Rich Man, Poor Woman with Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi to Air SP in Spring 2013

Finally! Perhaps the higher ups at Fuji TV wanted to save this for a belated Christmas day announcement but I’ve been waiting for months now since Rich Man, Poor Woman wrapped up for confirmation that it would get an SP. With its solid ratings and great peppy vibe, not to mention a happy but open ending, this J-dorama fairly screamed out the need for a special. Now we don’t need to re-watch RMPW to get our Hyuga Toru and Natsui Makoto fix, the cast of Oguri Shun, Ishihara Satomi, ARATA, and Aibu Saki are reuniting to film a two hour special episode of RMPW airing in Spring of 2013. That’s less than 6 months away so I’m pleased with the timing. It’s not too far out we’ll all have forgotten this delicious dorama by then, though I wouldn’t have minded if the SP aired even earlier since I do miss the OTP dearly. The story will be filling in the gaps between Makoto working in Brazil and Asahina getting out of prison and returning to Next Innovation. Makoto gets a week off and returns to Japan from Brazil and moves in with Hyuga (omo omo omo, yes yes yes!), but their values and habits start to clash immediately. Hyuga’s weird quirks of living in a huge space with minimal furniture is difficult for Makoto to get used to and they clash and bicker constantly, but through the experience will grow closer together. The subplot will focus on how Asahina earns his way to redemption and returns to NI after he gets out of prison. I must say this synopsis sounds fantastic to me. We’re definitely getting the best parts of any Hyuga-Makoto interaction, which is when they butt heads because of their different approaches to life but through it learn to complement each other. Plus I’m actually interested in seeing some of Asahina’s story as well since the thwarted bromance was always fascinating to me even if the dorama went overboard with it during the middle section. This is such fantastic news and I’ll be sure to keep tabs on any spoilers and filming news for everyone.


Rich Man, Poor Woman with Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi to Air SP in Spring 2013 — 31 Comments

    • YES! YES! YES!!!

      Really made up my day since I’m let down by the boxing day offers ! Heeee heeee heeee! 🙂

      If there’s season 2 is great but I’m happy even with SP. 😉 Can’t wait !!!

      Cheerio 🙂

  1. Wow! I was just listening to the wonderful OST for this and recalling the frissons this OTP made me feel.
    Is this filmed already?

    I have a silly cheek busting smile from reading this:
    Makoto gets a week off and returns to Japan from Brazil and moves in with Hyuga (omo omo omo, yes yes yes!)
    I see lots of accidental touching and breathless eye contact between them. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. One of the best news today if not the best. And 2 hours? Awesome! I will be happy to rekindle that lost love. I like that theme of the expat who comes back home and feels a bit off: I heard it’s a real problem in Japan. That + cute bickering + Asahina = I’m sold. Spring comes faster!

  3. Hi Ms. K and everyone! My day started off good, yet it got even better when…I just came across the news today about RMPW while checking out Yippeeeee! I’m so excited! I can just invision them bickering in the day, then making up at shortly after…cuddling! ~blushing~

    I’m only speaking for myself when I say this, but to tell the truth…Fuji can continue making specials about RMPW until their married with children! Then, of course, the title will change to RMHW…Rich Man Happy Woman.

  4. P.S. Ms. K! Of course, I hurried to your website to see if you had posted anything about it! I was estactic when I your article! I hope they continue to give us more sneak info about the special!

  5. HURRAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! Wow, and I was all prepared for the after Christmas letdown feeling. But here is another great present, like something you forgot under the tree or that five dollar bill you left in your winter coat pocket last year and now found again. Yipee. I loved/love this show. I am so ready for this already. I want to find out about everyone. Will we get something f the married life of Yasuoaka? What about the other guys. I know. I am soooo greedy.

  6. oh my lord. yes yes YES!~~~
    incredible news. they both are one of my most fav otps this yr.
    ahhhhhh cant wait for it to come out!

  7. Yessssssssssssssssssssss!!! This is the best after Christmas present ever. I was wondering when we were going to get the SP. I can’t wait. Thank you, Ms. Koala. I look forward to you sharing pics or spoilers you find.

  8. Loves it can’t wait their romance acting, after hana yori dango, this is the 2nd best, wht shld I say oppa daebak in japanese?*hmh thinking*

  9. wow!! i’m so happy when this drama will come out with SP !! best drama ever! gambatte ! 😀 actually, i’am die hard fan of shun 😀 watch him acted with ishihara satomi was so cool !

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just the news I was waiting to hear. This drama was perfection and it needs a special. Hell, give me a movie too!

  11. Well better late than never. Just finished and so very much enjoyed it that after finished watching it, I realized that they were actors. I really felt Shun’s, Satomi’s and ARATA’s portrayal and they embodied their characters. So natural. Shun’s role in the popular roles such as HanaKimi was so not there in terms of chemistry and what was his role supposed to be which also has to do with the script and direction. In HYD, there were a few good scenes with MatsuJun that he did shine in. However I was not a follower. BUT I see the appeal now. He’s not scrawny anymore. He looks taller, better and he should continue using that stylist from RMPW. Loved his fashion (minus those before he started his company) which I’m going to try to adopt for my sons (haha)…digressed a bit. Shun nailed his performance in this role love, love, love. I adored him when he portrayed a young boy’s avoidance behavior in a man’s body at the office with Makoto where he rolled around talking about the missed phone call and him suppressing the kiss with Yoko the night before. Another one was at the temple rolling on the floor when he was looking for Makoto and it was a whiny-type of emotional tantrum. Loved Satomi’s role in that she was bubbly outside but insecure inside and I totally get that being in love with someone that amazing and dynamic is very daunting when you don’t know if you can measure up to them even when the other party reciprocates the feeling. So looking forward to the special. Thanks always for the updates!

  12. Thaks a lot Ms Koala,I miss them very much.I will very cheerful to them.Wait for they two togehter with SP drama them ,miss them & cheer them forever.

  13. This didn’t occur to me when I first read the news of the special–probably because of the synopsis. But I wondered back then as the drama aired and after it finished airing: how exactly how would it go with his mother in the future. No, I don’t want any reveal. But her family still lives in that town, they will visit her family, and will run into his mother. It’s not as if he will never have to run into his mother again. He probably will and this he would have to react/adjust accordingly. It would be interesting to see a scene, where we see it subtly handled.

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