Goddess of Fire Episode 10: Tae Do Asks Jung Yi to Leave with Him But She is Deranged and Stays

If there was a way for Goddess of Fire to get even stupider in plot, this drama is succeeding masterfully at it. Episode 10 was all about making a special teacup that would keep tea warm at the behest of the Ming dynasty envoy. Apparently giving him a hot water bottle is not an option. After taking a plunge into the river and exposing her chest and gender, Jung Yi begs Gwanghaegun to keep quiet about her being a girl during the 10 days left to make the cup, and he agrees and seems to take even greater interest in her. So much so that Imhaegun thinks his younger bro has a thing for young boys and locks the two of them up in a room for alone time. Whut? Jung Yi, who works with kilns her entire life, then faints because it’s too hot up in that regular ole room. Double whut? Tae Do is relieved Jung Yi came back with the clay needed to make the cup, and he continues being awesome and smacks down the other potters who pick on Jung Yi. He accompanies her to the lake to bathe at night while he keeps watch and Gwanghaegun follows and just thinks they are brother and sister but still doesn’t know Jung Yi’s real identity as the girl he knew as a kid. The first cup is a fail and is blamed on process being touched by a female, apparently females are bad luck in making pottery. Jung Yi outs herself as a girl rather than let another female get wrongly blamed and she’s thrown in jail. Gwanghaegun tries to help her but its Tae Do who rescues her and tries to take her away. He asks Jung Yi to leave with him, they can go an ordinary life somewhere far away from the Palace. Jung Yi asks to be taken back because she has to make that freaking cup and she discovers her master has arrived in town with the secret method to make the tea warming cup. Jung Yi gets the method to the pottery department and the cup is made just in the nick of time. Next episode she’s getting to stay in the pottery department as a girl. Somewhere my brain cells died a slow and painful death, but my eyes feasted on the glory of Tae Do and his patient, thoughtful, and heartfelt love for Jung Yi and I mentally resurrected myself.

Tae Do-Jung Yi cuts for episode 10:


Goddess of Fire Episode 10: Tae Do Asks Jung Yi to Leave with Him But She is Deranged and Stays — 35 Comments

  1. I love this show. The chemistry between the leads are hot, Kim bum and moon geun young you make a lovely couple 🙂 <3 <3 can't wait for the next episode. Thanks for the update Koala!

  2. Lol…you crack me up Koala as usual. What girl in the right mind would not run away with this sweet, handsome man when they get the offer.

    Anyway, I’m also sticking around for our OTP. Also next week we get to see our Moonie in hanbok and she does look pretty good in it.

  3. I do agree that the plot of the story is bad and some of the issues/situations are carried out way too long, that could be solved more quickly, however i personally though that the show would be talking about pottery in every single scenes but thats not the case.I love the humorous scenes with lee kwang soo and his evil twist make the show more fun to watch, and the fact it has sweet romance between the leads. its just a shame that the writer of this story does not know what to do with the show. Even the warrior baek dong soo had a better plot but the cast is stronger here. We all know the fact that this show has bad script writing but if anything is worsen than this it has to be jang ok jung ( just loved the costumes and songs in this show). Overall i do like this show and i am gonna stay in tune to watch the romance develop and the characters, as i am fan of the leads. the things are pointed out was just some of the things i didn’t like, however since the beginning i felt the scenes with the leads rub of on me and i can’t wait to see what happens. we all might think we know whats happens in the end but we never know, there would be a twist 😉 thanks for the post.

  4. Yeah! Jung Yi dress as a woman!! Finally, I was tired seeing her dress as a man. Can’t wait to see Tae Dos reaction. And can’t wait for a kiss between them. I wished he took a sneak peak of a Jung Yi bathing, but he’s a gentleman. GOF only worth watching beacause of these two. ❤

  5. Oh, Koala, why do you do this to yourself?

    Though I am totally grateful because that way I can keep tabs on Kim Bum scenes without needing to wade through the rest of the hot mess that is Doctor Jin Does Pottery.

  6. i’m super impressed with kwang soo, i never thought I’d despise his character this much.
    kim bum blows me away as always, and moon geun young seems to be doing her best with this awful script.
    I literally skim through episodes and only fully watch scenes with kim bum and kwang soo now.

  7. What is she thinking?
    Leave with him. I know I would. 🙂
    Yes there scenes together are great. I think this weekend I will see the episodes.
    I do agree to the story isn’t that good, but I have seen more terrible shows that had horrible stories.
    Nothing can beat terrible telenovelas in Spanish.

  8. I love the three leads and always rush home to watch them online even if I do not understand korean. This is the only series I try to watch it online . Thank you for your recaps, fighting !

