Alleged Victim A Releases Full Kakao Text Conversation with K in the Park Shi Hoo Case

The Park Shi Hoo rape investigation continues to take on an air of the absurd as the accused has filed suit against the alleged victim and a whole host of people have found themselves now an involved party in this mess. To counter the allegation that A made up the alleged rape and is looking to extort money from Park Shi Hoo, she released the entire Kakao text conversation with K the day after the alleged rape. While she does not appear traumatized and screaming rape on the top of her lungs, she does mention making a mistake and being confused as to why she ended up on a bed with Park Shi Hoo. K actually comes across as a complete and utter liar and douchebag in that convo – he earlier claimed he didn’t drink that night because he was nursing a cold and in these texts he said he was drunk, plus the way he talks with A is just so sleazy. A has retained a lawyer now that she’s the accused in the extortion claim and her lawyer says these texts prove that there was no consensual sexual encounter between A and Park Shi Hoo since A clearly got drunk and passed out and was surprised to wake up in bed with Park Shi Hoo. Apparently A’s supposed friend B is no longer on speaking terms with A after being sued for defamation by Park Shi Hoo since B claimed to have merely repeated the things A said to her about what happened and that she believed A. Park Shi Hoo’s former agency’s director, also being sued by Park Shi Hoo, has spoken to the media and refuted claims that he was in cahoots with A to blackmail Park Shi Hoo. Apparently he did meet with A and B 2 days after the alleged rape because A was afraid she was so powerless and could not get justice for what happened to her so asked him for help. The former manager said that he did not offer any assistance but merely listened to what A had to say. Check out the full text message conversation between A and K below. I couldn’t even have made up any of the leaked developments of this case if I wanted it.

Transcript of full Kakao text conversation between A and K the day after the alleged rape:

K (Kim Hee Jun): Sorry I had to leave early. Oppa had stuff to take care of at home. Call me when you and oppa (Park Si Hoo) are done hanging out.
K: You feeling okay?
A (alleged rape victim): I still can’t sober up.
A: I think I was crazy yesterday ㅜㅜ
A: Ah Ah ㅜㅜㅜ
A: The biggest mistake of my life
K: I didn’t know we’d drink like that yesterday either.
K: I was totally caught up in the mood.
K: ㅠㅠ Take medicine if you aren’t feeling well.
A: ㅜㅜ And on top of that. sigh ㅜㅜㅜ
K: You didn’t make a mistake.
K: It’s fine as long as you had fun.

K: Let’s go to the club later.
A: Sigh keke you’re going to Club L____, right?
K: Yeah
K: Your figure is totally
K: I was really surprised
A: Kekeke ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Are you making fun of me?
A: The thing I was more surprised about was why I was on the bed with Park Shi Hoo oppa ㅜㅜ
K: Do you think you should have been with me?
K: I was going to sleep with you guys but the bed was too small, so I just came out into the living room
A: Darn!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ah ah it was something totally unexpected keke… whew
K: keke I was drunk yesterday too.
K: I’m never going to drink again.
K: You shouldn’t drink either, okay?
A: I usually don’t drink ㅜㅜ but I drank yesterday because of you!!!
K: Aw really?
K: Rest up first
K: Let’s play later keke


Alleged Victim A Releases Full Kakao Text Conversation with K in the Park Shi Hoo Case — 217 Comments

  1. wow!!! this whole case is a big fiasco. hope and pray the truth comes out of all these. the media is way too involved.

    • I think it’s important to sort out what happened on Feb 15. I’m trying to list the things we know by time sequence, please correct me if it’s not right or fill up the gap if you know more.

      1-2am P/K/A entered P’s apartment

      9am K left for home

      2pm A left for home

      3:47~4:15pm The above text message between A and K

      (A and B text messages, but no time indicated)

      8:30pm B texted A suggesting A to meet with P’s former agency

      9pm A went to service center for sexual assault and social worker took her to the police station

      (other than the text messages, the time is approximately rounded according to reports by the media. for reference only)

      • Ok, is everyone reading the same text messages that I’am lol it reads like they were all into having a good time and made some ducked up decisions. Seriously. It’s already been proven she was not unconscious when she entered the apartment, she was not under the influence of narcotics either.

        It reads like she’s ashamed- she was into K by stating that she was drinking for him/with him. The night got rowdy-meaning they were all a drunk mess. At some point of her drunken stupor she ends up sleeping with PSH instead of with K in the living room.

        They were jamming out people-all three of them! She just doesn’t like it that K didn’t want or see her as something serious- I mean the guy is seriously telling her that they will play later because they were planning to go to the club.

        All this proves by her stating it was a mistake is that she felt ashamed of her actions. That means she is aware of them-if it was rape would she talk in such a manner with her Oppa.

        Please people, even reading it in monotone. It comes across as a girl that was upset of having a one night stand and her crush catching her in the act.

      • Yes. the same text messages, you read it, I read it, she reads it, … ten people may have ten different ways of reading it, and ten different interpretations, especially with so many exclamation words, and TTTs.

        Thanks to Asaiyet, now I know Ts are emotion symbols for sobbing, as the horizontal stroke represents eyes and vertical stroke tears. There are about twenty of Ts in A’s messages.

        Whatever the interpretation form this blog is almost irrelevant, as the police stated previously, it only serves as reference.

        It’s sadly amusing that a rape allegation became public discussion topic and the development of this case is very K-drama like, but with broken logic and away from common sense.

        By now, I am used to expect the unexpected.

    • It looks that A initially had some crush on K (it was Valentine’s night) but ended up in bed with P. She was not sober most of the time during that day.

      When she had this conversation with K around 4pm, she was still quite confused. I guess what K said about sleeping together etc. woke her up and made her realize that K didn’t care about her.

      Then she started trying to figure out what went on really. So she talked to her friend B. According to A’s lawyer, the first text message A sent to B said: “I was raped by P and K.” (time unknown) By 9pm, she went to the service center for help and ended by reporting to the police.

      It sounds reasonable to me that she took some time to sober up and to process all these confusing information/images and to make a decision to search for help.

      • I agree with the last paragraph. She was probably under the influence of the drugs she was given when she wrote these.

        The way I understand is that she had a crush on K and thought they’ll hang out in PSH’s apartment. SHe was surprised when she woke up and find herself in bed with PSH. K seems nasty (mentioning her body, which I think supports her claims that he molested her) and I think that this girl is the real deal. She would have planned the whole thing a lot better if she intended to black mail. And sh went to get help as soon as her head is clear.

  2. Ok. This is friggin hilarious. So now they were all drunk- so they stayed partying in PSH house drinking like fishes. She passed out and woke up in dudes bed.

    Seriously! Didn’t her first testimony state that she was un the car and then woke up in dudes car?????

    they all need to get their story straight lol

      • Honey she walked out of the car on her own and was lucid during the piggy back session. The second cctv image from the car park proved that. Plus the text message proves she was aware of her actions-because she is acting like she’s ashamed of what she has done thus it was a mistake. People don’t blame themselves for rape.

      • @michelle, you will not believe the number of girls/women who blame themselves for being raped. In fact there are very few people who are strong enough to realize that it’s not thier fault.

  3. Ok, stupid me, what does the TT mean? These tapes are skeevey.

    Was K planning on getting into bed with A and P, but the bed was too small? So, does that mean someone had planned on a threesome?

    And what does K mean by “and your figure is totally I was really surprised.”

    K is sounding more and more like a pimp, skeevey bastard.

    • TT is an emoticon and represents “sobbing” , the upper parts of the Ts being the eyes and the rest being the tears.

      A’s rexts give the impression that of not having processed what had happened yet. I guess she was trying to make things out. K on the other hand sounds very suspicious and sleazy as you said. His shadiness casts doubt on Psh as well. What the hell happened that night!?

      • Yes. Her confusion about waking up with PSH and K asking if it should have been him? And then the remark about the bed being too small or he would have slept with them? WTH?!!

      • Asabiyet, thanks for explaining what Ts are.

        I agree with you. I guess she was still very confused at the time when the text messages exchanged. I think what K said to her made her think. And 4+ hours later she arrived in the police station.

  4. The absurdity of the background, emoticons an “keke” are in sharp contrast with the seriousness of the conversation.

    “K: I was going to sleep with you guys but the bed was too small, so I just came out into the living room
    A: Darn!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ah ah it was something totally unexpected keke… whew”

    What is she Darn!!ing about and what is she keke’ing about?
    I am confused.

    • This!!! Darn as in she would have liked to wake up beside him? And since when did unexpectedly waking up beside a guy become a lol worthy statement? All around madness

  5. She was F_ without knowing, , bad bad PSH, he’s the only one who knows it was consensual sex. “A: I usually don’t drink ㅜㅜ but I drank yesterday because of you!!! isn’t it telling , our girls should be very careful drinking and especially with the people they drink with. Well, it would have been the best if not to drink at all, just sayin’ for preventive purposes. But rights are rights , right?

    PSH, many girls are fantasizing about you ( including me, sometimes,) why do you have to umph a drank or an unconscious woman. Aaa, the downfall of man is that boneless thing between their legs.

    • Apparently, PSH was the only one willing. PSH clearly didnt notice that she was already passed out. Dunno why he didnt join K in the living room to sleep.

    • I remember earlier where A claimed that PSH and K kept encouraging her to drink? in this text, she specifically blamed K for making her drink so much as she usually doesn’t drink. This particular text statement is consistent with her earlier claim that PSH and K encouraged her to drink a lot.

      Here’s what I think
      1. A woke up next to PSH. A liked K, hoping to perhaps hook up with K but ended up in bed “naked” next to PSH. Maybe the reason she even went to the bar because of her feeling for K and even asked him to carry her in the parking lot.

      2. She left PSH’s house all confused but blamed herself as a mistake, due to heavy drinking. It bothered her so much that she told her friend B and even insinuate in her text with K. It’s clear to me that had it been K the one who slept with her, she wouldn’t cry raping. But because it was with PSH and she wasn’t interested in him, she cried raping.

      3. She told B about what happened, B told a CEO of an agency who is close with PSH’s former agency “Eyagi” Because PSH’s former agency hold a grudge against PSH, they used A to take revenge by talking her into reporting the case to police and convincing her that she might have been raped. She and the CEO went to the police together.

