Adorable Winter CF and BTS Footage of Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun for Bean Pole

We’re rolling towards the end of 2012 and where I am its much too warm for the Holiday season for my tastes. I need some snow and wind chill STAT. With that said, watching the Bean Pole Winter CF featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy is the perfect way to give me just that perfect taste of snow and cuteness. Of all the drama couplings I’ve loved, Soo Hyun and Suzy from Dream High remains one of the pairings that continue to deliver the goods in terms of collaborating on other projects since the drama finished. They’ve performed onstage together for the DH concert (with the rest of the DH cast), and they have been the spokescouple for the Korean sportswear brand Bean Pole since earlier this year. They traveled to New Zealand in the Fall for one campaign, and returned a few months later to shoot the Winter line. The CF is seriously so charming with the right amount of outdoorsy vibe that actually beckons the viewer to get out of the chair and head out with a loved one. Even better is the official BTS filming footage narrated by Suzy describing the shoot with her Soo Hyun oppa. I’ve long said Suzy has a total crush on him and when you watch the BTS footage with her narration it can’t be made any more obvious. But its a sweet kind of crush where you can tell they enjoy the opportunity to work together. I need to thank Bean Pole for picking the picture young couple to hawk their clothes. I would buy their stuff if I was in Korea as a token of my gratitude with fond hopes these two can be paired up forever. Or at least until they make it official and date to make me happy.

Bean Pole CF Winter 2012 (Eng subbed):

Bean Pole CF Winter Trip BTS (Eng subbed):


Adorable Winter CF and BTS Footage of Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun for Bean Pole — 12 Comments

  1. HAHAHA! Miss Koala, you want snowfall and wind chills? Come to Montreal, Qc, Canada! We had within 24 hours over 45cm of snow today, our biggest record ever. I don’t know why, but your comment in the beginning really made me laugh because of my reality today of snow and winds. On another note, Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun are really too cute together.

  2. miss koala, did kim soo hyun sing with suzy? because it didn’t sound like him. i wish he did though even if he’s not a singer because it would have really brought back memories of DH.

  3. Oh good golly I wasn’t even shipping them in DH but they look adorable in the BTS video.That youthful vibes.Can they become a grown up OTP in a drama?

  4. I love them together! I think many people said Suzy should have been in Moon that Embraces the Sun and I kind of agree. Hope they get to do something again soon! And I’m looking forward to her and Lee Seung Gi’s drama. She’s just so adorable!

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