Video Preview for Episode 17 of King Flower

Episode 16 of King Flower was so good (minus the completely pointless and random Da Li and Ah Xi scenes at the end) that it deserves an early post discussing the preview for episode 17. I’ll post the additional video previews as its released and the written preview as well when the time comes, but I have to discuss this preview because it fits so snugly with the trajectory from episode 16. I look at Terry and here is a man who has lost everything in his life, personal and professional, and yet he stoically takes it all and still has room to take care of Da Hua. The way he tenderly puts her interests above his is simply mind blowing because at every juncture he could easily have been this self-centered arrogant ass and at every juncture he shows us that he’s much more complicated than he seems.ย Whereas Da Hua is so simple, and her simplicity is both her limitation and what makes her so attractive. She is good, and her goodness comes from being limited to a small world and growing up in love and affection. But compared to Liang Yen’s desire to escape and adventure, she is content with her life until she gets an offer she cannot refuse.

I thought it so telling that on the drive home, Terry pointed out that Da Hua ought to hate him for changing her appearance, but all she can see is that he stepped forward to help her and her family when they were at wits end. She only sees goodness in him, she understands his motives, she knows him much better than anyone else. It looks like Guan Jun is perceptive enough to register the change in Da Hua’s attitude and general demeanor now that she’s back, and considers whether she may be happier with Terry. I hope his announcement to the reporters that he and Da Hua are just siblings isn’t some sort of take one step back so that he can take two steps forward maneuver. I can’t stand to see Terry hurt. Right now Terry has no expectation or hope with Da Hua so I need her to either figure out she likes him or stay the heck away. TW-dramas are not into piggyback rides the way K-dramas throw it in every rom-com in existence, but I find myself looking forward to the Terry-Da Hua one with as much anticipation as the rain kiss raised in me last week. Right now everything KF is coming up rainbows and roses because of the newfounded possibility that my ship will sail.

I don’t think the scenes happened or will happen, despite how a billion percent shippy it is. It’s either Guan Jun’s imagination from what Xiao Fei said, or else its a flashback with Terry and Liang Yen. Or else SETTV can be super nice and prove me wrong and I will be the happiest Koala alive.

Preview for episode 16:

Random office dude: Big news! The Manager Du who has been working here for the last few months isn’t Du Liang Yen!

Xiao Fei: Jin Da Hua has been masquerading as Ouyang Tai’s fiancee for the last few months. They spend every waking moment together. Do you think they will fall in love after spending so much time together?

Ah Xi: Da Hua, have you fallen for Ouyang Tai?

Da Li: Guan Jun, can you really give my sister happiness?

Da Hua: Terry, you take care of yourself.

Terry: Likewise. Take good care of yourself.

Guan Jun: Could it be that she’s happier with Ouyang Tai?

Reporters: What is Miss. Jin Da Hua’s relationship with Ouyang Tai?

Guan Jun: Are you guys done?

Reporters: Mr. Lin Guan Jun, what is your relationship with Jin Da Hua?

Guan Jun: Brother and sister.


Video Preview for Episode 17 of King Flower — 26 Comments

    • I’ve suffered through so much SETTV-stunts, this would be the best payback reward ever if Terry-Da Hua ends up together.

      • Koala I am on your ship since day 1. Hope to see Terry and Da Hua happy together in the end. Love your insights. Thanks

    • I don’t know, but Lene Lai’s Kai Le is in the poster and she supposedly has a crush on Terry and in the opening credits she’s seen fighting over him the way same Xiao Fei is grabbing at Guan Jun. But she’s been MIA for 6 episodes now and all the better. She’s terrible at acting and her character sucks.

      • I agree, I am so happy that they have done nothing with her supposed love line with Terry. I was OK with it as long as she appeared steadfast and loyal (maybe she would help Da Hua figure out her heart?), but when it became clear she was a spy for father-in-law she was dead to me. Terry has too many enemies as it is, and to be a terrible actress and NOT have Terry’s back…? Just stay off my screen.

