Written and Video Preview for Episode 23 of Miss Rose

We finally made it, chingus! The finally episode of Miss Rose is coming and oh my lord am I ready for this drama to end. It’s really not that bad, but its precipitous second half decline was so extreme and I loved the first half so much it just hurts that much more. When episode 22 left off was Cheng Kuan pulling an about face and agreeing to marry Vivian, and Si Yi crying that she wants him to be successful and blah blah blah. I seriously DO NOT GET the writers of this drama. This isn’t noble idiocy, its supreme retardation. Who the hell keeps pushing the man she loves away to marry a woman he hates simply because he has to take responsibility and because his life will be easier with all her daddy’s dough. Clearly the wedding isn’t going to happen but even wasting screen time on it in the final episode annoys me.

Sorry for the fans of Yi Chun, but I was wrong in saying he’ll turn out to be some secret helper of the OTP behind the scenes. The drama has decided to throw his character under the bus as well and we’ll be discovering all his misdeeds and shadiness in episode 23. Sigh. What will I take away from this drama? Nothing – it was entertaining in the beginning and even if it didn’t flop in the end the narrative is still pretty flimsy and not one where life lessons are imparted. I enjoyed the mellowness of the OTP falling in love but that was because I was also watching other dramas with a lot more romantic fire that helped fill the void. As a standalone drama, MR sucks and for that I’m genuinely sorry SETTV couldn’t find a more capable writer to helm the story. There was a lot of potential with none of it fulfilled and watching it was akin to a mother seeing her son get into an Ivy League college only to flunk out by the second year. One wonders “where did it all go wrong?”.

Written preview for episode 23:

Cheng Kuan picks up Vivian’s hand, and under the eyes of the gathered public, they are about to become husband and wife for a lifetime. The holy oath, the serious atmosphere, Cheng Kuan solemnly says “I do” and in turn he receives Vivian’s most sincere response?!? He puts down the heaviest burden of his life and rushes out of the wedding site towards his happiness……

To let Cheng Kuan get married without any worry, Si Yi lugs her heavy luggage and plans to leave this sad place with Yi Chun. Right as she is about to board the flight, a mysterious text message disrupts her plans?! Having discovered Yi Chun’s true colors, how will Si Yi deal with the repeated betrayal by her ex-boyfriend?

The bad will eventually be punished. The General Manager’s repeated misdeeds is finally revealed and he has to face the law. At the police station, Si Yi runs into a familiar face and will her fate be changed yet again? Will the Miss Screw that is under the spotlight finally get married?

Preview for episode 23:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 23 of Miss Rose — 22 Comments

  1. Thanks for hanging in there and bringing us news and pretty pictures.

    It’s gonna be really really hard to watch 23.
    Vivian is still not on fire…*sigh*

  2. Haha. Somehow I was expecting trotwood to be the first to comment on this thread with Pearl tagging along especially with the shoutout to her fave character/actor in the intro but she must still be very busy elsewhere, probably marathoning this drama and a few others. 😀

    I am so there with you jomo and Mrs Koala! Although I’m gonna visit my dad next Sunday and without any web access around in his remote town, I’ll have to wait an extra day to watch that ultimate ep. On the one hand, I am sooooo glad this &@%!µ drama is about to end. On the other hand saying our good byes to fellow MR viewers might cause misty eyes. Should we say our farewell here or will you post an “obituary” afterwards, Mrs Koala?

    • Yes, I have been marathoning shows. I have watched 9 episodes of Drama Go Go Go, Four episodes of King of Dramas (only stopped because my younger daughter said “How can you watch this without me?!?!), and eight hours of Dr. Who (our family was still on the 10th doctor). I got up at 4 AM to marathon MR, but we had no internet (could it have soething to do witht he cable problems in the snow?), but I have managed now to watch three episodes of MR (18,19, and 20–I told you guys I was behind) so I would be all caught up and ready to comment on the last episode with everyone. Sigh. I will miss Miss Rose even with the catastrophe that has happened to my favorite character. I hope Captain Koala does a final post like you suggest.

      • I envy the quality moments you’ll get to spend with your daughter with King of dramas as there is no living soul around here to experience the thrill with me. If the writer does not “betray” me at the very last minute with an inconsistent ending, this drama will def make it into my top 5. Been watching ep 15 and 16 either raw or subbed too many times to count, which is rather rare with me. 😉

    • @jomo: been trying reaaaal hard not to think about this delay for the “big reveal” nor Lee Go Eun’s reply or lack of or the meddling of a third party. Epic fail, haha. *supporting each other*

    • No, Denali, no time for dramas in most of the week days due to heavy work loads. Like to today, I don’t time to surf net unt’l now when I suppose to in bed and asleep by now.

