Miss Rose Reveals Official Stills of the Happy Wedding in the Final Episode

Okay, I take back a quarter of my disappointment with Miss Rose after seeing these official stills from this weekend’s final episode 23 of the drama. One thing TW-dramas do very well is give its viewers a definitive happy ending, especially for rom-coms which by definition of its genre does not require anything more than having two characters, whose journey in love the viewers have followed and come to care for, to get hitched and make lots of cute babies. I’m not saying that a wedding makes everything perfect, but it sure as heck makes everything better. MR made no sense for its second half but its Chinese title of Miss Screw is Getting Married gave away its central conceit off the bat so I knew we were getting an OTP wedding. Which does make me so frustrated that the drama knew it was going to end happily yet still chose to throw unnecessary and increasingly ridiculous obstacles in the way during the final lap. I felt like I was playing Mario Cart and was 3 laps ahead of the next competitor but the final place racer kept tossing banana peels at me for no discernible reason. With that said, these lovely stills of Cheng Kuan and Si Yi getting hitched does make me exceedingly happy. I’m also pleased she’s not wearing the wedding gown from the opening title sequence which I wasn’t terribly fond of. Roy Qiu and Megan Lai actually look like they have chemistry in these stills and I’ll be checking out if there is a hot wedding kiss to rival Roy and Alice Ke in Office Girls. I’m looking forward to watching the final episode on FF just so I can zoom right to the wedding and the celebration afterwards. These two have earned their happy ending and with this I’ll leave this drama feeling content and satisfied.


Cheng Kuan’s sash reads “Long Term Meal Ticket”. LOL, I have no clue what the inside joke is. Vivian sure looks like a zombie in her wedding stills. I’m glad she is finally letting go, though it was 12 episodes TOO LATE.


Miss Rose Reveals Official Stills of the Happy Wedding in the Final Episode — 21 Comments

  1. Oh thank God for that.
    I will fast fw to the wedding too. Before deciding if I want to watch the 1st aborted wedding.
    Luckily you told me about Love, Now Ms Koala because that is keeping my temper down with Ms Rose. At least that drama is giving me plenty of OTP.
    Roy, Roy might need to take a break from you after all. No one compares to Office Girl’s Alice Ke.

    • I am with you there, Pearl. I want a time jump where we see SY (pregnant) and CK running an orphanage or at least adopting that cute little boy from an early episode (can’t remember). I want everyone to have closure at the wedding. I want really good cake (especially after the sacrrifice of that wonderful looking cake in episode one; wasting cake like that should be illegal–why isn’t anyone ever smeared with brussel sprouts?). I want joy and videos of Vivian in tears and YC apologizing directly to me! WE ARE OWED, DRAMA!

  2. I am so shallow. My first thought here was, “Ha. Ha. CK’s tux is soooo much better for this wedding than for the sham that was his pairing with Vivian!” This is what MR has turned me into–finding joy in tux design.

    Wow. I am so desperate. With YC gone, all I have left is looking at clothes.

  3. LOL Chengkuan’s sash! Roy and Megan look stunning in their clothing… thank goodness Megan’s wedding dress wasn’t like Alice’s from OG.

    Anyway, despite the trainwreck MR has been recently, I’m still looking forward to ep23!

  4. Oh noh…..where is the necklace which was bought by ck in auction that cost him a fortune, siyi must have forgotten to wear it during this remarkable day of her life a wedding with the man she loves most

  5. Ok the last episode is worth looking into I guess. I bet even if I skip the pseudo wedding of Vivian and CK and just watch CK and SY wedding, in my mind it would flow with the story prior to SY being so overly wimpy. How I wish I could erase episode 19(I think this was the one)from my memory. Though the writer/s have been giving hints as to how SY is supposed to be, I could not get over how weak they actually made her to be. Can you tell how disappointed I am at this show. LOL

  6. So glad he gets to change the color of his suit when he gets married to Si yi.. the one he was wearing with vivian looks terrible, or is it because he’s standing next to the bride looking so unhappy.. ?? (OOPS! Sorry, had to say it OUT LOUD.. hahah)

    • Am I a horrible person because I am perfectly gleeful that she looks sad? It is about time; she really needs to be truly sad for all the crap she has put people through (including the viewers!!), not just petualant–I want what I want now, sad–but really, I need to re-evaluate my life because I realize I am the girl that everyone hates. They aren’t jealous of me;they really hate me. Can i hope for some self-reflection here? It does not look like I am going to get that from YC.

      *wringing of the hands . . .tearing of the hair* why oh why YC. Why oh why.

      • Ms Trotwood, I finally understand why the “wringing of the hands…tearing of the hair” comment. I went to watch some of the last episodes and I’m surprised at YC. Self-reflection from Vivian should be in there (this would slightly redeem this drama for me)or self-flagellation (lol, just being facetious) and still hoping that YC will be absolved somehow.

      • Yes, I have a really bad feeling about YC. I had held out hope because of the shots of YC and SY at the airport together, but the hints and the previews make it look like YC was behind a whole bunch of the shenanigans. He was having dinner with the pres of the company that “stole” the design. His 2nd company car needed major repair (was he trying to kill CK?) He has offered to sell other items and go into a partnership with the GM to keep him quiet. He has received a wire transfer of a boatload of cash. This all leads to an ending that makes him the truly evil character rather with Vivian as the poor, misunderstood, desperate for a mother and real parenting rich girl who finally understands love at the end. It will turn out that YC has some long harboring hatred of CK from when they were boys and CK unknowingly did some major wrong to YC. Evil twins and birth secrets will come out. PFFFT!!!!

        While I am watching this on the screen, my mind will be playing out the following scenario. YC has recorded the conversation with the GM to give to CK and SY as a wedding present. He was meeting with the president of that other company because he was trying to start a partnership with them to keep foreign companies out of the LED light business in Taiwan. The car repair is from a fender bender he was in while trying to avoid hitting a busload of boy scouts out to deliver food to the homeless.

        Instead of asking “why, YC?” I should be asking, why show? Why do this to me (I mean) us?

  7. Thanks for the warning Koala. It’s FForward to the ending to give myself some satisfaction of closure for embarking on this drama journey. I don’t need nor want to know the tedious irritant details in between.

    It’s habitual anyway for me FF the first couple of minutes to get past the OST. That ‘ha–choo, ha-choo’ which I find really irritating.

  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just went to watch the finale on dramafever, and they have a message for fans from Roy saying that he reads the comments and is happy to have such fans from overseas!! Okay, sorry that i am fangirling now. I know no one is reading this but I needed to enjoy the moment before I watch the episode. Here is link http://www.dramafever.com/drama/4142/23/Miss_Rose/?ap=1. I did not know where else to put this.

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