      It now appears that PSH and A made a mistake as a result of heavy drinking. Her not remembering what happened made her believe that sex occurred without her consent. Both were at fault, but the mastermind of all is actually EYAGI.

      A appears to be naive and young. Had EYAGI and the other CEO didn’t convince her to report, she might have kept it quiet.
      Based on the text, in my opinion A doesn’t sound like a slut like many accused her of. She even said herself that she doesn’t normally drink and commented on “the biggest mistake of my life”. I think she just made poor choices that day. It doesn’t reflect her typical behavior or at least appears that way based on the text.

      PSH – he should have known better! he took advantage of the drunk girl but again he was probably drunk himself. Two drunk people together do stupid things. I guess he didn’t satisfy her, as such she regretted it.
      Having one night stand with the person you like is not a mistake. but having a one night stand with someone you don’t like = sexual assault. See the thin line?. From the text transcript, she sounded like she wanted to be with K.

      Eyagi – is certainly the puppet master behind the lawsuit. They manipulated A to ruin PSH’s life. I now understand why PSH is suing EYAGI too.

      There’s a missing text that is not shown here at Ockoala site. It started with “A: I am sorry I couldn’t protect you (K)”.

      • this is a nice reasoning. If this is really true, poor PSH, because of that one night stand with a very drunk girl giving in to his earthly desires, career gone.

      • First of all, i’d like to say that i’m not a PSH fan, in cas what I write gets mistaken.
        I think A sounds like a person with loose morals. First, she claimed that she had not drunk more than a bottle of soju. But in this convo with K, it’s very obvious that she had drunk quite a bit.
        Secondly, for a person who wakes up naked in bed with a man who seemed to have raped her, she is does not seem traumatised or upset! Some of u claim that she may have woken up still groggy, but if she was groggy, how could she have such a long convo with K? The fact that she had ‘TT’ and ‘keke’ in her messages show that she was not affected at all by what had happened to her. At the most, she was just confused as to why it was PSH and not K in bed with her.
        When K alluded to seeing her naked body, she was even able to ask him if he was making fun of her! AND she had ‘keke’ typed out. This means that she found it rather funny. The ‘TT’ was like a flippant, ‘boo hoo, u saw me naked’ comment. She definitely didn’t seem upset or traumatised. In fact, from reading the text, it seems as if this waking up in bed naked with someone is quite a common thing with her.
        I mean, come on, if I were to have drinks with 2 men, and woke up naked in bed with one of them, I would be freaked out!!!! I wouldn’t be sms-ing with the other person and keke-ing and TT-ing all over the place. I would be crying and running out of the place asap. Moreover, if I had confronted the other person, i would be yelling for an explanation! I would be distraught! All she could write was, ” it was totally unexpected” and even added a keke!!!!! “Keke” is an onomopaeia for a giggle. You find yourself naked in bed with a man, and all you can say is that it was totally unexpected? And giggled too?????? This conversation sounds flirty & casual (on both sides).

        What i think happened was that she found herself in bed with PSH, and probably didn’t think much about it. K could have then asked her to use it for her benefit, or she herself could have gone to the ex-manager and told him what had happened and then was encouraged to cry rape! I believe that when PSH went to meet her later, he was actually confused and wondered what she wanted. Yes, he probably made the huge mistake of sleeping with her while she was drunk, (who knows, she could have said yes in her drunken state, but was not aware that she had), but was probably confused with her accusations cos she probably didn’t act flustered or upset when she left his apartment. That’s why he thought it was consensual.

        K is certainly a sleazeball. What kind of a friend would take a girl drinking and let another man sleep with her while she was drunk? And even look at her naked body, AND comment that he had??? By the way, the fact that A didn’t even feel shy that K had seen her naked body says A LOT!!!! The fact that he could EVEN mention it to her shows that he knows she won’t mind, and that he knows she’s rather loose. Which one of you ladies out there would not freak out if a guy friend of yours told you that he had seen your naked body after you asked him how you ended up naked in bed with another man?

      • In addition to what I had already written, the fact the K could so openly say to A that he wanted to JOIN them but that the bed was too small, is also very telling! Sounds like this is something that K and A have done before! That A has slept with 2 men before, only this time, she had expected K to have joined in but he didn’t. If not, how could he write something as disgusting as that and not get an angry reply? He could even end off by telling her to REST and PLAY later!!!!??????

      • Come to think of it, it could be a set up to frame PSH. The ex-manager or someone else, probably knew PSH’s weakness; got K to use A (whom K knows has loose morals and is capable of such things). That’s why K didn’t join in or else he would be guilty too. I think A had expected K to join in, or thought that he had (who knows, maybe he did?). That’s why A told friend B that K had slept with her too. Then they told her to cry rape and say that they’ll stand by her and probably pay her. If successful, she’ll be rich – no need to act any more. (To be famous actress is lots of hard work). With the money, she can go anywhere, since no one except a few know her identity. Even if she is not successful, PSH’s career is already gone, at least for some years, and they’ll still probably pay her, as either way, PSH has already lost – he was stupid enough to sleep with a woman so much younger, and she was drunk.

      • @crazyahjummafan Not everyone gives the same reaction to traumatizing events. I know a person who’s been sexually abused by her brother through her adolescence and still sees and hangs out with him. In her mind she’s trying to not freak out and act as if nothing happened. I also know of another person who had a very similar experience as PSH’s case, although she did not wake up naked with a guy in the morning, she remembers being molested in her drunken state. Only after a week it dawned on her that she might have been abused and she broke down very badly but was scared and didn’t do anything about it. Even now she makes jokes about it to make herself feel better I assume. It’s a self protection mechanism. So, it’s not easy to determine what might have been on A’s mind and how she was feeling by only reading text messages. It might have been as you said, but we can’t know for sure.

      • Logical analysis. So sum it up –
        – K isn’t a good friend. He uses A for his connection.
        – PSH may have a history of one night stands. It doesn’t seem it’s his first time. If someone does stuff multiple times but will get caught eventually. His career may be hampered for now, but with his talented acting skills and a male in a male dominated society, he will be able to back up.
        – A is naive (if you say it nicely), not nicely said brainless because she being used by EYAGI and K and whoever. She needs to worry about her Career and her whole life at this time.
        – B meddles too much and to the point of getting A in bigger trouble and trouble for himself or herself
        – EYAGI – may be use this as revenge. If this is what it is, it’s a stupid move and make a big mess.

  6. The best thing to do is grab popcorn and enjoy the show, because I’d lose my head over this if I tried to understand what exactly is going on. What does ‘keke’ even mean? Like ‘haha’? Because if it does mean that, then this is ridiculous. She shows icons of TTT and then keke. Does that even make sense? Unless she is still drunk. Also, she isn’t screaming rape here, but thats cz I feel she is yet to process that. Or yet to plan a money-making plot – going by PSH words.

    Whatever it is, this case is border-lining between amusing and just plain stupid.

  7. I dont think this is helping her case. Kekeing all over the place, whats so funny? And making plans to go clubbing with him? Wtf! And the korean sounds even more aegyorific than the English translation. Im so upset over this whole thing

      • Twist what? Why did she specify the name of the club? Why confirm where he wants to go if there isnt perhaps even a slight possibility that she’ll join him? If that isnt a plan, what is? Or is there a rule somewhere that states plans cant go both ways and only the person who suggested it first is the planner? He’s clearly a skeevy slimeball but she sure isnt smelling like roses either

    • As the police previously said, the text messages were only considered as reference. So it doesn’t help much for anyone. But I still think it’s the right thing to do to present the entire conversation instead of scattered pieces previously exposed.

      As for she echoing the club’s name that K suggested her to go, I’m guessing in her mind at that time, she was still trying to process all that information. I don’t see her in the mood to hang out, because 4+ hours later, she went to seek for help in the service center for sexual assault and then the social worker took her to the police from there.

      It is hard for me to make sense of the kekeing or any exclamation words in the messages as I rarely use them. But above there is a comment by Asabiyet explained the TTTs: “sobbing”, as the horizontal stroke represents eyes and vertical stroke means tears. There are lots of TTTs in A’s message (about 20 of them)

  8. Does “keke” mean like a humorless “haha” like when one laughs but is not really laughing? Ah, am not making sense….like this case…

    • For me..sometimes I use “haha” in texts when I want to make it appear that I’m having a good laugh/ at ease when in reality, I’m uncomfortable with the situation/not really that happy at all.

  9. These are just the weirdest messages. Her being surprised at ending up in bed with PSH is telling, but I still don’t think it definitely proves rape. She seems to regret it for sure but she doesn’t indicate anything was forced or that she was too upset. I mean didn’t she also say K raped her too? and she wanted to go clubbing with him again/ wished he had been in bed with her?

    • She was still sobering up during this conversation. She probably come to that realization that maybe K raped her too when K mentioned her figure. Also the “Darn!” could be interpreted as ,that maybe nothing would have happened or she wished it was K. Dunno the extent of their friendship but she knows him if she could guess his usual activity. Followed by “it was something totally unexpected keke”, could mean being drunk cuz K’s reply is that he was drunk too. She only asked if he was going to XXclub (whatever that is). I didnt get that she is going with him.

      • She did not go out with him, instead she was in the police station five hours later.

    • She wasn’t a virgin for sure that why she didn’t seem too upset about it but rather confuse at what’s just happen last night and rape doesn’t mean the girl have to be force for sex. The way she didn’t know how she ended up in bed with PSH is already telling that she had sex without knowing and agreeing with also mean rape. What we don’t know is whether she agreed with him before pass out or not but whatever he shouldn’t have sex with a pass out girl. Agh just one night of pressure and everything you build for years collapse in a blink of an eye.

      Plus A never said she expected to be in bed with K. It’s K who assume that.

    • She didn’t go out with him. I think it’s important to sort out what happened on Feb 15. I’m trying to list the things we know by time sequence, please correct me if it’s not right or fill up the gap if you know more.

