So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon Frolic in the Yard in First Teaser for Who Are You

When I’m excited about a drama then the video teasers are much appreciated since it starts the ball rolling on the goodies. When I could give a fig then video teasers for dramas feel so pointless because its usually comprised of material not from the drama proper and sometimes have no bearing on the end product. In that sense it feels like a misdirection or feint. When I’m excited for a drama, though, seeing the non sequitur teaser helps in establishing how the two leads will look together onscreen and hopefully gauge whether they will have any chemistry. Generally speaking the teaser doesn’t lie if co-stars don’t spark right off the bat, and sometimes a teaser erases any preconceived hesitation over a random pairing. For the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama Who Are You, the first video teaser is out showing the two leads So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon in action. In the drama, they play cop partners stuck in the Lost and Found unit of the police department, which sounds like a place cops go even worse than being put on desk duty as punishment. So Yi Hyun was once the fast rising go-getter police captain, but an accident plus a six-year coma has put her career on hold and after she wakes up not only does she see dead people, she’s also stuck in the Siberia of the police department. Taecyeon is her hoobae who is described as dedicated and a born policeman with his tenacious and fearless attitude. For whatever reason he’s stuck with a just returned to the land of the living police partner and together they are tasked with solving some cold cases around unclaimed items. So Yi Hyun discovers she can see ghosts and said ghosts approach her to help them finish their unfinished business. Among the ghostly denizens is Kim Jae Wook who plays her ex-boyfriend and also a policeman in his corporeal life. He lingers around and watches over her, but Taecyeon also starts to fall for his new partner as he accompanies her to help the ghostly beings complete their final wish. In the first teaser, So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon are simply goofing around in the yard with a hose and sprinklers. There is a lot of giggling, laughing, hugging, and ends with an impending kiss. I always though Taecyeon had a very manly physique but a total little boy face which felt incongruous. I’m waiting for him to play a really adult and masculine role to transition over my image of him as a late teen. As for So Yi Hyun, she’s fantastic when she’s playing fiery and feisty characters (case in point Resurrection and the opposite being her suicidal weepy ballerina in Gloria) and from the teaser I think they will have fantastic chemistry. Now I just need to story to be compelling and Taecyeon to suddenly ingest pills that teach him how to act.

Teaser for Who Are You:


So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon Frolic in the Yard in First Teaser for Who Are You — 16 Comments

  1. I wonder, after six years of being in a coma, will she be needing a lot of physical therapy (physical re-training, etc.)? Or will she recover in no-time, as is usually case with k-drama comas? From the plot, that seems to be the case. 🙂

  2. they do look good together in the teaser! yes, taecyeon needs to ingest acting pills to spare us viewers cringing in our seats as we try our best not to be put off by his acting. OR better yet can taecyeon be possessed by a ghost who’s great at acting?

  3. @Ivoire the last scene is indeed a tease. They do look good together. Now if they gave us a teaser with KJW that would make me giddy.

  4. Man they do know how to give us teasers that actually tease.

    I was going to ignore this drama. Now I might have to check it out.

  5. Hm. i can see some kind of chemistry in the teaser.
    Wish they would (along with masters sun) release some trailers so can get the gist of the whole story with our actors in character.

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