Iron Man Gets English Title of Blade Man and Releases Long 5-minute Preview

Are you suited up and ready for K-Iron Man to arrive? The much mocked KBS drama Iron Man is set to premiere next Wednesday and has gotten a new English title of Blade Man just to completely destroy its very reason for naming it Iron Man in Korean in the first place. Why can’t the Korean title be Blade Man in Korean when the word is just as available? Why ask why seems to be the motto behind this drama from conception to casting to the dribbles of previews that have been released. The cast attended the press conference last week and either the entire drama consists of Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung, and Han Jung Woo, or else every other major supporting actor and actress called in sick for the day. Judging by the picture above, and pretty much every picture where the two leads are in the same frame, there won’t be any sizzling onscreen chemistry forthcoming on top of the story and visuals being so bizarre-seeming already.

Shin Se Kyung, bless her stiff-faced heart, tried to be perky and animated at the press conference but the shots of her aegyo had the opposite effect of making me roll my eyes. No. Not sure what Han Jung Woo was thinking when he selected his suit for the event but that’s like the least of my quibbles when it comes to this drama. Lee Dong Wook gives off this dazed and zoned out feel, like he’s in this weird meta-place and perhaps he needs to stay there in order to make it through the drama filming. He reportedly has a difficult time acting when he needs to wear his special knife suit under his clothes to show the knives coming out of his back and arms. I find it apropos that his character in the drama is a man with severe rage and anger issues and is always upset, because that would be me if I was headlining this would-be turkey. I’m still massively curious and entertained enough to keep following along, so check out the 5-minute long preview below (with English subs) and get ready for the laughs to come rolling in. Continue reading

Age of Feeling is a Go with Kim Hyun Joong, Kim So Eun, Han Jung Woo, and Im Soo Hyang

Like it or not, this drama is actually happening. No, I’m not talking about the potentially cringe-worthy Beautiful Man with Jang Geun Seok, though this one might make the same timeslot double the pain for K-drama viewers. This casting has … Continue reading