      1-2am P/K/A entered P’s apartment

      9am P left for home

      2pm A left for home

      3:47~4:15pm The above text message between A and K

      (A and B text messages, but no time indicated)

      8:30pm B texted A suggesting A to meet with P’s former agency

      9pm A went to service center for sexual assault and social worker took her to the police station

      (other than the text messages, the time is approximately rounded according to reports by the media. for reference only)

    • She didn’t say K raped her, rather K molested her. But K said that it was a misunderstanding, he was just trying to return the bed sheet. Yeah, not sure how returning bed sheets = molestation.

      • In his defence (kekeke).. while he was returning the bedsheet, he tripped over and fell on her. While he was getting up he accidentally touched her breast, she woke up realizing this….how’s that for a theory..

      • @HJE ….this made me LOL…..yup maybe thats wut happened…so funny… but wut if K really uses that…hahahah.

  10. Its a joke..they making it a joke..this girl A doesn’t know what she is doing..after all the fiasco the next day ..she answered K ‘s text and K could tease her about her body..what is ‘kekeke’..a giggle? and that tears/ sob for is real?? this girl need counselling and she is playing adult while still immature in so many ways..not that I am judging here this sound like a girl that haven’t got enough attention while growing up..I have a son of that age he knows what is right and wrong and I think my daughter who is much younger has better head than this girl..sound like this girl is like a bimbo..sorry please don’t take offence..I am not siding anyone here..I am truly dumbfounded….Thanks Ockoala for the latest update..Park Shi Hoo you got yourself in trouble big time man.Kim Hee Jun (K),I am speechless have you lost your marbles?

    • It is not the next day, it’s the same day. See the above.

      I think A initially had some crush on K but ended up in bed with P. And she was not sober the most time of that day. When she had this conversation with K around 4pm, she was still quite confused. I guess what K said about sleeping together etc. woke her up and made her realize that K didn’t care about her. Then she started trying to figure out what went on really. So she talk to her friend B. According to A’s lawyer, the first text message A sent to B said: “I was raped by P and K.” (time unknown) By 9pm, she went to the service center for help and ended by reporting to the police.

      It sound reasonable to me that she took some time to sober up and to process all these confusing information/image and to make a decision to search for help.

  11. sounds like a drama in real life! LOL…from the text, I think both K and A have feelings for each other…but I’m sensing K is more of the player or unless he’s a good friend and basically let PSH F with her cuz PSH likes her?! LOL.l..I hear a drama in the making as this case continues to its journey!

    • You might be right. A likes K, but K doesn’t like A and knowing PSH likes A, K allowed PSH to sleep with A. Because if K likes A, he would have stopped them.

      • Sounds like A is K’s possession, so he “allowed PSH to sleep with A”. Or maybe … this tickles my imagination … I’m not going there.

  12. ”K actually comes across as a complete and utter liar and douchebag in that convo”

    I think so too, A seemed interessed on K, but K instead just wanted to have sex with her and that is it… he also doesn’t even care she ended up on PSH bed when it seems clear the one she was crushing is Him. I don’t know, maybe he used her feelings for him to make her go to the meeting, drinking and end up in this situation….

  13. I don’t think PSH even likes her. He just wanted sex desperately and wanted it enough to get a junior side kick -the Pimp K to arrange it for him. Imagining PSH making love to a comatose lady is making me gag. His career is over!!!!!!

    • I bet his career is the least of his worries right now. His ass is on the line – rape is a heinous and absolutely serious crime and it seems that he’s deep in s**t if A was not conscious during the intercourse. The act alone constitutes rape whether or not there was “force” involved.

  14. Police said that they do not weigh this conversation that much as an evidence. The conversation is at least consistent with the victim’s statement. The emotion in the conversation could be disguised since it was a conversation with the accused and also the contents what K said could be fabricated since A was not remembering things and might want to hide somethings.

    • Yeah, he was telling her she didnt make a mistake and its fine as long as she had fun. That already doesnt seem appropriate.

      • “you didn’t make a mistake”
        K put words in her mouth, trying to pacify her so she wouldn’t see the incident as anything inappropriate. I am still not convinced that K didn’t sleep with her. I guess we just have to wait for the DNA result

  15. K reads like a man who’s a douche. PSH’s friend, huh?

    There’s not a whole lot more to say because the characters in this case are saying it all…LOL!

  16. I am not sure what to think. I am not blaming anyone but where is help from family and other friends for this girl. If she has the ability to text people than why did she not ask someone to help her out to take her home. It is always unsafe to stay at man’s house by yourself unless you really knew them for a longer period of time. To release these statements to the public it is making the case worst. I really think it is sad and difficult to claim rape if there is no physical harm to the person other than knowing body fluids. I hope the law prevails because if this is true and she was unconscious than the actor should be punished but he does have a material witness that says things differently. I am just really sad for her but at the same time at least she spoke her truth.

    • My guess is she had a crush on K and was willing to do anything to please him. She doesn’t sound like a confident girl, thus easily falls into prey. The reason she released the full conversation text is to counteract K’s earlier release of his statement about their conversation. Which we now know that K’s earlier statement was only partial and purposely released out of context.

  17. What I don’t understand is the police saying that PSH should prove that the sex was consensual. From the little I know of legal principles, it is the complainant or the prosecution who has the burden of proving that a crime was committed, the other way around, in this case, that a rape was committed. Because if that were otherwise, that would be merely self serving for the defendant. Ms K, you are a lawyer. Hope you can enlighten us further on this.

    • A said she was raped because: CCTV footages, text messages and PSH bed and possibly other evidences that public is not privy to like lab test. Since drug came out negative, alcohol on bloodstream should show.

      PSH said is consensual because: 1: he delayed interrogations to refute claim/accusations because of difficulty finding a lawyer 2: sued all the parties

      He hasnt really say why/how it was consensual. He cant use K as witness because he is also accused. How about his conversation with K? He’s clearly the intermediary on this meeting. Conspiracy against him? But he’s suing B, the one who could deny/testify that A mastermind all this.

      • How exactly does one prove it was consensual? Its not like he is walking around with permission to have sex contracts or taping the encounter. And it seems like they had a wild evening where they were drinking and may have planned a 3some. Alcohol impairs one’s judgment so who is to say all of them weren’t drinking. It isn’t an easy case and all the evidence you have stated is all circumstantial. Its a classic he say/she say situation and its very difficult to determine who is right/wrong.

      • @ Shiku
        Circumstantial evidence is used in criminal courts to establish guilt or innocence through reasoning. One example of circumstantial evidence is the behavior of a person around the time of an alleged offense. Other examples of circumstantial evidence are fingerprint, blood analysis or DNA analysis of the evidence found at the scene of a crime.
        PSH can use this circumstantial evidence to refute/possible innocence too with B’s text messages but he’s suing her. When he was summoned for initial interrogations his blood test can be used as evidence that he too was under the influence. He could have used that as misreading the whole scenario because his reasoning faculties is impaired by alcohol or to get the mood going. Get a specialist/doctor to support his intolerance to alcohol and its effects. Or other friends tell how he is when he is drunk. He could use K as direct witness therefore direct evidence that it was consensual. I mentioned too any conversation he has between K and himself before or after the incident.
        Even if K is also accused, he was the only one there other than him that can prove it was consensual. Then K has to deny or affirm.
        My comment was to answer Kimchi WHY PSH was ask to answer to these allegations and clear his side. Because, given that the evidence against him supports A’s rape accusation.
        Your question how it can be proven how its consensual. I just cited some for you. Other may have some more to add. If the circumstantial evidence suggests a possibility of innocence, then possibility of it being consensual.

      • OOh forgot to add, Polygraph test or lie detector test. So @Shiku PSH is totally not helpless to prove his innocence eh?

    • The burden of proof lies with the prosecution. But in rape cases, there is a live witness to the alleged crime, i.e. the victim, and her testimony would establish the proof. Then it is up to the defendant to show that the sex was consensual either by poking holes in the victim’s testimony or other independent proof and evidence.

      • A said yesterday that she got drunk too fast that night to have any time to build affection with PSH.

        Today PSH’s friend said to the media that it was not true. They had good time and P wanted to develop further relationship with her; that A and P exchanged phone numbers for future contact and A said “Bye oppa” when she left.

        It is very weak but I think it’s P’s attempt to find holes in A’s statement.

      • So in a case of one or both parties may possibly have been intoxicated and the burden of proof of consent is ultimately going to fall on the accused, why not just make the laws completely clear and say that sex with an intoxicated person is illegal?

        Would that not put an end to this circle debate?

      • That would be ideal and another commenter, Julia, has alluded to this. Maybe, this is something to get on board. This will empower women a bit and slowly breakdown that its womens fault. Goes the same for men. I mean ther are laws against sex against minors and those with mental disability.

  18. Everything about this case is just confusing. Everyone involved has a different perspective about what allegedly happened and they’re all contradicting each other (and by the looks of it suing each other too). I feel badly for all involved (well maybe not this “K” person) and I hope the truth does come out and the guilty party (if it turns out there are any) get the punishment that fits the crimes.

  19. Oy!
    Isn’t something as serious as this supposed to be kept private?
    Why is everyone and their lawyers and police and lab releasing everything and anything. Even if they are not relevant.

    • Mudslinging, methinks. Each party trying to make the other party look bad. This is basically in retaliation to lawsuit which was trying to make her appear on the wrong to the public….eitherways doesn’t prove a thing though.. plus now everything is public one way or another so I guess they figured might as well go for it…smh

  20. OMG!
    It could be that it’s just a habit of her to use the expression “keke” just like fr emphasis, and not necessarily means gigglng. it could also be her COPING MECHANISM, trying to assuage her trampled upon dignity or what is left of it.

    This ‘K’ is sooo REPULSIVE, CRUEL, MEAN, PREDATORY, a very DISTURBED individual!
    I hope none of this would ever happen to any of his female relatives or to a daughter if he would one!

    He even had the audacity to leave her there like a discarded toy, in PSH’s (whom she’s not even acquainted to prior that night) apartment! that morning. What kind of a monster is he?!
    Imagine her sobering up that morning realizing what happend on a stranger’s bed. and her supposed friend K left her there! im going to be sick!

