Preview for Rich Man, Poor Woman SP Released as Rumors Swirl of a Season 2

So, raise your hand if you almost had a heart attack when you read the heading for the post. Yeah, that was my reaction when I first heard the rumor. I wouldn’t share it unless there was a chance it’s legit, and this rumor came from the source that first revealed Rich Man, Poor Woman would be having an SP this Spring. And look at where we are – we’re 9 days away from the arrival of the much anticipated special episode. The inside source from Fuji TV claims that after the SP airs, the network will officially announce that RMPW will be having a second season. This is not unusual, folks. An SP and a second season are not mutually exclusive, its not one or the other. Often it is since there is only so much story to tell, but some notable J-doramas with a second season and something else are Hana Yori Dango, Nodame Cantabile, and Hotaru no Hikari (movie instead of an EP). Honestly, I’ve never liked a second season more than a first season, with the exception of the oldie Hitotsu Yane no Shita (Under One Roof), since I was madly second leading shipping there and in the second season there was suddenly a reversal of love lines and heroine played by Sakai Noriko ended up picking her second brother played by Fukuyama Masaharu over the eldest brother played by Eguchi Yosuku (this was a totally fauxcest drama hence the “brothers” involved, heh).

Other than that, most second seasons are either a rehash of the first for fanservice, or actually ruins the story and the goodwill generated from the original. I’m now really scared about what’s to come, so for once I hope the rumor is not true. I would love more time with Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi, but not at the expense of their characters breaking up or dealing with angsty issues in a second season. And don’t pretend the second season isn’t going to require breaking up the lovebirds to generate conflict and plot. For the SP, the title is now called Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York, which is adorably dorky. The latest official stills and preview from the SP show both Asahina siblings have returned and looking mighty good still. I still think Yoko needs to stop pulling her hair back since it gives poor Aibu Saki a giant forehead. I see lots of cuteness ahead for the OTP, but also an equal measure of conflict and butting heads. I. CAN’T. WAIT.  I won’t worry about the season 2 rumors for now and will sit back and await the arrival of the SP into my grubby hands.

Preview for RMPW SP:

[youku id=”XNTMwOTgyNTU2″ w=”650″ h=”450″]


Preview for Rich Man, Poor Woman SP Released as Rumors Swirl of a Season 2 — 31 Comments

  1. Am like you… when I fall in love with a show I want MOAAAAAR of the OTP but any rumor of a possible extension makes me anxious lest I get tired/fall out of love with the OTP.

  2. I wished the preview was subbed, so looking forward to the the SP. I want more lovey dovey moments!

    You mentioning Hitotsu Yane no Shita brought back the nostalgia, I was madly rooting for Fukuyama to win Sakai’s heart from the moment he appeared in Season 1.

  3. YADAAA this makes me want to rewatch the drama but I shouldnt…dig…my..own..hole..I should fall back to the RMPW addiction

  4. I actually jumped of happiness when I read the heading of the post ! I don’t know why but I’m very confident that they will pull it off even though like you I haven’t seen many successful second seasons (except JIN and Hotaru no hikari)but i really need to see more of oguri shun’s cuteness and since this kind of drama doesn’t come very often in japan these days I think it’s also unlikely that we will see oguri shun in a similar drama any time soon so I really hope this second season comes true

      • The first couple of episodes are a bit slow (which is why it took me foreevveerr to get around to it completely (and in the end I kinda sorta skipped them cos I had read the manga)) but then it picks up and it is so adorable~~ I would definitely recommend it as a summer (mini-?) marathon thingy~

      • yes I agree with Nutella the first episodes are a bit slow but then it gets much better, I personally found the second season to be superior to the first one. Hotaru no hikari is simply adorable it is cuteness incarnate and the OTP is one of my all time favourites, I definitely recommend it

      • A lot of people seem to really like it. I’m somewhere in between. I think it’s good but the but the physical part of their relationship I thought was super-unrealistic.

  5. didn’t understand a word, but totally looking forward to it! At the moment i am running really dry on dramas and this is the kind of thing that i need! Plus they both look sooo cute together 😀

    • Oh, I forgot to say, (although my Japanese is horrid so forgive me for any mistakes)
      Third partner (forget name) to Hyuuga: Asahina’s living over there
      Hyuga to Asahina: Are you happy/satisfied like this (with context being we need you back)
      Asahina: I am not returning to Next Innovation.

