Police Hand Investigation Results to Prosecutor and Recommend Indictment for Park Shi Hoo and K

Detectives at the Western Police Station in Seoul have officially concluded their investigation into the allegations that Park Shi Hoo raped trainee A on the night of February 14th and handed it off to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation to indict. The police have formally announced that their conclusion that a crime was likely committed was based on answers given by Park Shi Hoo during his interrogation and questioning, A’s initial statement, the circumstantial evidence such as the CCTV footage of A being piggybacked into the apartment by K and her rape kit results, and the results from the lie detector test which both Park Shi Hoo and K failed while A passed. Police are recommending that Park Shi Hoo be indicted for semi-rape (the first time they had sex, when A was fully unconscious and passed out), rape (the second time they had sex when A says she woke up during), and injuries resulting from rape. Police are also recommending K be indicted for sexual molestation. Apparently in Korea rape is split into forcible when the victim is conscious and when its done to an unconscious person, hence the weird semi-rape charge, which doesn’t mean half rape or sorta rape but rather that the victim is unaware of being raped because of unconsciousness or inebriation. Park Shi Hoo’s law firm immediately released a press announcement that the police investigation was biased towards A, police discounted Kakao talk evidence, Park Shi Hoo’s civil rights and presumption of innocence were disregarded with all the leaks during the investigation, and now they have filed an official grievance report with the Civil Rights Commission and National Police Inspector General. It’s not like Park Shi Hoo has been convicted, the law firm’s time might be better spent mounting a defense for him at trial if they have the evidence to prove his innocence to proffer the judge or jury.

In the police announcement about recommending an indictment, police have said that it has reviewed the allegations that A was looking for a financial settlement and that Mr. Hwang of Eyagi entertainment and another big wig was conspiring against Park Shi Hoo, and found no evidence to back up either assertion. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the police say, or what the prosecutor decides to do, and even what a judge or jury finds at the end of this case if it goes to trial, some fans of Park Shi Hoo have already decided he is being unjustly persecuted, A is a gold-digging whore, the police are corrupt and hate Park Shi Hoo, and the entire entertainment and media world is out to get him. I call this the “oppa is a martyr” belief. At which point – this case doesn’t matter for his fans and for those who are merely reading the facts and innuendos and making their own judgment, there will never be a consensus between the two groups on whether a rape happened that night. Park Shi Hoo was included in the nominees for a Baeksang popularity award this week and he was actually leading the votes until his name was removed at his request. He is refraining from any entertainment activities until this case is resolved. Park Shi Hoo has not been officially indicted yet but expect it to happen shortly. He has also not been arrested or detained, which is not a surprise considering the nature of this case. It’s not a violent crime, he’s not a danger to society and needs to be locked up pending trial, and he’s not a flight risk. Even if he were arrested I’d expect a judge to grant a pretty low bail amount. The police are recommending that he not be arrested for the above reasons I just explained, it has nothing to do with whether they believe he committed a crime. In the meantime, he just celebrated a birthday this week in the midst of what is likely the worst experience he’s ever gone through. Oh what a very bad judgment call can do to a person.


Police Hand Investigation Results to Prosecutor and Recommend Indictment for Park Shi Hoo and K — 162 Comments

  1. He will be the history lesson for future and present K-celebrities on how not to mess with the blind dates or not to mess with girls by using “I’m-celebrity-you-should-thank-me-for-messing-with-you”.

  2. Wow……. I feel sorry for him; I am a big fan of his and this will help his career go down the drain. But that aside thank you for the update and hopefully something better will come to Shi Goo in the future. Best of luck to you, and I will still watch your shows despite the bad luck you are having. 🙁

    • Bad luck? how the eff is this “bad luck”? He RAPED a woman and is now suffering the consequences. The only person you should be lamenting for her bad luck is the young woman involved in this case! People victim-blaming sexual assault victims is precisely why so may instances of rape and molestation are under-reported!

  3. Yikes. I would think his lawyers should really really really really really push a settlement so this mess never gets to trial.

    Or can he do that “no contest” thing in SK?

    Yikes. Woke up during. I wanna puke.

      • Only 100 000 dollars. lol He should sell of all his properties in Seoul. Jami and Demi included.

    • I’m beginning to think his lawyers are kind of ridiculous right now…what with the filing of the lawsuits and greivance reports and complaints left, right and center

    • I heard that they did, Park Shi Hoo’s mom met with A’s dad, and later Park Shi Hoo’s first attorney met with A’s dad. No settlement was reached.

  4. I don’t believe him at all and I want to give him a handcuff as birthday present. He thinks that money can do everything, suing people left and right and badmouthing police. He should never be an actor again.

  5. LOL PSH and his lawyers were also one of the people who throw many leaks and articles about this case to media and now they are crying about it?

    Then A can also file a complain about her info and phone story being leaked to the media. PSH’s lawyer even got her other supposed texts with her mother, friends and etc… this wihtout any permition.

    • I am neutral about this case but I definitely have to agree with you. Park Shi Hoo and his team are all up in arms about police leaks and being painted as a rapist by the media, but they spent the majority of their time mudslinging A and releasing incomplete evidence that could or could not be out of context.

    • Well, the complaint is about the police leaking info, which seems reasonable imo. After all, do you want your own local police dept to leak your own personal info to all and sundry? Then what happens to your own rights to privacy as a citizen?

      If A can complain about her info and phone talk history being leaked to the media, then K can complain about A leaking their mutual phone talk contents to the media too, and what about B, happily giving interviews on A’s behalf? Don’t forget, A also leaked her talk history to the media, claiming that it was the “full” version, and that’s why P’s lawyers responded and released their “fuller” version of the so-called “full” version.

      • Correction: A gave the media her full KakaoTalk with K – she didn’t leak it by any means, because it was previously leaked/dug up by tabloids in a fragmentary state. After A, PSH’s side officially released not only the convo between A and K following the incident, but also the ones before that, from 14 Febr between A and K, and another short one from 15 Febr in which A talked about her suspicions of pregnancy with K. The convos between A and B were again leaked by tabloids.

        Now the tricky part: wasn’t PSH’s legal team that subpoenaed for A’s text messages? I’ve got my suspicions on K, as being the one who told PSH about the messages in the first place, and then Purme subpoenaed for them, thinking that could prove A is lying about the rape. So I always believed that they were the first who “leaked” A’s kakaoTalk messages to their “friendly” press side. Well, my mistake if they weren’t, perhaps someone from the police/phone company leaked it to the tablois then.
        Even a few days back, PSH’s lawyers dug up new KakaoTalks between A, her mom and her friends, and were screaming from the rooftops that the police considers those irrelevant to the case.

        And I don’t remember A ever complaining about her privacy not being respected by her phone history being leaked in the media. A is entitled by law to her name/face anonymity in the media, and that’s it. It was PSH’s side who sued various media outlets for publishing false info – which later proved to be true, and now crying foul that his rights weren’t respected by the police. Not to mention suing for libel and defamation other parties indirectly involved. All I see is Purme making noise, and A’s side relatively silent.

        Of course, B’s interviews to the press had done more harm than good to any of the 2 parties involved. I wish she would’ve kept her mouth shut all through the investigation.

        And it’s understandable that the police had leaks that they couldn’t entirely control given the high profile case they were dealing with. Though I have my reasons to call them incompetent, I don’t thing the leaks proved their incompetency. They should totally start an investigation to find out who amongst them sold informations to the press. PSH’s side would want to find rather that then file complaints against the whole police station imo. But of course, if he believes that his privacy and his rights were trampled, go ahead, sue everyone involved, file complaints etc.

        I also find that Purme’s media play acts as a sand thrower in our eyes wanting to blind us from seeing other important things like: rape and injuries resulting from rape. Media play against forensics evidence? Well, good luck to them!

      • @ CL, I was replying to Liz’s comment that A should/could file a complaint about her info and phone story being “leaked” to the media by PSH and his lawyers, and should we follow her reasoning, K could also complain about her releasing her talk contents with him to the media, and so on and so forth.

        As you have correctly pointed out, A released (not leaked) her full KakaoTalk with K, and PSH’s side officially released (again not leaked) further convos.

        Imo, one of the reasons why A did not manage to get the full support of the public (public here excludes PSH’s fans) behind her is due to the revelation of the media play which she and B were going to engage in right from the beginning. The biggest mistake that A ever made was to call B.

        As to whether the police were merely incompetent or something worse, PSH’s lawyers’ complaint against the police station may trigger an investigation or internal affairs review about the “unnamed source” of info.

