Upcoming KBS Dramas: Future’s Choice Courts Jung Yong Hwa While Secret Remains to be Cast

There are two upcoming KBS dramas on its schedule that I have not heard a lick about. I was getting ready to write a post about it when today the first casting news broke – Jung Yong Hwa is likely signing on as the male lead for Future’s Choice. This is the drama slated to air following The Good Doctor on Mon-Tues and what gets me super excited is that it’s written by the other Hong Sisters (of The King 2 Hearts and Beethoven’s Virus fame). The Good Doctor hasn’t even premiered yet (its following Shark the first week of August) so I wasn’t that surprised this drama didn’t reveal a cast or started dropping tidbits, but its also good that with today’s casting of Yong Hwa that means its getting a move on. What worries me more is the other KBS drama tentatively titled Secret, which in the context of K-dramas is about as general and ubiquitous as it comes. Every damn drama has a secret, and most have enough secrets to reveal one per week to keep the tension high. This is akin to the Taiwan drama tendency to stick the word Love in most of its titles. Secret is slated to follow The Blade and Petal on Wed-Thurs, which means it’s seriously wayyyyy overdue for revealing its cast by now. Yes, I know B&P has aired 4-episodes only but it’s not one of those deadly long sageuks and instead is slated for a 20-episode run. Which means Secret is supposed to air on Sept 12th. I’ve never seen the scriptwriter’s name before but directing is PD Lee Eun Bok who helmed Dream High and most recently did School 2013. Clearly he’s one of the KBS home grown talents. The only blip I’ve read on Secret is that it’s the story about a woman who confesses to a crime for the man she loves. I’ve heard KBS wants Yoon Eun Hye for this role but I think it’s not an exaggeration to say than she gets offered tons of roles so I’m not sure whether this is wishful thinking on KBS or they did write this part for her and she’s seriously considering it. I wish all drama productions got major head starts, such as the Kim Eun Sook rich teen SBS drama Heirs which has been casting for a few months now and is also slated to premiere in October. 

Future’s Choice is the story about the son of a network channel CEO who falls in love with a female scriptwriter, she was formerly just an ordinary office employee but switches jobs to pursue her dream to write dramas. Aside from being written by the Hong Sisters, this drama is slated to be directed by PD Kwon Gye Hong, who did Crime Squad and Bad Love, which makes her also a KBS home grown talent. Since I loved both The King 2 Hearts (writing) and Dream High (directing) and both of those talents are involved in Secret and Future’s Choice, my eye is firmly trained on ANY news to come about these two dramas. I’m not exactly pleased that the Hong Sisters are following up the phenomenal casting of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won from TK2H with Yong Hwa, but I guess I’ll wait and see who is his leading lady. I suppose there the slight chance that Jung Yong Hwa magically learned how to act in the two years since he starred in Heartstrings (You’ve Fallen for Me). But I feel that even if he sucks as usual here in Future’s Choice (at which point its been three strikes), his fans will still say he just needs time to improve. At which point does one just call it quits? I hope for my sake he improves because I really want to see what the Hong Sisters have up their sleeve as their follow up to TK2H, easily my favorite K-drama of 2012.


Upcoming KBS Dramas: Future’s Choice Courts Jung Yong Hwa While Secret Remains to be Cast — 59 Comments

  1. Actually, this is also a timeslip drama – the female lead apparently goes into the past for some reason so that might explain why the male lead was cast to be so young.

    Either way, I know for sure it’s going to be barf-worthy with this guy on board. Where are all the oodles of competent actors that actually pulled me into Kdramas in the first place?!

  2. Pass for me as it looks like a mishmash of King of dramas and Drama Go Go Go. Another reason to pass is the male lead, he sucks really bad at acting (I watched you’re beautiful) and I doubt he even had time to take acting classes since he is so busy composing, writing, performing his music and with photoshoots.

      • lmao do you expect food critics to be 5 star chefs and film critics to be mastermind directors/writers or talent judges to be good at a wide variety such as singing, dancing, etc?

        you’ve exposed yourself to being rather ignorant to the real world.

  3. I’ve turned anti on him since he rejected ‘Heirs’ and therefore Park Shin hye. No way am I watching it. Not until he pairs up with Park Shin hye.

    • heol … than you can’t call you a fan of him since Day 1 since you cannot accept he’s pairing with another female actress .. wake up will ya

      • Excuse me! Ever heard of freedom of speech?!? Plus I only meant to comment. I wasn’t looking for a fight. Most importantly I wasn’t asking YOUR opinion. I honestly don’t get why there’s a reply icon under there but since you are clearly doing it atleast have the guts to press it!

    • Youre not a fan of him. Because if u’re fan you know that its not him that reject the role. But his agency. Geeezzz. .. at least learn the fact before you speak.

