SBS Promises Jae Hee Will Show Up in Episode 13 of Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love

The powers that be over at SBS are really the sole culprit I blame for the sudden and precipitous decline in narrative and visual quality for Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. The cast is still delivering swimmingly (aside from the over-acting since day one Dowager Queen Kim but I treat her as a deranged piranha and leave it at that), but they are asked to completely go overboard with the blatant scheming and indulge in the excesses of anger and thwarted frustrations. Don’t people have a day job? Didn’t Ok Jung devote her life to becoming a fashion designer? I hate girls who fall in love and suddenly that becomes her sole purpose in life. Didn’t Lee Soon want to pit Soron/Noron against each other and let the royal family reap the benefits? Suddenly he’s opposing them directly over a woman, as opposed to using cunning and tact to get them to accept Ok Jung. Sageuks are unique in that it’s larger than life and we see things on a grander scale of pathos – now JOJ has just turned into in-law bickering and board of directors plotting in a modern drama, but donning sageuk clothes. Nothing quite stands out as much that everything was reshuffled recently more than the non-appearance of second male lead Jae Hee. It’s a broken record, yes I know, but it’s so glaring (like a two inch mole on someone’s forehead that your eyes can’t help but focus on) that even SBS has come out to address his absence. The network made a press release today that Hyun Chi Soo will make his entrance in episode 13 of JOJ, as the man who loves Ok Jung and becomes a contentious player in the love between the King and his Consort in the Palace. I’ll believe it when I see it, SBS. The Chinese fans over at Baidu are so cute that a hilarious screencap comic strip was made explaining why Chi Soo orabeoni has been MIA in JOJ. Read on and be prepared to bust a gut. There is also a cameo appearance at the end by a certain adorable character that made me smile cheek-to-cheek.

Ok Jung!

Wait, Uncle is looking for you.

Soo Soo, you are here ~~

Uncle, why are you summoning me at this critical moment ~~?!

Uncle invited a shaman here~!

A Joseon man from the Palace will travel through time to find his true love!

Soo Soo, other than opening up restaurants, who else has the money to send someone through time. The man who finds true love is you!!


Yes~~ Why don’t you go act in the modern day version…….leave things to us here.


Okay! Ok Jung, wait for me!!

Take good care of Ok Jung for me!

*shaman does her time travel hoodoo*

He disappeared so fast… wonder she’s a shaman!

Have you found Chi Soo orabeoni? He was supposed to show up in the drama today~

Sorry Ok Jung, Chi Soo says he’s……not showing up.

That’s impossible! He’s guy 2 in the production notes.

He ran off to tvN to be in a modern drama!


Time-traveling Rooftop Prince Lee Gak: The Joseon man who finds true love is Your Majesty, me~!! *Yoochun patented cheeky smile*

Uncle…you lied to me. [Poor thwarted Chi Soo, doomed to be empty-handed in both time periods. He needs to take a lesson from time-traveling ladies in both periods Kim Boong Do.]


SBS Promises Jae Hee Will Show Up in Episode 13 of Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love — 24 Comments

  1. Hahaha China fans are always really fast in uploading video and fanpics! Are you a Chinese? You can read Chinese and Korean? Ps for asking so much haha! I miss Jae Hee. The previous drama he acted was a disaster.

  2. That’s so great. They have a good sense of humor over there. 🙂

    I can’t wait. I really need them to have some sort of balance here. The catfighting between the women and the inlaws and all that, is totally driving me crazy. I will just stop watching for awhile (if I can).

    • That’s what going to the army does to actors who aren’t top stars… look at Lee Dong Gun and Kim Rae Won. Both were super popular in the early 2000s and now they’re MIA.

  3. I can’t wait waiting JAE HEE in this drama, but kind of worried because HE is only a second lead and may turn out to be a villain? Thanks KOALA for the update on the drama, we love you!

  4. He found out that he’s a son of gumiho and he needed time to accept that and deal with it. when ok jung dies,
    all hell breaks loose. I hope this series does not go down the drain. The first half is so great, I fear for its decline on the next half. Oh, well…

  5. No planes in that era so chi soo has to take the looooooong way over from Qing by foot! Apparently he forgot that there are horses and ships as well, so that’s why he is sooooooo late. Oh, and he is also stopping in between to sightsee. Given that JOJ is turning making, is there a birth secret somewhere?? Is chi soo the…*gasp!*… half-brother of the king???

  6. LOL, poor Jae Hee beaten by Yoochun xD Well, now he can FINALLY be in the show. I’m now watching Episode 12 and seriously, must they bicker this much? ._.
    Lee Soon and Ok Jung are cute how they’ve been wrapped up in each other recently. I can’t help but wonder on Earth Chi Soo is going to come in the middle of that.
    Chi Soo’s been described as Ok Jung’s first love – but wasn’t that the then-Crown Prince Lee Soon? Unless something else happened that we don’t know about between Ok Jung and Chi Soo? I know in the advertising for the show they said that Ok Jung and Chi Soo’s “young love” was going to be threatened when she entered the palace as a court maid and then he continued to love her secretly and support her when she became a concubine by amassing wealth and power to be her Daddy Long Legs.
    But since they cut him out for all the episodes so far where Ok Jung’s already been a palace maid (no threatening of young love though) and has become a concubine (and still no Chi Soo), how is this going to work?
    Episode 13 has all the answers. I really hope it does and the show gets back some of its earlier charm with less in-law bickering because Queen Mother is getting on my nerves. Please, put her out of her misery, someone.
    Crossing my fingers that Jae Hee’s appearance will be good! 😀

  7. Yeah! I saw this comic awhile ago, but didn’t understand. Thank you for the translation, it makes my day 😀 😀 Oh! by the way, was Prince GaK the son of King Sukjong and Jang Hee Bin?
    Chi Soo; there’re many funny rumours about your missing but no matter now, you finally arrives safe and sound, definitely not too late just in the middle of the show.:)

  8. i know where the last pic comes from, it’s Witch Yoo Hee, what a coincidence.
    i just finished rewatching WYH just to see Jae Hee acting.

    i really really don’t understand why he’s still not showing up in the previous episodes #sigh

    why would a second lead is kept hidden for so long????

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