All About My Love Ends with a Happy Wedding for Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun

I’ll admit it, I’m such a sucker for gorgeous wedding pictures. Atmospheric, dreamy, romantic, brightly lit wedding pictures with the bride in an elegant voluminous gown and the groom in a classy fits-perfectly tuxedo. Today All About My Love starring Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung ended its very ratings disappointing run with a happy ending for all. I’ve had quite a few folks extol the virtues of this drama and asking me to check back in on it, and with this happy ending I might just do that. It’s a shame this drama couldn’t interest the general viewing audience whether in Korea or online since its disastrous ratings might lead to fewer adult snappy rom-coms to be made, and those are my favorite rom-coms if done right. My first impression of AAML was simply that it was chaotic and not narratively sound. I love these wedding pictures of the OTP and only wish Lee Min Jung could be a little more…..what’s the right word……passionate. Shin Ha Kyun is one of the most passionate actors, whether he’s in character or simply evidencing a passion for his craft.

While I loved Lee Min Jung in Big, it was more like she was the perfect foil for Gong Yoo‘s character and performance and he was the reason I was so addicted to that drama. But more and more she leads me to conclude that she’s rather on the dead fish side. Almost all her kissing responses are chaste puckering and she’s never ever given me the impression that she enjoys it all that much. I don’t need her to be jumping her leading men in character, but an actress who wants a career as romantic leading ladies need to make the audience believe that she is attracted physically to the man. Lee Min Jung can show me she’s falling in love or is in love, but the physical chemical side of male-female attraction she fails miserably at. Oh well, she does have the luck of wearing a wedding dress in every one of her dramas after she broke out in Boys Before Flowers (followed by Smile, You, Midas, Big, and now AAML). Of all the wedding dresses she’s worn this one is my favorite, along with her hairstyle with the simple low ponytail with the feather accessory on the side. Or one can say that her best accessory is Shin Ha Kyun. Continue reading