Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo in High Cut to Promote Thriller Movie Cold Eyes

Lately the photo shoots I’ve been seeing have all been on the underwhelming side. Great outdoor shoot locations aren’t used for any visible impact, hardly any innovative wow concepts, and generally the two-dimensional aspect of print photos have been like its name suggests and felt flat. A good print photograph feels like a snap shot of a moment in time, of an action caught in a mid-motion. Sometimes its the fault of a photographer who can’t direct the subject matter or lack a good eye, sometimes its the fault of the model who can’t create the image of something alive within the context of a frozen tableau. These hot off the press pictures of Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung revive my flagging interest with something subtly flirty. Han Hyo Joo is an actress that I’ve liked more often as a model in print rather than in action. She’s edgier, more raw, more of a girl with the “it” factor rather than a bland girl-next-door. Her acting career is already a case study for all the young actresses to follow, how to parlay mediocre acting talent into the right projects that build her resume and cache step by step. Following last year’s blockbuster and critically acclaimed sageuk movie Masquerade (Gwanghae The Man Who Will Be King) with Lee Byung Hun and the firefighter-medic romance Bandage with Go Soo, up next she’s chasing after my man Jung Woo Sung in the thriller movie Cold Eyes (also called Surveillance or Stake Out), also starring Seol Kyung Gu and Junho of 2PM. The story revolves a police surveillance unit led by grizzly elder Seol Kyung Gu and staffed by troublesome crack ace Han Hyo Joo, who Jung Woo Sung playfully revealed to really be the lead in this movie despite being the sole woman in a cast full of men in a typical machismo cops-versus-baddies showdown movie. The two of them likely won’t have a love line in this movie, and thank god for that since she plays the lead surveillance cop on the tail of Jung Woo Sung’s super baddie head of a criminal organization. In the upcoming edition of the glossy High Cut magazine, the two leads of the movie highlight great chemistry in posing for black-and-white shots with a glamorous and mockingly dangerous twist. Check out the pics and watch the trailer for Cold Eyes which opens early July in Korea.

Posters for Cold Eyes.

Trailer for Cold Eyes:


Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo in High Cut to Promote Thriller Movie Cold Eyes — 18 Comments

  1. All she needs are romantic melos with Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae and then we can safely say that she is the luckiest actress in Korea!

  2. Well, I don’t advise younger actresses to follow her career movement, so obvious this girl has many sponsors and who behind her company. Minimal talent with lots of movie projects and awards,totally a laughing case studies.

    • Good point.
      People forgot or might not know that most of the movies she has been cast in were mostly produced or co-produced by her own MC and the actors like Lee Byung Hyun and Goo So are from the same company.

      • We are talking about Entertainment one of the darkest industries. Yes, it’s bad to think negatively, but this is also a reality.

      • I understand that.
        But people in this post are not commenting on the cruel state of the industry but using baseless assumptions to mock and degrade a successful actress, in so showing an attitude that only reinforces the misogynistic state of the industry.

    • yup i agree. so far her acting has not been great. just ok to decent. its because of her company backing that shes getting tons of roles.
      and to the person who claims that onceawhile is making baseless assumptions and criticizing her because shes a woman, its her opinion that han hyo joo is not a great actress and a number of people in these posts also agree with that opinion.
      also its not baseless fact that she has backers, it is true that lee byung huns production company is casting her beside their stars on purpose since shes under them as well, plus they have large clout.

  3. To be honest, she seems a nice girl. However I can’t understand why she has so much Hype.

    I mean it. They always make her look bland on screen, and her acting is also bland, and so, it makes her so boring to watch.

    I kind liked her on Always, maybe because there playing a blind, her blandness suited the role? Or maybe her chemistry with SJS was too good to make me notice it.

    On Bandage, she was cute too, but again, cute, not wow not amazing…

    I feel she did better on DY to be honest. There she looked fierce sometimes and I see some light… but then something bad happened and her charater was back to suffering and crying all scenes.

    What made me WOAH was when she won the biggest award of the night for her role on DY. I still don’t get it tbh.

    Then, I decided to watch Shining Inheritance because of LSG and BSB and I found MCW better than her there… she was really ”meh” on that drama.

    I didn’t even know she was on Spring Waltz! Because I found her so forgetable there.

    I still don’t get how she did so well into movies.

    I guess she did pick the right role, and it hit big and now she is there and going up… IDK…

  4. She is a mediocre actress, a real sweet girl next door but a very bland actress.
    She must have some really powerful backers so she’s very lucky compared to some good actresses that aren’t getting good roles.
    I watched Dong Yi but seriously Park Ha Sun and Lee So Yun really outshined her and Queen In Hyun and Jang Hee Bin, now those ladies can act.
    And in several recent projects she’s always paired up with a lot of older actors, for once pair her up with someone her own age.

    • She looks better with older actors. She has a very mature face – the antithesis of someone like Moon Geun Young.

  5. In life it’s mostly who you know rather than what you know. I did not like her character in Bandage. She was superficial and immature and the plot was weak. I liked her in Dong Yi but the mean queen did out-act her. I guess she’s not doing drama soon since she’s so successful with movies.

  6. Atleast she’s trying to shed that girl-next-door image which is running amuck in south korea.
    The girl has never been on my list of compelling actresses but i never minded when she got cast in movies/shows — i’ve seen worse.
    Either way i’ll be tuning into this movie because it seems right up my alley.

  7. I watched Han Hyo Joo in Masquerade and was suitably impressed. She had this understated elegance about her, and she’s definitely gotten better at subtle acting since her Shining Inheritance days.
    Jung Woo Sung was hilarious in the latest Running Man episode. Guy’s got self-irony down pat. Will always love a guy who is humorous and self-confident enough to have a laugh at himself.

  8. I guess, im the only one who negated your views about Han Hyo Joo. I love all her dramas. For me, she’s one of the Best actresses in Korea…

  9. She is beautiful warm hearted and good actress.I am happy to read here that she has lot of backing from powerful people .Humm so my fav. Hyo Joo is a strong lady in town :-p. I see lot of jealous people here too . Anyways all I wanna say I love her. As for so called jealous critics here all wanna say Dogs may keep barking but Elephant walks on . And yes I like Wong Sung 🙂

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