Heirs Gets Official Antiquated English Title of Heritors as Lee Min Ho Films at the Airport

Oh Kim Eun Sook, please don’t make me smack you down early over what is really a lame attempt to be cool. The English title for the already unwieldy sounding Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs has been revealed. It’s going to be called Heritors. No, that is not a typo or unintentionally misspelled Korglish. It’s Kim Eun Sook going back to an now-unused term from Middle English to show that she’s in-the-know. Or that she can flip through the Oxford English Dictionary. Or to show off that she has read plenty of romance novels set in the Middle Ages. Unless this K-drama is set during the Plantagenet era, then there is no reason for Kim Eun Sook to dig up unused Middle English for a title other than trying too hard to be different, akin to a teenager who just memorized the SAT vocab dictionary deciding to use as much as possible in an essay about what happened over the weekend. Plus she’s not even using it right! Heritor only refers to a male inheritor, the occasional female inheritor in that period is known as an Heritress or Heritrix. Since this drama has male and female rich heirs, the title ought to be Heritors and Heritresses.

I doubt Heirs (and that is what I’m going to keep calling it for now, Heritors bedamned) will be anywhere as bloody as the shenanigans the House of Plantagenet wrought during their reign. Now on to some less vexing things with respect to this drama, above is the first shot of Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan filming for Heirs. It was a scene shot at Incheon airport, which apparently has been the scene of a few days worth of filming already with many of the leads including also Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ji Won. We all know the main cast is headed to LA on September 3rd for 3 weeks worth of location shoots so clearly they are getting in as much of the domestic shoots as possible. All the female leads have long hair based on BTS pictures shot by fans, which is a relief since K-dramas so love making their poor plucky heroine sport unrealistically ugly hair. Just because someone is poor does not mean she is blind and has no fashion sense. I’m also fine with Lee Min Ho’s youthful red-tinted hair here, the farther away from Gu Jun Pyo’s perm he gets the better. Though his sneakers made me do a double take. What is that? The latest trend to sweep Korea? Tie-dyed sneakers? Following along with this drama production is amusing to no end. Read on for Lee Min Ho and Krystal posing with their scripts.


Heirs Gets Official Antiquated English Title of Heritors as Lee Min Ho Films at the Airport — 47 Comments

    • i’ll definitely join in on this then^^

      that does make my wonder though how they actually handle logistics. do they use local contractors, or bring their own set PAs. or are korean crews so badass they just need the director, cam and lighting guys for oversee shoots.

  1. What? They are going to change the tittle to Heritors ???? Instead of “The Heirs”??? I prefer The Heirs, rather than Heritors…,,please Ockoala tell me I read it wrong. I wi be sad…it they change it to “Heritors ” the Tittle Heritors finds uncomfortable to me.TT-TT please don’t change.

  2. Nooo! I actually thought Lee Minho had made a mistake (specially since he made like 3 grammar errors in the entire title). I never imagined they’d actually use that extinct word for the drama! -__-

    This whole drama is a train wreck. It all sounds so absurd that I can’t believe it’s real.

    And such a step back in Lee Minho’s career. After doing this drama, will he be able to do a serious role afterwards? =\

    • I also think is a step back… his agency seems to prefer him as a mass media product than an actor: “No serious roles anymore, they don’t sell like teenager focused dramas”… that’s how I see Starhaus feelings towards him, just remember the “global tour”, this year has been a waste of his talent.

    • There is nothing to do with the Shoe. As we all know that he plays the arrogant rich teenager. So it’s obvious that now a days teenager loves to wear colorful bright fashionable shoes(he is rich he can wear any kind of shoe). Actually I like that shoe for his Character Kim Tan, that suits him perfectlyโคโคโคโค

  3. *trying to ignore the stupid title… Ugh. I can’t. Heritors? Really?

    Anyway, I’m so happy with Lee Min Ho’s hair and especially the girls’. *happy dance

    Heirs (I will also refer to it as Heirs, never Heritors) is as overrated as “The Conjuring”. Bleh. Praying it wouldn’t suck.

    Thanks ockoala for the continuous update.

  4. Have guys thought he wore the sneakers probably because this drama got sponsored by a certain sports company? Also, please don’t say the drama is a train wreck meanwhile it’s not even aired yet.

  5. Can’t wait, can’t wait! Though I haven’t watched Lee Min Ho in anything since BOF… I tried an episode of City Hunter and Faith but bleh. I need fluff!!

    Big fan of PSH’s dramas though. All those fans in LA are sooo lucky!

    • He he! I agree. BOF was pure fluff but so much fun! I kinda watched it in secrecy until I find someone else who was watching it too.

