The Charismatic Cast of Cruel City Goof Around the Set

These cute BTS pictures snapped by the cast on the set of Cruel City (Heartless City) are exponentially cuter once you take into account the context. The gritty and tension-laden noir thriller airing on cable network jTBC has crossed the halfway mark of its airing and is still as taut and well-written as ever. Starring Jung Kyung Ho, Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Jae Yoon, Son Chang Min, Kim Yoo Mi, and Choi Moo Sung, this is the best K-drama I’m watching right now and is easily the front runner for best K-drama I’ve checked out all year so far. I appreciate that its not slick and big-budgeted, going for more grounded action and letting the complicated relationships and interconnected stories carry the weight of the narrative. It’s not perfectly written, with some coincidences necessary to get out of dangerous binds and plenty of questionable decisions made by the characters that don’t always comport with reality of crime fighting, but the suspensions of disbelief are brief and used merely as a bridge to usher in meaty conflict that makes plenty of sense. The original title of the drama was Undercover and now by episode 12 that title is even funnier in retrospect because there are so many undercovers running around the drug ring I’m wondering who isn’t a spy (whether still legit or gone rogue).

The central romance between Shi Hyun and Soo Min is heating up like a steady slow burn, and no, I didn’t think the sleeping together on a first official date qualifies as ratcheting up the feelings too fast. That was pure physical connection but what’s building is a sense of shared pain that is alleviated only when around this person who seems so inexplicably thrust into each other’s orbit. I thought about doing recaps since I’m loving it so much but oddly that recapping itch isn’t around for this drama. I much rather watch it and soak up the ambiance and tension. In a great about-turn from the onscreen physical, mental, and emotional fighting between all the characters, that cast appears to be a happy bunch and seeing them pose so gamely for funny pictures makes me love them even more. Jung Kyung Ho is so good at channeling tightly wound caged tiger Shi Hyun that its actually weird to see his real life personality pop up. His doofy smile is so precious! I’m used to Choi Moo Sung being the world’s most loveable lunk from I Live in Cheongdamdong and that image sticks even when he’s being the scariest ahjusshi EVER in CC. Thus far the drama has done masterfully in always being one step away ahead of the audience so I’m eagerly anticipating what next week’s new episodes will bring. Until then, enjoy the goofing around on set.


The Charismatic Cast of Cruel City Goof Around the Set — 22 Comments

  1. My goodness, when Jung Kyung Ho smiles his whole face just lights up and he’s like a little boy who’s just been given his favourite candy! 🙂 I love seeing goofy BTS photos of super serious high tension shows, and it looks like the chemistry is definitely there even off screen. And how is it possible that Uncle Safari looks so nice and lovable in the BTS photos when he’s super creepy in the show? Awesome. Am really enjoying this show right now and I’m SO glad it’s on cable so they have more leeway to get down and dirty. Coz seriously, what would this show be without Shi Hyun breaking someone’s arm in full glory without batting an eyelash?

  2. Love Jung Kyung Ho… Love his goofy face and his smile. He should smile more in Cruel City but unfortunately that’s not possible. D: I want to take Shi Hyun and run far away with him – somewhere where he can smile without being worried about evil people. <3

    Please write more about Cruel City! I'm always wondering what you're thinking about it. 😀

    • I agree… More of cruel city please… The five day waitings
      Stretch weekly is torture!!!
      Undercover is a funny title but it makes sense why they thought to name it that first, but cruel city and heartless city title is spot on! The world an undercover agent needs to enter when they are sworn by their duty.
      Shihyun and soomin’s story is shaping up okay. The night together was HOT, Though its still more physical and emotional release that any romantic inclination. but I think that it meant more to shihyun than to soomin. But it’s great that they knew each other and got together when they were out of the mafia-undercover world persona. I still want more from Nam Gyuri. Still need more pull and emotion!!!
      Heartless city Rocks!

  3. So cute and needed. Poor Baksa is losing it in front of the camera. It’s nice to see the actor is not suffering in the same way.

    My favorite performance after JKH is Kim Yoo Mi’s. I like that Noonah is as terrified as we think she should be, but that she does all the brave things anyway. I like that she does care about people who are near her, but I am slightly afraid what she will do once she finds ALL THREE are cops? That’s gotta suck for her…Maybe she is attracted to righteous liars?

  4. I love Jung Kyung Ho’s smile! <333

    I'm glad that "Heartless City" isn't trying to be shiny and loud like "IRIS". I'd rather see a gripping story in a boring background than a booooooring or messy story in a beautiful setting.

    But even though "Heartless City" wasn't shot in 5 countries, doesn't have big explosion or car chase scenes in every episode… it's more gripping and thrilling than any action drama.

  5. Agree. Cruel city isn’t exactly as blockbuster or slick in their action scenes as people would think. It’s dark, understated, and grounded. Alot of times it is not the action scenes that pulls me in but rather what proceeds — the fall out. Also the stuff that happens leading up to it.

    Haha, did nam gyuri literally just stalk every cast member to take a picture with them? Everyone looks so cute.

  6. I’ve been itching to point this out but does anyone notice Lee jinsook’s excessive tendency towards alcohol? In like, every episode. She’s always shown preparing whisky and asking someone if they wanna have a drink with her. I’m wondering if thats suppose to be a significant trait or symbolic or something because I find that detail redundant especially when it happens in every episode.

    And I hate that Jung kyungho wears eyeliner in this drama. I know its to make him look dark and moody and that we’re suppose to think that its not actually there. But I just can’t, now I can’t help but see his character, the tough and cool undercover cop drug ring leader, waking up every morning, and drawing on his eyeliner.

    In other words, love this show^^

    By the way, I dont find choi mu sung’s character as scary as that director Jo guy, that guy is just fking creepy

    • Agree with guyliner. Director Jo is outwardly creepy which isn’t scary, Sapari is intense and unpredictable scary, and Choi Mu Sung is nailing it.

    • LOL at the tough drug lord with eyeliner….it’s like me and the tough cop’s curly fringe; every time I see him, I imagine him waking up every morning, shampooing, blowdrying and curling his fringe before he straps on his gun.

  7. Loving Cruel City! It is ONE of the best of the year so far along with I Hear Your Voice! These two shows are killing me!!!!

  8. Heartless City is super duper good. I’m totally hooked and can’t even stop thinking about what’s going to happen next. Best Korean drama of 2013 so far.

  9. Seriously you’re not thinking of doing recaps of this drama?? I feel that the only thing missing to make the atmosphere around this drama are perfect your recaps. I was considering seeing this drama, but what motivated me to get him now were his comments about it. And now I’m completely addicted, I can not think of anything else other than Cruel City! I really enjoy your comments. And I’m missing them in a drama as good. I hope you reconsider and do the recaps, I have read your comments on the episodes to be happier. Rs.

  10. I love Jung Kyung Ho eversince i watched him in Smile You.. I’m so hooked on this drama aside from Gold Appear…

  11. I´m so in love with this drama and all the actors/actress in here! They portray their characters so well and alive that I´m so sucked into their world and this story. This is for me, the best kdrama ever!

  12. I just finished watching Ja Myung Go with Jung Kyung Ho so I was looking him up because well, he’s gorgeous. He looks so strange to me with short hair though! Still, he looks good in anything :3 I want to watch this drama now.

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