  6. This is… unfortunate. I completely agree from your previous post Koala when you said that he may not be a bad person, rather he made a bad decision. I don’t know him personally to think lesser of him following this conclusion of indictment so I won’t be pointing fingers or saying what I think (because what does it matter right? We know none of them in person, nor should we think we’ve the right to) – I just hope the case continues to be handled as fairly as possible to all parties.

    I’ll just admit that honestly though, I am upset that I’m perhaps unable to watch The Princess’ Man ever again – or I could, but very likely with very different lenses now. How unfortunate.

    • I agree with your post whole-heartedly. We do not know these people really. We only know of them by face from watching them act and etc. Many people cannot say anything of they do not know that persons exact personality. I also believe it is very unfortunate because I too will most likely watch with different lenses as you put it.

  7. with cctv proof A was carried to his condo n all throw up things i find him guilty already to sleep with a drunk girl, bravo to the police never bias even P has upper hand with all fans mind oppa the martyr lol

  8. Nice to know you’re sane Koala and not like the crazed fans XD
    You’re right no matter how the case turns out “A” is a gold digging slut and Park Shi Hoo is a rapist. These names will continue to follow them no matter what.

    • If a person was really raped, they would most likely not want money, but to have the rapist in handcuffs and sent off somewhere.

      • Disagree with your statement completely. Such statement along with “PSH is too handsome and nice to rape a girl” reveals a lack of critical thinking and education on the subject. Why cant a victim want $$$ from the offenser? Why cant she receive punitive compensation? victims respond differently to the same offense. Why a wife who had been raped by her husband choose to keep him instead of throwing him to jail? Some victims believe they wouldnt win in court because the offenser is a powerful man so they thought might just as well settle for $$ at least she can use the $$ to do positive thing.

        First, A’s friends who convinced her to pursue settlement. A’s father rejected the offer immediately, which tells me her dad wasnt even willing to consider it. If it purely was money ONLY. They would have settled long time ago. The way i see it, she wanted both $$ and justice.

      • A and her friends seem to be opportunists. If the offender is a poor man they would probably advice A to NOT settle and push for jail time instead. Everyone can be an opportunist including PSH who took advantage of a very drunk girl. Being an opportunist doesnt indicate that she’s not a rape victim , but it’s about weighing the risk and benefit given what she has and the confidence she has in the justice system.

      • Well, not really. Call me a gold digging wh*re if you must, but if were raped by someone with that kind of money I’d make sure to get a payout for my pain and suffering. Especially in a country where the rape laws are ridiculous and he’ll never suffer a day in jail even if he’s convicted. I would say she got taken advantage of, why not take advantage of him but he was wrong and owes her compensation.

      • @Luce I partially disagree with your statement. A’s father may have rejected the compensation but “A” wanted more money, actually wanted PSH to pay her until she turned 70.

        Plus, if I was a rape victim, I wouldn’t want any of the compensation from the person who raped me. That’s like selling out your pride. Most real rape victims all agree that they would much rather have the rapist thrown in prison and punished severely. They want justice. Majority of them don’t care about $$.

  9. Actually fans of PSH are not delusional and neither are his lawyers incompetent. The police department actually broke the law by holding a press conference and leaking sensitive information and they are liable for it. So their concerns do have merit. The cops are supposed to be neutral but if you look at all their action objectively in this case, you can definitely see that they aren’t.

    • It is a defendant’s right and a good lawyer’s strategy to poke holes in police investigation to create doubt and uncertainty about objectivity and certainty. I would love to see the lawyer list out police misconduct and ineptness in the investigation, which is probable in any case. But the fans have extrapolated way beyond that – there are assertions that the media is biased, police are tainted and in cahoots with powerful entertainment forces aimed at taking him down, in general the world is against Park Shi Hoo and he is totally innocent and being set up and did nothing wrong. It takes a lot for me to buy conspiracy theories that require multiple parties and far-reaching implications. That is the delusional part. I can totally get behind an assertion the police suck at investigating and have allowed leaks that are damaging to Park Shi Hoo. But then again – leaks are secondary to the question as to whether the leaked info is true or not. It’s like pointing out the purple chihuahua in the room when there is a pink elephant standing right next to it.

      I agree the entire case may have been stacked against Park Shi Hoo because as a celebrity the moment his name was disclosed he’s at a disadvantage and likely ruinous to his career regardless of whether he committed a crime, but that is not the main point. The main point remains – did he rape A that night. I don’t see any of the conspiracy theories disproving that a drunk girl was piggybacked into his apartment, threw up in the elevator and in the bathroom (per K’s own words), and somehow ended up having sex twice with Park Shi Hoo (his own words). If she was that drunk (per both men’s statements), then logic tells me she is probably incapable of legally consenting to sex. Period. That is the crux of it. If Park Shi Hoo asked her if she wanted sex and she mumbled sure before falling asleep on her drunk ass, then that is not consent. I don’t think he’s a monster, I think this whole thing is totally unfortunate for everyone involved. If he liked her enough to wait for a night when she wasn’t puking, then it would have saved everyone the misery of watching his career flushed down the toilet.

      By the way, where does it say in Korean law that police broke the law by holding a press conference? What monkeys run the police station that they would break the law in full view of the entire world? I’m confused, because in the US police routinely hold press conferences to announce stuff. Unless there is a gag order in place, the discussion of case information is not illegal. Many times police choose to withhold information, not because they are not allowed to reveal it, but because it might be harmful to the case or they are trying to protect the victim or some other pressing reason.

      • Koala, maybe the police is like this, maybe because public thought ”money buys it all” the police wanted to let everything on the open to later people don’t say PSH gave them money and they are corrupt.

        In Daesung’s case where a Man died, police gave statements all the time too leaving a which hunt over the viticm and his family… it was ugly.

      • Yes in the US police holds press conference on the crime issue all the time, and the also released informal info to news media. The higher profile the case is, the more frequent they hold a press con. Police holds the right which info to release and which info to withold. The police isnt there to protect PSH feelings , but to report what they found out through formal and informal channels. Even if the lie test was leaked earlier , it doesnt change the outcome whatsoever. Again PSH is just trying to distract the public from the real case by screaming “look at me! I’ve been victimized by the world. Poor me”.
        Now just read what kind of stones they are throwing at A and she maintains silence for the most part and didnt get sucked into “tit for tat”.

      • According to enews, they had an interview with an unrelated lawyer who supposedly said that the police briefing was a “criminal offense” under “Criminal Code Article 126 which forbids the publicizing the facts of a suspected crime before a demand for a trial (before prosecution)”.

      • @ febe they also said:
        Another legal official also charged that ”Publishing such facts-of-a-suspected-crime before a trial is prohibited in principle.” He continued to explain: “However, the Decree provides that an announcement in the middle of an investigation is allowed under these provisions (such as a Special Prosecutor to look into the allegations): ① the nature of the crime must be widely notified, ② when there is an urgent public need for the case to be released so as to promote crime prevention; ③ criminal investigation top priority, such as the accused pursuant to Criminal Code Article 20.”

        Who knows whats article 20?

      • @ Jae, purely from a layman’s point of view, the exceptions under the provisions relating to (1) Special Prosecutor and (2) Urgent public need to promote crime prevention (I envisage situations where the public needed to be warned against a serial killer or rapist), do not seem to apply in this case. I am also interested to know what is item (3).

      • @ febe Also a layman interpretation, they need a special prosecutor to allow it.
        1 Nature of crime must be widely notified- Rape is nature of crime. Is rape under “must be widely notified”?

      • Meanwhile, the fans at parksihoo4u are writing to the Korean embassies in their countries, protesting the unfair treatment of PSH.
        While I commend them on their activity, I wonder if this will not backfire on them. Countries in geeral don’t like outsiders trying to interfere in their affairs, and I guess that also goes for South Korea…

    • It’s funny that when the police announced publicly A’s negative drug test results, PSH’s lawyer wasn’t up in arms that PSH’s rights to privacy are not respected – it was an important piece of investigation, right? Or when the police allowed PSH to postpone twice his interrogation, no one thought PSH’s “innocent until proven guilty” right was trampled in any way or that the police wasn’t neutral. Or when PSH’s side released A’s private text messages and dug up a Mr.Lee it was TOTALLY OK. Double standards much? Only the accused has rights or what?

      PSH’s legal team are bordering on the ridiculous with their demands and complaints. If this gets to trial, I expect judges and prosecutors to be accused of bias, bribe and who knows what else by PSH’s side if things won’t look good for him…Well, honestly, things look rather bad for PSH even now.

