The Blade and Petal Holds Press Conference and Releases Taut Long Preview

In anticipating the upcoming Sword and Flower (The Blade and Petal), part of the excitement stems from knowing this drama has the potential to be all about the quality acting. Setting who looks hot or not, this sageuk will be about visuals stemming from the direction rather than the actors faces. Korean entertainments predilection for facial conformity these days make it harder to come by a drama main cast with the potential to throw the audience into the story and away from the real life actor or actress embodying a role. Uhm Tae Woong has always been sexy beyond belief for me because of his acting talent even if in real life he’s pretty darn dorky, here he looks to be back in fine form with the intensity and smolder that I’ve been dying to see. Kim Ok Bin looks fierce and feminine, and she and Uhm Tae Woong look so good together I could frame their drama portrait. The low-born bastard son of General Yeon Gae So Mun and the royal-born Princess to the King of Goguryeo. The press conference for the drama was held yesterday and was lots of fun, with the cast dressed in modern clothes and all looking snappy with the exception of the forever strange Choi Min Soo who decided to unleash his West Hollywood Biker persona. But his goofing around with Uhm Tae Woong, who is not much younger than him in real life but in the drama they play father and son, is just the cute touch to convince me they’ve got the chemistry to play the powerful roles. Not to be outdone, Kim Young Chul and Kim Ok Bin are also looking very father-daughter like and I’m loving how there are multiple levels of conflict between all the characters. From the two daddies battle for the throne to the two kids lovelorn class-and-family generated conflict, this drama not only looks fantastically filmed from the just released long preview below but it also has a story that already feels compelling right from the start. This one doesn’t have the obligatory childhood sequence so expect episode 1 which airs this Wednesday on KBS to jump right into the good stuff. Check out the press conference and long teaser below.

Long preview for Sword and Flower:


The Blade and Petal Holds Press Conference and Releases Taut Long Preview — 16 Comments

  1. I’m sold. Tbh, I never really pay attention to UTW but damn i can’t take my eyes off him here. and Kim Ok Bin is plus, I really miss her on screen. Storyline wise it’s not sthing new, kinda reminds me of Princess Man, but hopefully KOB character will be different, I need more fierce female lead!

  2. I love the group photo. Every one has their fist up “Fighting” except Choi Min Soo, who is “whatever.” LOL! He looks great in the preview, too. I have to admit to screencapping a few times from the last trailer. 😎

  3. Awwwww!! Uhm Tae Woong’s outfit. That’s how a press conference look should be done. Snap! He looks so, so, so mighty fine.

    And I love Choi Min Soo BECAUSE he’s so crazy.

    You can just see Uhm-Force loving the hyung he gets to have as a father for however many months.

  4. Holy smokes….this looks awesome the trailer looks really appealingly both the photography and music draws you in.

  5. Love the pic of Kim Ok Bin laughing so much that she had to rest her head on the table. The cast looks so comfortable with each other. Looking forward to this!

  6. That pic with Kim Young Chul and Ok Bin is adorably awkward. 🙂

    Like you really brought your dad to a presscon and you don’t know what pose to do in front of the cameras. 🙂

    Uhm… hello. So this is my dad. Yeah… *small smile*

  7. ho ho~ the main leads don’t interest me that much (the actors’ appearances and definitely their hairstyles here aren’t exactly my taste) but the courtroom scenes are definitely looking awesome. They totally have those epic Mainland (China) historical dramas feel in them… and that scene of the post-vote brawl is just pure dark humor. I’m liking that dark and cold vibe =]

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