all be perfect.

Written preview for episode 19:

Si Yi is cleared of any wrongdoing and returns to the company amid her colleagues warm welcome. The real culprit Ting Ai also arrives with her head held low to receive her censure. The payback is coming……Cheng Kuan shows off his manly aura as he gets justice for his girlfriend. Under Vivian’s protection, what kind of punishment will Ting Ai get?

Operation proposal begins! Sheng Jun’s one word reveals Miss Screw’s emotional fears. Cheng Kuan hears it and starts to fret!? Cheng Kuan cooks a meal and prepared a lavish candle light dinner, all for the sake of capturing Luo Si Yi’s heart and her person.

That night, Cheng Kuan takes out the ring and expresses his desire to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves. A white yacht slowly docks at the port of happiness. The prospective groom waits at the shore for his prospective bride to arrive…. Looking at the ring on her ring finger, Si Yi expresses indecisiveness?! Under the encouragement of her family and her best friend, will Si Yi be willing to take off for love and become the Mrs. Gao that will be the envy of all?

Video preview for episode 19:

Sheng Jun: A man’s most important vow to a woman is marriage.

Vivian: Cheng Kuan is proposing to her.

Cheng Kuan: I may not be a perfect score husband, but I will do everything in my power to create a perfect score family with you. Marry me!

Vivian: I won’t give up. Until the very last minute, who wins and who loses, is impossible to say.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 19 of Miss Rose — 24 Comments

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. okay seriously can’t wait to see the whole proposal scene!!! that would be just awesome and romantic . freaking out right now!! 😀 . thank you koala! 🙂

  2. HURRAY!!!!!!!!! I am so excited that I don’t think I can stand it. I LOVE this show (I know I have said this before); it hits every warm spot that I keep forgetting I have. But I am worried. We seem to getting to a close, but it cannot be this easy. How many episodes are there going to be now? Does anyone know? Is the replacement show ready?

    • Me too, Ms. Trotwood. I love MR deeply but during the weekdays, MR was securely hidden somewhere in my hypothalamus. I’m so in love with MR, I guess it’s more like my type of show now as I just notice I’m no longer a young gal of 18 or 22, sadly to admit this. :o(

      • I have to say that I think that is one of the reasons why I love the show. I am far from being young; I am far from being even a hipster who could still pretend to be young. If I was in a drama, I would no longer be the lead female character but more likely the female lead’s doctor, neighbor, teacher or maybe, even, -*gasp* gulp–her mother depending on how old she is. More and more I am finding this depressing. I need shows where I am not old enough to be the second lead’s (cough–Missing You–cough) mother.

    • If I remember correctly, the show that’s supposed to air after Miss Rose has finally found a lead actress (Nikki Hsieh), but that unfortunately doesn’t tell us anything about how many more episodes MR will have. It is reassuring to know, however, that it won’t get extended as long as it might have.

  3. Thanks for the preview MR. I think vow a marriage for a woman is very important. SY wont be hesitate anymore . The drama is to short. So sad cause can’t see them anymore.

  4. Agree with you about the story being so staid that it’s not that exciting to watch. However, Roy is such a draw card that I still do find myself looking forward to Monday’s when I can watch it online.

  5. Oh oh oh… Didn’t I see them in bed, is this scene going to be a quickly or playful one? Umm… I’m drooling, can’t wait to watch this now.
    Pardon my pervert side thought everyone…. Hehehe….

  6. Have lost interest in the show, in spite of its refreshing pace and story. The boys are all yours, lady. Not that they were mine in the first place. lol

      • Aww. Your messages are so sweet and moving. I totally did not expect them. ❤❤❤ Thank you, Pearl, jomo and trotwood. 😀

        I have enjoyed reading your thoughts, whether on this drama or others, often cracking up behind my computer screen, although I did not write anything. It was an entertaining experience getting to know you all and Mrs Koala, of course, as well as a few others, such as ck10z or angskeet.
        Yet the connection I had felt with this show’s characters has slowly died away. Maybe because while Cheng Kuan was consistent, Si Yi has no confidence in his love and has lost her spunk versus eviiiil Vivian which is so infuriating; or maybe I just don’t relate with the story or the romance anymore, having matured myself. I have tried numerous dramas but they all have bored me very quickly, except King of dramas, at least, so far. We’ll see whether I’ll watch this ship until the end, especially with the low ratings which might force the writer to change her initial script into the usual stuff with lots of PPL.

        Therefore @Pearl, I am not sure we will cross path again, but if we do, it’ll be with utmost pleasure.