    • do they come in a bundle or something? actors don’t work with the same person in every drama! that’s ridiculous! yonghwa’s worked with her on both of the only 2 dramas he did, many people would be sick if he worked with her for a third time too. also working with the same person over and over again won’t help him grow as an actor, which he needs since he already gets a lot of criticism for his acting. if you’ve turned anti on him for the most intolerable and ignorant reason you weren’t a fan to begin with.

    • man.. why does JYH have so many crazy shippers? everywhere I go.. people are either talking about him with park shin hye or that snsd girl

      • Say it to my face honey. Plus read what I wrote to chezzy up there. It’s for you too.

    • You are rude as hell. You have no respect for your fellow commentors. You have your head stuck in the clouds and your ego needs it’s own house. Lordy, please get off your high horses please.

      • Toru, thanks for writing my thoughts! Asmara, you are rude and need to take a chill pill. Now, I’ve said it your face.

    • Really, when you post your thought in a forum, it means you’re opening room for people to comment on it. The comments may be positive or negative, but its others’ right to comment on what u say once u decide to make it public.

      If u’re really not asking for opinion, then don’t make it public.

      But then again, what sense do we expect from the writer of such a groundless opinion.

    • oh, grow up.

      I wish I could say that to your face, but your grasp of both internet etiquette and the English language are so poor, I fear you may not understand the words.

    • i guess there’s a misinformation over here. it wasn’t yong hwa who turned down the offer, it was his management, not him, so there’s no reason for you to hate him because it’s not his fault. please just continue supporting him even though his not with shin hye anymore or better not be an anti on him. love<3 🙂

    • he’s not the one who turned down the role in heirs..did you see any photos of him after that turned down issue broke? you can see that he barely smile after that. he’s not the one who turned it down.

  4. Speaking of The King 2 Hearts…! I’ve been re-watching that drama ever since finishing Gu Family Book to try to erase all my hatred from that show and I came across one of my favorite fanmade MV’s for TK2H and thought I’d share it with you since I know you also love this drama….brings back so many feelings ^^ I wish I could make such memorable videos like this!!


  5. heol!!Even top actors of today were criticize for their acting in their earlier days..Some improved, some stayed the same and some had proven their worth..Give the boy a chance..He is young and has played almost the same role in his 2 previous drama..Don’t hate on it this early and instead just wait patiently for it..Just hope FNC wont be a tease this time..

    • He can have a chance, but he shouldn’t be getting cast as lead (or even second lead) – if he has acting talent, he’d learn more playing a smaller role and being guided by more seasoned and skilled actors. Instead, it’s all on his shoulders, which unfortunately won’t be able to carry this drama.

      • this! he can have chance if he really talented. how many chance we should give to him. He don’t improve from YAB. i think he quit ambitious that why he reject the heir because he don’t want to be 2nd lead. hope this drama will be female centre. because i don’t think he can carry this drama.

      • can we just wait for the results before putting negative comments on him? don’t you think you’re being to judgmental? he had put all his efforts on his past dramas and i guess that’s why many fans like him, he had done what his character asks, so can’t we be patient this time and observe?

      • I have seen him in two dramas at least so if I’m being judgmental I’m judging him based on what I have seen.

        Kudos for him that he’s putting in the effort, but effort doesn’t make something good – it just means someone’s trying hard. It’s not elementary school, where we all get top prizes because we try so hard, this is the entertainment industry where IMO good actors should get lead roles and not-so-good or still-learning actors should hone their craft in smaller roles until its good enough to carry a drama.

  6. I really hope Jung Yong Hwa will accept it, but I also really hope he’ll do better on this. ^^
    yay, yay, hwaiting Jung Yong Hwa!!

  7. I’m excited that the drama is written by the (other) Hong sisters!

    The storyline sounds somewhat cliche, but the Hong Sisters really excel in the detail of drawing out their characters! I really hope the leading man won’t be Yong Hwa though, because as cute as I think he is, I don’t see him as leading man material. I really hope it’s going to be a more seasoned actor that they cast!

    • Of course they have good actors but casting an idol will help the drama to be popular since these idol have large fandom and supporters… 🙂

      • only popular for their fandom. general public in korea don’t even care for idol drama and usually it will flop except for certain drama like dream high 1.

  8. Admittedly, I’ve only been watching K-dramas for a year now but I have several dozen under my belt including You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, and A Gentleman’s Dignity (ep. 13 cameo). I’ve gotta say I’ve been really engaged by Yong Hwa in every one of these.

  9. i’m glad yong hwa turned down the role from the heir…i don’t think he is that bad in heartstring. I think he improved since YAB. It just he still not par with yoochun that definitely has talent in acting!I hope he practice a lot to avoid more critism…

    • But how do you practice?

      There are limited ways of practicing and I’m just not seeing it with him. It would have to be going to acting/film school and getting proper training to hone his craft, or taking smaller roles in drama/film/theatre projects opposite more skilled actors that can give him feedback and suggestions.

      But from what I understand he’s super-busy with his K-pop career, creating and performing music, making music videos and touring. When does that give him a chance to practice? Standing at home in front of a mirror and reciting your lines is not going to cut it.

