Bong Joon Ho’s Hollywood Movie Snowpiercer Holds VIP Seoul Premiere

The premieres in Seoul this Summer keep getting bigger and bigger and this is one of the most star-studded to date what with the melding of Hollywood and a Korean directorial super star. Seoul was the location chosen for the world movie premiere of the upcoming Snowpiercer since its directed by South Korean wunderkind Bong Joon Ho, who has helmed three of the most talked about Korean dramas in the last decade in Memories of Murder, The Host, and Mother. Snowpiercer is his most ambitious large scale movie to date, based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jean-Marc Rochette published in 1982. Bong Joon Ho read the graphic novel in 2004 at his local comic book store in Hongdae and it really spoke to him. It’s yet another post-apocalyptic story, this time Earth is frozen over and the only surviving humans reside on a perpetual motion train that circles the circumference of the planet once a year. It’s been eighteen years since the survivors have been living on the train which is highly segregated. The farther away from the sacred engine located at the very front of the train, more dire the poverty and more harrowing the living conditions. Those who live in the back are told to maintain their positions while those in front live in comfort and security. The downtrodden eventually rise up and a rebellion to overtake the front of the train occurs, led by Chris Evans and assisted by Song Kang Ho and his daughter played by Go Ah Sung, while Tilda Swinton plays one of the overlords in the front trying to maintain control. Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton arrived in Seoul over the weekend to participate in press for this movie and attend the VIP premiere held on July 29th. It was a veritable who’s who of Korean entertainment who attended, ranging from top star Lee Byung Hun down to lots and lots of pretty idol boys and girls. The outfits were hit and miss, though with one of the craziest dressers in Hollywood Tilda Swinton around no one could possibly out-weird her. But I have to say that No Min Woo gave it his best shot and got real close. I’m thrilled director Bong Joon Ho has successfully completed his first cross-over movie and the trailer looks absolutely fantastic. Here’s hoping the first reviews for Snowpiercer validate all his talent and hard work. Check out the VIP premiere pictures below and get ready for tons of chuckles. It confirms once again that being pretty does not equal having a sense of style.

Lee Byung Hun

Jung So Min

Song Kang Ho

Bong Joon Ho with Tilda Swinton

Go Ah Sung

Han Ye Seul

Shim Eun Kyung and Lee Jin Wook

Jung Seok Won

Nam Gyu Ri

Seo Woo

Some Super Junior boys including Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae

Kim Soo Hyun

Jo Jung Seok

Jung Ryeo Won

Kim Ji Hoon

Lee Hyun Woo

Sooyoung and Yuri of SNSD


Two boys from SHINEE that are not Minho

Chris Evans

Choi Jin Hyuk

No Min Woo

Trailer for Snowpiercer:


Bong Joon Ho’s Hollywood Movie Snowpiercer Holds VIP Seoul Premiere — 44 Comments

  1. Thanks for the warning about chuckles. Could. Not. Refrain. From. Cracking. Up. So many uglifying outfits.
    Has Jang Geun Seok contaminated Min Woo with his poor fashion taste? *shivering*

  2. OMG….Is that an ahjumma dress -NMW???? Speechless. And the hair…speechless. I actually think Tilda looks kinda cool whereas NMW is plain weird.

  3. Wait is that no min woo as in the no min woo in full house 2 and gumiho or some other no min woo :O? I hope it’s not that one.

    • It’s that one… I’m forever deleting this picture from my head. He will ONLY be the miho hunter for me (in my delusional world)

  4. I actually gasped out loud when I saw No Min Woo. Now that is bad.

    I guess Suzy looks good? And Go Ah Jung’s dress is super cute. Apart from that, nahhhh.

  5. Looove Tilda (which is pretty much the only reason that I’m interested in this film).

    Most of the clothes here are… a little boring?

    Kinda like Yuri’s dress.

    Strangely, I don’t mind No Min Woo’s get up that much (though I don’t know who he is). I’m all for guys in skirts, it’s underexplored…

    • I agree with you. Some guys can actually pull of the skirt look if the length is right and if they have the body for it. Some look straight up hot in ’em, or maybe it’s the confidence that makes it.

  6. For a second, I thought the last picture was a girl… until I read the caption.
    One word: WHY
    more incoming gay rumors lol

  7. Bwahahahaha… No Min Woo came dressed as a girl! Either that or he just landed from Scotland, fell into a barrel of black tar, inhaled too much toxin and damaged all sense of sensibilities!

  8. Tbis is what I dream to attend ! Chris evans , siwon , ji hoon (sexiest), jung seok omgaaaaaah my oppas ! It only missed both min hos ! Love it !

