No Min Woo and Park Soo Jin Join The Blade and Petal Starting in Episode 11

The most underrated K-drama of the year thus far has to be The Blade and Petal (Sword and Flower). There is no accounting for taste but this one is absolutely a work of cinematic art and acting prowess regardless of whether it’s your cup of tea. I spend two hours a week captivated and mesmerized by intensity and passion that unfurls with controlled chaos onscreen. Uhm Tae Woong redeems his lackluster sageuk debut in Queen Seon Deok by showing us sageuk isn’t his kryptonite but he just needed the right role as Yeon Choong to shine. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the beauty of Kim Ok Bin as Princess Mooyoung. Everyone is fantastic but the most jawdropping performance can only go to Choi Min Soo as General Yeon Gaesomun. If looks could set things on fire, the entire set of the drama would be incinerated by now. The drama is headed into the second half of its run this week along with a time jump, so get ready for things to be shaken up. First off, its been three years since the coup and Princess Mooyoung is now just Mooyoung (shadowless), a trained warrior who will be cross-dressing to join the Yeon Choong army and bide her time to avenge the death of her family. Two new main characters are joining now that we’ve lost King Yeongnyu and the Crown Prince – No Min Woo joins as Yeon Nam Saeng, the eldest legitimate son of Yeon Gaesomun, and Park Soo Jin finally makes her entrance as Mo Seol. I think its hilarious that the two second leads in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho are reuniting here. Also joining the cast is rising young actor Lee Yi Kyung (Nine: Nine Time Travels) playing Yeon Choong’s right hand man. In real life No Min Woo is so weird it pains me to look at his emaciated sartorial style, but I remember him being quite charismatic when he acts so I’m hoping he brings it to a drama that is firing on all cylinders so far in terms of story, acting, and directing. The new kids on the block make their entrance in this week’s episode 11. Continue reading

Eye-catching Official Stills Continue Increasing Excitement for The Blade and Petal

When watching a drama live, and keeping an eye on the proceedings ahead of time, it’s impossible not to form an opinion each step of the way. The initial casting creates either an optimism or pessimism depending on the cast, … Continue reading