      • I don’t think it was the police who announced publicly A’s drug test results, because I remember it being reported that the police officer said “we cannot tell you the results”. My understanding was that the media obtained the results from the Scientific institute who did the tests, and was rather surprised at the time that the Institute could release info to the media so easily.

        PSH was allowed to postpone his interview the first time because he didn’t have a lawyer, and the second time was because he had just engaged his lawyer the day before. I believe there is such a thing as a right to legal counsel?

        PSH’s side release A’s private text messages after A’s side released part of them claiming that it was the full version, when it wasn’t.

        Can you let me have the link where it says that PSH’s side dug up a Mr Lee? I seem to have missed this alphabet.

      • @ febe -I wish I could provide you with links, but this site doesn’t allow me to copy paste. I read here, on Koala, that a Mr.Lee came up with certain allegations against A all the while PSH’s lawyer was digging out A’s past history to prove that her accusations against their client are false.
        It’s common sense to believe that they brought out that person to use him as a precedence case or better, as a media play pawn to give more credence to the pregnancy blackmail scenario masterminded by them as a base for suing A for attempted blackmail… because how was that L person knowing about A’s real identity or that she was the right person involved in his past plight, if she had legal rights to anonymity? He gave the TV interview way before her real name was dug up by K netizens. And until now L hasn’t sued A for whatever he thought she did to him. I’m afraid all was a smearing campaing to discredit A and offer a falacious base, imo, together with the weak proof of the kakaotalk, for their countersue.

        And PSH had a lawyer from the get go, but changed him I think twice before deigning to appear at the police station. I haven’t heard/seen anyone before, ordinary citizen or public personality postponing his hearing in a criminal case with almost 2 weeks just because they didn’t have the right lawyer for the case. It was bound to get messy from this unauspicious beginning, and every party involved was going to have their basic rights trampled in the process.

        Well if the National Forensics Service disclosed important informations about the investigation without being castigated by anyone, then the police has the right to do same. And if the police has commited criminal offence by disclosing certain informations to the press, then the forensiscs institute must suffer the same consequences.

    • Koala has a fair point, a good lawyer’s job is to create uncertainty about the objectivity and fairness of an investigation, after all that is how you appeal a case. The OJ Simpson case is a good example of where the defense argued police incompetency and bias instead of proving their client’s innocence and they managed to win.

      • I definitely feel that the legal team is taking more than just a page from the O. J. Simpson playbook. I hope it doesn’t work as well here, but I am afraid it will.

        And can I just say how appalling it is that PSH was leading the Daesang popularity poll?

      • I’m not certain what works in the States will work the same way in SK. Different countries, different law systems, different court procedurals, no jury etc. So, incompetency and bias on the part of the police may not work here. I’m not even sure that there is the need to prove that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

        Popularity polls are usually won by idols with huge fanbases or entertainers who are currently very much in the forefront of the news whether good or bad. Probably, this case has pushed his Korean fans to vote for him to show their support, whereas they wouldn’t have bothered normally. If all his fans desert him at this critical time, we may have a suicide case to read and comment about next.
        Btw, this particular poll costs money to vote and the charges are billed to the voter’s mobile no. by the SK telco. So, if you look at the results so far, you can see that fans of many actors/actresses are not bothering to vote.

      • with all of the reported evidence, we cant think otherwise, maybe u both should start thinking the same way we do, whether he is handsome and great actor , his misconduct at that night is indeed deplorable
        by one way or another

  10. Thank you Koala for writing the true facts of the case without deleting certain parts or cover up some parts. Thank you Thank you!! The other sites’ reports just make me sick reading it because they are not only bias but also distorted the facts. PSH marytr fans are truly immature and the way they didnt give the girl the benefit of the doubt she deserves , disgusts me beyond belief. They are extremely immature and lack of education on the topic just reflect on PSH’s immature act on Feb 14-15. They don’t understand just because she was seeking compensation (taken from Kakao talk) doesnt mean she wasnt raped, thus the police didnt give as much consideration into the Kakao text as the defendant would like to.

    I believe in the police because evidence is not about she says he says but reliable facts. You cant deny evidence. What PSH has is only his own statement which he failed miserably while A passed and the kakao text, which we found later was partly sent per police request. Kakao text is subjective and many nuances are missing in the text, and kakao text doesnt prove that rape didnt. on the other hand forensic evidense is a solid evidence.

    • You are right that just because she discussed “settlement” after the incident in her kakao text, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped. Now, if there was a Kakao text that shows A discussed “potential financial compensation from PSH” with her friends, prior to Feb 14 (the night of rape), then it would be a premeditated entrapment, thus the rape charge would be immediately dismissed. But so far, what the defense lawyer has is the “money” talk after the incident, which doesn’t prove his innocence.

  11. Another thank you from me. I’m following this case through your site since you seem to have the most level headed perspective and present all the evidence.

    And I agree with one of the above posters PSH defense complaining about leaks when they were also doing the same thing.

    As for him being a candidate for a popularity award and getting any votes make me question why my gender is like this? Why? I’m not saying throw stones at PSH since he probably already regrets his bad decision and he did not get away with it -so far- but this man chose to have sex with a drunk girl while she is not conscious, he may not be a bad person and it is normal that his fans may be more forgiving than the rest but vote him lead at a popularity contest??? Wow, just wow.

  12. Well, as the saying goes, noone is above the law. I too am amazed at some of the fans sites who put PSH on such a pedestral that he can do no wrong, or that yes, it’s not him, it’s the rest of the world that is wrong or out to get him. It reminds me of the Sandusky case and how the defense tried to put out there that there was that huge conspiracy theory which involved all parties, the police, the accusers, the media etc. who all conspired to get Jerry Sandusky. Kind of unbelievable, just like this case’s defense. Maybe they are getting advice from Sandusky’s lawyers? Well look at where he is now.
    It’s true, the best thing the defense can do is have a good defense! Trying to paint that the whole world is against you is not a good defense, and makes them look like they really have nothing else to go by. They keep saying the truth will come out, the truth will be revealed, so what have they been saying all this time, not the truth if it has not been revealed yet…so what are they waiting for? And we have already established the “truth” can be different for all parties involved, so is that really the best they can say? Either PSH really needs new lawyers, or as in the Sandusky case, there really isn’t much the lawyers can do to prove their client is not guilty except go after the victims themselves and the whole system as a huge conspiracy.

    • You are really comparing this case to the Sandursky case? Really? A guy who molested pre-teens and teens for decades under the guise of helping them?

      • I don’t see much difference between rabid sports fans and rabid fangirls. Logic and judgment is a rare thing in both cases.

    • I agree with Ockoala here regarding the martyr syndrome being used by PSH…and the disorder having spread to his fandom.

  13. Thank you Koala for presenting the case in truth. It’s interesting that they split the rape into semi-rape (1st intercourse) and rape (2nd intercourse). Some fans find the semi-rape charge as a police joke as if it’s almost a rape but not quite there. Of course, they also didn’t mention the word “rape” charge in the other sites, only stated the “semi-rape”. so misleading.

  14. As one of rape victim, it tears me apart each time I read an article like this where people just condemn the victim. as if we asked for it.

    The one who rape me was a son of quiet regarded family, friendly, well behaved in society so that is why I couldn’t report him in the beginning as I didn’t think people will believe me. But since he attempted another rape to someone else, I gathered my courage and together with this other victim we reported him, mine was 5 months later after the incident and we are now still in the court process. Even now, we can still hear people naming us. What I meant is don’t judge the book by its cover, PSH may be one fine gentlemen but he may also have the capacity to behave or do something that is against the norm, in his case sexual assault. Your appearance, behavior doesn’t tell who you really are.

    What I want to say here, we, the victim, will always be victimized regardless what. So, yes I am bias towards Ms. A. She didn’t come on that horrible night with a thought of scheming PSH. NO…, she came simply because she wanted to spend Valentine day with K, someone with whom she has a crush or think he is a friend. Never did she realize that was the beginning of the hell she is going to enter to. To be fair for PSH (thought it’s hard), I also didn’t think he came to the bar planning to rape or sexually assaulted someone. How he ended having 2 times sexual intercourse with a drunken person is beyond me and not for me to judge.

    But one thing for sure, if the prosecutor office finally declare the case is closed due to lack of evidences, Ms. A will still get the hammer and PSH fanatic fans will say that the prosecutor office has done a fantastic job. But if the prosecutor continue to indict PSH and the case goes into the court, the fans will say Prosecutor Office is one of Ms. A ally.