  9. I am not watching this show because it did not sound interesting to me from the beginning even with the promise of Lee Sang Yoon’s dimples. However, I am all in for the ride with Captain Koala because these commentaries are hilarious. I hope the writers get better only for the actors’ sakes, but for ours, I hope they keep going crazy so I can get more sardonic commentary from our captain. At the end of a crazy work day, it is nice to know that even beauty that is Kim Bum is not safe from those wacky people at work. At least our crazy work lives or the results aare not broadcast for the world to see.

    • Did my snark rouse your drama tingles, trotwood? Nice to see you following along, the more the merrier. This is a total Chris Wu stealing King Flower as the second lead situation happening ALL OVER AGAIN.

      • …with the added benefit of at least knowing the ending in advance. Thank God. KoF train ride once in a life time (or, once in a very long time) is enough.

      • Koala, love how you interject Chris Wu/Terry every chance you get! Lol!

        I agree, Kim Bum is the awesome girl-stealing-2nd lead!

        He is so swoon worthy!!!

  10. It is not as good as mgy previous sageuk, but I am enjoying it because of the lead stars.
    And this is supposed to be about pottery so we should expect the pottery stories. Just like dae jang geun’ is about cooking and medicine, the story pretty much centered on that.
    Moon has chemistry with both king and taedo!

  11. OMG I have fallen in love…..again. The smile bummie gives is melting my heart. I adore him! If he would have asked me that same question I would have said Yes! But I wonder why the story is moving too slow I bet it will speed up at the end which will ruin the show but all I will do is watch my favorite couple and hope for the best. Thanx Ms Koala for this recap!

    • I think the slow pace is symbolic, like going into the kiln. Can’t rush it. Plus the added reality that this drama is 32 episodes long! My guess is that we’re stuck at this pace until the curtain falls.

      • Cannot argue with that but the good side is that we will a lot of bummie and moon for a long time.

  12. You are hilarious Ms.koala…kekekek..Ehem..on another note..”” Paulo Coelho once said..”Reality is totally different from fiction. In fiction, things need to make sense”. Although nothing make sense in this drama..this is the only drama that I am watching after FBND…and I am still happy about it. Its crazy but the lead stars are amazing for making it works. 🙂

  13. Hahaha. I only tune in because you started the recaps.But today’s tortured tone just made me laugh and laugh. Thank goodness MBC releases the relevant Kim Bum cuts, so I just watch them.

    Between you and the viki’s goddess of fire’s editors, I am in hysterics every week. They are tortured having to watch the episode as well. But no one is bailing because they are responsible… but it’s darn hilarious reading your comments and their comments every week.

    You poor, poor people.

  14. I agree with everyone that Kim bum is the ONLY reason I’m even giving this show any sort of recognition. I am so thankful for Koala for posting the scenes with only Kim and Moon cuts so I wont have to waste an hour watching the show itself. THANK YOU!!!!!

  15. Even my love for Moon Geun Young cannot make me love Jung Yi (yet). I keep tabs because of Bummie. I only watch Bummie and Moonie’s scenes. But if, and only if you say one word that will resurrect my interest, I’ll try to stop hitting that fast forward button…

  16. The problem with this drama is that there is no drama! Definitely one for yawnsville save for Kim Bum!

    Koala – love your heading! ‘Tae Do asks Jung Yi to Leave but She is Deranged and Stays’! Maybe we are all deranged for watching still….

    Cant imagine the ratings are high- Hope Bummie gets paid!!!

  17. I loled at the title. And agree with you that this plot is not amazing. I miss the younger Jung Yi where she had a brain to be scared of people and had brains.

    Only watching for Tae do, and Moon’s puppy eyes.

  18. So, is Bummie going to get the girl or not? I thought he was second lead and won’t get her. I sure hope he does. He needs to be the lead male actor in a drama already cause it’s been way to long, 2010 since he’s been the lead male…

  19. Why the writer makes Jung Yi character like the stupidest char ever?? I blame the writer for its terrible plot and characterization..

  20. Just out of curiosity though, it seems that everyone including myself is shipping Jung Yi/Tae Do
    but isnt the main couple supposed to be Jung Yi/ Gwanghae?

  21. I must admit that after reading your recap on ep.5, I became so interested in this series and have a marathon viewing it online until I reached at this episode. After reading all of the comments here, I decided to share my views. For me, the writer is just being true to facts. It must be so much hardwork and research to really write a story of this kind since it is historical in nature and therefore must be nearer to that truth, esp. in this episode showing how to make the celadon teacup and how they perfected them. So pls dont blame the writer if somehow the character Jung Yi appeared very stupid in the process. MGY’s acting is really amazing in portraying this character and still appears lovable. Plus, the fact that MGY and the other leading men in this series, including Park Gun Young (who,by the way, is MGY’s leading man in Innocent Steps)appears so smitten by her instead of with the character being played by Seo Hyun Jin,kekeke. Thanks for your recap and reactions, they are amazing.

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