      Exactly, cap K, the writer of MR is extremely retarted and have such a crabby brain. What is worse is SETTV buys their story. Suck…. Anyway, it’s going to be ended this Sunday. Hurray!!! Then what? Aww w.. No more Roy to watch… Ummm… I still have Dr. Dong Wook in CA as a back up for Sat & Sun…

      Actually I still have Love Now and a few HK TVB’s dramas waiting to be watched…. Hehehe… Man… There is never a dole moment in life, I love it and enjoy it and appreciate it, every day I live….

  3. *weeping* I told . . .him . . .to stay away from the bad lady. *sobbing* This show’s betrayal is almost too much to bear. Really? Why throw him under the bus like this? Why turn his character into a bad guy when you already have so many? Who just happen to have so many plot devices that have not been addressed. I am in the process of marathoning this puppy, and you are going to tell me that the man who proposed (with a ring AND a key to a house mind you) in a park he lit up is also a evil plotting villain?!?!?! I will be humming and plugging my ears through all of these parts. If they put such a bad taste in my mouth that I cannot enjoy cake at SY and CK’s wedding (I already bought the hat, so I have to go) then I am really going to be angry.

  4. All I can say to the writers of this drama is WTH?!! I have been watching tw dramas my whole life and really??? In 2012, this is the crap that we get, Sanlih?! After I saw the 1st part of ep 22, I was ready to head bang a desk. What in the world? Who is this SY character – is she from 1910 when women didn’t have a choice in anything? I just cannot understand her. If she can’t love properly, she should have gotten rid of all her feelings for a long time ago and left it at that. How many times does she have to get together with him and then pull this flip and leave? Anyhow – that is just me ranting. Seriously, at this point, I think CK should just rid himself of both these women — sigh… I know we are getting our happy ending. However, the middle to the end was just ridiculous.

    • I kept wondering maybe there is some cultural element that I’m just not getting.

      Yep, we’ll get our happy ending for sure but I also can’t help but think that with the attitudes and way of thinking that the characters have shown in these ridiculous last few episodes (and their on again/off again relationship), that happy ending is just a lot harder to buy: a couple like this has serious issues, issues that make a relationship fall apart (in real life), because in the end it’s not the outside factors (all the antagonists or issues like money/status, etc.) that are a threat, but internal ones, within the relationship and the trust between the couple itself and the willingness to and belief in being together.

  5. *Sigh*…the writers sent this thing spiraling downward into the tank when they ruined SY’s character, and they’re not stopping there. They’re gonna mess with YC too? Gah…so, so disappointing. After honestly being bored with OG this one started out so promising but now even the prospect of a HEA for SY and CK kinda annoys me, because she honestly does not deserve him. Bah, humbug!

  6. I skipped a few episodes and watched ep. 22 today and saw that I had missed nothing. *sigh*

    And the problem is exactly this that you say Mrs. Koala, because IT MAKES NO SENSE:

    I couldn’t even feel sorry for either Si Yi or Cheng Kuan, because they were both being idiots. Particularly Si Yi, because if she stopped for one second to listen to her own arguments for breaking up with Cheng Kuan (after she slept with him? was that the implication? If it was, why would you do that if you already know you are going to break up immediately after? In fact, how can you do that without having your conscience totally interfere with the romantic mood?), she would realise that make NO SENSE AT ALL. Cheng Kuan is in a shitty situation being dumped and all, but I’ve got news for him too: you may have no control over being dumped, but there is one choice you can make – not to marry the next person already lined up. I mean, I don’t know how they wrote his character in the episodes I didn’t watch, but I did hope (for a few minutes at least) after him being dumped that they would keep him the upright, straight-thinking guy that he was earlier in the drama. But to volunteer to marry Vivian in the end? (And if Vivian’s “I’ll let you go” was supposed to be what changed his mind, sorry, that just wasn’t convincing and only made him seem stupid.)

    Lengthy post (normally I only lurk), but ep. 22 was intensely irritating.

    • Ooops, my brackets cut on the bit I was trying to quote: “This isn’t noble idiocy, its supremely retardation. Who the hell keeps pushing the man she loves away to marry a woman he hates simply because he has to take responsibility and because his life will be easier with all her daddy’s dough.” –> SO AGREE WITH YOU!!!!

  7. Hey guys, I started to write to complain about this drama but then I was like forgot this! This drama isn’t worth my time.
    But I’m writing here to recommend a much better drama, in all levels.
    An Innocent Mistake. It airs TTV at Fridays 10pm. Dramas that airs at that time couldn’t go wrong and when I saw the first ep of INM, I was like yes! Because of the veteran actresses. Very different family/love drama! Check it out guys!

