Bu Bu Jing Qing Releases Official Opening Theme Sequence by Mayday

The modern day sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing to the popular time-travel period drama Bu Bu Jing Xin finished filming a few months ago and is comfortably ensconced in post-production. It’s not scheduled to air until 2014, but that hasn’t stopped the production company Tangren from doing a slew of early promotions. There was a concept teaser, the most dreary character posters known to man, and finally a 10-minute long preview that was all sorts of baffling to me. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and this from me who actually understood the dialogue without requiring translation! It’s the extremes of drama plotting – from King of Lan Ling which can be watched without subs because it’s so basic and elementary, to BBJQ which makes no sense even when understanding the dialogue because its so convoluted. The Beijing Television Festival is going on this week and Tangren released with great fanfare the opening theme song and sequence from BBJQ. First off – I loved (LOVED!!!) the opening theme song and sequence from BBJX (“A Persistent Mind” sung by Hu Ge and Alan Dawa Dolma) and pretty much nothing could match up. But Tangren pulled out the big guns this time and found current theme song hot stuff Mayday (one of the most famous rock bands in Asia) to perform the new song called “Each Step” (Bu Bu). Ha, talk about so obvious with the title. Mayday also wrote and performed the opening theme song for King of Lan Ling. I have to admit that I really liked this theme song, which is mostly because I really like Mayday and this song is pretty darn awesome. But what’s neat is that Tangren released it with the final opening sequence which shows a lot of new scenes that make me curious about this drama again. The final scene is modern day Ruo Xi (Zhang Xiao played by Liu Shi Shi) and 4th Prince (Yin Zheng played by Nicky Wu) walking hand in hand to look at the famous portrait of the afternoon of tea where all the princes gathered with Emperor Kangxi and Ruo Xi served them tea. Behind them is the rest of this cast, which only makes be rage again why the entire original cast couldn’t come back. If it was a full reunion, then even if this drama is as crazy as a catfight I would be still rabidly anticipating it. Check out the slick opening song and sequence below and then take a nostalgia rewind of the original classic.

Official Opening Theme for Bu Bu Jing Qing “Each Step” (Bu Bu) by Mayday:

And just to remind us of how AWESOME the opening theme and sequence was for Bu Bu Jing Xin “A Persistent Mind” watch here in HD:

[youtube id=”vnLb_KVziuA” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Bu Bu Jing Qing Releases Official Opening Theme Sequence by Mayday — 22 Comments

  1. Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi are collaborating for the third time in ‘The Incisive, Great Teacher’, currently filming in Heng Tian. I wonder if Ms. Koala would take notice and report any tidbits about it?

  2. okay, if in the end someone tells me he remembers that he’s the 4th prince in his previous life with the whole BBJX, then maybe I’ll consider again.

  3. One thought comes to mind when I saw the opening video for BBJQ and that is WHAT THE HECK? Nothing makes sense. I just can’t wrap my head around any of it, it’s not just now but I think BBJQ is purposely making things utterly confusing making us wonder about it just to make us watch it. Oh well, but I still love the opening for BBJX, thanks Miss Koala.

  4. You know, I just realized I always skipped the opening credits for fear of spoiling. They give a lot away.
    What a great show that is. I wonder if I can get up the guts to watch it again despite the PAIN!

    • Watch it once and it is good but painful scenes you can reminisce over.Watch it again and it will scar your memories for life. And that’s why I will never rewatch that drama.

  5. Tangren, screw you. Just go bankrupt, will you!

    The song is very nice. Nice melody, nice lyrics, Mayday is awesome as well. But the rest… Bu Bu Jing Qing itself is a mistake to begin with. What were they honestly thinking?! Are they really planning to ruin the amazing reputation Bu Bu Jing Xin has build up in Asia?

    What’s up with all the crazy over-the-top characters and additions of EE-media artists. WTF. And Ruoxi/Prince 4th is suppose to be just a dream of Zhangxiao. What-the-heck.

    And not to mention all the friggen makjang.

    After TVB literally RAPED my childhood favourite Triumph in the Skies with it’s shitty suckass sequel, and actually managed to turn my all-time favourite drama guy Sam, who is the most wonderful character I have ever witnessed, into someone I’m not even bothered with.. It just makes me believe even stronger that sequels are just there for the sake of milking money and popularity.. a complete lifeless product with no sincerity. Although it does make me appreciate the prequel even more, I still wish I had never EVER seen this, not even a bit. Because it does more or less influence the image of the story and characters I had before I took a look at the sequel.

    So BBJQ.. PASS.

      • Please notice the following word: MY favourite.. -_-

        And well.. compared to TITS2, it is.

      • I honestly do not see that much a difference in quality btn the 2. Yes, 1 is better, but it’s shocking for me to read it was someone’s fav and the second one is a shiteous rape. Francis Ng, whom I love esp in Old Time Buddy, his best job in a TVB bar none, was so deliberately posing and hamming tonnes of WTFs at the camera in the first one, rendering it hilarious, and kudos to him to stuck it up TVB’s arse, to watch, for me that is. Myolie was…bizarrely horrible and their chemistry was, again hilarious and embarrassing to witness. I enjoyed his character, on paper, more in the beginning of 2 because he is back to actually acting sincerely in a TVB for once. Yes, his Sam is not as perhaps good looking at he was 10 years ago, but acting-wise, he’s showing his worth here.

