Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue Joins Heirs and Completes the Main Cast

Finally! Okay people, I believe this casting finishes the complete main cast for the upcoming Heirs. For whatever weed FNC Entertainment was smoking in allegedly being the one to turn down the offer for Jung Yong Hwa to be the second male lead in Heirs (supposedly due to his busy CNBlue schedule), I don’t know what kind of magic they expect Jung Yong Hwa’s CNBlue band mate Kang Min Hyuk to pull because he was just cast as in the drama. See, this is why I don’t believe in agency bullshit – how could Jung Yong Hwa’s agency decline Heirs, which airs in October, due to his busy music schedule, but then turn around and cast his band mate in the same drama, on top of that Jung Yong Hwa is apparently reviewing favorably the offer to be the male lead in the upcoming KBS drama Future Choice, which also airs in October. Either I can’t do math because both dramas air in October, or that filming conflict excuse was bullshit and the rumors I heard that FNC wants Yong Hwa to only be the male lead in a drama to be highly credible. Whatever, I think it was no loss for Heirs and in fact I find Kang Min Hyuk adorable even if he’s green with acting. At least his face moves and he is capable of more than one expression that looks constipated. This casting will actually reunite Park Shin Hye with Kang Min Hyuk since they both starred in Heartstrings, and right now there are unclear reports out on which character he will play. Between Kang Min Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin, there are two second male lead roles unconfirmed. One is Yoon Chan Yong, a student at Empire High but poor because his father is the secretary for Empire Group and he grew up with female lead Cha Eun Sang. The other is Choi Young Do, the heir to a resort conglomerate and former best friend to Lee Min Ho‘s male lead Kim Tan. Apparently Young Do will form the main love triangle as he has a one-sided crush on Eun Sang, whereas Chan Young appears to be platonic best friends with Eun Sang and is dating another female student Lee Bo Na. From sifting through all the crazy many news reports these past few days, I believe Kang Min Hyuk is playing Yoon Chan Young and Kim Woo Bin is playing Choi Young Do. I’ll dress like a panda if my guess is wrong. Read on for the full character description of Young Do.

When I posted about how I Hear Your Voice wasn’t my cup of tea for legal sinkhole reasons and because I find Lee Jong Suk freaky looking (I’m not blind so I get that he’s handsome objectively, I just find certain of his features rather disproportionate in an artificial way), I got a lot of queries as to what I think about Kim Woo Bin. I think its cute that the two boys are interconnected these days due to their School 2013 bromance. I think Lee Jong Sok is objectively way more good looking than Kim Woo Bin, who looks like a funky alien with his extremely wide set eyes and bullish jawline and large frame. But I personally find Kim Woo Bin endearing to watch onscreen whereas Lee Jong Suk makes me cringe, all subjective so go forth with your own opinions on them. With that said, I’m super duper happy that its Kim Woo Bin who got tapped by Kim Eun Sook to star in Heirs alongside Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Lee Jong Suk already worked with her in Secret Garden and she’s got a conveyer belt roster of new talent she mines so its Kim Woo Bin’s lucky day since her dramas get so much attention.

Choi Young Do (18 years old):

High IQ and a member of Mensa, adept at calculating how to destroy his opponents. On his cold face sometimes a small smile will flicker past. No one dares to become Young Do’s enemy. Young Do doesn’t get along with Kim Tan because Kim Tan is even better at using little tricks. Their mental battle during elementary school was as immature and serious as two kids could get at that age. But these two, so different than everyone else, eventually became best friends.

When Young Do was 5 years old and started school, his mom left the family. When he was 12 years old his grandma dragged his mom back and forced her to sign divorce papers. At that time, his grandma viciously slapped his mom. Form then on, his father went through one young woman after another. Young Do used the money those women would bribe him with and bought a large dog to keep in the house. He would often order the dog to go bite those women.

These things, which Young Do never told anyone, he told Kim Tan. But when he heard Kim Tan reveal that he was illegitimate, Young Do left Kim Tan. Because Young Do always thought Kim Tan occupied a higher position than him, and he could rely on Kim Tan. But Kim Tan deceived him, Young Do saw this as a form of betrayal.