      • pleaseee don’t speak ill of him although i’m a guy fan but he’s my idol he didn’t get even a chance to practice his acting skills and got his first drama You’r Beautiful but still he got thousand’s of fans with his first drama if we speak of Heartstring you can tell that he improved alot since his first drama and now his third drama i am sure this drama will surpprise you Jung Yong Hwa always tries his best and that’s why i love him pleaseeee this is too earlly to speak about his talent we all know that he wasn’t even a singer to biggen with but still all over the world know him and cnblueeven me a pakistani am a fan

  10. I find it a little silly to excuse idols taking on lead roles by saying they need to “improve” or to “practice” for those that suck at acting like this guy does.
    I’ve said this before in alot of the posts including Kim Hyun Joong.
    There are other means/methods to improve your acting before you take on a bigger project. Take classes, go back to acting school, or take on SMALLER roles, like 2nd leads. If you’re too busy to take classes or get a mentor, then maybe you’re not fit to be juggling so much at once and focus on one thing you’re good at. Songwriting/singer.
    People don’t just walk into the olympics to “practice” or “improve”. When you get there you best be ready and feel ready.
    Entertain us at your best. Or at least have the skills if not the talent to hold up whatever position you’re in.
    People don’t improve by diving head first into the ocean when they can’t swim.

    • “People don’t just walk into the olympics to “practice” or “improve”.”
      “People don’t improve by diving head first into the ocean when they can’t swim.”


      Our thoughts overlap (see my comment above).


    • not to mention that it’s their JOB, they get paid for it and a certain level of skill or ability should be demonstrated – if it isn’t, viewers have every right to bitch out oppa for sucking at acting, no matter how cute he is on variety.

      • Seriously, I don’t get how that’s so hard to understand. It’s a JOB, and like any other job, people are allowed to criticize you if you do it badly. Entertainers get judged on their ability to entertain. End of story.

  11. let us give him his chance. there are other seasoned actors that sucked, too. it all really depends on the right combination…

  12. doN’t fiGHt chIngu’s..KeEp cAlm and love eaCh other..

    Woah…YoNgHwa hyunG…!!whatever dEcisioNs you maKe,we wilL supPort you,buT please,waTch your health..!! fiGHting!!

  13. oh…It hurts..Ambitious..???nO ofFEnse,buT please guys,doN’t say rudE words,Please gIve hIm a chance,”pRaCtice makes us perfEct,buT remember- “nObody is perfEct”.

    YoNgHwa hyunG…!!whatever dEcisioNs you maKe,we wilL supPort you,buT please,waTch your health..!! fiGHting!!

  14. i have been a k-drama addict for 6 yrs, i’ve watched different types of dramas as well and i guess yong’s performance with his past dramas isn’t that bad as what you’ve described it. he had delivered his every role accordingly and as best as he could. it’s not like his doing a very sad drama that he needs to cry so hard, instead, he always get a cool character that’s why he’s acting was like that. hope that you’ll give him a chance to show what he got and also his other side, not just his cool side. let’s just wait for the outcome and criticize after we’ve seen it, not now when we haven’t seen it yet. 🙂 <3

  15. Jang geun suk is a pretty decent actor but his dramas dont click well with the public…well, in korea i mean…so, whats the diff of casting one who can act with someone who cant?

  16. Omw u fangirls are crazy.

    ull missed the point. Actors train to be actors n practice/improve there crappy acting somehere in a back room n then show us the real deal the same way swimmers practice before they participate or even qualify for a competition.

    The problem with idos is they practiced their whole lives how to look good n cool on stage for like 4 to 5 min at a time. So thats what they good at. N now they comin on screen n ruining script writers reps, storylines and coudve been awesome scenes had it not been for their awkward UNPRACTICED skills.

    Even swimmers have to qualify as mentioned. The point is no audition even takes place for these idols, their big fat companies buy them a slot and they get accepted based on their idol popularity in japan or korea dependin how much money needs to be made

    I honestly feel sorry for actresses like kim yoo bi who get side roles (gu family book) while people like SUZY gets to mess-up/play-around (call it what u want) with the lead role.

  17. pls. cut Yonghwa some slack i believe that he is a leading man material… I’m a type of person who criticize what i watched the story of heartstring is quite common and predictable but it was good maybe not the best YH acting is not bad he really acted the character well.. his character is an egoistic, introvert, self centered, handsome, talented, lonely young man who is in love with his teacher if you think he didn’t show that character then he really is not good he maybe a beginner but hardwork and effort makes an actor… if you only have talent it wont be good so pls. don’t speak ill of him it hurts us more than it hurts him i believe he will pull the character well YH fighting just Don’t care about them because you have your fans supporting your back.. we believe in you

  18. surprised that he is getting cast with the plethora of better young actors out there: jung il woo, dong hae of super junior, lee hyun woo…to name a few

  19. Give him a chance.. We can’t compare him with other co-actors, who already act in more dramas..yong hwa just act in two dramas.. just give him a chance..

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