      Makoto: Let’s go back quickly… Eeehhh Hyuuga-san no nikeba inna (no idea what that means) and then some snarky-nice stuff from Yoko

      Makoto: You are not like this, you are being cowardly, is this the end for us?
      Hyuuga: Let’s break up, in fact I’ll be glad/it’ll be a relief. You can go back then.

      Again, sorry for the crraaaaaaaapppp translation (which may be completely wrong), but I figured I could at least post what I sorta understood~

      • Makoto: Let’s go back quickly
        (I presume it’s) Yoko: Eeehhh Why? Hyuuga-san no nikeba inna
        Makoto: Oh it’s nothing**

        no idea why wordpress chose to eat so many lines >_< sorry sorry

  6. SP nearing made me happy to the moon and back and what? Season 2 is rumored to come? YEs, I want more of this pair sweetness. Can’t wait ^^

  7. I actually wouldn’t mind a second season, I would simply skip all the angst and watch the cute over and over and over again (if this sounds like it is what I have done with They Kiss Again, why yes, of course it is)~ As much as I know that Japan doesn’t do the whole liveshoot system as much (and I don’t like it cos of the overwork and lower quality than could have been), I sort of want them to air the second season (if it happens) in the summer… between this and Lan Ling Wang, my summer will be complete~

    Oh, which reminds me… does anyone know the number of episodes and airdate for Lan Ling Wang? Because I looked on Baidu and then on Weibo and they both had different answers (or maybe that’s just a problem between me, my crap mandarin, and the difference between simplified and traditional characters T_T). But yeah, help would be appreciated~~ *huggles everyone and runs off*

    • haha I would do the same.. I’ll think of first season as THE one and watch the second season just for the cute (if it downgrades in quality)

      for now, super excited.. seems like equal part angst and cuteness!!!

  8. YES!! Swirl rumors swirl until they settle down and become FACT.

    I understand the bad part is they would have to separate them again – and that needs to be handled well.
    I hope we get a better second female lead.

    Really, that show was magic; I want to relive him and her and them being together and apart.

  9. Yey! Super duper excited with this news. This drama has saved me from fully giving up on Asian dramas, because this was the CRACK that sustained my addiction. I didn’t only watch the drama, I actually loved the OTP and am totally invested in them. That is why, I vote for a second season with my hands and feet all the way up! and waving!

  10. Ooooo! So excited for the special and the maybe second season. I haven’t found a j-drama that I really enjoyed since this went off the air. I hold out hope for the new season of shows starting.

    More Oguri Shun is always welcome in my book!

  11. I can’t say I won’t welcome more cuteness from those two, but Nodame Cantibile is the only J-drama second season I loved just as much as the original. I’m just not sure where the material is for more conflict is beyond their relationship and more company antics.

  12. The SP looks like it hits the nail on the head for everything we loved about RMPW. I am SO EXCITED!!!!! Didn’t realize there are only 9 days left until it airs! *does happy dance*

    If there is a season 2, then of course there’s gonna be manufactured conflict. BUT….if everything else goes well and I get plenty of Hyuga + Makato cuteness, I’m in!

  13. If this show gets a season 2 … I don’t even know if I could contain the spazzes and fells. I can’t wait for the special.

  14. Sorry, this is totally unrelated. However, since there was a mention of Hitotsu Yane no Shita season 2 in this post, I was wondering if anyone has seen it with english subtitles. The first season is easily available but I could nowhere find the second season.

  15. Y’know what I’d love to see an SP or second season of? Zenkai Girl! So sad there seems to be no news about that one, I thought it did as decently in the ratings as RMPW :/

  16. Not too keen a second season for this either, precisely because I would hate a freak-out, break-up & after a whole lot of unnecessary angst reunite storyline…

    The only dramas I currently want a second season for are Lucky 7 and xxxHolic, because they are more episodical anyhow and can add further episodes easily without feeling fabricated and ruining the overall story (with xxxHolic of course having tons of material all ready for it anyhow).

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