His revenge for such a betrayal must be thorough! So Young Do told all the servants and also caused the other students to ostracize Kim Tan. In the end, Kim Tan left to study abroad and Young Do felt like he had won! But Young Do could not smile.

In 2011, the biggest news in the financial world was the second marriage for Welcome Resort President (Young Do’s father) and Crystal Hotels President (Rachel’s mother). At the wedding Young Do was beaming with pride, his new younger sister Rachel was so beautiful and presentable. The feeling of attending his own father’s wedding, he wanted to share it, but Kim Tan was no longer beside him.

One day, the Kim Tan he thought would never return, was standing before him. There was so much he wanted to say, but Kim Tan didn’t even spare him a glance. But Young Do knew exactly what he could do to make Kim Tan pay attention to him. So a small smile appeared on Young Do’s face once again. Eun Sang, the transfer student who was pretending to be nouveau riche, that girl is Tan’s weakness.

But something unexpected happened. When he was with Eun Sang, his feelings would imperceptibly change. Is it like finding a new toy, or the realization that he was feeling something romantic for the first time? Young Do tosses the first roll of the dice in this messy game.


Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue Joins Heirs and Completes the Main Cast — 46 Comments

  1. Wowser! Man, from friends to enemy to frienemy? But if YD miss KT so much, being rich and such, you would think he’ll be able to call him on the phone. Lol kdramas… let the dramas begin. ^^

    • from friends to enemies to frenemy

      Sounds a lot like School 2013, only that was friends to frenemies and back to love 🙂

      (also, LJS+KWB >>>>>>> any possible pairing of KWB+LMH)

  2. I fell for this dinosaur hard. Like so hard I didn’t know what I tripped on. He was already in a Kim Eun Sook drama. Gentlemen’s Dignity as a hot student that had a crush on Kim Haneul’s character. But it was school 2013 that he won me completely over. Koala Unnie I recommend that you watch “White Christmas” 😀

    Lol I’m happy now that he might be the second lead. Not saying this because I’m a fan, but compared to all the other rookies/idols if he would get pushed to 3rd lead that is just disrespectful. I don’t want him to be a wasted talent.

  3. I find Lee Jong Suk freaky looking too! And that’s only from seeing his face in screencaps. Never seen him in motion but I don’t know if I could properly pay attention to a drama with his face detracting from all his scenes.

    • I think it’s cos he got his nose done. He should have just left it alone. Bet he’d be more handsome if he did.

  4. so young do and kim tan are like serena and blair, don’t feel like watching this, maybe just the scenes with hot gumiho daddy

  5. My Woo Bin would totally be an awesome Young Do!!! As much as i wasnt a fan of him being a sevond lead, this character sounds vengefully delicious 😉

  6. Really? I thought Kim Woo Bin was more handsome despite never seeing his works even if i’ve seen some of lee jong suk (who i finally found endearing after watching IHYV).
    When he wears a suit he looks like a man but when lee jong suk wears a suit he looks like a kid in a suit 🙁 And i quote kwan-woo from the show.

  7. i thought yonghwa turned down the role because of difference of opinion in regards to the character he was offered.

    • Yonghwa was offered the role of KWB which i think is an awesome character. He could have earned much praise for portraying such a multi dimensional character.
      But i’m happy that it is KWB playing it and i think he will do great job.

  8. Can I ask why his character in love with shin hye ‘s character please koala i am so interesting to know? I THINK KMH is better to be PSH best friend to avoid fights between CNblue fans and illusional couple makers, I don’t want see Yong Shin vs Kang Shin wars 😀

  9. Koala you should see btw of kim woo bin with lee jong suk. . .or not if u dont want to ruin your image of him . . .lets just say he makes jong suk look straight

  10. Kang Min Hyuk’s character got me through Heartstrings, he was rather endearing (if green at acting).

    Kim Woo Bin is a very ethereal kind of beautiful… the kind that doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter definition of beautiful but that somehow mesmerises you. It’s hard to explain, it’s just in a whole other league than many actors. A photographer’s kind of dream.

    Weren’t Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin connected before School 2013? I.e. they were friends from modelling days? I feel like I read about something like that, that their pre-existing friendship made the “bromance chemistry” work so well in School 2013.