    So, for PSH fanatic fans out there, even if you call Ms. A the worst word ever exist in the dictionary, I salute her of coming forward on what happen to her knowing that she will be the object of condemn. The rest let the prosecutor and judge to their job.

  15. Well, I can understand the need of believing that someone you care about is innocent. You want to believe the best of the person you care for, no matter what is said. It’s often said that fans (of an actor/singer) are like a huge family, and to admit to yourself that your beloved “family member” did something bad is something that is hard, really hard, and hurts a lot.
    From that point of view, I do understand PSH-fans, and feel with them. It’s not easy, being in that situation when you seem to be the only ones believing in your family member’s version of the story.

    However, what I can not accept at all is the kind of behaviour from certain PSH-fans(and their sites), in which A is called all type of names (and I won’t go into the calls for torture and burning in hell, and how she must’ve slept with everyone in the police department, and the entire shitload), Korea itself is rediculed, and even calls for boycott of Korean products and travel to Korea are made until their demands are met.

    Dear fans of PSH, who act like that… I understand that you are upset, and that you want to protect your beloved, and that you would do everything to protect him, like a mother or a wife, or a sister.

    However, none of us knows the full details of what happened. Please keep that in mind before you start more of this disgusting behaviour.

    • On the same page, I find it disgusting for people who redicule PSH-fans (those PSH fans who don’t resort to above mentioned methods), just because they want to believe PSH is innocent.
      Like I said, we don’t know all the details, and while there might be evidence that helps A’s version of the story, there also is evidence that helps PSH’s version of the story.

      • thanks finn..
        this might be my one and only comment in this post since i found the post too bias IMO..

      • I think what people need to understand is that every fandom has a wide spectrum of fans, ranging from the obsessed fans to reasonable & logical middle-line fans to anti-fans. It’s best to just ignore the 2 extremes because there is no reasoning with either of them. Ultimately, why bother and get angry or upset over what these extremists say, since what they say is meaningless and can’t affect the outcome of the case. Furthermore, imo the extremists are a minority and are not in the position to influence or affect Korea’s image or trade or the world’s love for Korean products, dramas, movies, k-actors, k-pop etc.

      • @febe, I understand that I can not change an extremist’s mind.
        But I can at least say that I don’t agree with such a behaviour.

    • I think in this case, no one is innocent and on the other hand, I dont think anyone wanted this incident to happen.

      A is an adult woman who should know better to be out galavanting so late at night with two men and she should know her drinking limits. She has also on her own accord (being sober when leaving the pub) gone to a stranger’s apartment – she could have chosen to take a cab home – who’s to stop her from getting the pub to call her a cab and then passing on the cab’s info to her family? I really dont know what is on her mind then.

      PSH might have become too careless and arrogant with his growing celebrity status. I dont think he is a bad guy or a criminal and that he had intention of rape. Maybe he was intoxicated as he is known to not hold his liquor, maybe he misinterpreted the signals and maybe he was an opportunist. It was nevertheless a very costly mistake that could result in an end to his acting career.

      K? I think, he just might be the real weasel. He was supposedly the sober one since he didnt drink. So he could have looked out for her, unless he also misinterpreted the signals or maybe he is a “Tommy Hong”.

      The real crime is committed by the Western Police Station – legal professionals in Korea who are not related to the case are already saying that they broke the law for releasing info to the public and that they broke the onstitution on upholding a citizen’s right.

      So this case will likely open up a can of worms and have massive ramifications on the SK justice system and the police force.

      • In K’s statement to the press, he said that A was too drunk to send her home alone from the pub to her home, and that is why she ended up at PSH’s home. Unless K was lying in his statement, that should answer your question about why she went with PSH and K.
        And about drunk people, PSH seems to be able to walk just fine out of the bar and when they arrived at his appartment; if he really has such a low alcohol tolerance and was drunk, K should’ve carried two people instead of one.

        I will not comment on your “real crime”, because I would probably say things I’d later rue.

  16. it took me 2 days to figure out he that was going to be charged that was a on a certain PSH site.

    I prefare to read koala’s view its factual

    the truth will it ever come out?

    i find it interesting that Koala says PSH was not remanded into custody because he is not a flight risk but the above mentioned site said the police did not do their job
    Hope for all involved its resolved soon

    • The prosecutor is the one who decides if a suspect is charged or not. The police can only advice but the prosecutor is the ultimate decision maker. And they also carry out their own investigation.

  17. They listed the supposed wrongdoin by the police:
    1- Made public his name
    2- Released the CCtv where a was piggybacked
    3- Drugging suspicion
    4- PSH failing to attend the summon
    5- Drug test result
    6- PSH and K refusal to hand in cell phones
    7- Kakao messages
    8- Lie detector results
    9- Recent press of PSH recommended indictment
    Sub parts:
    I-A’s request to get tested for drugs
    II-A’s position keep changin(?)-saying everything to her advantage

    from http://parksihoo4u.com/2013/04/02/pshs-law-firm-press-release-11-10-expanded/

    We know B admitted to releasing PSH name but somehow they switch to blame the Police instead now that PSH team has gotten B to side with them. I wasnt sure who released the CCtv where A was piggybacked. I thought the Kakao messages where released by PSH team and A in answer revealed the whole messages on 1 day and then PSH team reveal more Kakao mesaages on different days.
    But then given the propensity of PSH suing left to right, might have taken the police to press release about this case.

    • suppose the first one who reveal kakao was P team wasnt it ? because they want to response to B interviewed who defended A ‘rape case at that time so his team revealed the kakao B conspired or dictated A to brought down PSH , then P team revealed how A was lying when she said she didnt contacted K after she filed for rape only then that A side revealed the full kakao as she claimed it was only part kakao which P side revealed .
      correct me if what my understanding is wrong .

    • Let’s not forget K’s own long, detailed interviews to the press. LOL
      And who the heck released/leaked PSH’s onw testimony in the media? I remember reading it here, it was huge and timelined.

    • I don’t get your point since there are standards that a police station has to live up to and rules to follow. It doesn’t matter if PSH team leaked stuff or not, what matters is that the police did and they broke the law when they are supposed to enforce the law.

      • pls specify what stuffs did police leak? the cctv piggyback? did anyone see it?

      • @sally – no one had seen the piggyback CCTV footage except the police and those involved closely with the case. It hasn’t been leaked yet in the press, only the info that it exists. Has anyone here seen it?

      • @CL if so i am totally lost at all of the fuss about police break the law with all of the leaks, what we all read police made press conference 2days ago to hand over the case to prosecutors and explaination on why they advice 2counts of charges, P K failed lie was part of police decision to consider A statement is consistent wasn’t it allowed police must explain?

      • sally – it beats me too. I think Purme, PSH’s legal team, has a problem with the information about the piggyback CCTV being leaked to the press, not with the fact that the actual footage was released, which it wasn’t so far.

      • The Prosecutor is the one who is allowed to hold press conferences if he so wishes, the cops aren’t (from what I have gathered). It’s in the Korean law and constitution.

      • Where did you read the whole law code that police notallowed to hold a press con? From psh4u? They only interpreted articles that support him. I bet you can find another article in support of the police , its just not being translated.
        Why would the police knowingly broke the law in front of the whole nation by holding a press con?

        It’s good that he pulled himself out of the nomination. I can already imagine if he won , half of his fellow actors might boooo him instead of applauding. Not every fellow actor will be on his side. Wonder which side MCW and MGY are on? Knowing how clean and upright they are in leading their lives they might disapprove of his 1 night stand+ very impaired girl from alcohol.

      • @ sally, it was reported that the media got some info about the investigation from unnamed sources in the police. And before the latest press conference, there were other occasions of info being released to the media.
        Of course there should be fuss if the police are perceived to be not 100% impartial. The police, as the authorities, are expected to adhere to higher standards of integrity and professionalism than the other parties involved in the case. After all, SK is not a police state, and most of us here live in countries where fairness and justice are basic expectations of the authorities.

      • @ luce, could you kindly share with us the article in support of the police, whether translated or not?

      • @febe if u are talking the leak of lie detector result , do u mean the police lied when they officially announced it wasn’t leak from their part?
        as for cctv piggyback ,if P can sue police for this footage leak then he must also sue bar owner who revealed earlier footage of A could walk free, all these suing everyonr are really going crazy , the only sane thing he sue is when he sue B FOR defamation lol

      • @ sally, I only commented that the media claimed that they got some info from unnamed source in the police, which probably means that the media is saying that they did not get this particular info from official sources. So this ties in to the police announcing that they did not release this info officially. Why and how do you come to the conclusion that they lied? Sorry, but I don’t understand your reasoning.