      • Well, I’m a fan of the first installment. You obviously disliked the original TITS, so that’s why you didn’t place any hope on it nor were you probaby even bothered with the sequel. It was probably below average to you. But to me, it’s a classic. I rewatched TITS1 just a few days ago and I do sense a significant difference in quality between the two. Maybe you didn’t, because you obviously didn’t care about the first one either. Just the fact that producer Poon Ka Dak knew how to seperate the main line from it’s secondary characters makes it better than TITS2. It’s obvious who the main characters are. TITS may seem messy at the first sight, but other than the messy love quadruple between Belle, Sam, Vincent and Zoe, the rest was pretty simple. Yes, we had Issac, Donald and Zita, but again, after rewatching TITS1 I just realized that their love triangle didn’t take up a lot of the screentime. S4 had great chemistry and I loved how the primarly focus was on the cadet training and the growth in their characters. Otherwise they could have added a ton of love relationships for Chris and Roy as well and TITS2 probably would have done that. TITS was sponsored by Cathay and thus we had some backdrop of the airport and a lot of stories involving passengers as well, which to me is another obvious difference in quality between the two. TITS2 on the other hand, even a bypasser A and B could have their own illogical story. Hence, the story doesn’t DEVELOP at all. It’s up to 30 episodes now, but what have we seen? What the heck is the story/mainpoint? What is wrong with the messy time structure? Do we really want to see Roy’s messy private life, Coffee princess with her neverending asthma story, Issac falling for the clone of his sister-in-law, Coco’s illogical dicision of being a surrogate mother, some dudes in their 30’s acting like teenagers during PPP training, Heather and Tony both cheating on each other, Holiday’s annoying EVERYTHING and trying to poop out some tears but it seems obvious that she has constipation, so-called “exposure” scenes involving Jayden AND Sam being f*cking sad over Zoe for 25 episodes, but yet jumps on Holiday’s boat right after? Either just round up his sadness after the first 5 episodes, or just make him sad and emo straight to the latter part of the series. All the sideplots and minor characters are obviously taking over the main plot and main characters. What is Chilam’s purpose in this drama? He is probably asked to join because they needed someone to fight over Holiday. When Francis asked the screenwriters why they decided to make him fall in love with Holiday, which he thought was absolutely out of his character, the writers said they don’t know, there is no explanation. Uh…… aren’t they SUPPOSE to think of that? Vincent was kind of “Jayden” in the first installment, but atleast he had character development and he didn’t exist JUST as the love rival. He meant something to the drama. If we look back at TITS1, Vincent died in episode 30 already, but TITS2, what happened in episode 30? Well, nothing at all. And can we stop looping Adelle’s songs? We get it, it’s enough, don’t overdo it. I have heard them repeatedly in Ghetto Justice as well (same producer). Quoting some random HK netizen: the themesong, bashed by MANY, is actually becoming of the strongest points of the drama, because we are up to 3/4 of the drama and there is nothing less that is good. Just the points mentioned above can differ TITS1 from TITS2.

        On a personal level, I like the OST, camerawork, chemistry, editing and story better. Not just better than TITS2, but better than a lot of TVB dramas as well. But you didn’t like it, so I’m not going to convince you. It’s personal preference after all. I’m not even saying that Francis’ portrayal of Sam is his lifetime achievement. I was just merely pointing out that Sam is my favourite character to date. I thought he did a great job as Sam in TITS1, but obviously you didn’t get sold lol. And a 10 year older Sam doesn’t make me stay away from a good drama, but a bad screenplay IMO does.

        I do have to admit that TITS had many flaws, and part of the reason why I like TITS so much is because of nostalgia. But overall, as a TITS fan, I just have no eyes to see the crappy TITS2. I’m certainly not the only one who LOVED TITS1 and hated the second one. I’m not sure why that comes of as shocking to you. As far as I know, a lot of HK netizens have the same thought as well. Even until today, it’s still being loved by many people. And they keep raving about TITS1. That doesn’t say much, but it does indicate that there must be a reason why so many people love TITS1, and on the contrary, there must also be a reason why TITS2 gets bashed and critized.

  6. Great song, but I’ll pass on the hot mess of BBJQ. I’m still looking forward to discovering a wonderful modern Cdrama that will blow me away, but no luck yet. A lot of modern Cdramas lack the finesse and slick production qualities that Kdramas have, which is a shame.

  7. I like some Mayday but not everything they touch. I do not even like the song and lyrics. Too literal, bland and uninspired lyrics. I can take it as more me not into anything too pop.

    This looks and feels like a TVB 90s modern and in 2013/14, this is not a compliment.

    haha but who am I but one party pooper?!

    • Oooh yes TVB 90s modern is exactly what this looks like!!
      Gosh I wish they adapted some fanfic instead.

      And, is A shin’s voice… autotuned?!?! Tell me my ears are wrong!!

  8. It does look like early 90s TVB but early 90s TVB had good storylines compared to nowadays TVB. I don’t like sequels but I always give them a chance to see how things pan out so I hope this is good.

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