      • I’m keeping my finger cross. In the opening credits I notice how Terry has an engagement ring and the clown has a lollipop! Hoping that’s a good sing. Just in case… I’m crossing my toes too!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I finally watched the “rain kiss”. Wow, Chris can kiss, he is a good kisser. Are there really Chinese Guys like his character in this world?

  1. OMG. I cannot wait for next Sunday to come!

    Does anyone know if this series is 20 or 25 episodes? I have seen reference to both figures and hope it’s the latter.

    • Don’t trust any of those, it’s all placeholders. SETTV Sunday dramas that are live filmed have no set end date. I always know when its going to end when the cast posts pictures of their final day shooting. Right now KF is still filming and its about 2 episodes ahead. I’m thinking 22-23 episodes?

      • Thanks for this. I was actually wondering how many episodes it was going to be. Thanks for all your recaps and preview posts too. This show is ‘daebak’.
        It got me hooked and the only drama that kept me in anticipation for the next episode. Aahh Chris Wu’s acting is just hitting it out of the ball park, awesome. Some of the Kdramas I’m watching right now is not even giving that feeling of anticipation. I just wish that it was 2 eps a week like Kdramas though.

      • Thanks for letting me know. This is my first TW drama so I wasn’t sure if it was a fixed amount of episodes like K dramas.

        Glad to hear they are still filming because that allows the writers to take fan comments into account. So happy that they seem to be ditching the standard corporate drama stuff by ignoring Terry’s cousin Johnson altogether.

        Do you happen to know if any of these actors have Twitter or fan pages? I can’t seem to find any. ๐Ÿ™

  2. In most dramas, I just can’t stand the angst and over use of it as well. But here, I actually didn’t mind it. I felt like Chris does such a good job at it, that I’ve forgot about it. Through the first half, I was really hoping for a good battle between the two leads, but it has become clear that, that can’t happen here. GJ’s character just has zero charm to him or really close to it. I’m finding it very difficult to root for him even before this past episode. Chris is really acting his heart out here so I’m glad his character is matching up to that. I’ve been FF through everything except DH and Terry. Is it even worth watching those parts?

    Lena Lai is in half the TW dramas airing right now, or it certainly feels like it (she’s in at least 2 more). So I don’t think she’s missed at all in KF.

  3. Are we still not certain Terry will end up with Da Hua (after the kiss, the confession and now a piggyback ride)???? I feel like I need confirmation before watching any further and getting more emotionally invested.

  4. WOW on Guang Jin’s answer: Brothers & sisters. This direction changed so fast, does anyone knows how many more episodes left?

    • I double that WOW. What is he thinking? Is he being the good guy because he recognizes the feelings that Da Hua has for Terry, or is he falling back into a habit because of the pressure? I think part of my problem with the Da Hua Guang Jin copule (and not just becuase the writers have given him nothing to work with) is that it always seemed to ne that he only became interested in her when she was no longer a sure thing. Hmm. Still, this is really the first time I have actually been curious about his character. And the look of hurt on Da Hua’s face! I know I would be thinking, “What? Here I have been feeling conflicted because I left the PERFECT man to come back to you, and then you tell the world that we are just brother and sister?!?!?! Why did I come back again?”

    • I think you meant to write “DH” instead of “DH,” but I would also love to see some scenes of DH getting jealous of Terry and then chasing after him.

      Maybe they can show a few scenes with Terry and his secretary and then DH will turn green with envy? lol

      • Yes, I meant DH. I was thinking the same thing…..DH finding the Terry and secretary hanging out together too many times and getting very childishly jealous. I think it would amuse Terry to no end. I want to see Terry happy and laughing. It’s just been so sad and difficult for him till now. I don’t think he ever really had anyone until he met Liang and he lost her just when they got engaged. I don’t think his parents care for him as much as they do their millions. They didn’t ask how he was feeling. Their concern seemed only for the company. Poor Terry. No wonder he came to like good hearted DH so much.

    • nooo then he’ll get ‘bonus points’ for letting go and DH will just go running back to him when she realises what he’s done for her >.>

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