        I seemed to have missed the reports that PSH is suing (as in filing a legal suit against) the police? Acoording to Ms Ockoala, PSH’s lawyers filed an official grievance report with the Civil Rights Commission and National Police Inspector General, which to me, sounds more like a complaint than a suit.

      • I thght everyone has seen the piggyback cctv. It was the first thing that got leaked. It was evrywhere on korean sites.

  18. I was a victim of a severe beating no reason and when I went to the police in an African country I was told that I should have accepted the man’s sexual advances.

    Huh? I did not even know the man what money would I accept

    since then I am very vocal violence against women

    in this case it does not matter that the alleged rapist is a famous korean actor the police seem to biased against the man now will the courts do what the police did not do ?

    • you seem dont follow or read all of the evidence against him and just read what his lawyer shouting outloud in the media, read all source of evidence not just he say . it is his lawyer job to poke hole on everyone involved to win this case for his client even how irrelevant to the case.

  19. So his fans think getting him a popularity award by voting 100 times each (anyone with that amount of time on their hands is a child) will mean he’s innocent because “look oppa is so popular still with international fans”?! Wow. And to think, this is coming from the next generation of women….

    • I think its a stretch to say that. First of all voting costs money so for them to vote 100 times they would each have to pay at the very least $50 and above plus tax(and I think there is a limit.) Second I don’t believe any PSH fan thinks that voting for him will mean he is innocent of a criminal charge (that’s hyperbole on your part) as those two things aren’t related. Thirdly, if they did vote it was to show him support which is their prerogative.

    • The voting is only open to Korean fans, not international fans. So why does his Korean fans wanting to vote for him having anything to do with his popularity with international fans?
      Why do non-fans or fans or the general public who do not believe that he is innocent have so much time on their hands to continuously bash his fans who may not believe he is guilty? And why are there people who are so delusional to think that his fans think getting popularity awards have any bearing on whether he is innocent or not?

    • Hello friend only korean fans get to vote. I would have voted too notbecause I love harabeoji sihoo too death but because hewas good in that rol. Even better than his role in his most famous work.

  20. Thx Koala for the really neutral and great statement. I love your blog very much and i think you speak many people from the heart. There are far too many fanatical fans out there.

    Maybe A is a nice girl, maybe A is really not a angel, i really don´t care. but I find it nauseating…disgusting, like PSH lawyers is trying to dig dirt and to portray A as a whore without real evidence. that is not important and for sure don´t prove it his innocence. i find it pathetic, how to try his lawyers and fanatical fans with rumors about A (for the example that fake porn video) to destroy her reputation, but complain in same sentence about PSH reputation.

    I don´t give a crape and it doesn’t matter to me, what B says. I have not believed her first statement and their second was even worse. B is each case a terrible friend and person.

    It is how Koala said, a drunk girl was piggybacked into his apartment (proved), threw up in the elevator and bathroom (statement K) and ended up having sex twice with PSH. (his words) This is more than enough proof for every thinking person, that something is not right. In addition, the guys failed lie detector twice and she passed twice. Also the lie detector is in total 6x wrong? Really?

    I unterstand doubts, i understand hope from his loving fans but i dont unterstand people, there are still 100% believe in his innocence.

    • Lie detector tests cannot tell whether one is lying or not, they only detect changes to physiological responses. They are often unreliable and depend on the questions asked. There is a reason that its hardly used in the US court as it is unreliable and its not a hard science like DNA test, gun residue, etc.

    The rape kit might have indeed revealed something more..a sign that somethng forceful had happened.

    Pardon my being so graphic here…but if the woman is drunk, dizzy, weak from vomitting, losing consciousness- in a sex act – she will not be sensually aroused- get the drift? that thing needed to “lubricate” her down inside there will not be present at all- she could have been dry as a bone- then came his forceful thrusts- result? injury, lacerations in the lining inside her “v” that are evidences too. so thats what perhaps the injury they wrote on the report and ofcourse medical experts are knowledgeable to distinguish it frm just simply rough sex. medical findings dont lie.

    • If they had this evidence they wouldn’t have needed to give them lie detector tests or have the case take so long. He would have been jail right now and already charged by the prosecutor. Plus didn’t the police release a report from a ob-gyn who said there were no injuries?

      • then what does the report stating charges of rape, semi-rape, and “injury-resulting-from-rape” means. she did not have a black eye, or bruises on her body- where else can that injury be?

      • since psh & k wanted to discredit any injuries with saying A wanted rough sex. but both of them failed the lie detector test.
        so where do you think her injury was? on her toenail? geez

      • The investigation was wraped up rather fast imo, roughly in a month, and perhaps would’ve finished sooner if PSH had cooperated with the police from the beginning. He presented himself for interrogation on March 1st and the police announced their investigation closed on 2 April.

        I’m not familiar with Korean laws, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I understood that only prosecution has the right to officially charge someone, not the police.

        And if you could please post links of/or news sites names containing previous forensics/ob-gyn reports. I don’t remember reading anywhere something like that, only the drug test results.

      • Maybe you should all re-read my post again lol. First of all I said the prosecutor is the one who charges the defendant, I did not say it was the police. The police only recommend.
        Secondly, having major bruising in the vagina is very strong evidence. If you have such evidence why bother with lie detector tests? For example the India gang rape case, they already have evidence of the rape in the victim’s body, do you think they are wasting time having the defendants go through lie detector tests? (FYI the sexual organ can actually get lubricated during rape, it has a mind of its own sometimes).
        I have a low opinion of the police handling of the case so I’m skeptical of them and the charges they brought. They have been so incompetent, the leaks and they also broke the law. I also prefer to question everything whether its from a person of authority or not as no one is infallible.
        In regards to the Ob-gyn report I read it in this blog somewhere not sure if it was the post or comments section. I’m too lazy to go look for it and that is why I put a question mark at the end. (Feel free to do so).
        Wasn’t it the general consensus that the cops were taking too long a few PSH posts ago? Lol! Now they aren’t?

      • @shiku
        i read the police charge 2nd count assault for there were some wound in her genital and why they need lie test for K n P version that A wanted aggressive sex , if what they told were truth then this explained how the wound come about but the test showed they lied lol

      • @shiku – you talked about PSH already being jailed if the police would have had stronger evidences against him, but why would they do that if he wasn’t yet oficially charged by the prosecution? Let’s wait and see what the prosecution will decide in the future. Imprisonment without trial is seen as a contradiction to the idea that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

        Regarding forensics results released in the media, I think it was something about PSH’s DNA being found on A, but didn’t mention if any injuries were found or not. Perhaps the police waited to conclude their investigation to announce that bomb.

        And you compare that crime against humanity of a gang rape in India with this? Is PSH a danger to public safety like those 6 animals were so they had to be arrested on the spot? There are grades and levels among people who commit felonies too.

        I think the general consensus awhile ago was suspicions arising against PSH because he was postponing his first police interrogation, not that the police was slow during the investigation. But yeah, WTH was the police waiting for when they could have made him a visit instead, especially when he postponed the second time his appearance? IMO the police was beyond reasonable with star PSH, favoring him against the alleged victim A. They sat on their asses waiting for a crime suspect to waltz in whenever his heart pleases. Nice.

      • Rather curious about some of the comments made. How did the commenters know that A did not have bruises on her face or body, since I don’t think we ever got to see her face or body?
        I also don’t remember K (not P since he never said anything except that it was consensual) saying that A wanted rough sex, but rather she was an active or “aggressive” participant?
        The general consensus was that the police were too slow in the conduct of the investigation, and that includes their allowing PSH to postpone his interview. But I read that the police did not issue the “summons” for the first interview to P, but instead to his ex-manager(?), and this “mistake” probably contributed to the delay. I’m not certain that summons which are served on someone else other than the actual party are valid, because they sure aren’t valid in my part of the world.

      • @febe
        If indeed she had bruises on face and body IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ALL OVER THE NEWS.
        but for you to suggest ? that there “might have been” bruises on face and body is just like agreeing to the possibility that there’s violence involve..right?

    • @ jez, actually I was wondering how giny knew that “she did not have a black eye, or bruises on her body”? and whether this was reported and I missed it? So according to what you say and in caps too, if there were such injuries, it would have been reported, but since it wasn’t reported, then your conclusion is that there weren’t such injuries?

