Tangren Releases First Official Posters for Bu Bu Jing Qing with Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi

So this confirms it – the only original cast members back for the sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin will be Nicky Wu (4th Prince), Liu Shi Shi (Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao), Ye Zhu Xin (10th Prince), and Damian Lau (Emperor Kangxi). The rest of the princes and ladies may make a cameo appearance but nothing is confirmed at this time. Tangren just released the official drama and character posters for Bu Bu Jing Qing, and HOMG do I want to take a bat to it. I’m fine with Nicky and Shi Shi, his hair looks good and she looks a bit too severe but she always bring it in the end. What pisses me off is the confirmation of the rumors that Tangren will shove its talentless hack Jiang Jing Fu into this drama are true – lo and behold he’s playing guy2. UGH. Seriously, double ugh. This is the guy who played the lead in Tangren’s fantasy period drama Xuan Yuan Jian (Sword of Heaven) over Hu Ge and dude stunk up the joint. He played OTP with Liu Shi Shi and I felt like she was babysitting him both in terms of acting and chemistry. I know Lin Geng Xin is being an ungrateful baby in publicly bickering with Tangren and refusing do to BBJQ, but if he has to deal with the agency promoting Jiang Jing Fu over him (Lin Geng Xin was guy3 in XYJ) I can’t say I wouldn’t want out of my contract if I were in his shoes. With Kevin Cheng (8th Prince), Yuan Hong (13th Prince), Han Dong (9th Prince), and Lin Geng Xin (14th Prince) all out, stepping in will be the aforementioned Jiang Jing Fu, Sun Yi Zhou and baby-faced Chen Xiao to round out the male cast. The tagline for the drama is as written on the poster “If one day you left this place, I will go to your world to find you.” This sounds all romantic and fated but man am I wallowing in a pit of disappointment that the so-called sequel to BBJX turned out not to be a sequel but instead really just a modern C-drama with Nicky and Shi Shi playing the OTP. This was supposed to extend the chemistry of the original cast and give some closure for the super sad ending of BBJX but now that remains a pipe dream.

Nicky Wu as Yin Zheng, Executive Director of networking company.

Liu Shi Shi as Zhang Xiao. Shi Shi looks terrible here. Like a Da Ma (ahjumma). She could be romancing Damian in BBJQ for all I know. The middle part hair and drab coat kills any spark in her character.

Ye Zhu Xin. Don’t know his character name yet in BBJQ but he looks GOOOOOD. Boy looked the worst among all the male leads with the Qing dynasty queue. Love the earring and the stylish K-drama side-swept hair to boot!

Damien Lau as the President of the Kang Conglomerate. I still can’t get over that when I was a kid Damien was a consistent romantic male lead in some awesome old period TW-dramas. He’s aged very well.

First group poster. What’s with the Forbidden City as a backdrop?

Jiang Jing Fu as Kang Si Yu, guy2 and younger son of the Kang Conglomerate. You know, he’s definitely good looking and has some onscreen presence, but dude needs to hone his craft in supporting roles first much like Tangren did in launching Lin Geng Xin. Having his first drama playing the lead was not good for him making a favorable first impression with me. Does anyone think he’s had something done to his face (his jaw is much broader), or is it just a hell of a lot of photoshop? The kid is 22 years old, maybe one day I’ll grow to love him and eat my words. Maybe, but not anytime soon.

Chen Xiang as Liu Shi Shi’s character’s ex-boyfriend. If he looks familiar, he was the male lead in the web C-drama Secret Angel back in 2012 co-starring Kim So Eun and Jang Woo Hyuk. If you want to watch him right now, he’s starring as the lead (the track and field champion) in the C-drama adaptation of HanaKimi. Yes yes, I know he looks like my Lee Jun Ki‘s younger brother. He can’t act, but that resemblance is enough for me to give him a wide berth of goodwill.

Sun Yi Zhou as Kang Si Han, the heir older son of the Kang Conglomerate. He seems cute enough, looks kinda like Lee Jung Jin.


Tangren Releases First Official Posters for Bu Bu Jing Qing with Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi — 15 Comments

  1. Hah! I thought that Chen Xiang looked like LJK. <3

    Honestly, if posters are any indication of a drama's quality, then this is really really lacking. BBJX had gorgeous posters, which was what caught my eye when I went to the neighbourhood DVD store. I wasn't even into C-dramas then but the prettiness was enough to convince me to give it a shot.

    These ones seem so slapped together, like someone in marketing went, "Oh crap – I forgot that we need to send out the posters today. Oh no – the creative team has gone home! Let me just paste together something on photoshop!"

    Ummm quick note – I think there's a typo in your first para. You typed Chen Xiao instead of Chen Xiang. 😛

  2. *hope ur jetlag is all gone! HUGZZZZ*

    The best scenario is if Sun YZ is in KC’s place, I really don’t see babyface pretty Prince10 fighting for SS with Nicky. *sighhhh* TR can go lower though if they insert Jiang as the ‘reincarnation’ of 13/14.

    I saw the clip of Loverboy being asked about joining this dud the other day and gosh it pains me so much seeing him not even able to hide his hurt. The fangirls said he only knows about the exact date this starts filming from their mouths, and he can’t hide a bit of sneering at TR not even have the courtesy of asking him at all for joining even for a cameo.

  3. 10 does look good with the hair! I could even tell from my phone. He was so very good in his role as the baby. I liked him being a brat.

    CX Dude does look like Junki. Damian Lau – still very attractive.
    I could even tell from my phone.
    I would watch this for the OTP if and when it is subbed, but they really have to put them together and pull them apart with finesse for that tension to be recreated.

    For my tastes, the cute and pretty can blind me to bad acting IF they are charasmatic enough. If they are flat or boring? No, I will be falling asleep and missing subtitles.

  4. the drama could suck but i don’t care. i want to see Liu Shi Shi and Nicky together and i’ll take what i can get 🙂

    • Right!? At this point I couldn’t care less if it means having them in a drama once again and hopefully this time they get a happy ending that will not crush my soul.

  5. I’m confused- although I enjoyed BBJX a lot, I wasn’t too keen on a sequel-after all, the story had ended. She was back. What else is there? And, lo and behold, it seems this ‘sequel’ hasn’t got much in common with BBJX! So why is it called a sequel again?
    I’m kinda sad that 8th, 14th and 13th aren’t coming back, but I’m glad they’re taking the chance to grab other projects where they’ll be the leads instead of playing supporting roles(at least, that’s the way I always viewed them) to Nicky’s 4th.
    Not sure what I feel about JJF-he’s totally adorable and I liked him okay in Xuan Yuan Jian, but there’s no denying he’s not too good an actor. Glad he’s being given a chance to try new roles and get more experience (plus he’s paired with Shishi again! I enjoyed their bickering romance!) but a second male lead role may be a bit too much…
    Shi Shi looks hideous in those stills. I miss Ruo Xi.

  6. Not exactly a fan of JJF but he didn’t do too badly for a first series in XYJ. In fact, he was miles better than Lin Geng Xin and I know that LGX could never have played the same role as JJF in that series. LGX is just too stiff. His only plus point is he is tall and goodlooking, hence have presence. Acting wise, he is a wood.
    LSS looks polished and classy here. Still, I wish they gave her bangs like in that fantasy mini series. She looked sooo good. However, Nicky looks much older, hence I guess the polished look makes her look more matured and suits him age-wise, better.

  7. I think Liu ShiShi looks prettier in the old Chinese traditional dress.She looks very plain in the modern dress.

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