First Peek at Mike He and Ady An Filming New GTV Idol TW-drama

That was easy – with one picture I’ve been sold on the upcoming new drama pairing of Ady An and Mike He. They are seriously adorable without being cloying. It is the first time working together for these two though collectively they have been in a good third of major Taiwan idol dramas if you add it all up. Mike got his big break pairing with Rainie Yang in Devil Beside You, and that image of him with cute Rainie stuck in my and many viewers minds for the longest time. So when Mike acted opposite Janine Chang in Sunny Happiness, I thought visually and chemistry-wise it would be a total bust, but it turned out to be perfect beyond belief. Ady reminds me a lot of Janine, their same willowy grace and cool lady-like image. They are similar in real life as well, very goofy and playful in direct contrast to the typical characters they are saddled with onscreen. I think Ady and Mike might just bring me back to loving him again. This time they both play rich characters, Ady is the precious daughter of a wealthy pig farmer while Mike is a rich executive heir who undergoes a reversal of fortune after he meets Ady’s crass rich princess. A cute little mini-pig named May (as in the month of May – Wu Yue) plays a big part as Ady’s pet and Mike’s nemesis/secret buddy. Ady posted the first pictures of her and Mike on set this week and their cuteness knows no bounds. This drama is tentatively titled Upper Class Crass Girl in Chinese so I’ll update once its gets an English title that makes sense. It just started filming and the air date is not yet firmed up though its airing on GTV (the same network currently airing Mike’s dreadful Spring Love). My guess is sometime in late Summer and I’ll be keeping an eye on the production.


First Peek at Mike He and Ady An Filming New GTV Idol TW-drama — 23 Comments

  1. Hahaha, this looks cute! Ady has a way of bringing out the best in her co-male leads so I have a feeling this drama is going to be very watchable. Mike and Ady looks like they will make a fun couple. 😀

  2. Ady is one of my favourite Chinese actresses. And I love the premise of this drama. I’m tired of the hard working bubbly poor heroin. Rich country girl with pig farming as the cash machine, sounds fun.

  3. I LOVED Ady An in Autumn’s Concerto, but none of her other stuff interested me…until now. Mike He is my current TW crush, as I am just coming off of watching Sunny Happiness and am in the middle of the over-the-top cheesiness of Bull Fighting. And I am going to slog through Spring Love, no matter what folks say 😀 So this news has made my week! Now if we could only get some news about Ming Dao…

    • Just an update on Ming Dao, he is currently shooting a Cdrama with Sun Li (its all over weibo and baidu a few weeks ago). Also he is doing SOP Queen 3 – which is a spin off from the first SOP. I believe its gonna be about Adam’s love story – which is gonna be super interesting because I loved Adam in Queen of SOP. I think its gonna start shooting around June and is co-produced by Yang Mi and Tang Yan. LOL! Been following him after he finished his service 😛

      Also… OMGOMGOMG!!! I adore them. Seriously, I could ship Mike and Ady in real life! They are so adorable, and I think I may just fall helplessly in love with May 😛 This one sure looks like a fun show to look out for, and I’m definitely sold!

  4. I am sorry, Mike He is overrated… Cannot act if his life depended on it. His two BFF Joe Cheng and Ethan Ruen are 1000-times better in the acting department. Maybe Mike He should join the army NOW and learn how to act from his buddies. Sunny Happiness worked due to Janine Chang and Li Yi Feng. Ady An is a great actress… She may have to carry the whole drama.

  5. I hope this is the drama that will make me like Mike again. I’m pretty meh when it comes to his dramas. I love super cute Ady. She really gets saddled with these boring-ish serious characters a lot. Hopefully this will be too hilarious for words 🙂 They are super cute together. 🙂 Jia you!

  6. They look so adorable together! They’re like kids. Must be fun on the set. Now I’m more excited about this drama because they seem to have a lot of chemistry together already. 😀

  7. Yay yay yay mike again ! I’m so inlove with him specially after sunny happiness ! Wow and the story (from title) seems cute ! Wooooha I can’t wait to see him ! I can never forget how great kisser he is like ! She is damn lucky ! Hahah

  8. awwwww i think this is sooooo cute!!! they make a good couple.. My first empression so far is really good… im loving it now!!! awww MIKE HE with a PIG! awww mike he fever is back!!

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