      I’m rather taken aback that my trying to glean more info about what giny said becomes “suggesting that there were bruises and agreeing that there’s violence involved?” So…not right. And please do not suggest or agree to things on my behalf, I can speak for myself, you do not speak for me.

      But considering the police are recommending indictment for “injuries resulting from rape”, I’m interested to know the nature of injuries for which the police wish to indict him. I don’t think it was disclosed or reported?

      • Well obviously since the claim was that it was not consensual, and on how very open the reports were, a black eye and bruises will definitely be revealed at once in the preliminary reports, because having such visible injuries are quite serious and relevant to that claim. For those who are so “keen” on that CCTV footage saying she was so normal and even smiling and toying with her hair when she left his apartment – did she seem to be suffering any “outside” visible injuries? none right?
        So not to be misunderstood, try to keep your comments consistent, if you “believe” she has not even a single tiny little bit of injury from the root tips of her hair to her toe then state so.

      • Given that point of discussion, where could her possible injuries (if not in the genitalia) will the Medical Examiner conclude “injuries resulting from rape” be? on her elbow perhaps? will they say “oh look she has a cut on her elbow, therefore we conclude it’s rape.” did psh rape her elbow perhaps.

  22. @Violet

    that is highly possible, expert medical examiners can even determine whether an assault victim is unconscious or not, based on the angle, the degree, the severity of lacerations deducing on the injuries, tear on delicate tissues and muscles. medical findings are not rumours or hearsay that can be dismissed, these are evidences based on reliable scientific methods.

      • I don’t know how PSH fans can support him so blindly…..
        He admitted to consensual sex…
        .. that A was drunk and threw up several times
        K said ‘ the sex was aggressive ‘ (probably from PSH’s side because I don’t know how a inebriated girl can be aggressive)
        If you look at the time line….
        They met at 11 pm …..drank for a couple of hours and were in PSH’s place around after 1pm.
        We know she was very drunk …she had to carried in.
        So you need just common sense to figure out that the girl was in no state for consensual sex. I don’t think PSH meant to rape her or thought it was rape. ….
        But he was getting off on an unconscious girl……twice…..Ewwwww

    • @violet @giny
      you are absolutely correct that the medical examination or “rape test kit” can reveal the DNA of persons involved, position(s) of intercourse, the timing of intercourse, and other genital trauma to a very detail level. They often utilize a colposcopic (magnifying scope) examination to reveal stuff that can’t be seen with naked eyes.
      The team that performs medical examination includes physician, sexual assault nurse examiner, and sexual assault forensic examiner.
      If you read Rape Investigation Handbook by John O.Savino, Brent E. you’ll be amazed at what they can discover through the rape kit test, a very detailed information to the level of “shape of tear” “angle of his penis” “how deep the penetration”, enzymes released by the body, etc as if I am actually watching the show CSI.

      If through medical exam, they determined that the position of sex included the woman on top, then the rape accusation is difficult to prove, I think. But if a woman is raped in the missionary position, the forensic exam will likely reveal injury to the external opening of vagina between 5:00 and 7:00. I think the forensic evidence can reveal whether forced intercourse had likely to have occurred or not.

      This is why I believe in the police statement, because they can’t fudge this type of evidence. I read some people had said that police made unfairly determination on the rape medical results based on their own (supposedly bias) opinion. No way! Police can’t make this stuff up,it’s beyond their expertise. In my opinion, there must be enough forensic evidence (as well as others) for the police to recommend an indictment.

  23. @Violet
    oh my if that is the evidence..that can be serious.
    im not a psh fan, but i never actually thought he might be convicted of rape, sexual assault maybe a diff degree. but if indeed the medical findings proves rape, it has turned for the worst.

    • @raisins
      “You never thought he might be convicted of rape, sexual assault …”
      The fact is everyone of us will come a time when we choose to cross the line by succumb to negative thoughts such as Lust in PSH and K case. It can happen to you if your mind becomes weak or having a tough time or anything unhappy events that make you weak in the future. As for PSH, it most likely that his fame corrupt him (such as constant praise from everyone, and success that makes him arrogant and lonely, etc). Many possibilities.

      • i hv the same thought that P might hv become arrogant for many peoples adored n praise him especially for his kissing scenes so he thought all girls would going crazy can hv 1 night stand with him whether drunk or not , very stupid.

    • Just look at the case of Joo Ji Hoon who was “only” sued for drug abuse. He immediately had been put on the blacklist of the major broadcaststations (SBS, KBS, MBC). After serving community service he left for military service. And he returned last year. Joo Ji Hoon was so lucky to get this role in “Five Fingers” (and it was a leading role!) but I think he is still on ban for KBS and MBC.

      So looking at PSH’s case – I think we won’t see him on the small screen for a LONG time. Because usually the actors they want for dramas have clean image.

  24. Charges~ Semi-Rape or not… Park ASShi Hoo will still be labelled as RAPIST forever.
    Nominee for most popular actor??? Ohh! He will surely WIN because of his RAPE case! Popular as RAPIST!

    • Nobody deserves to be called “Names” forever especially when they atone for their wrongdoing. Do you like it if someone calls “you a Liar forever” just because you lied once or twice or several times ?

  25. im not fangirl of park shi ho but i really wish a settlement will be done !! dont know why !! maybe i love his work !! but surly he is still wrong and needs to be punished !! uff
    thanks for the update !!

    • if the prosecutor also find P is guilty for semi rape charges its already too late to settle, they will all battle in the court

  26. What a sad situation. I prefer to wait for the determination of the prosecutor. I know from personal experience that you can not believe anything that you read in the press. So many time we read stories where we are left questioning how can someone be so stupid or why in the world would someone do something like that? After my personal experience I learned that what is printed or reported on TV news is not always what really happened. The truth gets either twisted or the facts are not really known so the media just report whatever will sell or get the most ratings. I really don’t know if A was raped or if this was only a case of morning after “man I can’t believe I really slept with someone I just met?”. Maybe she went home and just could not admit to her parents that she had just had a one night stand. I can understand her being ashamed and then everything getting blown out of proportion. I am sure it is not unheard of for two tipsy or drunk people sleeping together. She could have been acting very willing but woke up the next morning sorry she ever slept with him. PSH? Well yes it is not a good idea to sleep with someone on the first day you meet but is it unheard of? Just because he is a star or from a wealthy family does that make the situation any worse? Should we hold him to a higher standard? Please don’t tell me about their age differences. If they were just dating or if they were going to get married no one would be complaining. How many other stars date and marry much younger women? If he did rape her then he deserves to be held accountable but if this was not rape then this is a terrible precedent to make. Every other girl could go out and claim rape after sleeping with someone they hardly knew and then felt guilty about their bad decision. As a woman and a mother I feel for both parties. My sister was raped. She was an innocent young lady, she was were she was suppose to be. She was attack by an animal. No question she was raped. I am not placing blame on A but she is not a child she knew what she was doing when she went drinking with two men, one of whom she had never met. How many of us has ever done something we were ashamed of after? Why put yourself in a situation that is just not right? I really don’t know what happened but I do pray that justice will be served whatever the outcome. Please don’t try to tell me the facts as you have read them to be. Like I stated earlier I know the facts that have been reported are probably not correct so I refuse to make a judgement from what is probably distorted information. Let’s leave it up to the prosecutor.

      • No, I really am not the whole situation is just too mixed up. Like I said my experience with the press has really taught me to not believe the facts as presented by the press. Just about every fact in our case was reported incorrectly in the papers and the TV news. It was like our horrible situation was just an opportunity for the media’s own interests. I really feel for A and PSH I would not wish their situation on my best friend.

      • And still you already put the blame on A for having drinks with two men. I don’t see you blaming PSH for drinking with a stranger.

        You know, in my country, two cases made it to the news where women faked rape. The result wasn’t more girls claiming rape, but real rape victims being doubted “you just faked it”. *that* is the reals danger, that true rape victims will have it even harder to be believed.

    • @turthbetold
      yeah we can see YOU are exactky like P lawyer blame the whole nation is in conspiracy against him to bring him down include the police investigation
      another delusional fan

  27. Sorry you feel I am judging A. I really don’t mean to be. I am also not a crazed PSH fan. I just wanted to relate that you can not pass judgement just from what you have read in the press. If PSH is guilty I pray he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I also believe if he is innocent his life should not be destroyed. I did not mean that A was asking to be molested. I just meant that this case can be an example of what can happen when we put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations. It is easy to pass judgement on people from just what you have read in the press but I just won’t do it.

