SETTV Releases Steamy New Stills for Miss Rose

This is how you do it, networks everywhere take note. SETTV released the following batch of official stills today for tomorrow’s episode of Miss Rose. I don’t need to describe it, right? Hilariously enough, the news article accompanying the stills revealed that there will be a 7 minute long boating scene coming up. You all know that I’m going to be timing it and if I get even one second less than 7 minutes SETTV will be hearing from me. That’s the price to pay for telling me its going to be long and glorious and then failing to deliver on the promise. During the filming of the upcoming boat scene (if anyone is confused as to where the phrase originated from check my glossary section), Megan Lai revealed that she was trying to prep for it on the bed but was actually very nervous since she’s never filmed a scene like this before. It’s supposedly very steamy, and both her character and Roy Qiu‘s character as soaking wet when they filmed it. In the drama, they go hiking and get wet, leading to them checking into a hotel to dry off. Heh, dry off, yeah right.

Roy revealed that this scene is going to be very emotional and heated and the filming pulled off without a hitch. When he heard that Megan was actually quite nervous, he teased her that he couldn’t tell at all and from her acting he thought she had done this before because she was such a natural. I think there is so much meta to be mined after watching this scene, and if its as good as the preview and stills look, we all need to acknowledge what great actors Megan and Roy are to create this kind of onscreen chemistry when they have ZERO offscreen interaction or chemistry. I’m such a drama push over – as much as MR has annoyed me with its narrative collapse in the last few episodes, the second I see an upcoming steamy make out scene I’m salivating like a puppy begging for a bone. I do have to give the drama credit for writing Gao Cheng Kuan with such consistency, he has never wavered in the face of what he wants, whether his love for Si Yi or his own professional future, and he really is the heart and soul of this drama.


SETTV Releases Steamy New Stills for Miss Rose — 23 Comments

  1. Following everybody’s comments, I decided to skip the last two episodes but boy, I am definitely back on tomorrow night.

    But talk about not wavering in the face of adversities, ZhongQi, the lead (of Sweet Sweet Bodyguard) stuck through it all with his gal until the third last episode when the writers decided that the viewers had too much sweetness going for us and blinded him in a freak accident. Talk about knowing exactly what to do to spoil a perfectly good run of a show……and I am talking about an 82 episode drama…..just digressing….

    • Oh, I have to add… least we are getting this after the downward spiral of the last few episodes in MR.

      But in Sweet Sweet Bodyguard, we were rewarded with buckets of tears in the last three episodes and finally a blurry wrapping up kissing scene that lasted in all, maybe 2 seconds in the last episode. Do I sound bitter or do I sound bitter?(!!)

  2. First thing on Monday- I am going to watch it even though it’s Christmas Eve and I need to run errands.
    Boating scene- check.
    Breakfast coffee- skip. It might be too hot to handle.

  3. Oh wow!!! I’m so excited and feeling like I’m having tachypnea. Help!!!! No need to give me oxygen nor brown bag, just show me MR ep 22 now to rescue me….

  4. BTW, is this Roy and Megan first on screen steamy bed scene, right?

    I don’t recall I have seen any bed scenes in other dramas leading by either Roy or Megan.
    Hummm… They are virgin on screen… Yum.. Yummy!!!

    Oh gosh, excuse me everyone! I’m so crazily excited like drunk that I don’t I know what I’m talking about.


    • No need to apologize, Pearl. You are among friends. We deserve something exciting for our faithfulness to this drama.

      *I only have eleven portfolios left to grade and four senior papers. Is it wrong of me to count them down by thinking, “one more paper closer to my MR marathon”? Really, this is the only thing getting me through this last batch. I have been grading with only one other break since 3 AM (eastern standard time).*

      • Poor Trotwood!!! I thought you are on winter break now. My gosh, you still have more papers to grade, it’s almost x-mas. I wish can help you to speed up so that we on a the same pace. Hahaha… I’m probably going to A’s all your students. J/k…

      • I AM DONE!!!! HURRAY!!!!! But now I have to study Korean because I am pretty sure that I am going to have a vocab quiz today. Yes, I am still having class (on Sundays no less) two days before Christmas. My teacher is determined that I get placed out of level one if I get to do a Korean immersion course IN KOREA this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Don’t be too hard on my teacher. We have bonded over our love of My Name is Kim Samsoon and promised that someday we will go to Jeju Island, climb Mt. Halla, and eat choco pies!

        Tomorrow morning, I will be all over MR. Let the marathon–oops, holiday season begin!

        Shows to watch or catch up with during the week I am taking off:
        Miss Rose, King of Dramas, Drama Go Go Go, and King 2 Hearts.

        Do you think I can do it? I also want to watch Cheongdamdong Alice, but I am afraid that it will leak into next semester, and I will not be able to concentrate between episodes (as I am barely getting through the recaps) perhaps I should marathon The Princess’s Man? Aren’t there Flower Boys around the corner, too?

      • Trotwood, you really reminded me back in the old days when I was still in school that my dad grounded me for not watching tv especially dramas. I was only allow to watch during long school breaks like winter breaks, spring breaks and summer breaks. So I noted down all dramas i wanted to watch like you are doing it now. Hehehe…

        MR ep 22, i have finished. 20 mins after the show started, my tears kept on running. Hulu… I thought it going to be a happy ep this but not….

      • Thanks for the heads up, Pearl. Maybe I should just wait to marathon them next Monday when I am banking on a HAPPY ending. Do you hear that drama gods, I said HAPPY damn it!

  5. ♫ Roy, Roy, your boat scene ♫
    ♫ With Megan our queen ♫
    ♫ Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ♫
    ♫ Will have us all squeal ♫

    • Oh Jen, A rom- com drama without kissing or boating scenes like women putting on nice makeup without lipstick. Yeah, it’s ok but it’s just weird as the lips are so bland. Heheh!!! Dramas w/o kissings or boatings are going to boring and we will have nothing to talk. Lol!

  6. Rolling eyes after ffwarding through most of ep 22. Next week trotwood should prepare boxes of tissues while I will at last bid this once-promising drama adieu.

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