Flower Boy Next Door Leads Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye Walk the MAMA Red Carpet Together

Forget the universe-aligning perfect casting trio of Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, and Kim Ji Hoon in the upcoming cable network tvN drama Flower Boy Next Door. That is already so awesome every post I’ve written about it has devolved into fangirling screeching that I confess to being the instigator of. What? Like y’all aren’t having tons of fun with it. Two things ratchet up my expectation even more. The first is that Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye walked the red carpet at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong this week. Shin Hye rocked a glamorous red draped dress (showing us she’s all woman now) while Si Yoon was all fine on top and lost me with the too-short tux pants and the horrible eye sore tan dress loafers. The second treat for me was starting to read the webtoon “I Steal Peeks at Him Everyday” which is the basis for this drama, and HOMG is it beyond adorable and hilarious. Shin Hye is a webtoon artist who dislikes social settings and basically lives in her apartment all day long. She has a crush on the cute guy who lives across the street in the opposite building and she spends her days peeking at him through her window into his, and even mimicking the things he does like eat breakfast and do her laundry at the same time. She’s like a harmless stalker. The few times she ventures out are when he leaves and she follows him from afar. The guy’s flamboyant cousin from Spain, Enrique Geum, arrives to live with him and he catches her peeking and thinks she’s interested in him (he’s wearing only flower print underwear when he catches her). I’ll summarize up to chapter 6 after the jump.

He writes her a note after catching her peeking a few more times, asking if she’s interested in him and sadly informing her that she’s not his preferred dish. She thinks he’s a crazy freak and keeps running away when she accidentally runs into him, while he gets curious about her and starts trying to engage her. The neighbor she has a crush on is this super adorable normal guy who has a cute cat. One adorable sequence has a delivery man making a delivery and she insists that she never receives packages and refuses to open her door. Then she remembers one night she got drunk on soju while peeking at her neighbor playing the guitar and she drunkenly suggest playing with her so she drunk-shops online and spends a month’s earning to buy a guitar. At one point she gets up the courage to leave the house to go to a street stand for intestines and dokbokggi, only to run into her nemesis Enrique there. She runs away leaving her order there, and runs even faster when she thinks he’s chasing her. Turns out he’s bringing her the order and rushing so it stays warm. When she won’t open the door for him, he eats it all, and later when she opens the door, she finds out that he wrote “You’re crazy!” on her door. LOL. That’s where I’ve read up to and while the drawing is silly and relatively crude, it’s vastly spirited and entertaining. I seriously cannot wait for this drama. Also? These two are precious together. I will have no problems shipping the OTP in FBND. Nope, none whatsoever. That is good for my sanity.


Flower Boy Next Door Leads Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye Walk the MAMA Red Carpet Together — 61 Comments

  1. Koala, your pics of the other male lead (I’m guessing second lead) are so much more appealing than Yoon Si Yoon! What’s with the outfit and the hair?! What’s with the younger k-drama mens’ hair? Like Park Shi Hoo in Alice. Ai ya.

  2. Not going to read the summary as I’m obsessively spoilerphobic, but thanks for the post and the pictures, Koala! Hearing that the story is good is making me even MORE excited for this drama. As if that were possible.

    These two are gorgeous together. YSY is still cute, but I miss his pre-PS face. And WOW, Park Shin-hye has really grown up beautifully. Love her dress!

  3. Oh I say this is the first photo I’ve seen PSH in where she is so sexy.Exuding womanly charms.She is normally cute.Perfect colour.

    • Oh yeah he may not rock this hair and shoes.But I betcha the first time he confronts the PSH character about stalking him.And hegetsthisclose to her face,and speaks in his swoony voice,collective fangirl screaming will be all over this blog.
      Whew even this fantasy has got me all hot and bothered.

      • His character is one big weird spacey doofball. He’s hilarious. But doesn’t appear to have a dark side, which is what made his Seo Jae Hee sooooo delicious in M2F. And yes, when he opens his mouth (to talk, smile, kiss, whatever), he makes me slide down a wall and into a heap on the floor.