    • Truthhbetold, i understand what you mean. But it’s that kind of thinking that makes a woman a “responsible victim” by default. Even if there was a video footage of what happened and positive drug test, people following that thinking would still say ” she shouldnt be drinking with two guys”.
      You sister was in the “right place”. Would you think her responsible, or think it any less a rape when it had happened elsewhere, or she had made some ‘misjudgement’ of the situation?
      That is all i wanted to point out.

  28. @TruthbeTold

    The latest interview/details relayed through the press is not the media’s fabrication or wild imagination -they are statement from the police- the result of their investigation, the result of medical investigation.
    What PSH supporters should do is pray that his team has strong defense against those evidences, instead of yakking about A, the police, the media.

  29. There is so much noise in the periphery with all these press releases, lawsuits and counter lawsuits, but I hope the prosecutor won’t take too long to decide whether to indict PSH or not, and not get distracted by the circus it has turned into. Thanks Koala for the updates!

  30. 1) Granted that information had been leaked to the media- but that doesn’t make those info/ evidences false.
    2) The police had been lenient to psh too. He kept on postponing, he was summoned twice, huh? but his fans keep saying they’ve been cruel to him.
    Cruelty is they grabbed him now handcuffed him, and put him in jail without bail, that is cruelty.
    3) if the news is favorable to psh they side with it, if not they curse the media
    4) a hypocritical disclaimer ‘i’m not his fan’ but are spewing daggers towards A.
    5) Suing police, media for leaking information will not prove those evidences as untrue.
    6) His team should work on countering the evidences first, prove his innocence.
    7) if he wins the case, then that’s the time he can say, ‘see, ive been innocent all along, now i can sue you all to my content.’
    8) because he’s case, the original charge – the rape/assault -should be handled separately from his discontent case towards how the police/media.

  31. Quite surprise by PSH did it “Twice” when all along we thought it was only once. Do anyone know what happen when A woke up in the middle of the second intercourse ?
    It may sounds a little over thinking. This case (especially K’s actions) makes me think if it is common for those powerful guys in the K-entertainment industry and actors semi-rape actresses (who choose to remain silent ?). If this is common, then no surprise those suspects won’t even think that A will report to the police since many victims didn’t.

    • Selling the trainees for sex has almost became the industry norm. There have been too many scandals involving agencies forcing their trainees to sleep with producers, politicians, seniors, and CEOs for a part or promise. In the last few years there have been more cases being reported although it’s still a small percentage due to victim being fearful of condemnation. I think the law enforcement has taken the issue much more seriously too. Singer Ali was date raped by her hoobae , when she came foward about her experience, the public condemned her for writing a song about the pain of rape saying it’s inappropriate.. She cried & ended up apologizing. Her offender was only sentenced for 2 yrs.

      Celebrity Go young Wook sexually assaulted and raped young trainees.

      Newly Actress jang Ja Yeon committed suicide after being forced to have sex with people.

      Openworld CEO only got a few years in prison for sexually assaulting trainees

      There are so many unreported cases because the girl will be called slut gold digger and the rapist only gets light punishment.

      Recently there’s an article abt sexual favors in korean entertainment industry.
      How much Sexual favors cost?

      Former celebrity trainee revealed, “I was a minor at the time but still received countless offers to go out and drink with (the higher officials). There are actual entertainment agencies who downgraded into becoming brokers to hook up trainees with sponsors.”

      A broker revealed, “We have the profiles of celebrity trainees, students majoring in the fine arts, miscellaneous works like home shopping stars, as well as trainees under bigt name agencies. It costs the sponsor $250 for one meet up with a trainee. If the trainee is young or from a bigger agency, the cost rises to the $800 to $1,000 USD range. Sponsors are asked to make appointments the day before and are required to be registered in the client list.”

      • Sayuri, a Jap actress in Korea revealed about the sexual favors recently .”Sayuri: “After Declining Sexual Favors, I was Cut From TV Programs” she also claimed that celebrities in both Korea and Japan are good at lying while discussing under the topic, “lies.” Sayuri explained, “Once, a male celebrity who is known for his naive and innocent image asked me to be friends with him, saying that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Later, I found out that he was living with another woman. It was shocking.”

        It’s all about public image. Never get fooled by them.

      • Wow, thanks ! I read about “Actress Jang Ja Yeon” case. Very sad as those 30+ “guests” are horrible people. These actresses are being exploited like sex slaves just because they are beautiful women. Some of these men want to use these kind of favors to control these actresses. It’s definitely tougher for actresses to raise up in this industry. May be women rights group need to speak out against such favors.
        I definitely agree about these celebrities aren’t as perfect as they seem unless they are proven to be in real life.

      • If victims will continually be ashamed and afraid, the criminals will continue to oppress, hurt, rape women as much as the want because no one is brave enough, these bastardly deeds must have to end!

      • YES very good post, Luce, the double standards are everywhere and this case is just a tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem.

        That’s the very reason why also dramas perpetuating such behaviour and sterotyping of women should not be tolerated, either But everything is about double standards- beautiful package, can be rotten inside.

        Lately, the fansite of park shi hoo pposted info about a friend of the family helping- well the family sure is calling all the contacts they can to soften the blow. I

      • Thanks @Luce. I don’t think it’s just the females who are being sold….I’d say men and women of power are exploiting their youth in the K-entertainment business. And, it is a business transaction from day one. In a lot of instances, the kids with “stars” in their eyes are deluding themselves and their parents becoming fame whores imo. That’s their drug of choice unless they cannot take sleeping with old ppl.

        It seems that fandoms are just an add-on to maintaining this cycle of abuse.

        Being from the West, we know about gilded-ness especially after seeing so many high-profile individuals fall from grace. So of course this reader believes close to NOTHING actors say in interviews about their lives (if I read them) when in “promoting mode”. Spin, spin, spin that web…..It’s a shame these types of activities go on but they do all over the world. Some fans just opt out of the reality of the business, because *look, there’s oppa* is going on.

  32. Leeteuk once said , ”Antis are fans too.” And I realized now this is true. The ones that are criticizing him now are also the same people who probably just a few months ago who would say,”KYAAAA PARK SI HOO !!!” And this is weird because they were probably bigger fans than me.

    If you could fangirl over him for hours, watched his dramas for days and maybe over and over again in the past….There must be something about him that you liked.

    Now that he’s accused of rape, you just turn your back on him. You cant hold that ‘like’ a little longer and wait for the prosecutor or the judge decisions? I think it is still too soon to pass judgement on him.

    Fans get criticised for being harsh on ‘A’ but arent some people the same way towards PSH?

    Is he innocent? Maybe not.
    Is he quilty? Probably. But isnt it too soon to call him a rapist, a criminal, throw curses at him, his family and I ‘ve read his future daughter. Why so eager to throw stone at him when nothing been decided yet.

    I dont hate ‘A’. I cant hate someone I dont know. Yes there are fans who does that. I would like to tell them not to. Why waste on your emotions. Turn that hate into channeling more support for PSH. Hating on A doesnt make things better. We still have a long way to go. And he needs all the strengh he can get.

    If people want to talk let them. It’s their mouths and their fingers that’s typing after all. People only see what they want to see. We cant fight every battle.

    And it’s useless to go on and on about the police findings. We have already moved on from the police… time to focus on the prosecutor.

    • Of course not all those who wants to throw stones at PSH used to be fans. There are the ‘human right activists’ too.

    • Well as had been said over and over again, in this life you just cannot win everybody, some will side with you, and some will don’t. That is the natural course of things. And those who will not side with you…of course, yes indeed, you cannot restrict them if they want to express their views and opinions.
      Even if he had billions and billions of legions of fans, still there will be people who will stand up for what is right and just.

    • we who think HE is guilty for sleeping with drunk girls is bbecause logic tell us to think this way base on all of the evidence reported, and also because we think realistic a celebrity is NOT a holy saint whose conduct wont be deplorable
      some of the posters called him rapist might that THEY believe sleeping with drunk girl even without involved violence is called rape already.
      if P has more evidence a video maybe that showed A wasn’t drunk after the piggyback footage then again logic tell us P is definitely innocent of all charges
      i believe many of us didn’t sides with P is NOT because we want to hate him BUT because all of the evidence the police hv got so far

  33. @febe – the two situations – 1.lots of netizens beginning to get suspicious of PSH in the period before he appeared for questioning for failing to respond to 3 police summons and 2.people thinking that the whole investigation was sluggish – don’t have to be mutually exclusive: they can coexist temporally or overlapping with no problems at all. And it is a matter of subjectivity and biasness of a certain netizen too, as he can’t possibly read every article/forum out there about this case. I clearly said previously that “I think the general consensus was…”, clearly implying a subjective position, but you in return unequivocally stated “The general consensus was….” Well, I hope you can prove it with more than just words.