      • I did have lots of facepalm moments while watching BOF, but I cant deny that it’s one of the most addicting dramas I’ve watched. Looking forward to heirs

  6. I like gu jun pyo with his perm..haha..Actually bof is the first kdrama i ever watched and i’m falling in love from head to toe with lmh..So i can’t wait to watc his drama again..whatever the title is…:-D

  7. Plantagenet era! *snort* You are too funny, Koala.

    I’m actually looking forward to this drama, if only for the snark possibilities here at the playground. If all the actors are playing a reprise of their previous roles, there’s bound to be some inside jokes, right?

  8. Why everyone talking about how bad Lee Min Ho is?
    How is this his fault? He wore what the stylish gave.
    Does that mean it’s fault.
    Maybe I read it wronged.

  9. To be fair, in Korean legal jargon ็›ธ็บŒ่€… is often — almost always — translated as heritor (more so than inheritor) in official bilingual documents. So much so that most major online dictionaries list it as the (or one of the) closest rendition of ์ƒ์†์ž.


    inheritor is in+hereditarius from Late Latin, so basically heritor (hereditarius in Latin, heriter in Middle English) is much older than inheritor.

    Long story short, byatch got class~ ใ…‹ใ…‹

    Or she’s a hopeless poseur who thinks a cooler-sounding English title will give her hot mess the prestige her writing cannot… uhh… inherit.

  10. I have nothing to say about Heirs / Heritors other that I’ll give it a chance when it airs. lol

    I remember you mentioned being a fan of Bii, Ms. Koala. Have you seen his recent interview on ๆˆ‘ๅฎถไนŸๆœ‰ๅคงๆ˜Žๆ˜Ÿ (2013.08.07)? It was very revealing, he talked about many various subjects from his parents to his first love and her suicide. ๐Ÿ™


  11. Uhm… I call this device Heir-inator….are you sure the writer is not Dr. Heinz Doofenhmitrtz from Phineas & Ferb show… I fell my bubble is slowly deflating……

  12. I meant “feel” not fell…honestly I’m not feeling it. I truly want to excited about this drama, but …..meeh, this new name change is not helping.

  13. Though its awkward that lmh at his age even psh will play as high school students..but I have faith on them and the whole team that they can pull it off..maybe after this i hope that they will take on some serious roles..that will earn them a-list actor/actress label..to be award winning..i really like kim so hyun and song joong ki’s career part..they really want to be called actors..hope to see lee min ho in big screen..

  14. I don’t think acting like a high school student is embarassing.Acting like one at his age needs a lot of hardwork since he need to convince the audience/viewers.So lets just look forward to it, and judge his character on how he convince us.I believe him though that he’ll make it.

  15. The shoes are the trend. I am now the only person under the age of 65 at my gym who has shoes with only one color. Everyone has shoes with multiple florescent colors. At least they keep me awake during my 6 AM cardio class!

  16. I completely agree with the poor girl always has short ugly hair!! I always find the funny thing is, you’d expect being so poor you probably won’t be able to get your hair cut!! (oh but in Makino’s case she cut her own hair)

  17. I’ve watched K-dramas long enough to know not to judge a drama by its name. I’m still waiting for a drama title to top the ridiculousness of “The King 2 Hearts” which I absolutely adored. The title eventually did (kind of) make sense, but going into the drama I was incredibly puzzled about how weird it was.

  18. The name of the drama is really a non-issue with me. My real concern is the script. I hope for characters with depth specially Shinhye’s and LMH and a plot with imagination and not run of the mill kind
    Totally agree about the worst of haircuts seen on the female actresses when they go for the short burger cut horrendous hairstyles. Fluorescent multicoloured shoes are actually fun.:)
    I have full faith in Shinhye not only looking like a high schooler but also making it convincing enough not to distract from the story. She is a good enough actress to be able to fit the role perfectly. Like LMH’s hairstyle. Looking forward to their story. I have a feeling that we will enjoy watching them together.

  19. I think “heritor” is still pretty much used in the English context. It is different from “heir” in the sense that a heritor gets passed down to him the privilege of his gentry (in addition to wealth and properties eventually, if any) as well as the customs, responsibilities, burden and obligations of his lineage. Based on the synopsis and the original long title of this drama, “Heritors” seems to be the appropriate title to use since the young people from the long-time rich families have not really inherited any physical properties yet (as the parents are still alive) but are expected to live within the constraints of their familial responsibilities/burdens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Well, i cant wait to read ur review once this drama start. Coz i really have bad feeling about this. Lee min ho, though i really want to watch you in a drama, i guess this drama is somewhat cliche with BOF even though u might not have other three flower boys next to u.(or will you?). I really hope u will choose more mature and challenging role considered that u r talented and not an idol.

  21. I dont like LMH’s hair in here. It’s too boyish, guy next door thing. Very common, like anyone can have hair color now a days. If he’s an elite, he should go for prince-charmingly and unapologetic look. Whatever that is, that drama should define it to set a trending statement!

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