Song Seung Heon Cast in Melodrama When a Man Loves with Purported Co-star Shin Se Kyung

Please tell me this is the drama god’s idea of a joke, because there is some symmetry to be had but the end result might be pain for drama lovers the world over. Cheongdamdong Alice proves yet again that two good actors with an interesting concept does not equal good drama if the writing is crap. But that doesn’t mean a drama shouldn’t start off with good actors, because if a drama is saddled with bad actors then it has an even higher hurdle to cross. I’m still baffled by how awesome My Princess was initially (minus the same old second half writing fail), since together Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee are pretty dang terrible at their calling. But in that drama they were ridiculously winning and I was thoroughly won over. Sadly my Heon oppa squandered all the goodwill he earned there when he dropped what might be 2012’s worst acting performance in any drama when he tried to be a modern doctor in Joseon in Time Slip Dr. Jin. He wasn’t just your garden variety bad, he was so bad there are no words to adequately describe it. The other great drama fail of 2012 was Fashion King and all four leads in that drama also stunk up the joint. So to hear that Song Seung Heon is supposedly confirmed for the upcoming melodrama When a Man Loves co-starring Shin Se Kyung, my jaw dropped somewhere out the door. Oh good lord is that that going to be a feast for snarking. I actually didn’t think Shin Se Kyung was that bad an actress until her two-expression performance in FK (stunned and stoic are her two trademark looks). Song Seung Heon actually needs an actress who is more animated, even if she overacts at times, because at least they are sparking onscreen. Shin Se Kyung gives off negative chemistry when I watch her acting opposite her leading men. Apparently Song Seung Heon is confirmed while Shin Se Kyung is still in talks. This will take over 7th Level Civil Servant‘s time slot on MBC Wed-Thurs.

Helming this will be the PD who did the lush Arang and the Magistrate and the fanciful Fantasy Couple. Writing will be the screenwriter who did Equator Man and Woman of the Sun. The directing looks to be in good hands but the writer’s other works are all melodramatic messes IMO. I still think Song Seung Heon should stick with rom-coms forever, or at least until he’s too old to convincingly play the leading man. Apparently the rather vague synopsis of the drama has Song Seung Heon playing the right hand man of a big boss and there are a few women involved. Or something like that. If this is true, this will mean both Song Seung Heon and his former co-star Kim Tae Hee will both be back on the small screen at the same time, as her drama Jung Ok Jung, Live in Love, premieres in April. Luckily these two dramas are airing on different days so no direct competition will ensue. I’ll keep an eye out on this one since I’m conditioned to try watching anything Song Seung Heon stars in.


Song Seung Heon Cast in Melodrama When a Man Loves with Purported Co-star Shin Se Kyung — 19 Comments

  1. what?? really!!
    Shin Se Kyung acted really bad in Fashion King (I could only watch 4 eps)….but I haven’t seen any of Song seung heon’s shows but have heard enough to know about him and Dr. Jin of course 😛

  2. Oh, my, goodness… Hope he’s way improving by now. Love him, truly do. Want to see him shows us that he’s more than just a handsome face.. Or hopefully, this 1 won’t be as disastrous as Dr. Jin..

  3. My definition of a good drama these days is not a good last episode. But one when the OTP are within 5 years of each other. They do love to make it 10 to 15 years difference these days.
    Why? Is there a lack of actors or actresses within the same age as each other?

  4. There is no amount of Song Seung Hun pretty that would make me watch this. If I’ve learned one thing from watching SSH act, it’s that I’d really rather just look at pictures of him…especially shirtless. 😉

    I totally agree that he can handle and actually is pretty cute doing romcom (My Princess) but then why doesn’t he ever do it again!!!!??? Argh! I can watch him in supporting rolls if his character is quirky (A Better Tomorrow), but I will not watch him as the lead in a melo, no way, no how.

    And then you top it off with one of my absolute least favorite actresses ever (and I’m saying that even though she starred in my favorite drama, Tree with Deep Roots)?! Seriously?! My response to this drama is a big MEH with a bleh at the end!

  5. I agree he should stick to romcoms!! But he did really well jn a better tomorrow opposite Joo Jin Mo. I’ll watch his me drama though…

      • Personally I think both shows are going to be equally bad but I’d say Yoo Ah In has better chops than Sin Se Kyun because he was promising in everything he did before Fashion King

      • @ D, Shin Se Kyung was amazing in a Tree With Deep Roots. I’ve never found Yoo Ah In impressive and the less said about Kim Tae Hee’s ‘acting’ the better. The same goes for Song Seung Heon but I think he and Shin Se Kyung will have better chemistry. For whatever reason, I can’t quite picture Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In together.

  6. I love SSH! I do agree that he’s not suitable for historical setting drama (like in Dr.Jin). He’s definitely best at rom-com! Anyhow, will be watching this for him! I hope SSK will drop out..maybe someone like Han Ji Min will pair nicely with SSH!

    • Yeah! HJM would be a great co-star. She’s bubbly enough to star with him and she seems to be able to get the best out of her co-stars. I always love the OTPs she’s in, especially in RTP and Yi San.

  7. Agree with your words, there, Koala, especially about the EM writer.
    Things move too slowly for my taste in his(her?) stories.

    Hmmm…searching for something good to say here…searching…searching…

    I think the perfect role for SSH would be The Nutty Professor-type.
    He gets to play a nerdy, awkward college prof, and the suave lady killer poser. He would be adorable and hilarious, and we would love him.

    Why he continues to take roles that require acting skills he doesn’t possess baffles me.
    And next to SSK, he will look like he is robbing the cradle.
    Just like in EoE with Lee Yeon Hee, who is two years older than SSK!!

    • The drama will be about people with an age gap, so wouldn’t it make sense that he’s a lot older than her in real life? The weird part is that she really doesn’t look her age. I think they’ll be fine in the ‘is this relationship plausible?’ department. Dramas where they pretend both leads are the same age (K2H, Level 7 Civil Servant) really get my goat.

  8. I adore PD Kim Sang Ho who did Arang, Can You Hear Mt Heart and Fantasy Couple….but Song Seung Heon in a melodrama??? Hell No…why the hell does he even like them so much since he always seems to be aware of his acting problems in them whenever he gives an interview

  9. oh god ! why not a romcom ! i’m not into kdramas in general but the only exception for me has always been song seung hun i could stand the worst for his gorgeousness but jin was absolutely horrendous i’v been craving a new romcom with him since my princess but why this coming akhhhhhhhh !

  10. Definitely not watching this! Ssh was never that good in acting but had the looks to make it up. Ssk always look so sad even her smiles look forced somehow. Her acting is bland too. Oh well, I’m not watching so this will be my only complaint

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