    • The whole “the bed was too small” made me want to gag. Its so effin disgusting how he just so freely said that, like it was as simple as filing your nails. Ugh! Sickening. It makes me really queasy reading his words. The guy needs to get a lesson of a lifetime, even if he didn’t rape/molest her. No respect for A.

      • If this was their first time chatting it up then I would say he was a skeevy mofo but this is not their first conversation. They were”friends” and as friends this is how they talk to each other-point blank.

        The girl is in agreement of the way he speaks to her because if she didn’t-she would exercise her boundaries. He feels comfortable in speaking with her in this manner and she feels comfortable in responding to his caveman talk.

        Remember what you find repulsive and derogatory some women find a-ok in their book. If you need more proof look at Chris Brown and Rhianna most people are in agreement that violence is intolerable on top of that domestic violence-but look at that she got back with her perpetrator. If you believe that the incident was the first time you are sadly mistaken-that was when it became public fodder but it was known throughout the industry that she was Tina and he was Ike of the 21st century. But that’s the language of their relationship and it works for them lol.

        Just like A and K- the manner unto which they speak to one another is quite strange and unacceptable in mixed company but it’s their language.

        Get it

    • Sickening right? if a friend can be this cold and cruel to you, what more a stranger.
      What could he have said to PSH to goad him, “don’t worry hyung, she’s an easy girl” something like that. SICK!
      these guys they should rot in hell!

  21. I am wondering if there’s anything left to be said on court; because I feel all the evidences has been tossed left right and centre this entire time to the media. So I guess if this goes on to court, its gonna be – who has a better lawyer and can prove their party right. Because I don’t think new evidences are going to pop up without it being revealed to the public first.

    This is one weird case. The media has a lot of power over it, and I don’t know how to legal system is in Korea. Do they use a public jury? I really hope not, because jury members would probably have a one-sided opinion towards a side – because of what they hear from the media and the humungous audience.

    • DNA test, other test results (not sure the media got all these things right or not), A’s full statement, P and K’s statements (according to the police, all three are conflicting) and cross examinations coming soon.

      And, who knows, that B girl making up stories every day, like an ill-minded character in a k-drama.

  22. I never made any comment before, just follow the news like watching drama but after seeing this text message, my finger just get itchy to type on my thought..

    from my point of view, it more looks like that A was regretting that she was drunk and end up on bed with PSH, It indicate like she knows the consequences of being drunk and wake up in that situation.

    Of course PSH take this as consensual sex, because the girl just wake up maybe with calm expression & realize what happened last night, more than no one to blame, after all it’s her own mistake for being drunk.

    IMO, if a girl realize she was being rape, the scenario would be different, she wake up in that situation, start to think about last night, & recall that she drank only a little, that no way she would pass out, & start to suspect that maybe someone put something in her drink, after that just get out immediately and report it to the police. In addition, I think one’s would not have mood to chat with others Go to rape center & claim being rape? from her text with K,she doesn’t indicate she was being rape at all and from her text I don’t feel any seriousness either

    I just feel weird after reading all this..

    • People have different reactions to a situation. Personally, I always have a delayed reaction. Like, if something happen, it took me hours to think and process just what happen. I start to analyze, should I hit back or answered back but then when I realized that this is what I should have done and didn’t , I started to get angry or regret why i didn’t act right away. I guess, she didn’t realized what happen or if she did, she has no memory and was just feeling sore or strange with her body. You can’t text accusative words to a friend (that is Mr.K) if you are not sure what to feel or do, that’s why she went to some kind of counselling and I guess it was there she understands how define her strange feelings..

    • Have you have friends who want to do something but not sure or insecure or lack of confidence ? So they stat to talk to you and ask for your opinion ? and infact they even ask opinions from everybody so they can decide what to do ? There are people like that. The girl is insecure plus she’s in the entertainment industry. It’s possible that she afraid to do what she wants since she is just a small fry and needed some powerful backup just in case.

    what the hell was that? he was lusting over her and saw her naked there?
    PSH claims to have slept with A, but a called in K to have a view or more? what the?

    • A didn’t call K in. He went in himself

      K said to the police that A misunderstood the situation when he went into the bedroom to return the bedding stuff in the morning and mistook it as molestation.

      LOL. But it is really what he claimed. So
      > why not just leave the comforter on the couch and leave quietly
      > no way that he was not aware of what was going on in the bedroom
      > if he was fully dressed it won’t be any misunderstanding

      Dumb and dirty. Now it is a joke around in Asia about “returning comforter”…..

  24. I hate to think that the two of them shared her, thus K also saw her naked. and then K left her there to manage on her own, bring herself home. textd her to just drink medicine, so clearly she was way too drunk that night. and as if taking the medicine would just take care of everthing.

  25. I don’t believe anything from these text messages cause they could of have deleted certain MSG from the other person. Just saying cause I do it all the time. And knowing the time msg being sent doesnt mean anything. At the end of the day both parties are guilty

    • All these messages were between 3:47 to 4:14pm.

      PSH’s side already obtained those messages from the service provider. If anything deleted, they would say something.

  26. I’m sorry but this text exchange is not really doing A good.

    Well, thing is I don’t really believe she was passed out during the whole ordeal in bed with PSH. I think what happened between A and PSH was pretty much the mindless consequence of people (of opposite sex) under the influence of alcohol usually do. It’s really a common scenario – drinking and partying all night, going to somebody else’s house, increased alcohol in the system resulting to being playful, daring and all that shiz, increased alcohol in the system resulting to “not remembering what the hell have I done in between that last shot and the morning after”.

    I believe PSH do have a point in saying it was consensual sex in such a way that A could have actively participated in the deed only under the influence of alcohol. PSH said it was consensual because how can he know if A was really drunk or half-drunk-half-sober throughout the entire deed when there will be no indication at all as being under the influence of alcohol makes one uninhibited. Besides, how was he to know about her alcohol tolerance if they met for the first that night.

    Looking at it from a wider perspective (not constricted between the issue of rape or consensual sex), it’s really quite a simple and common scenario that is usually the most common cause of teenage pregnancy worldwide. Drinking->having fun->being uninhibited->consequences.

    I do believe that if not for all the third parties who really have no point in getting involved, A would have simply owned up to what she called as the biggest mistake of her life. I got drunk – I got crazy – I did things I couldn’t remember – I woke up with a guy in bed – I own up to what happened because dang If I knew better I wouldn’t have drunk beyond what I could take (or because of K but still seriously I don’t think K forced her to drink, I think she drank out of her own will).

    Caveat: I am not blaming A for what happened – everyone is accountable for what happened not A alone but what she did to herself like getting drunk and going crazy was her own mistake and something that she has to own up to.

    I firmly believe that rape was not even at the back of her mind the morning after (based on the text exchange between A and K). Because seriously who would “Kekekeke” to someone who you thought even for a split second have molested you after that person mentioned your figure. I thought “Kekeke” there means she was proud of her figure and it was a good thing K was impressed. I believe her filing of rape was largely influenced by the three stooges who dipped their ugly hands in this whole ordeal.

    This convoluted ordeal however makes deciding whether rape or consensual sex really took place much harder. I think PSH is not really a rapist but at the end of the day the law should be implemented as black and white. Rapist or not (PSH), liar or not (A). This a case that really has no absolute resolution. What happened was pretty much simple only blown out of proportion by the involvement of third parties and all the media hype.

    I think a settlement, no actually a really long and thorough talk between both parties is needed. It may not bode well with either parties’ reputation or appearance but this is what should have happened in the first place before this issue became as complex and far-fetched as it is now. All of them simply have to own up to their mistakes.

    • “of people who are under the influence of alcohol” ???
      but PSH was not drunk that night, he has stated over and over again, in tv and print interview that he does not drink more than a glass of alcohol as he easily passes out. but it was A who was allegedly prodded to drink. that’s why if he was the more sober of the two of them, he could have had the best command of his senses and should have been the one more aware and act more responsibly.

      • I was merely pointing out a general scenario that’s why I followed it up how could PSH know if she was really drunk or half-drunk-half-sober that is to fully consent on the deed. Who knows PSH was really horny then and A was mindlessly willing. This is really such a tricky case where what happened is pretty hard to define as black or white.

        I am not siding with anyone as I’ve said they all made mistakes and need to own up to them.

      • PSH has stated … “that he does not drink more than a glass of alcohol as he easily passes out”.

        Could this possibly mean that he gets drunk easily?

        Was it stated anywhere that he did not drink at all that night?

      • PSH gave a offical statement through his lawyer, he drank 10 cup of soju with ice that night.

      • I thought PSH’s lawyer claimed that PSH had 10 shots of soju at the bar , that is about 1 bottle of soju. SOju is much stronger than a glass of wine.

      • 10 shots of soju? PSH always, in many occasions, claimed that he could not drink at all. A couple of shots would put him into sleep – according to many reports for many years.

        How come he was sober, according to the bar manager and both CCTV footage (in the bar and in the parking lot of his apartment building)? Could it be that he actually drank 10 shots of something else?

    • Like your comment 😀

      I wanted to say something at the begining of this case. Some people (here and there) said that a woman can go drinking with men or with everyone she like, everytime and everywhere. They called it women’s right and equality between men and women. Such a stupid thing!!! That people should consider, if one day they have a daughter, will they teach her: “You could go drinking with men whenever you like, wherever you want”?

      You can’t change the fact that men is like that. So you must “THINK BEFORE DOING”.

      If all she said were true, she must look back at her living style o.o

      I like PSH but it doesn’t mean that I believe in him. Maybe he did the wrong thing. Maybe he not. Maybe the girl is a victim. Maybe she’s a b*tch. I don’t care (ok, I do care hahaaha).

      But I really feel annoyed by comment about equality between men and women.

      You know that if you go to the lion’s cage, it will tear you into pieces, would you go to the lion’s cage and said, “We are all animals, I don’t eat you, so you don’t have the right to eat me!”?



      So A too, when she go drinking with that 2 men, she must know that it wasn’t right at first. And drinking so much by herself is not right too.

      The truth is far from the revelation, so I will wait for the end of this case.

      P/s: bad English as usual hehe

      • An animal is ruled by its physical urges. Human beings, men and women living in a society, have comply with laws.