    • Exactly! His oddness is what makes his face so memorable, he’s not cookie-cutter handsome and he works with that (praying that he doesn’t get any plastic surgery in the future, his face is so perfect the way it is)

  11. I find both Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin freaky looking.

    I think Woo Bin at least looks like a normal human being, but Lee Jong Suk looks like what NOT to do for a cosmetic surgeon :(.

    I like both as actors though.

  12. Kim Woo Bin is a really talented actor, he’s in White Christmas was a vicious bully but he was good. And I think he was adorable in School 2013 and yes the bromance warms my heart.
    He’s doing some bigger projects so he is definitely on the rise.
    Kang Min Hyuk is a better actor then his bandmate, at least hes more natural.
    Sidenote has Lee Jong Suk had PS done? I admit he does look a bit strange as does Kim Jae Won (he looks like a waxdoll)

  13. After the barrage of Heirs casting news in the past few days, I am not going to read the character outlines and spoilers as there’s still more than 2 months before the show premieres. I’m already getting burnt out just with reading about this show and the fact that it is BOF 2.0/HYD 4.0 (?!, lost track…) makes me not keen on watching it. If I do, will do so for Woo Bin and Joo Eun.

    Out of the two I think Woo Bin is the more good-looking one. I can’t get over how SHINee LJS’s face looks ALL. THE. TIME. in addition to the super disproportional nose and lips. o_O Liked Woo Bin in White Christmas… didn’t watch School 2013 but from what I’ve read him & LJS two are besties, much like LMH-JIW.

    • It’s a shame, because LJS’s old nose was actually really cute and looked normal on his face – he was still doll-like, but didn’t look as freaky as he does now.

  14. The moment I read which roles aren’t confirmed I believed that Min Hyuk will be playing Chan Young and Woo Bin – Young Do. And after I read the description of the character I’m even more convinced in it.
    I think that role will suit Woo Bin, and I can’t even imagine Min Hyuk playing it (besides he can’t pass as an older brother or same age as Min Ho).

    I really anticipate this drama and I hope its good.
    Thank you for your updates on it.

  15. oh my this drama has become like a star parade:D LOL

    BTW, Unnie Kim Woo Bin worked with her in Gentleman’s dignity! I guess it’s the same writer with Secret Garden right?

    I will sure check it out
    -love shin hye
    -le min ho, i am not dying for him but he is handsome, ok
    -love kim woo bin, i dont know but he has a certain appeal i cant not hate it, sometimes i got that alien feeling but for some reason i just want to see him more:D
    -Min hyuk, OMG, he is the one made heartstrings bearable for me:D
    -and the girl from wild romance, she really has a ‘cant-hate-her’ appearance and aura:D

  16. I like KES’s works so I’ll probably watch this drama, not a big fan of the cast tho 🙁

    Also, it might be an unpopular opinion here but I find LJS way more good looking than KWB, KWB’s eyes always freak me out OTL

  17. i don’t know why they always have to cast someone who isn’t an actor by trade in these dramas….what about lee hyun woo or jung il woo who are bonafide actors? or if they are gonna cast an idol, they should be a pretty good actor like donghae of super junior…even siwon has some range

  18. kim wo bin’s unique sexy look and body unavoidable he makes this drama soooooo interesting. Thank you for telling about Young Do personality. It 100% suitable for Kim wo bin as Young Do. As if my heart wanna explode when knowing the newest news about the casts. I also like Lee Jong suk (but not for this drama),his face always looks relax,adorable but he really can act.I like him in I hear your voice and school 2013.

    Min Hyuk of CN Blue face has baby face and sooo innocent. I like him. Its weird if the reason yonghwa out of this drama because he is busy, but how about min hyuk,he is a drummer of CN Blue,of course busy too.
    I heard Yonghwa will acts with eun hye? hope eun hye can cover yonghwa limited acting skill. Eun hye acting skill is outstanding

    lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is really good deal as lead actor and actress in this drama.

    Because its about rich family, I hope shin Hye fashion is more better and elegant than her fashion at her past dramas. Shin Hye is very beautiful and elegant model, so her fashion should balance with her look.

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