Lee Yoo Bi Joins Gu Family Book as the First Love of Lee Seung Gi

I said last week that Han Chae Ah had joined the upcoming fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book as the second female lead, which was actually going to conflict with other reports that she was signing on as the second female lead in the upcoming daily sageuk Gu Am Heo Jun. As of now, she’s not confirmed for Heo Jun but she’s definitely not going to be in Gu Family Book. Playing the second female lead will instead be fast rising newbie Lee Yoo Bi. She debuted in last year’s ridiculous but endearing Vampire Idol and then got her big exposure by starring as Song Joong Ki’s younger sister in Nice Guy (The Innocent Man). The general perception around Lee Yoo Bi is that she’s all about her connections – her mom is famed actress Kyun Mi Ri – and she got plenty of work done before debuting to fit the fresh-faced ingénue look. I actually like her. She annoyed the shit out of me in NG but that was mostly her character. Once the second half rolled around, her character matured enough that I could watch her act and get a better sense of her ability. Unlike Jung So Min, who debuted in a big way back in 2010 through Bad Guy and Playful Kiss, I don’t think Lee Yoo Bi is in the same league in terms of natural acting talent or charisma. But she’s not a lost cause and if she keeps playing second or third leads she might get enough experience under her belt to be a bona fide leading lady in a few years. It’s funny because as a ‘90er she’s 4 years older than Suzy but she just comes off much younger to me. Lee Yoo Bi’s character is a girl who grew up with Lee Seung Gi and is his first love, but she uses his love to attain the means to an end and he ends up consoling his broken heart with Suzy’s character who is a cross-dressing martial arts instructor.

Above is Suzy tweeting a picture of the script as the cast gets ready to start filming. I seriously CANNOT WAIT.


Lee Yoo Bi Joins Gu Family Book as the First Love of Lee Seung Gi — 20 Comments

  1. It’s always a good thing when rookies get a shot, particularly actresses. I think she’ll be better than Suzy at least. Poor Han Chae Ah! Park Eun Bin has already been cast for the role that she left behind in Guam Heo Joon.

  2. I have always liked Kyun Miri since I saw her in both Jewel and Yisan, I didn’t know she had a daughter following in her footsteps. I think she was ok in Nice guy and I’m worried about this show, it seems to be packed with a lot of newbie, I hope they have serious actors in supporting roles to balance it out.

  3. Oooh. I like her, too. Looks like in this role she has to be a badder guy than in NG.
    Hopefully she learned from PSH on how to do “bad” without losing the audience’s sympathy.

  4. She might have connections, but I don’t feel she shouldn’t be acting and is only getting by on her mother’s fame. I liked her in NG. Not really her character, but you could tell she was a decent actress when used correctly. The side characters were so pointless the first half of the show you can hardly blame her, but I felt she came into her own near the end. Funny about her being 4 years older than Suzy since she looks about the same age. I’m interested in seeing her play a more sinister character in GFB.

  5. I was kind of surprised to hear she had some work done but I guess who hasn’t gotten anything done these days?

    But anyway, I like her. She seems like she has a lot of potential.

  6. I saw her in nice guy…..her acting was good…she looks so young ….hope she achieve success and acclaim with this drama….looking forward to “gu family book” …..just can’t wait for april the drama to air….lee seung gi come soon …..

  7. Hurray for a show where people are OVER their first loves and move on. Yippee. I was not sure I was going to follow this show as much as I like LSG (K2H Forever!), but I might watch just because of this.

  8. I don’t like her acting in Nice Guy but I’m willing to give her the chance. Maybe she’ll be good playing a villian. I can’t wait for this drama too. How I wish it’s April already!

  9. LOL i’m sorry this is the first i’ve heard of suzy being a cross dressing martial arts instructor… not that i don’t think she can pull off the martial arts part. this is going to be a wacky show!

  10. Lee Yoo Bi’s acting in Nice Guy was passable for me, I believe she has the potential. It’s refreshing that Lee Seung Gi is working with two younger actresses in GFB. But whoaa Lee Yoo Bi is 4 years older than Suzy? She definitely looks much younger.

    Didn’t know that Kyun Mi Ri is Lee Yoo Bi’s mother. She first impressed me as the antagonist Lady Choi in Dae Jang Geum, so hopefully she’ll give her daughter a very good pointer for her first sageuk drama.

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