        The law does not apply to a lion, but it does apply to men, and women.

      • @Lynne: as you said, so girl just go drinking carelessly with men and then he raped her, and then he will be punished by the law, because you know, the law is created by man and it doesn’t mean that there is law so there is no law-breaker. And when there is law-breaker, you should protect yourself instead of just giving the statement “there is law” anywhere you go.

        What I want to say is, when you know that something is dangerous, you shouldn’t risk youself to come close to it.

        You must take reponsibility for your choice when you have the right to choose.

        I don’t insult her. I just said that she should take reponsibility for what happened to.

        I don’t want to reply to you because I found you really annoyed from the begining of this case in many comments you gave 😀 but I think that I should make clear of my comment.

        And you know, the lion is just… an funny example.

        p/s: bad english as usual 😀

      • Haha, mistakes:

        I don’t insult her. I just said that she should take reponsibility for what happened too.

        I don’t want to reply to you because I found you really annoying from the begining of this case in many comments you gave 😀 but I think that I should make clear of my comment.


      • @namhuang
        I’m glad that you are annoyed by my comments. The purpose is well served.
        Your mind needs to be tickled.

      • @namhuong:

        Of course you´d find Lynne annoying! What she writes actually makes sense – some people really seem to hate that!

  27. One thing’s for certain though B is the biggest douche bag what with all the lies he said and the sleazy attitude here.

  28. “he does not drink more than a glass of alcohol as he easily passes out.”

    Could this possibly mean that he gets drunk easily?

    Was it stated anywhere that he did not drink at all that night?

      • @febe if PSH drunk that night he wouldn’t be able to that “hustle in bed” for sure…because even his friends from before (previous parties and gatherings) have attested that he really avoids drinking more than a glass (cannot stay awake if drunk) and just stayed on with them at the party keeping sober.
        But perhaps now HE IS WISHING that he should have just drunk himself to unconsciousness that very night so that he was able to avoid sleeping with her. hah!

      • His lawyer gave an official statement that he drank 10 cup of soju with ice that night.

      • @namhuong
        If P can remember he drank 10 cups, does it mean P was not that drunk after all? I usually loose count by the time I hit the 5th glass.

      • Then all those “press releases” he keeps coyly saying how he cannot handle alcohol that well – to those media who interviewed him was a LIE after all. hmmmm…
        an excerpt in a posting before..”We all know that Park Si Hoo can’t drink. Every time he drinks a little liquor, he falls asleep. This happened during shooting of “Queen of Reversals” when his fellow actors (actually actresses) got him drunk, as a result of which the Queen (Kim Nam Joo) had to wait for him to wake up before shooting could resume.” and many other similar trivias like that.
        But 10 cups of soju now…suddenly he handles soju very well…wow!

      • How can I know that he really drank or not? How can I know that the statement about he can not drank much is true or lie?
        All I know that his lawywer said that: “As is already known, Mr. Park Si Hoo usually drinks very little. On the day of the incident, however, due to good drinking atmosphere, Mr. Park Si Hoo drank 10 cups of soju with ice over 3 hours. Therefore, the media coverage stating he did not drink a sip of alcohol is not true.”

      • @namhuong I’m not saying that you should know or not know…the fact is it was PSH himself who said that (on recorded) interviews regarding his intolerance of alcohol…so if indeed his lawyer said the 10 cups of soju…then his lawyer’s statement seems to show that what he said in those interviews are ‘false.’

      • Thing is, it depends. Most of us don’t react exactly the same way EVERY time we drink and also reaction to different drinks may vary. What PSH has been saying in interviews may not been a lie but an exaggeration. People do this all the time. It may simply mean that in average he cannot hold his liquer very well. And if it’s so, 10 cups of soju would make him severely intoxicated, indeed. People do drink even though they cannot handle it, PSH wouldn’t be the first or the last person to do this.

      • So prior to that PSH had reservations and wary in drinking alcohol, but on that night with K and A, he just let lose and drunk as he pleased…hmmm i wonder why…

  29. A didn’t call K in. He went in himself

    K said to the police that A misunderstood the situation when he went into the bedroom to return the bedding stuff in the morning and mistook it as molestation.

    LOL. But it is really what he claimed. So
    > why not just leave the comforter on the couch and leave quietly
    > no way that he was not aware of what was going on in the bedroom
    > if he was fully dressed it wouldn’t be any misunderstanding

    Dumb and dirty. Now it is a joke around in Asia about “returning comforter”…..

  30. Omona, A should be discerning enough to choose her friends wisely. Both B and K are digging her a deeper grave. What an utter mess this has turned out to be.

      • Yep, the same goes to PSH. Team PSH sued just about everyone except K. He really should sue K for something. I would like to know what is really going on between P and K.

    • Hi, etee7114

      Hope she won’t get into that grave. Yes, her choices for friends are really bad. Hope she will learn from it. This mess gets messier everyday. No one can get out from it clean and unharmed.

      • The good news is that A has already cut ties with B. B sounds like an airhead who should really go and get a life. But I suspect K may be digging his own grave too. With all those statements that K made, I think P can sue K for conspiracy as well.

        Regardless of the legal outcome, each of these 3 individuals will be living in their own emotional and psychological prison. I just hope no one dies from this tragic affair.

  31. In my opinion, the situation is one that has been blown out of proportion especially with the media hyping it and the leakages in information and so-called evidences. I am not siding with any of the parties, I would just like to express my observations. From what I can read between the lines of this whole fiasco is…. A (“rape victim”) after waking up and realizing that she just had a one-night stand and regretting it. She talks to third parties who had their own opinions regarding the situation that made A realize her stupidity and because of the opinions of the third parties realized even more what she had done, she had to take some sort of action to reclaim her so-called dignity. Prevention is the best medicine. Knowingly going out alone with men (sending the wrong signal that she is ‘game’), she should have been careful. She should have known better: Drinking and getting drunk was irresponsible. People under the influence of alcohol lose their inhibition but they do not lose their memory. In truth, they are more cognitive as they can say what they truly feel and what’s on their mind without inhibition. As for not being able to remember what transpired during the drinking, I doubt it unless they totally collapsed and passed out. The degree of drunkenness and passing out depends on the type of liquor and the tolerance of the person drinking it. Every person who drinks knows all too well their limit. And if you exceed that limit then it is your fault for doing so since a person knows her/his limit all too well. Allowing oneself to drink beyond one’s limit is asking for trouble. And you sleep better after you drink. It takes two to have sex and in this case three. Partying, drinking all night and then regretting??? A mature and honest person will own up to his/her mistake. Having a one-night stand with a person other than the one you wanted to have it with is a mistake but there is no other person to blame but ones’ self.

      • In any and all other cases or situation, it is never acceptable for a person to take advantage of another. In this case, it can be assumed from all the speculations that K and A know each other. A may have been under the impression that K would be take care of her, but obviously did not. So it is important to make sure that one takes care of ones’ self first and foremost. I am not saying that only A is at fault all of them are. It is very important to choose your friends as evident in this scenario. K and P are supposedly also friends. We do not know for sure how real and true their friendship is. All of them believed that the other person is a true friend but in the end they are not. That is why they are in this kind of situation. I won’t be surprised if at the end they all backstab each other in order to survive this situation… each one for her/himself. As I earlier mentioned prevention is the best medicine. Girls and women should be careful and take care of themselves.

      • A and P are strangers. If K and P were really real/true friends, both of them would not be in such a situation, since one of them would have stopped the other from doing something that is morally wrong. So now comes in the values of these two people. A real friend would prevent his friend from doing something bad. In this case only K is supposed to be friends with A and P, but it turns out he is not a real friend of A nor P. From the many information released and comments made by various people, it seems K is a very bad guy. I just wonder what he is getting from all of this fiasco. A very mean guy who gets happiness and satisfaction from the misery of others?? A very very bad influence.

    • They did not partying and drinking all night, they drank for a couple of hours. And she did not choose to have a one-night-stand with PSH.

      Miss A did admit that it was the biggest mistake of her life. But P and K have not yet admitted any wrongdoing.

      “Be a man. Do the right thing.” Where is Russell Peters?

    • Alcohol can result in disinhibition, having that “initial buzz” so to speak. Just a correction, alcohol affects memory and judgment (among other things)…blackouts are lapses in memory (amnesia of events during periods of intoxication) and should not be confused with passing out (loss of consciousness). Chronic alcohol use may even sometimes lead to permanent cognitive impairment but i digress… One who is intoxicated loses the capacity to give consent because one’s ability to make a choice, understand and reason are all impaired.

  32. You’re English is fine. 🙂

    As much as we carp upon gender equality, we must still remember that most of the time women are still usually at a disadvantage. That is why girls particularly in Asian countries are constantly reminded to be careful and wary of their conduct at all times. This is why girls are usually the ones up for the chopping block in times like these. This is the reality of society, no matter how advanced the technology or how liberated a society may seem, there will always be a time when the primitive instincts and ideals associated with one’s gender will prevail.
    Men will always be men, no matter how civilized or how guarded they are most of the time, there will be times when their primitive instincts would kick in and to hell with civilization or morals. That is why girls are told to be always, always be careful and wary. It’s not about equality, right or freedom, it’s simply reality.
    That is why I said A was wrong in letting herself get drunk consequently leading to doing crazy things she thought of a mistake upon waking up. But truth is what happened to her is in part a consequence of her actions. And really the train of events that follow (until the time she woke up) is a common scenario only that in a few cases like this one party screamed “foul”. Still, this does not free PSH. He is also accountable for what happened and admit that he made a wrong judgement. But laying down the lines and defining this as rape or not is really hard.

    Caveat: I hope no one stones me, what I said there was an isolated opinion, in no way am I insinuating that it’s partly the fault of rape victims why they got rape. Scenarios leading to rape are varied and what again this is an isolated opinion.

    At the end of the day again, everyone was at fault and this entire “drama” is simply overhyped. And again I say, K is the douchiest douche bag.

    • Thanks for your comment :P. I talked with my mother about this case. And what she said is very similar to what you said :D.