  4. PSH is stunning. From cute and adorable to lovely, elegant, poised young lady. She is glowing. She changes her look as easily as putting on a cloak. Definitely, one of the attributes of a good actress. I believe she trended worldwide last night. YSY was fine. I am determined to like him as a lead because I have been waiting for her drama appearance for longest of times. After all there has to be a reason for his popularity as an actor.
    Yes, I love her dress in its simplicity, elegance and suitability to the occasion

    • I totally agree with everyone’s comments on our adorable sweet girl Park Shin Hye!
      as Koala mentioned, she totally ROCKED that red carpet with an outstanding entrance with her soon to be ‘playmate’ in FBND. The color is perfect with her milky white smooth skin…and the simplicity of the design totally floored me because it looked so elegant on her, it’s the way she wore it.
      PERFECT 10. The dress and make-up and hair, totally FLAWLESS!!!!

      i am eagerly anticipating this series, i hope it’ll blow us away with a big bang for the new year…
      makes me wonder which other flower boy Shin Hye enamored during the MAMA award that we didn’t see…i know one of her chingu from BigBang was there…ke ke ke…

  5. She’s so good at picking long drapey formal outfits that look effortlessly chic!

    … but lovely as the cut is, I do wish it flaunted her womanliness without actually placing a fabric knot over her nether bits. >_<

  6. Not digging his hair + make-up, but Shin Hye looks absolutely stunning! Ohhh I’m so ready to fangirl over a rom-com again!!! ^^

  7. lols why do i could already envision YSY on the Enrique character and it has me grinning so wide! oh this is just gonna be so awesome! koala sis thanks for this update and please do share where we can read the webtoon. 🙂

  8. She really looks like a sexy woman, wow!
    That is great to see.
    Problem here is he looks like a sexy woman, wow!
    But the voice, the voice, is all testosterone and good shivers.
    I know I am not allowed to say anything before watching it, but I will anyway.
    How can I not second lead ship here?!!!
    Half naked KJH! Bring back the banner!

  9. I think he should change his stylist, why he always appears in public with too short pant and eyeliner.
    I like him as in Taxi, that’s my SiYoon, energetic and natural :))

  10. YSY looks different. Is it because of his make-up or what?

    I really hope PSH will be given a chance to shine in their upcoming drama as well as showcase her acting.

    Can’t January come sooner?

    • YSY i love u a lot if the stars dont make up who will do it just ignore the comments u see coz in my eyes everything of yours is perfect and unni luking freat in your adorable dress be as cute as always two of matches a lot together sarang hae yo fighting…

  11. For some crazy reason I can’t seem to disconnect him from his awesome pairing with Lee Ji Ah! It’s been a year now and wow, seeing these photos of him and PSY are super cute, but I think I need to sway prepare myself :O

  12. Aw that webtoon sounds so adorable! I think its safe to say that we all need some cuteness in our lives these days as far as dramas goes….so its basically 3 hot guys (KJH, YSY and Ko Gyun Po) as neighbours to our heroine?…I’m already cracking up at Enrique Geum…the name and the character description, I think Yoon Si Yoon is already halfway there as far as appearnace goes….I love PSH’s look on this red carpet..first time seeing this glamorous side to her..usually she’s always more about the cute stuff

  13. His hair is terrifying. He is normally good-looking, though too fragile-looking to appeal to me, but this is something else entirely. Eeeek. Is it the season of bad hair in dramaland?

  14. This pair is so great! For those whose never watched YSY acting before or never bother about him, its really understandable if they feel off seing his make up last nite.
    But,worry no more, because once he start acting in drama, you completely forget how he dressed himself in this occasion.
    And his voice. …I tell you his voice sound like cotton, so sexy and heavy for tiny man like him. Its always surprising when most o the time i felt goosebumps hearing his voice only.

    I SH gain lot of attention last nite, both for her looks and hers smexy red dress. This girl is all that!

  15. PSH looks all lady-like and so stunning. I still remember watching her in Stairway to Heaven (she was an adorable kid back then). They look great together although I feel like YSY put on even more make-up than Shin Hye 😀

  16. I don’t like YSY’s hair or make up here. Regardless though, I still love him to bits! He has one of the most charming smile!! Can’t wait for his new drama!

  17. PSH..really rock last night and she is all grown up ,to one beautiful lady,sheds all the baby fat..love her long coiffured hair..and my the drama has a very nice story line ..I need some rom-com soon because year end melodrama is straining me to the max.Lets hope CA..will deliver cute otp for MGY and PSH.Thanks love thhis post Thanks again..January come soon.

