Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora Lead Script Reading for Daily Drama Ugly Warning

I think Korean daily dramas can be unexpected treasure troves of awesome. One of my favorite dramas last year was the cable network jTBC daily I live in Cheongdamdong, easily heads and shoulders better than most of the primetime dramas I’ve watched. Some of my favorite actors I discovered through dailies, such as falling for Kang Ji Hwan when he broke out with Be Strong Geum Soon with Han Hye Jin. The problem with dailies is that it usually peters out towards the end, and with episodes in the one hundred and above I check out before the end arrives and it is forgotten as quickly as it is consumed. That doesn’t mean I am upset with my fave actors pick a daily because it also is a nice relaxing way to watch them onscreen with little angst or fuss. The upcoming SBS daily Bravo My Life has changed its name to Ugly Warning (or Ugly Alert) and that is probably my “whut?” moment of the day. I will likely watch because its Im Joo Hwan’s return to drama land after his was released from the army, and the rest of the cast is pretty solid as well with Kang Sora, Choi Tae Joon, and Choi Yoon Young (not to mention the usual suspect dads, moms, and grandparent character actors). The synopsis says the drama is about how families learn to understand and love each other and doesn’t focus on the blood ties. The male lead is one who has sacrificed a lot, growing up with a shyster father and dropping out of school to sell medicine in the countryside. The drama is described as being warm and uplifting. That’s good to know, we all can use more warm and uplifting in our lives, yes?

The PD directed Rooftop Prince and this drama premieres May 20th following The Birth of a Family.


Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora Lead Script Reading for Daily Drama Ugly Warning — 9 Comments

  1. I am currently watching Crazy Love, one of the few dailies to be subbed. I find it incredibly simplistic, with over-the-top acting, and coincidences that make me smile. I fast-forward through lots of it, and find that I can still follow it perfectly. So why am I still watching it? I have never been a daily drama watcher, no matter which country produces the stuff, so don’t ask me why I’ve glommed on to this one. I think it’s the Sad Sack lawyer. Everyone says I Live In C… is the best of the bunch, but where is it subbed?

  2. OMG I LOVE Choi Tae Joon, he was definitely my 2012 find. Might check this out if someone ends up subbing it. I love the cast!

  3. Be Strong Geum Soon is the only daily drama I have watched almost to completion lol That is also where I discovered Kang Ji Hwan as well as Kim Nam Gil (though he only appeared for a short time). I can’t watch daily dramas anymore, but I will tune in for Im Joo Hwan. Im Joo Hwan <3 Also, I Live In Cheong Dam Dong is so much awesome!!

  4. Lee Min Ki was also in BSGS…but I didn’t dare to waddle through a daily even for him…I almost couldn’t make it through the longish I Really Really Love You. But I miss IJH so much that I might, might just check out a few episodes….

    And yay for ILICDD being a the awesomest daily I’ve watched…

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