      The way you express your thought is really mature, you should be an adult? 😛

      • Errr. I’m 23. Well, legally I’m an adult. Haha. 🙂 I just studied in a university that talks and deals openly about society. I believe that is why it is where the most influential people in our country usually graduates, more than the academic competencies we were indirectly trained to deal with society’s issues. They say that our university is the microcosm of the country, some say we’re simply radical. LOL.

        My thinking was simply influenced by my training so if some will find it contrary to what they believe in, to each his/her own. 😀

    • This is supposedly in reply for you namhuong. 🙂 Apparently it posted as an entirely new post. Crappy connection.

      • wow, i’m 22 🙂

        so, where are you from? an asian country, it is?

        you are the first person to whom I want to discuss about this case 🙂 I read all the news, all the rumours, all the comments, all the analyses as if I were a crazy fangirl although I don’t like PSH that much :)). I usually sleep after work or watching movie, I just don’t like celebrity’s private life and scandals. It’s weird haha. But I don’t believe in both sides, rape someone is the worst thing that a man can do, but in this world everything can happen.

        Thanks God, your comment is the first comment I feel right to talk with :). There is many funny and interesting commments to reply, too. But I felt hard to say anything except that: “I like your comment so much!” hahaha

        Again, it’s very comfortable to read your comment, thank you 🙂

        p/s: for someone annoying here, you just ignore her for the best. There is a comment beat her up with that annoyance but she still can not shut her mouth up :D.

        bad English as usual 🙂

    • Lee Hae and namhuong,

      You both should follow your mothers’ advice for not going out with men. Stay home, watch drama, be safe.

      • Sorry Lynne i have to reply back. But what is wrong with not going out with men and be happy to watch drama and be safe. i would advice my daughters to do that too. Why ask for trouble when you can be happy just by doing that. sorry Lynne and everyone…. i just had to let it out.

  33. K is not the only douche bag in this incident.

    Regarding the gender disparity (and whoever instilled that in the minds of people is also a douche bag)…even if it is the reality…it doesn’t mean that it is the right and acceptable thing. The times are evolving and nothing is impossible but if women will just ‘forever’ take it like that and just keep on accepting it just like that…then…nothing will ever change right? The only thing that is constant is change…it might take a long while BUT IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

    • Yeah K is the douche bag….

      But it’s PSH’s name that is blazing hot right now…in ‘Google’ even on the 4th page already of that search engine PSH name as search word is attached/ tagged to “sexual assault”

    • They can only reach enlightment on this view of thinking if they initiate it on their own versus what is fed to them. Otherwise, someone already mentioned that its useless to argue with stubborn ignorance. They dont even think for themselves the validity of such statements. But hey, cant force them to think if they dont want to.

  34. Here is what I think , A was soo head over heals for K but he was not having the same feelings , so she drank too much to pleas K ( Thats her mistake not PSH ) and she went to the apartment on K back , assuming he will be her lover for tonight, and that’s why she went in happily and not cuz she was forced by drug ( that is also not PSH mistake , neither that she drank ) when in there K was clueless of her feelings , and both mistakes that for her love for PSH , she had sex with him ( should it be me .. Msg), maybe dreaming enough to think it. Was K ( that is also not PSH falt) so what I see in this case is a first class jerk aka K a stupid girl , blinded by love and regretted when it’s not useful and nearly a victim of the situation , a guy who wanted a good night and simply shared her love (I mean…) totally falling for the wrong hints not k owing it will lead to this ,,
    So , I think it was all a huge misunderstanding + liquor + female’s stupidity +males dense minds (K’s ) + very bad timing = this beyond stupid case and acusations
    Miss A I think that who is sober enough to talk at 4 pm after around 10hrs of getting drunk and sleeping is sober to what happend and should not be making such jokes , it’s liquor honey not anesthetic . I m sympathetic with u it was a total mistake , but if you can face it that u brought this to yourself (in one way or another) u should only be acusing your self for falling for a sick twisted lying liar who lies like K , that’s the biggest mistake of you life !! Peace hope this is done and PSH would come back to the screen soon , Ahh I think it’s waaaaay not sooon .,

      • I agree with Skiku here, absolutely uncalled for. Some people just can’t help it. Someone else did the same in another post. This person “boba” is stating her opinion, now if you disagree feel free to refute, break down, invalidate her comments like others have. However, it’s pretty low of you to resort to such tactics. Furthermore, you are disgracing your country for acting like such. To think that you are advertising where you are from… it is not difficult to search the word “boba” for the meaning you mentioned to figure out which country. Don’t degrade yourself and your country just to make a point, meaningless at that.

  35. So a woman drinking and getting drunk in the presence of men equates automatically to a message “hey cmon you can now violate and abuse me” ????
    That her being drunk – makes her rights “null and void” ????
    That her being drunk – is a 100% consent to having sex
    That her being drunk – automatically means she wants it eventhough she does not say it or is not able to say it.
    That seeing a woman drunk – automatically excuse all guys if they are not able to exercise SELF-RESTRAINT
    bright ideas…wow

    • a woman drinking in presence of a man she has a crush on , means more than that , she stated herself that she drank because of him in the kakao conversations , how is that for a confession !???
      plus i never hinted that , but she was going out , drinking her self toasted with a man shE first saw that night (psh) so im not saying that being drunk makes her weak to resist , its makes her stupid to do it in the first place , plus we have no idea how the girls personality is and how she acts or reacts after drinking .
      so please dont react based on you being a woman , iam too , im not saying that she cant get drunk and im with woman in all their rights , but im a gains them not understanding or thinking of the consequences of their actions , if i had a 22 year old daughter ,hell no i wont allow her to drink her self wasted for a guy in presence of another and have sex with the other , weather it was by her agreement or not , she did a mistake that day.and at the end of the day , even if we shout in the name of women , they are still inferior to men in some cases and prohibited form alot of misdeeds by both reality and society !!
      and , i think my thought are really possible and bright ,thanks ! lol !
      and also have the complete right to say your opinion !just yours !!


      • @boba You said that you are a woman and that women are inferior to men. So you accept whatever a man does to you, and it would be always your fault if things don’t go right.
        Women to be man’s slave, this is not bright, it is very very old mindless belief.

      • I find it amusing that in the same breath you say one doesn’t really know what A’s personality is like, but you also concluded that she must be hard over heels in love with K, exhibited poor judgment by drinking with two guys etc…and should accountable for her actions…Try to apply your reasoning/thinking to PSH whom you’ve exonerated from any wrongdoing…

      • @giny please try to live in this world and not in some perfect one of yourself !
        @lynne , its only mindless when u look at it from one single perspective ! @more p. I’ll take ur advice into consideration !
        Could u guys please keep ur comment on PSH case not my I’ll , mindless, and poor judgments or whatever else u might call me! I would be thankful

      • @GINY: I was really trying to stay out of this discussion but find I cannot. Why do you assume that A was so “muddled by alchohol” that she was incapable of reasoning (and hence PSH should keep his hands off her as all gentlemen should in that situation) but not that PSH was also in a similar condition, i.e. “muddled by alcohol” where considerate behaviour and normal reasoning was seriously impaired. I am not a PSH fan (the only show of his that I liked was Princess man) but I think both fans and anti-fans have gone overboard on this story. All three (A, K and PSH) seem to be at fault in this situation. If blood test proves that PSH was not drunk, then he committed rape by having sex with a person who was under the influence and may not have been in right mind to consent. However, if both had high blood alcohol levels and both normally do not drink alcohol (so have low alcohol tolerance) then it is really the case of PSH and A having sex and then regretting it after.

  36. I think all the parties involved made huge mistakes but I really don’t think PSH is guilty of a crime (in the legal sense).
    I’m thinking about certain scenarios in certain dramas in a totally new way now.

  37. I I think I am done with all this

    i will read the final verdict when ever

    I am going back to the world of dramas much better and easier

    dont know what to thingk any more

  38. When I reached drinking age my mother took me out to get totally drunk. She wanted me to see how I acted when totally under the influence. In her mind it was better that I do it in a safe enviornment so I would know how to handle myself with friends and strangers. Ultimately you are responsible for your own safety. If I have children, boy or girl, I would do the same thing my mother did because we can always hope for the best but we should be prepared for the worst.

    It bothers me when people automatically assume women are innocent just because they are female, then turn around and complain about gender equality. If both parties are drunk then that means they were both impaired . If a woman initiates sex with a drunken man then does that mean she is a rapist?

    • ITA! I agree you have to take responsibility for your own actions and not depend on others who may not do the right thing or they get distracted with their own issues. So know your alcohol limit and have a plan e.g. someone picking you up after drinking, pepper spray in your purse, bringing another girlfriend when going out to meet 2 people you aren’t familiar with, know the itinerary for the night e.g. going to eat here, drink there, go someone’s house, etc. And if its a guy you like, find out how he feels about you nag if he doesn’t reciprocate try to move on.

      • You can try to rationalize this as much as you want – no matter how smart the decisions you make, a woman will never be completely safe from the threat of being raped as long as there are people willing to rape and we live in a society that blames the victims over the criminal. You might not agree with someone´s choices but that doesn´t mean this person should expext their punishment in the form of rape or that they deserve it in any way.

      • Julia what have I rationalized? And did I say she needs to be punished with rape? You are putting words in my mouth which I never said. You can never prevent stuff from happening but you can minimize the risk. E.g. Airport security can try to prevent people from getting into planes with bombs and guns. They succeed most of the time but they are people who slip through like the would be Christmas bomber. It would be nice if people didn’t want to blow up planes but you can’t govern their actions. So does it mean they should stop the security measures since they don’t completely eliminate the risk? Another example is the government tries to dissuade people from driving under the influence by having many police check-points, levying harsh fees and suspending driving privileges but do they succeed all the time? No but it helps dissuade people who may have planned to do it which ends up saving lives. So should they stop since they can’t prevent every DUI and crash that results from it? No because they are saving lives. It would be nice if people used better judgment and didn’t drive drunk but govern their choice.

        So by your logic when the police advice people especially women about accepting drinks from strangers, parking in well-lit areas, telling your family where you are going, they are rationalizing whatever rape/ murder/ crime that may occur and that its the victim’s punishment. SMH.

