Hyun Woo and Rising Young Actress Pyo Ye Jin Confirmed to be Dating

This is a really cute couple, like a puppy dating a kitten and together they create more unicorned cotton candy energy for the world. K-actor Hyun Woo and young actress Pyo Ye Jin have confirmed that they are dating, a relationship of a mere three months but one that both are willing to admit it. He’s got a solid male lead in second tier dramas and second male lead in prime time dramas pipeline while she’s rather eye catching in her supporting lead roles where viewers remember her acting before learning her name. Her most recent role was as the other Secretary Kim in Why Secretary Kim, with nary a mean bone in her body and just tons of enthusiasm and energy. This is a cute couple that I hope works out and if not just enjoy having a healthy romantic real life without falling victim to the sharp verbal knifes of the prickly netizens. Continue reading

Lee Dong Gun and Cha In Pyo Headline Smexy Mature Actor Cast for Weekend Drama Laurel Tree Tailors

August has been a slow month for drama premieres so far as the new arrivals came earlier in the summer. The month end will see the arrival of two big prime time dramas in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and the … Continue reading

KBS Weekend Drama Laurel Tree Tailors Unveils Four Male Leads Lee Dong Gun, Cha In Pyo, Choi Won Young, and Hyun Woo

I loved a well-dressed man and in upcoming KBS weekend drama Laurel Tree Tailors audiences will be getting not one but four of them. Nicely plotted, KBS, I’m so tuning in. Starring Lee Dong Gun, Cha In Pyo, Jo Yoon … Continue reading

Adorable Picspam of the OT3 of Hyun Woo, Ji Eun, and Sang Yeob from I Live in Cheongdamdong

Who is the cutest fluffiest OT3 on the planet? Why – that title unequivocally belongs to the glorious trio of youngsters populating the delightful and heartwarmingly funny world of I Live in Cheongdamdong. This cable sitcom has been my constant … Continue reading