Li Yi Feng Turns 26 and Goes Retro Cool For New Magazine Spread

Li Yi Feng is one of my biggest C-drama biases and I’ve actually been keeping track of his career and dramas since he won my heart forever more in Sunny Happiness. He’s absolutely adorable and a really promising young actor. He just turned 26 years old this week and I actually did an about take realizing how much he’s matured since he broke into the industry as a week teenager. Last year he was in Love Actually with Joe Cheng and Lee Da Hae, and I was really looking forward to such a high-profile project for him. The official stills were adorable, the previews were cute, and the music was totally addicting. I was all geared up for another crack drama with my boy until I watched episode 1 and felt like someone going to a party all dolled up and falling face first into a puddle of mud. The over-acting and over-directing was ridiculous all-around, and by episode three I felt my brain dying and I had to stop. To this day I wish someone made a Li Yi Feng cut of that drama so I can watch it. He’s got a couple of dramas in the bank that I’m waiting to be released – the high profile drama adaptation of the modern C-novel Tiny Time with Ivy Chen and Peter Ho and a cute bickering period drama with Ying Er. Since SH ended, I actually haven’t liked a single project from any of the three leads – Mike He has been in successive sucky dramas Love Keeps Going and Spring Love, while Janine Chang has done well acting wise such as in Ring Ring Bell or Fairytale but those dramas were simply terrible. I’m hoping there hasn’t been the “curse of SH” or something like that, where the one drama I loved from beginning to end isn’t some sort of anomaly for the actors involved. I’ll stop over-thinking things and just appreciate this great new photo spread featuring my Feng Feng in a retro setting with outdated appliances, dusty books, and one very old bicycle. He actually has this old school feel as an actor-singer, a quiet confidence that feels bright and airy. 


Li Yi Feng Turns 26 and Goes Retro Cool For New Magazine Spread — 11 Comments

  1. I actually love this guy myself! I saw him in both ‘Happy and Love Forever’ and ‘Sunny Happiness’. I actually am not a fan of SH at all! Found it extremely boring at times and dragged with the whole – wife being in a wheel chair so I have to be with her – track. But I liked HALF, and he superb in it, and I actually went through the whole of SH for him. He’s adorable and a really promising actor. I really hope he can do some more good projects!

  2. Oh Feng Feng! I love him as an actor, but I still haven’t seen him in a project I really loved. And is it just those shots, or did I really never notice how BIG his feet are!

    • It’s not his feet. It’s the awful shortpants without socks trend striking again (*running to buy more socks and pack them up for him, too*). I cannot wait for this style to go out of style. These pictures are more proof that they really do not look good on anyone and ruin great outfits. I am still not buying that a “glimpse” of ankle is supposed to be sexy. Does this many need help with looking sexy *cough* I mean interesting? (note to self–remember–young enough to be your son. young enough to be your sone. younge enough to be your son. Just buys socks and move on)

      • Trotwood, could you get him him a new pair of pants at the proper length when you get the socks? The man capris are a fashion trend that need to die a quick death. Just, UGH.

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