    • Criminals are the only ones to blame for the crimes they commit. But I think its utter bull to say you cant prevent crime. You can absolutely minimize the risk of crimes of oppourtunity. You can absolutely take steps to increase your personal safety and security and that applies to both men and women.

      • Thank you. Some sense ! In this case she or any other girl should learn to take care of themselves) A will be forever a life example for girls not taking seriously that in this time nothing is strange to happend ( at least more than this case ) and they have to take better care , for at some point they would face such a mess !

    • @B: I forgot to add something: Yes, a woman that takes advantage of a man that is unable to give his consent (for example because he is drunk) is a rapist!

      That´s not what I meant. I meant that, no matter how “responsible” we believe ourselves to be – we still could be raped anytime and anyplace.


      I love how you accuse me of putting words in your mouth and then you go on twisting my words – especially in the last paragraph (“So by your logic..”). By the way, I was in no way accusing you personally of anything. Rather than that I was adressing a general “you” as in “people” or “society”. I apologize if I failed to make myself clear.

      I´m sorry but your way of argumentation doesn´t make any sense to me. Let me make it more obvious to you: You just basically equated a woman breaking the unofficial “code” of how society expects her to act (e.g. bywearing revealing clothes, going out at night, getting drunk with a stranger..) with people committing actual felonies. There are LAWS against drunk driving and killing people whereas there are NO LAWS against the former!
      I also wasn´t trying to say that a woman should not be sensible in her actions. The points I was trying to make were:

      1. Rape is a crime. No matter what the victim is wearing or how drunk she (or he) is – the blame is on the person forcing themselves on them!

      2. No matter how “responsible” one is – it is impossible to be safe of the threat of being raped. I know we all want to believe it wouldn´t happen to us or the people we love, but it could! A horribly huge number of woman will at some point in their life be assaulted or sexually harrassed – it´s not possible that all of them are “stupid” or behaving wrong, is it?

      The police absolutely should teach women and girls about risks, but you know what? Rather then only teach the them how to not get raped, they should more than ever teach boys and men: DON`T RAPE!
      Also, the number of rapes that are prosecuted is as low as it is because there are a lot of policemen who are rationalizing a victim´s rape just as you described. I remember reading of a case last year where a judge declared an eleven year old girl to be partly to blame for her own rape because she was wearing a short skirt – an eleven year old!!

      You can shake your head all you like, this is the reality we live in.

      Oh, and I am going to reply to your other comment but I have to go now..

      • Teach boys not to rape…you think they don’t know? Is rape equal to scratching, something men do naturally unless taught otherwise? If we could teach criminals not to commit crimes then this world would be heaven. Unfortunately, no one has figured out the secret code to criminal intentions.

        I understand that this is the popular theory but it doesn’t apply to the world we live in. The world we live in is full of psychopaths, sociopaths, and people who just don’t give a dam. In this world are we really going to settle for telling our daughters and sisters that they are HELPLESS to prevent rape therefore they don’t have to worry about being responsible for their own safety?? Are we really going to tell them that there is nothing they can do to prevent rape so they must rely on some magical societal conditioning that will teach every man in the world not to rape? 

        I’m sorry you can label me how you want but I will never accept the notion that I ,or any other woman is so helpless and weak that she must rely on a man’s “good intentions” to keep herself safe.  

      • @B:

        Yes, that´s what I think. Not everyone of course, nut society more often than not teaches boys/men that they are entitled to a girl´s/woman´s body. Don´t tell me you never heard the “She might say “NO” but actually mean “Yes””-trope?! That you´ve never seen guys in real life or in any kind of media insult women or even go as far as to use violence because she dares to deny them their rights?!

        I have absolutely no idea how my statement “Teach boys not to rape!” is controversial in any way or form! I was in no way suggesting that women are “helpless and weak” – all I am saying is that the number of rapes might decrease if we taught boys to respect girls and the choices they make! You can disagree with that idea of course, but please tell me in why the idea of teaching someone to respect others is controversial or wrong as you seem to think so according to the tone of your comment.
        Rapist aren´t necessarily psychopaths or sociopaths, a lot of them do it because they think they can get away with it – and a frighteningly large number of them do because society is often failing the victims.

  39. IT IS EQUALLY when it is automatically presumed that a woman who drinks with men (one of which is considered as her friend) is asking for trouble.

  40. There is nothing funny about this situation but I am seriously laughing at all these people stating that they are “on nobody´s side” and that “we shouldn´t judge anybody yet” who then go on and on speculating what might have transferred and how A is totally the one at fault!! Yeah, vocabulary such as “mistake” and “stupid” perfectly show your impartiality!

    Another “highlight” of the comments is the repeated spouting of the usual rape culture excuse, that a woman who consumes alcohol or spends time with men she doesn´t know very well is responsible for her own rape. You might not find her choices to be right or smart, but there are no laws against any of these actions – the on at fault is the on committing a crime by forcing a sexual act on an unwilling partner. Is that really that difficult to understand? (Before anyone complains again – I am talking about general terms here NOT about what PSH has done or might have done in this particular case)

    Noone in their right mind is telling their daughters to drink with strangers or something like that, as has been suggested above – we are just argueing against the misogynistc belief that a woman can “deserve” to be raped because of her own actions. This is so incredibly harmful not only to the millions of women who have been raped at some point in their lives but also to boys and men who hear this kind of reasoning everyday and take might begin to take it at face value: If society reinforces again and again the idea that men are animalistic being who just cannot stop themselves – WHY should they even try to act differently than is expected from them?

    • Thank you for this. You took the words out of my mouth. I find it disturbing that most of these comments (presumably) are made by women themselves…

      • Thank you for agreeing with me! Yes, “disturbing” is an accurate term – especially since a lot of them appear to have children of their own..

    • Yes, that’s why there are humans …and there are animals, some would claim that both have equally strong basic instincts, but there is a reason why humans were given the brain and intelligence to distinguish what is the right decision to make in certain situations. If you have the upper hand, meaning you are the one on the advantage, must you exercise that power over someone who’s weaker than you.

    • Yes. Assuming that men’s actions are driven by physical urges is not fair statement to them. Just like women, men are also human beings not animals, therefore they need to act by brain and to comply with law.

    • Did anyone say that daughters are being told to drink with strangers? Like seriously!!!!! Aren’t you extracting whatever meaning you want from people’s posts so that it aligns with your own pre-conceived notions? You are intentionally misreading posts like mine and inferring things that weren’t inferred (thereby missing the meaning of the post) so that it adds up to some sort of victim blaming and bashing. SMH!!!!!!

      • @shiku: for those who don’t try to read and understand your thought, just ignore them 😀

      • @ Shiku: No, I am not. You might want to actually read the comments to this post before you attack me.


        Seriously? Do you seriously not understand the irony of YOU accusing anyone in this post of not trying to read and understand another person´s thoughts? You, who have evidently not tried to do so even once in this post?
        It´s okay, if you don´t understand what people are talking about, but you might want to follow your own advice and ignore their comments then.

    • @Julia, Well said, and best written comment that I’ve read so far in this sordid case that is being playing out in the public. I still don’t have an opinion on who did what and whose motivation is at play in this case. But what disturbing to me was that most seem to have exonerated PSH and already cast a stone on A without all of the evidences. And more disturbing, especially like you said the “..the spouting of the usual rape culture excuse.” It is the same as saying the girl deserve to be groping because she was wearing a short short skirt. There is something else too. That night A’s judgement was not entirely way off. She was out with a friend and with the supposedly, highly Respectable PSH. So it was not unreasonable for her to have an element of trust and started drinking . It was not unreasonable to expect a level of gentlemen behavior from stranger PSH. A wasn’t out with a violent street hustler; she was out with PSH, one of the big stars in the Korea after all. Yes, I agree, mothers should teach their daughters about drinking with men, but on the other hand, mothers should also teach their sons about their conducts while drinking with women.

    • Very very well said. I completely agree with this. Women have the right to go around drinking with whomever they want to without fearing of getting raped. Is it stupid to do that? Probably, in many cases, but it shouldn’t be. Because men do not have to fear of the consequences women do. The society has been working for decades to achieve an equality, where women and men are treated equally, and where everyone’s actions are judged at the same proportion.

      We are definitely not there yet, but some of the comments make it seem like some of us don’t want to get there.

    • Some sources told me that “Date Rape Drug” is commonly used by men in Korea to drug the girls of interest in the clubs (big cities) so they can rape them and face no consequences. That’s the reason why “A” suspected drug first before other reasons because it’s so common. Sorry not to aim at Korean men but you can try google and check if it’s true.

  41. I agree with that the girl should have been careful. But who would have guess a famous actor and another almost actor K will be so ungentlemanly and do such outrageous things? In earlier news, A was reported to have send a message to her parents to say she will be home at night. This serve as proof that she didnt intend to spend any more time with the two guys after drinking.

    PSH is just mounting a defence now by suing everyone back, this will become a delay tactic and complicate the case. I think this case is also a wake up call to guys too that hey, make sure the woman you want to go to bed with is conscious and know what she is doing. And to all women, no matter who you are out with, just be careful.

  42. Granted that men have strong urges and appetites for that, but it is not impossible for them to use their minds too unless they are incapacitated to think properly. those who can’t even “try” to restrain themselves as the situation calls for have not evolved from the Ape-Stone-Cave man specie.

    • They are not realizing though that their comments apply to their grandfathers/fathers/brothers/male relative. Imagine that if they apply these notions that a stranger should automatically assume that their relative/male have no self restraint and that their father/relative can rape another person, can be expected because they have urges. I bet you they will argue that they will say they meant not to place themselves in that situation. To protect themselves. How can a female protect themselves from urges that is male physiology. Clothing does not protect one from urges. Urges are controlled by self not another person. They cant think for you because its not their bodies. So the responsibilty of one’s behavior is controlling/curb the urges. So I dont get why women has to be responsible.