    People starting to doubt PSH was coupled with blasting the police for allowing repeated postponings of interrogation to happen. Now, I have never read that the overall investigation was slow, but rather incompetent and passive only until PSH personally went for interrogation, yes. Could you post some articles links or point me to websites where people were generally complaining about the slow investigation, please? The whole investigation, not just prior to PSH’s first official police appearance.

    Here are links to articles/sites that have the majority of commenters noting that PSH’s repeated postponings or him wanting to transfer the case to another police station for investigation were making him look bad, guilty etc; or they were starting to lose faith in him; or the position of conferring benefit of doubt/neutrality in the case was shaken, remarking that his legal team mediaplaying the situation and him hiding behind press statements instead of going straight to the police is not making his position look favourable/sympathetic:

    the articles include comments from Korean sites such as naver and nate too


    And even here, on Koala, people were discussing this; if you care to read some of the comments on articles written before PSH finally attended the the police questioning. Koala herself wrote something about PSH’s postponings not helping him much in looking innocent or that he genuinely wishes to cooperate(I’m paraphrasing from memory, so she might have used other words to express something similar)

    PSH’s soompi forum had similar comments on PSH’s repeated delays in questioning in that period too.

    Also, the police had their hands full with PSH’s side countersuing various parties left and right for conspiracy, blackmail and whatnot, and they had to investigate those too. I think they moved those lazy, bureaucratic asses rather quick considering those countersues and the amount of media circus and media play surrounding the main sexual assault accusation. I won’t comment much on whom I believe really delayed considerably the rape investigation in this case.

    I haven’t read anywhere about the police sending PSH’s former management the first interrogation summon instead of PSH. Can you post the link of the source, please?
    At best, I found a public statement of the CEO of the company, right after it was reported in the media that PSH is accused of rape, on 18 Febr. The CEO stated that he he can’t comment on the issue because he couldn’t reach PSH for confirming the facts. While trying to contact him, PSH already gave a press release in which claimed the sex was consensual.
    You can read it here: omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/10658698.html

    And how can you explain PSH postponing twice the interrogation on 24th Febr? He had to present himself at 10AM, then called in to say he can arrive only at 7PM, then around 5PM his legal team called in again stating unforseen circumstances impedes PSH to come to the station. The police warned that they will produce an arrest warant if PSH fails a fourth time to present himself for interrogation. The first summon was made out to him on 16-17 Febr., and PSH made his public statement on 18 Febr. Meanwhile he had changed twice his legal team, he even tried to change the police station before the 24th Febr summon. So if oficially he was aware of the rape allegations on 18th February, with him possibly finding out sooner on the 16th, why would you think that this delayed him in any way to appear for questioning? It doesn’t make sense. I still believe that the police was lenient to him because he’s a celebrity and they didn’t took at first A’s allegations too seriously, as typical in a patriarchal system. Perhaps the piggyback footage made them consider the possibility more closely and gravely. Taking this initial leniency of the police for PSH into account, Purme’s accusations that the police sided with A throughout the investigation sound ridiculous and baseless imo. Just because there was more evidence submining PSH’s position than A’s accusation, doesn’t mean the police was biased. Anyway, now everything is in the prosecutors hands.
    Of course, it’s also possible that initially the police waited a bit for both parties to reach a settlement before deciding to pursue matters more vigorously.

    @sara – I want to see the piggyback CCTV, so could you post a link, a website name that have it? I only found a youtube video of the bar owner’s interview, and I looked through various Korean news sites. Until now, I haven’t seen any CCTV of the 3 disccused in the case: bar entrance, piggyback, A in the elevator leaving PSH’s apartment.

    And my final opinion on this case is that no amount of netizen analysis on this case can ever change the outcome of the results of the investigation. It’s just a matter of time until prosecutors will clean up the case by deciding to re-investigate, or to proceed for trial or not. Not enough evidence, or enough evidence to pursue in court. End of story.

  34. yap i am one of his fans…but i love the truth and insight…….
    .if he does the rape, he deserves to get punished…but everyone can make a mistake in his life …as for him he made the bad decision at that night. he may not be a inborn bad person…so i hope the truth comes out soon…i am still his fan even if he did this and support him mentally.. don’t hate him so much
    .now he may regret about that event (having sex with A) and it is a black spot in his life even if the result is his innocence..

    i wish the best for his future to live happily…but i love the truth..

  35. When he regret his actions (and not to be found out) then he should go as soon as possible to the police and tell the truth. And i don´t think, he did tell the whole truth and lied to one or other point and that made the police suspicious…

    I don´t think he is a really bad and evil person, but he did a big mistake and consequences must be there for justice.

    How are the realistic chances for his career? Is he banned by the big tv stations? Can the scandel forgive/forgotten after a few years? I watch K-dramas about 3 years and i´m not so familar with K-dramaland and scandals.
    He is no longer young with 36, and even a long break is probaly the end?

    • His overblown case of self-entitlement and self importance. inflated self esteem, conceit and arrogance, brought about such thinking that he can get away with anything. no one should be above the law.

    • it depends on him..if he did that thing and not to be found out, in reality as a man , he should admit the truth..but if we r in his place( condition ) we dare to admit ??? it is a question.. even though i tell i love the truth..can i admit ? 🙂 it is the selfishness in unconscious mind of every one i think.
      if he admits, he is hero..cos even his fault is not found out, he can do such a brave event without considering the bad impact on his career and social life.
      i am now in a state of dilemma.. that is, i want him to be a responsible man for his action if he did the rape, if so we may not see him on TV show and he may be discriminated in future as a rapist…
      or i want to see him on TV drama with more success and a happily living perfect life ..:)

  36. Wow.. do you guys really think that this rape accusation is 100% correct? How many of you even really looked hard into this case and know the FACTS, not the crap the media gives you? The media that has been around ever since it has been introduced, do you really think it is 100% accurate? Do you people think they will always be loyal and would never twist a story because that would be just despicable?

    PSH here is capable of being innocent and highly likely at that. Being a rape victim isn’t something to joke around about. This “A” person acts as if this whole case is a whole joke. When you are a person that was raped, do you go straight to the news station to report it first before the police? Because that is EXACTLY what she did.

    How many of you actually read the text messages “A” exchanged?



    A rape victim would never act as if rape is a funny thing. Her text messages reveals to us her true intentions, sitting there “kekekeing” about how his life will me ruined and how much money she will get out of this if she wins.

    Her statements are also extremely illogical. She claims she was raped twice, but how do you remember how many times you were raped when you’re knocked out cold?

    If anyone believes “A” is the “innocent” one here, do explain yourselves. I would love to hear your side. Explain to me all this illogical bs talk and txt message convos that was leaked out to us.

    This whole thing is stupid and it’s even more ridiculous how many of you sit there, deciding that PSH is a rapist with the lack of evidence. What, are you the prosecutor now? Were you at the scene of the crime?

    Society is becoming more stupid, generation after generation. smfh.

    • All the questions and comments have been addressed by the blogger, ockoala. Please go back to the first post and start reading ockoala’s posts.

    • @CommonSense : it’s really sad to say that this PSH rape allegation has left many sectors pointing fingers at each other.Let’s pray that truth will prevail.
      Btw, i have a friend who was raped and the reaction waTOTALLY DIFFERENT from that of miss A. She ddn’t stay on like miss A in the place of the man after she found out that something did happen when she woke up.she immediately took off.just wondering…what’s with miss A even being able to text?!…hmmmph!

      • One victim cannot be compared to another, from the difference of situations, to coping physically, emotionally. there might have lots of reasons why she wasnt able to leave immediately, could still be weak frm drunk vomitting from that early morning, or disoriented and in denial of what happened to her. her staying and texting had not proven either that she was not violated.

  37. Have the sounds of crickets dominated his fan site, and boredom drove you here again, to stir noise for him again?
    oh well if you’re going to do that i hope you might as well check your statements first.
    A did not go running to the media to expose him, she went to Counseling which then directed her to report to the police. Medical examination was standard procedure. Now would the medical team who did the examination be accused of fabrication too? Medical findings indicated injury resulting from rape, if you want to dispute their findings, join the medical field yourself.
    And those kekeke texts have been established as instructed for her to do, which the group of the accused fell for.

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