  18. PSH..really rock last night and she is all grown up ,to one beautiful lady,sheds all the baby fat..love her long coiffured hair..and my the drama has a very nice story line ..I need some rom-com soon because year end melodrama is straining me to the max.Lets hope CA..will deliver cute otp for MGY and PSH. Thanks love this post Thanks again..January come soon.

  19. I don’t think YSY has ever gotten PS. Pretty sure it’s the help of makeup. I saw his predebut pics and he looks the same.
    Not digging the amount of eyeliner on him. But it does look nice on him in photoshoots heh heh.
    Shin Hye was looking stunning last night!
    Sooooo anticipating this drama like crazy!

  20. I love Yoon Si Yoon. But the boy has been getting successive plastic surgeries that is not only impossible to deny, it’s so obvious that whoever he’s using, he needs to stop going there.

    He got one between Baker King and Me Too, Flower. And he’s gotten another tweak between that Chinese noodle drama and now. This second isn’t as big of a change as the one between BK and M2F. In fact, I think he’s going back a bit to his original face. Perhaps he didn’t feel all that comfortable with his M2F face and decided to backtrack a bit with this new PS.

    His makeup and hair is ATROCIOUS at this award. But he’s one of those actors that just WORKS onscreen when he is in character. I guarantee his Enrique Geum will be adorable and zany and totally swoonworthy. That’s not to say Kim Ji Hoon won’t be stealing the show for me. Only that both guys have their own unqiue appeal and I love them both.

    • wow, I did wonder abt the PS when I saw these pics….I can’t believe I actually picked it up since I’m usually so terrible at telling the difference

    • You have eagle eyes, can see at any small detail. I never think he’s handsome as other but believe that this his original. If it’s true, it’s hurt me a bit, haha…
      What makes me consider is between Happy noodle and now he had more than half month free to do any surgery (because of Brandguardian)

    • Wow really? Well I was never good at picking out ps anyways. But it just didn’t seem so much of a drastic change to me so I guess that’s why I couldn’t see it. And i still cannot see it hahaha. That’s how bad I am. Well, with or without ps, he’s still a great actor 🙂

  21. I don’t like his hair and makeup. But after seeing enough bad haircuts, this one is actually ok.

    I wish I could read the webtoon.. sounds cute!

  22. Just found a video of YSY singing a song for Baker King. Nice. His voice is so recognizable. I enjoyed his cameo on High Kick 3. Will definitely take a peek at their drama.

  23. He’s definitely gotten some type of facial surgery, and it isn’t working. He looked so much better in M2F. He’s looks older now.

  24. YSY at university http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6086/6091229843_aeb1e44b3e.jpg
    YSY right after M2F http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7170/6725825395_ac4e7eb52c_b.jpg
    YSY right before FBND without this stupid make up http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8475/8115911232_e2b002fa2e_b.jpg
    Before HK2, he re-implant his teeth (that’s normal to any star)
    The most change in his face is between HK2 and BK but at this time, YSY dont have enought time to do surgery because he appear frequently
    The most possible time he did surgery is between BK and M2F, but not changed a lot (maybe his tip-nose)
    anyway, I think that’s enought of supicion, there’s no Korean star comfirmed they did not do any surgery. Just wait until Jan and watch drama ^^
    Sorry if I make anyone uncomfortable ^^

    • Park Shin Hye is one of those rare one just saying, you can easy find her pics because she debuted at 11 🙂 Her face has stayed the same even atter all those year
      It’s not a big dead that stars to PS but I hope they don’t make it too obvious… One fact that I couldn’t start MTF because it’s annoying to see both lead’s noses together…. They are too pointed and unnatural

    • Actually.. i don’t care about PS. As long as they can act their role, no problem. Because i only watch drama if they have good story or good chemistry between the actor and actress. And i didn’t notice much different about YSY at Baker king 2010 and MAMA 2012.

      YSY! PSH! Fighting!!!

      By the way, “make up” is something scare (LOL). It can make you turn into ‘something’ different from ussual 🙂

  25. i luv 2 see them in we got married….i like ysy in bf next door coz its d dfrrent character thn other hero chracter in other drama…

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