  43. Ladies , I don’t know the meaning of ur names ,but I know that all of you are over reacting towards such obvious. Observations , yes Lynne I might be contradicting but it’s what the different possibilities call for ,
    Shiku , I respect ur specialized comments , thank you, so pls try respecting my humble ones which lack both experiences and insights and ding , I will not stand back and not comment anymore or even trash cuz this is not my purpose in my comments , I live in a place where women are not as independent , and we come to place our inferiority high in our standards , I’m sorry cuz you r such a Boba not to take that in consideration !
    But what I’m reffering to is not far from what might be true , it’s for time to show ,
    Ding. I was really disappointed when a comment trashed mrs koala , and never really expected it to me ,so I’ll apreciate u keep ur comments within the case involved , in your country what is the word for lacking manners,!??

    • I also was born and raised in Asia where in many counties women are not as independent as you said, but it exactly is what we are trying to change, right? Understanding and coping with the reality but fighting for the change, instead of normalizing or encouraging the unfair situation.

      And the change is happening. South Korea just has its first female president.

      I agree we should focus on the case itself. Hopefully we won’t see comments applying the myth of female inferiority or animality of man to rationalize this case.

      • Agree, it’s a cheap shot to use man’s sexual appetite as an excuse to exonerate him from the blame. Yes, K might have been a douche bag, but you know what, his friend “P” who slept with her is a double douche bag. I mean the girl isn’t very smart either, but to blame the mistake solely on her isn’t fair at all. All those three should bear the responsibility and deserve to pay for the consequences of their own actions. The one who was the most sober had the moral responsibility to do the right thing. We don’t know if any of the guys were sober and at what point they were still sober.

        Now that PSH is suing everybody, pretty soon he’ll use up all his savings to pay for the expensive legal fees. Certainly, it was a brave move by PSH but was it a smart move?

      • @gigi
        In my opinion, it was not a smart move for suing three parties, especially his former agency. And they didn’t generate any continuous effects. I was expecting some strong reactions from the accused parties but A’s lawyer said they haven’t received anything yet. I also expected PSH’s lawyer taking further actions to reinforce the accusations. But nothing from any side. Instead, PSH’s friend came talk to the media reiterating the mutual affection between P and A that night. This move looks really lame.

  44. PSH cannot use the ”I was drunk” card . Why? He can’t prove he was drunk, because HE AVOIDED the police and didn’t do any blood test that could prove he drank that night, why he avoided it? Because He didn’t drink/ was sober.

    we all read PSH and his crewmates say he cannot drink a cup/beer and passes out, MGY said it that he passed out after a beer, other crewmates of his past dramas said the same.

    So, he was not drunk and the girl was a lot drunk, what this means? That it was rape because she couldn’t give consent.

    • Interesting point. So his lawyer’s comment about PSH had 10 shots of soju is a lie to cover for him as he might have been the only person sober thus capable of making decision. If he wasnt drunk and she was, it means he could have raped her.

    • He can never use that card because one of PSH’s first statements he released was that the had he and A had sexual relations and claimed it was consensual. So if he wants to stay consistent, he couldn’t have been drunk (while it may still be possible that he did drink but not to the point of intoxication). But his earlier claims that there was mutual consent will only hold if he and A were both sober, alert, coherent.

      We all can all speculate and opine about A’s decision to hang out, have drinks with a supposed friend and an Alist actor; but regardless of whether one disagrees or finds her actions and character wanting, if A was indeed drunk (as K and A in this text exchange have alluded to), then PSH’s claims claims less probable.

      • Pish Posh girl.
        Consistency of statement does not require him to be sober. As long as he believed that it was consensual – his statement will always be consensual. As long as A believed it was Rape it will always be Rape.

        This is a she said/he said/they said FIASCO. Unless they can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt that the others believe is erroneous.

        We will never know the Absolute truth. Because according to the inner dialogue of your own drummer is how you are perceiving Reality and that changes from one person to the other.

        Believe me – after you have done millions of relationship counseling sessions like myself you will understand that Point of View is exactly that point of view. It is not the absolute truth. Unless it was testified by a reliable third party with nothing to gain or by a recording in the room at the time. –

        Perception is a Bitch lol

    • He has always claimed that he could not drink. There were reports years ago saying a couple of soju would put him into sleep.

      Maybe he was drinking something else? or maybe in his glass a big chunk of ice with two drops of soju?

      It doesn’t matter. He was sober that night when left the bar – there are witnesses and the CCTV.

      • Even if three hundred people say that he can’t hold his liqour. It does not mean that he did not decide to drink himself into a stupor that night either. Yes he walked out of the bard and walked himself into the apartment – but it doesnt mean he didnt drink. All it means is that if he did drink he held his shit together until he got to the privacy of his own home.

        By personal experience, I know that people are like this because of the image they must uphold while in mixed company or in view of others. Call it occupational skills

  45. I’m not a PSH fan and this case very easily converted me into a PSH anti-fan. PSH may be innocent until proven guilty but my side’s on A even if she’s a bitch. A mature PSH misappropriately treated a drunk young girl with sex.

    • Can you prove that he was sober?

      Age ain’t nothing but a number especially in this day and age that in other countries including some areas of the Asia. That young fifteen years old are married off to older gentleman for protection. Its a cultural thing.

      • Can’t prove that he was sober, but the fact that PSH kept dodging the police investigation makes me very suspicious. He was summoned on the 15th or 16th of Feb, not long after A made her accusation. IF he would have went in to the police, a more accurate report of his alcohol level in his body could have been detected. But he delayed for so long, a few weeks, that not a lot of evidence can be gathered.

        In general, when alcohol passes through the liver, it breaks down into toxins. These toxins stay in the blood a lot longer than the alcohol itself. When you get a blood test done to show whether or not you’ve been drinking recently, they check for both the alcohol itself and the toxins produced by the liver from it. These kinds of tests are generally accurate up to a week and can detect remarkably small amounts of toxins.

        Why did he avoid the investigation for so long? was he trying to tamper the evidence of alcohol content or perhaps a lack of alcohol content in his body?

        I don’t really buy that the reason for the delay because they requested a transfer. it was only a diversion because they would have known very well that their transfer request wouldn’t be approved. they were buying times.

      • @Gigi, if you were lets say accused of murder. Nothing to prove your innocence except your words against another- would you lawyer up or go in haphazardly unprepared & how history has shown us get effed up because you didn’t answer correctly something or your nervous and your chatter seems ambiguous.

        Girlfriend, you better lawyer up. This world us full of laws and flaws.

        Also, to notate PSH was requested the 19th, he formally requested time to obtain an attorney. Which he did on the eve of his summons (24th) and his lawyer requested the transfer due to all the leaks of information to the general public: which has damaged his public image.

        Even if dude is innocent and only culpable of getting his dick wet with the wrong chick (sorry if I’m crass but I swear like a sailor IRL) his image is royally fucked. The money maker is done. He won’t even be allowed to model for a cheap catalog. For a person that has made their living on their face and personality – he better take his ass to a trade school and learn to type #justsaying.

  46. That is the problem with text messaging. You can’t make up the emotion that can be felt by voice or/and facial expression. With just text, it seems so impersonal as if the person felt nothing. The fact is texting doesn’t reflect a person’s emotional state of mind.

  47. I’m not taking sides with either PSH or A. But in my opinion I don’t really think there was any rape involve. They all had too much to drink which led to both PSH and A having sex. I’ve seen ppl where they are so drunk that they just have sex with anyone(college parties)then the next day don’t really know wth really happened…that doesn’t mean rape occurred it just mean they were being stupid. Now as far as PSH claiming he wasn’t drunk…that guy lied through his teeth coz 10 shots of soju will even get me drunk as heck but tequila won’t. What I don’t undestand is why A and her friend B would meet up with PSH old agency CEO to get help? The first thing you would do is go to the nearest police station and file a report or tell your parents. There are so many things that just don’t add up to this whole fiasco. Also the kakao txt where she is writing kekeke just don’t make sense because i’d be typing wtf the whole time not kekeke or darn.

  48. Sorry, I made a mistake about the going to the police and seeing PSH old agency CEO. But it still doesn’t make sense why she would meet with him. And why are all these evidence keep leaking to the media?

    • From what I read

      According to A’s lawyer, A ignored B’s message and went to the police station on Feb 15.

      B connected A to H of the former agency through B’s friend C and they met on Feb 16 for five minutes. B also suggested A to record the meeting so there actually is a proof.

      Why they meet?
      For A, as we read the text messages between A and B where B suggested 1 billion won settlement, she was considering a monetary settlement through the third party which is PSH’s former agency.
      The former agency wanted to leverage on this to get him back. PSH at that point had his mind firmly in being independent and refused to communicate any further with the agency. After a few attempts, the agency gave up.
      All these happened between Feb 16-17.

      On Feb 18, the scandal broke out. And it seems it was B who leaked PSH’s name to the media. A then cut the tie with B saying she would handle the issue with her parents. It seems no further contacts between A and the agency since (as far as we know).

    • As for why all these evidence kept leaking to the media? you beat me. I am amazed too. Korean style? or the Korean media is super capable?

      Oh, PSH’s lawyer did file a lawsuit against H for illegally spreading rumors (but not for leaking evidence) over the internet using a fake name.

  49. If by the way she was treated and used, demanding fr justice & compensation for violation of rights is to be expected, fortunately fr those 2 guys what she has in mind is not murderous rage like with other victims way of retaliating

  50. @Boba
    Hoping to see some kindness and compassion in the heart of a man towards another human being is not being delusional.
    comments on PSHs alcohol tolerance is not just hearsay or rumours, for it was said by PSH himself on actual interviews and as witnessed by his co-stars.
    If he was in a drunken state, then sex would not have occured because he would have fallen asleep! which could have been best and he will not have this problem now. but that was not the case, for he claims it was consensual – he was aware? he was not drunk.

    • yeah surely he took sip of liquor but not drunk state, unless magically he now can get drunk (the i didnt-know-whats-goin on type of drunk) without passing out. i think by now he’s shrewd enough to prevent alcohol frm totally affecting his system.

  51. i find it amusing that how can a person(maybe not all but mostly) can claim that when you are drunk (regardless how many bottle or glass of alcohol you drink), seem not to remember a thing…even you passed out in a drinking session, you will remember what happen cause our brain has the capacity to do so…

    • But this are Medically documented already, scientific explanations on how alcohol affects the brain cells. this can be read online.

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