  9. Tilda!!! I love that actress, she’s fabulous. The way she uglified herself for this movie, just to play some kind of crazy dictator, amazes me.
    So many celebrities for that premiere! O.o
    And yes, No Min Woo… *Cries.*

  10. It’s like No Min Woo completely forgot what gender he was?! WTF?! I didn’t even recognize him at first and was trying to figure out what Korean ACTRESS or idol that was. He made Tilda Swinton look like Coco Chanel.

  11. NMW, WTH! he is in search for a new things i assume:D he has made a single recently maybe he is going into a phase 😀

    LOL ‘Two boys from Shinee that are not Minho’ I laughed this more:D Lol taemin and jong hyun I think 😀
    and i couldnt name one of the 4 from Suju, I know they are Siwon, Donghae, Kangin and idk:D with the blonde hair I would say eunhyuk but he doesnt look like eunhyuk 🙁

    hope this movie comes to my country, I would like to watch it in movie theater than watching from my computer 🙁

  12. I just DIED. No Min Woo; it’s not Halloween yet!

    Omg atrocious; I wish I could un-see that. Also WTF to Choi Jin Hyuk’s shoes and double WTF to Kim soo hyun’s shirt. What is with the weird fashion sense these days?!?

  13. WTF I DIDNT RECOGNIZED LEE JIN WOOK UNTIL I SAW HIS NAME AND HAD TO SCROLL UP AGAIN OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!?!?! I was so in love with him in nine cos of his smxy looks…and here oh god. That horrendous image cannot be erased from my mind anymore. Oh god my eyes…it hurts…

  14. I wouldn’t be able to recognize most of them if not for the names underneath. Suzy doesn’t look like her usual self in the picture. And one of the SNSD girls wearing a black dress looks like an ape. It’s the lighting I guess.

  15. Surely this is a result of there being some kind of April-Fools’-Day equivalent that is celebrated by K-stylists, right? Otherwise, there couldn’t be this many fails… When, oh when, is the high-water pants trend going to end?

    You know what really gets me about No Min Woo’s look? It’s the fact that he’s choosing (and thus legitimizing) the dreaded bowl/mushroom cut… after appearing in Full House 2 (famous for the hairstyles of shame). I’m an eccentric soul who can handle the majority of WTF looks including (most of) Jang Geun Seok’s outlandish outfits, but the bowl cut? It gives me the heebie jeebies.

  16. It must be the lighting, because there’s no way every single one of the attendees look that terrible simultaneously. Amazing how bad angles and bad lighting make gorgeous people look washed out and awkward. And why are all the men’s pants too short?! Even LBH looks like a fuddy-duddy in that getup, and that is not him at all.

  17. So nice to see Jung So Min making her public appearance. She seems to disappear/ inactive after Can We Get Married drama. Hope she will come back with a good project soon.

  18. OMG NO MIN WOO!…words fail…..

    sigh….what is up with his face though?
    on the other hand, how adorable are Jung So Min, Shin Eun Kyung and Jung Ryeo Won…I hope this means Shim Eun Kyung is back in movies/dramas.
    I’d say ALL the men are misses except for Jung Suk Won
    Can;t wait for this movie..what a fantastic cast…Go ah Sung is growing up wonderfully

  19. “Two boys from Shinee that are not Minho” ~ hahahaha oh mskoala, you just made my day!

    * Mmmm, Chris

    * I love Tilda Swanson, she will forever be the white witch from Narnia for me.

    * No Min Woo..oh my lord, I don’t know what to say hahahaha…

  20. Yikes, those are some seriously ugly outfits – and the horribly unflattering lighting doesn’t help, either. *shudders*

    (note: that’s Seohyun with Sooyoung, not Yuri.)

  21. I agree with everyone here.. No Min Woo wins the round on worst dressed.. Tilda Swanson looks better than him.. AHAHAH.

  22. Thanks for the heads up on the LOLs Koala. And the winner for the weirdest and ugliest attire on a premier goes to… NO MIN WO, clap, clap, clap. Like some previous comments, I did not recognize him until someone mentioned the dramas he was in. I also thought it was a female. Gee it’s not enough he had a horrendous haircut, he had to combine the look with a dress. lol However, your comment about the “Shinee boys that is not Minho” got me started. Furthermore, it must be high water season in Korea for some time because the men surely look like they are ready to go wading. Can’t wait till they get over that.

  23. I agree with Tilda Swinton’s questionable fashion choices but I think she looks great here (for a change) and I do admire her sticking to her style.

    Noh Min Woo is one of those poor souls who is trying to make skirts for men fashionable (no success so far in any of the attempts around the world).

    I think Lee Byung Hun is one of the worst dressed I think. He looks like he slept in those clothes…

  24. Oh, Go Uh Sung! She is the girl from God of Study! So good to see her! Love Tilda Swinton too!

    Jung Seok Won! Thank you for dressing up properly!

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