New Stills Show Lee Jun Ki Bloody and Bruised for Two Weeks

Goodness gracious great balls of Lee Jun Ki! What perfection can I expect in the upcoming chase drama Two Weeks? If these pictures are any indication, I’m going to like what I see. As much as I wanted Jun Ki to do a sageuk drama, and Arang and the Magistrate really was decent enough (especially in comparison to the utter sageuk crap we’ve gotten this year), the sageuk garb is nowhere near being his hottest look. His idol singer performing couture is too flashy and out there for me, what I really swoon over is exactly the way he looks here. His hair short but not buzz cut with clothes that are simple but masculine, it totally brings me right back to Time Between Dog and Wolf. The just released official stills of Lee Jun Ki filming a police break scene involving a multi-car accident have ratcheted up my interest for this drama. In addition to Jun Ki, the cast consists of lots of actors I like from Kim So Yeon to Park Ha Sun to Ryu Soo Young, but it looks like the usual romance element might be taking a backseat to the intrigue surrounding why Jun Ki’s character Jang Tae San is framed for a murder. Tae San goes from loser to man-on-a-mission as he tries to clear his name and save the life of his daughter who is dying from leukemia. Park Ha Sun plays Seo In Hye, Tae San’s old flame and mother to their daughter. She’s also engaged to Ryu Soo Young’s cop Im Sang Goo, who happens to be the cop tasked with tracking down Tae San. Kim So Yeon plays prosecutor Park Jae Kyung who begins to unravel the clues to a vast conspiracy and starts to believe Tae San may be framed. I’m not sure if Jun Ki will have a romance with either or both of these ladies but my guess is that the romance will be ancillary to the central conflict in the same way 49 Days deftly balanced it. I like screenwriter So Hyun Kyung but it’s the PD that has me worried since he was totally a hack in splicing and dicing Personal Taste. But I do love these first stills, so maybe he got better? I’m keeping my hopes up because this will be a great drama that breaks from the pack in offering something different in these dog days of Summer.


New Stills Show Lee Jun Ki Bloody and Bruised for Two Weeks — 23 Comments

  1. I’m more likely to watch this for Kim So Yeon than any other cast member. Seriously, she’s one of my favorite K-actresses! Just thinking about her role as a spoiled & materialistic princess in “Prosecutor Princess” and then seeing her as a badass assassin in “IRIS” / “Athena”… she’s really something!

    But these pictures do somewhat spike my interest!

  2. The story is very similar to Mandate of Heaven, only difference being modern setting.
    But i’m watching this only for Lee JunKi.

  3. Isn’t it a funny coicidence that his dongseng in TBDAW is playing a badass character in Heartless City and JunKi is following up with one of his own…Love his look here. I actually prefer him with short hair as well – more masculine. Though he was the only guy who could rock the girlish longer hair style too…Fighting!!! I love the screenwriter who gave us 49 days and a fan of KSY, so I’m highly anticipating this one.

  4. If Lee Jun Ki is in it I will watch. He is one of the few actors I will watch no matter what the project. It’s just a bonus that this is a genre I like and that he has looked extra hot in all the stills I’ve seen so far. I’m drooling already!

    • I also disagree re: the sageuk garb not being his hottest look – I’d get Koala’s point if this was Iljimae because his hair and costume often looked so silly there, but as Eun-oh? In the magistrate’s uniform, with the hat?


  5. Omona! The stills is INSANE awesome!I’m going to watch this for sure.Can’t wait. Jun Ki….. SDFJLDLJFKDLS <3<3<3<3<3

  6. For everyone that’s stressing over whether to watch it because of the director, well, let’s just say that Lee JoonGi can turn any drama around. However, there is always chemistry lacking on the female side in LJG’s romance dramas, but he does an excellent job. Especially when it comes to action. So watch it for LJG and not because of the director, because even if the ending is messed up, LJG will make it to where you won’t care or to where you’d like it somewhat.

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