Kim Nam Gil Visits the School 2013 Set to Celebrate Drama Win for Jang Nara Sparking Rumors of Dating

When it rains, it pours? When one K-ent celeb couple gets outed, another one follows right behind? I don’t know what’s in the water in Korea right now but just a scant day after breaking news of Rain and Kim Tae Hee‘s relationship (which has since been confirmed by her agency after I posted about it), now there are rumors that Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara are dating. Here’s how that one went down – Jang Nara won a drama acting award from KBS for School 2013 and a production member from that show posted a picture of him and Kim Nam Gil (see below) saying that he was visiting the set bringing snacks for everyone to celebrate Jang Nara’s win. The unsaid part was that there must be something going on between them since otherwise why would Kim Nam Gil feel the need to visit the set of School to celebrate for Jang Nara.

K-news outlets are always on the take of the powerful agencies so for Kim Tae Hee and Rain to get photographed together screamed staged to me. I’m merely saying that Rain and Kim Tae Hee had to be ready to go public for them to be so brazenly photographed, because there are tons of rumored couples out there that never get on the news because their agencies keep the news from leaking out. Which means Rain and Kim Tae Hee must be serious to go public. As for Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara, this rumor is different since there are no pictures of them together nor are did either of them post anything even remotely suspicious. The post about Kim Nam Gil celebrating Jang Nara’s win for School 2013 was courtesy of a drama production member, and that Me2Day post has since been deleted. If this is true then I’m happy for them as well even if this potential coupling feels like it came out of far left field. It almost makes me want to have a computer randomly generate K-ent couples and see if any of those far-fetched pairings ever become reality one day.


Kim Nam Gil Visits the School 2013 Set to Celebrate Drama Win for Jang Nara Sparking Rumors of Dating — 22 Comments

  1. But koala would rain hurt his image like this???? Not because he is dating kth but because Now People are hating on him for using the leaves the army gave Him to work but he use it to date….. know He is even being investigated by army and might have to serve again

    • yes that would be a tragedy if he has to reserve his mandatory just like what happened to PSY before coz he had to serve military service for 4 years.

    • Whut? 4 yrs?…ok, i’m kinda laughing here cuz this was the guy that kept announcing he had plans to enlist and then pushing it back, eventually enlisting at the last moment..and now if he has to serve 4yrs cuz of some silly dating dilliness that would be like a terrible joke on the poor guy not to mention bad for his career

      • yes it has been happened to PSY the oppa gangnam style before. he was rumored taking too many day off when serving the military and missused his day of. and the result he did his mandatory again coz of pressure from the public. so PSY spent almost 4 years total in the military service. I hope the same thing wont be happened to Rain coz it would be a big lost…

  2. Well maybe its a good start for K industry to open up celebrities/idols relationship in public, so fans will get used to them. They still have their own lives to live with, beside there are just being honest to the people and to themselves…..

  3. I wonder if that extra got burned for outing this of accidental celeb couple tweets these days *cough* IU*cough*

    • That extra is a regular character on the show albeit a tiny one. The pic had some wondered whether KNG would cameo in the drama. Guess not. ^^

  4. Am I getting too old for surprises? Because there are some of the surprising pairing coming up.
    That is because NONE of those we ship in dramas ever happens. Well except for the QIHM, Life is beautiful and Creating Destiny pair. That’s not many from so many dramas.

  5. Kim nam Gil was in school 1 the orginal, that why he treated after school 2013 won awards at the KBS event, or at lest that how I read it. But really korean press have been trying to marry Jang Nara off for 11 years now, all she has to do to be linked is be 100 meteres near a male celebraty!
    Though if this was some sort of a start on Kim nam Gil part to romance Jang Nara, well he hardly the first to show an interest, but either way what the harm they both the same age to be friends or whatever else.

  6. I see a a game in here somewhere: most unlikely/likely celebrity pairings. I am afraid though that I am still too new to dramas to be really good at this. I don’t mean actors we merely ship because they are in dramas together, but people we could actually see dating just because of what they seem to be like (from twitter or NGs or reality shows, etc.).

    It would be far more fun and less mean than the netizen hype we sometimes get when people do start dating. To me, once a pair starts dating for real than they would not be part of the “game.” Relationships are difficult as it is; they should not be part of someone else’s sport even if the people are famous.

  7. kind of ot: Jang Nara was soo cute with Daniel Choi during their presentation. I never saw any of their work together(yet) but it was just adorable. It’s clear they’re close. And Jang Nara is beautiful, still baby-face but much more feminine <3

    • Both of them were the OTP of the drama Baby-faced beauty. Having worked together does convey their comfort around each other although I would bet my avatar that Choi Daniel has been secretly married to Seo Young Hee. Just my 2 cents. 😉

      • Yes she has been married but no pictures were leaked over her wedding nor her hubby, “a “commoner” whose privacy had to be protected. The thing is after this event she and Choi Daniel openly displayed intimate skinship before the media on all kinds of events. For instance they walked a red carpet together with fingers intertwined. Hence my conclusion. 😉

  8. I don’t know but I feel since sunye of wondergirls announced her marriage this january, everyone dating seems to have mental breakdown. ConfeSsion and revelation of relationships are everywhere. “20+ year old girl are getting serious with her plan while what I’m doing here?”. Maybe..

  9. When I heard about them, I liked them a lot more than Rain/KTH. They would make the cutest couple.

    Rain/KTH was definitely staged. Dispatch had been teasing about the couple for a couple of weeks, so they had to have been given permission to release it. Too bad it backfired with questions about Rain’s military service and celebrity military service in general.

  10. Aaahhhh KNG!!!!! I knew this day would come bbbuuuttt my heart isn’t ready for it. KNG is my first kdrama love and the whole reason I got into kdrama in the first place. Bidam will always have a special place in my heart.

    I like Jang Nara ever since I saw her in Bratty Princess and she kind of reminds me of my sister, they both look so young yet there are in their 30s. So I can’t go all stabbity on a vodoo doll since I like her too.

    I guess I have to nurse my broken heart by myself and let the lovebirds be. *sniff* My fantasy is shattered!!!

    LMAO! I wish them all the happiness in their relationship

  11. I think it is just rumors. Until I see official pictures and and a wedding with a baby.. As of now, I will “MINE” KNG and pray to the kdramas god that he will be in a good drama with perfect storyline, writing, music and show his HOT army abs. =) As you know I was there when he is Bidam and his messy Bad Guy drama…

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