        @trotwood: me and you buddy on being around the female lead’s mother’s age! That probably does not “help” putting ourselves in their shoes. I too wish that mature characters would be the standard in dramas, but those successful ratings-wise this past year prove otherwise and plots for the upcoming ones as well. It seems that dysfunctionnal relationships, tortured souls, poor writing/editing/directing with the usual wtf-tropes has been trendy and that viewers wouldn’t care less as long as the male lead is hot or the OTP cute. *rolls eyes*
        Plus I REALLY am tired of all those “thank you doctor” faces. I so wish they would stop the PS that ruins their natural beauty.
        You had me at the mention of Joseph Chang and Mars! The former is more than a manly face and body, he really can act and show a variety of emotions. The same goes of course for Zai Zai, whose Ling character in Mars I had had a huge crush on, as well as a few other names on a short list which now excludes Jung Woo Sung.
        You are so right about closure. Reminds me of my City Hall days on soompi. Who knows? Withdrawal syndrom might even show up on your side of the ocean unexpectedly after Miss Rose ends. 🙂

        @jomo: please do not tempt me too much with your headers. I need to focus on real life instead of stalking this site. 😉

    • Really? It’s too bad that you lost interest in MR. I’ll take Roy back. Hehehe…
      Well, then I’ll see you in some other future shows, whatever they may be…
      I’m sure there are common and similar interests among us. :o)

    • I will miss you, Denali, but I can understand. It is a slow show. And Si Yi is starting to strain even my love. When other shows have such female leads, I have dropped them. However, I am far too fond of the secondary characters. I love her family. I love the romance of her friend and Shen Jung (I never remember how to spell her name off the top of my head). I love CK. I love YC (as you all know by now). I think it a shame that they make her so bland when I know she can play sassy (just watch the scene where she slaps the two girls gossiping about her friend in Mars). It concerns me because if this show does not do well, then will people think that it is impossible to have a show with such pacing? Will everything, inkling rom-com have to include some sort of heightened sturm and drang when we also want (and clearly crave) warm, regular, and mature people? Give me more male leads like Roy here and Joseph Chang in Drunken to Love You! Give me more noncrazy parents!

      Denali, your departure, makes me sad also because it reminds me that the fun of posting about this show is coming to an end as well. I just said to my daughter last week that I will be sad when the show is over because I have never participated in such a group before and had such fun with people online. I wonder if we will all come back together again for Flower Boy Next Door.

  7. @ Trotwood, Denali, Jomo, Ms. koalas, & sometime ckoz,
    I’m feeling contradicting sometimes. At one side, I really don’t want MR to continue dragging as it may ruin the quality of the show and people will loose interests like we are having one, Ms. Denali. But at the other side, if the show end soon, I will miss this kind of group discussion, sharing thoughts, and ventilation via writing & have fun. So to keep my mind simple, I’ll just go with the flow.

  8. @ Trotwood,
    I have just read your top comment to me, and I got choked while drinking coffee as you said you could be their mom depending on their ages. Hehe… I admire your courage. I take many many years to admit that I’m no long 22, 24, 26, and etc as in my mind, my age stop at 26, I feel like I’m still in my mid 20s and apparent wise i’m too although the fact is that my ID don’t show this. Hey, if I were to have kid early, I could be some young Korean popstars’ mom too. Huhuhu! Tearing….

  9. Oh, ok now let me share the joy of ep 19 today as I have just finished it.
    Ep19 is awesomely great and hilarious! It’s so sweet and romantic that CK does all the preparation to propose to SY. The hilarious part that when YC wants to hug SY, ck gets jealous, and his basic instinct response quickly by pushing sheng jun over to have YC catching him instead.

    • I actually saw the preview for next week and it seems that Vivian is yet playing another trick to guilt trip CK and keep him by her side with Si Yi not even fighting for her love. What a downer. Someone, dip a whole bucket of vitamin juice on this show’s writer the way Jung Ryeo Won did on Kim Myun Min in KOD. This might help clear her/his mind. Or maybe this kind of plot devices is what viewers eagerly wait for? u.u

  10. I’m back again, gosh, preview of ep 20 is very disappointing as Vivian is creating a car accident scene. I really don’t like the idea of car accident as a drag of the drama. Settv needs to have a better idea than this as it has been using this idea for most of its dramas. Each time it happens, I skip the show and hit fast forward. Heheh he…

  11. @Trotwood, I sad too, cause we must end our discussion on this dtama. But I wonder we’ll meet at the other future shows. @pearl too, I like your comments every time you post for the episode, you always make me smile, when I read your comments. I will miss you guys. Hope Roy qiu not long vacuums for his new seri.
    Roy qiu will play in movie after this drama.
    Haizzzz…. I still like if Roy play in drama cause I can see him again and again.
    Flower boy next door, good idea hmmm

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