James Wen, Nikki Hsieh and Chris Wu Meet the Media for Miss Rose Follow-up Drama

Now that Miss Rose is confirmed to end the following Sunday, I’ve been expecting some news on its following up drama and SETTV does not disappoint. The drama did have a name change from Replacement Princess to a drama that doesn’t have an English title yet but the literal translation is Jin Da Hua’s Extravagant Adventure (金大花的華麗冒險). I’ll be looking for a decent TW-drama to fill my watch void with MR done but hesitated to throw my cards in with this one since I’m not a fan of leading man James Wen and would love to see leading lady Nikki Hsieh with second male lead Chris Wu. As luck would have it, this drama’s set up pretty much guaranteed I’ll be leaving happy – Nikki plays two characters and each of the two female leads is paired up with one of the two male leads. Sweet! There is Jin Da Hua, frumpy buck-toothed country girl, and Du Liang Yen, Director at a design firm as well as a pianist. James plays the kind sweet guy who grows up with tomboyish Da Hua, while Chris is the fiancee of rich ladylike Liang Yen. I’m assuming its original title about replacement princesses means that Da Hua someone becomes Liang Yen’s replacement for whatever reason, though I hope its not because Liang Yen dies because then I’ll feel bait-and-switched on the two coupling pairing. The drama showed pictures of Nikki and Chris filming an lavish engagement party scene, as well as Nikki and James bantering as best friends who grew up together. I think imma going to like this drama if its just silly cuteness. MR is leaving me wiped out on the pointless angst factor.


Nikki is so hilarious and game to don this ridiculous look for this drama. I’m feel insulted on behalf of buck-toothed people the world over, but I don’t think they are naturally a protected class, plus this is so extreme its not meant to be taken seriously.


James Wen, Nikki Hsieh and Chris Wu Meet the Media for Miss Rose Follow-up Drama — 9 Comments

  1. OMG!I feel really bad for Nikki Hsieh, that horrendous buck tooth, It’s quite an exaggeration though I believe that someone in this world really look like that but probably they’ll be minority. I never seen Nikki Hsieh in anything before but she look quite sweet and spunky, hope that translate on screen!

  2. Bwuahaha. Have they been watching too many 7 Brides for 7 brothers? Look at the last few posts. I feel like I am in Oklahoma! the musical set. And look at the way James Wen is sitting.
    * dying from laughter *

  3. This is off topic. Please delete the aibu saki jmovie post. It is false. Someone made it up. You need to check your sources before you post.

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