  8. can I just say I had more face-meet-palm moments in this last episode than any drama i’ve ever watched. there was a number of times when i needed a break because almost every scene did not make an ounce of sense. after the break-up, almost everyone seemed to be rubbing SY’s face into the fact that CK is marrying Vivian. even the most insensitive of people can NOT be this cruel… why is SY is surrounded by people that seem to relish seeing her in pain? that scene at the wedding store where the chairman had SY bring jewelry, even going so far as asking SY to put the necklace on Vivian??? WTH was that about? do they not have any other employee?

    while all these are going on, i keep asking myself — other than SY’s incredibly long legs, why did CK fall for this doormat again? i can’t seem to remember what was attractive about this woman. even the first time they slept together seemed like a consolation price because by then, she has already decided to give him up. is it supposed to be a selfless act when she’s condemning him to a life with the most selfish female in his life? every time she starts crying after that, i wanted to reach into the screen and knock her head— you sent him away, you wuss!

    if there was an minute grain of reality in this drama — CK would have quit the company as soon as he broke up with Vivian. with his supposed famed reputation in the business sector, he would have been snatched up by another corp. any goodwill with the chairman is moot by then…. SY would realize (or one of her family members or friends would have told her) that GQ is not the only employer in Taiwan. i can’t comprehend why she seems so attached to this workplace when while she seemed to be dedicated to her job, is filled with corrupt management personnel — never rewards hardworking employee, constantly abuses her and even almost sent her to jail once!! why does she insists on staying? why? why? why?

    by now the only ending that would make sense to me would be if CK figures out he can live without all these people — ditch Vivian and the chairman, all of GQ, even SY! him and SJ can be buddies and ride off into the sunset together. with his looks and his capability, i’m sure he can find a girl that would cherish him and not break down every time the going gets tough.

    • Agree with every word you write.

      Never understood why CK didn’t end up quitting when he handed in his resignation because for sure some other company would have picked him up (or he could have started from scratch and been a success).

      And SY – I would have quit her workplace loooong ago. All the negativity she gets there isn’t worth the stress and pain, and the corrupt management makes it ethically questionably to stay there.

      I’m also constantly perplexed about Ting Ai. If I had a co-worker like that I would be shutting her out and walk out of the room rather than listen to her vile blabber. But everyone in this drama just stands around her and listens, and very occasionally someone gently voices some very vague objection. I would look at her, crack up and say, “What cloud are you on, girl?”

  9. I know that no one else will read this before the finale, but I just finished watching episode 22 of MR. Thanks to all of you who warned me to get the Kleenex out because I did cry for the last 40 minutes of the show. I am so glad I got up before everyone else so that no one could see the silliness of my tears. Even in the middle of nefarious deeds YC still looked wonderful. I’d go to Germany with you, YC. But still. How did they get the visa application approved in less than a week? How does CK turn around bitterly and still ask Vivian to marry him? How does the fortune teller keep up with being annoying? Am I supposed to believe that Vivian has a real change of heart and that she is now a good person because she has learned her lesson through (fake*cough* blindness)? After a while, the tears were not for my OTP (although Roy could make the devil cry) but for the loss of sanity here. MR had such great characters (see scene between SY and her mother for example) with a few annoying people but then they let the annoying people take over (CK’s mother; Vivian’s father). What is the lesson here? That no one changes, ever?

    I need happy. Any drama suggestions? I am in the teary part of Drama Go Go Go, too. I may have to sneak in a KofD episode before my daughter gets up and pretend I did not watch it just to cheer myself up.

    • Go ahead with KoD. Except for a few tears here and there Hyun Min in particular should crack you up numerous times. Beware not to wake your daughter up tho and keep a pillow nearby to cover the laughter. 😉

    • Love Now is keeping me occupied right now. With exceptions of the grandmother, aunt, mom’s silliness (you can fast forward those), I think the OTPs are really hot. No big second lead conflict or challenges like other dramas but that’s the attraction for me. It focuses on the lead couple and their struggles so the anticipation of resolution is that much sweeter. A story that places importance on family relationships that one can relate to.

    • Well, depends on the kind of happy you want. If you want something crack you up, I would turn to J-whacky (you know, Kimi Wa Petto, Hana Kimi or Nodame Cantabile).

      I just marathoned Pride thanks to a suggestion on Dramabeans. It’s from 2004, but boy was it good. I may have to jump on the Takuya Kimura bandwagon now too! (And oh, it has the most awesome soundtrack full of Queen songs! How they paid for that, I have NO idea.)

  10. Koala unnie, I must underline your words; “I seriously DO NOT GET the writers of this drama. This isn’t noble idiocy, its supreme retardation.”
    I couldn’t agree more! Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude but you know the kind of feeling after watching this drama.. is like cleaning up a room where there were lots of odds and ends in the attic, but nothing of real value. I couldn’t get the hint, or the message that the writers wanted to convey, and I was like breathing in out wondering when the last episode would come, cause I thought it was the one worth watching!LOL. Only that I could say it was an honor to see Roy Chiu acted wholeheartedly with his nature born handsome face during 23 episodes of a tacky-corny drama.
    Ahhh… at least I’m glad they ended up obviously happy!:D

    By the way, has anyone here watched In Time With You? Was it good? Thanks anyway 🙂

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