Song Joong Ki Enlists in the Military with a Smile and a Bow

The Korean military taketh and the Korean military giveth back. Yesterday was a taketh day which means it’s time to pass around a bucket to collect tears. I’ve done this so many times already but it never gets easier to see a favorite off knowing it’s for nearly two years. Song Joong Ki enlisted today at the Gangwondo Chuncheon military station, and if that place sounds familiar it’s the same place Yoo Seung Ho enlisted at six months ago. I reckon its where all the new recruits go for basic training before getting assigned their regular duties. For example, baby boy Yoo Seung Ho is apparently quite the exemplary soldier and is now a training assistant instructor with the 27th Infantry division. He elected for active duty back when he enlisted, but Song Joong Ki doesn’t even get a choice between active or entertainment division duty since the military has abolished that track after the recent spate of scandals with the last bunch of entertainer recruits. Way to ruin the easy gig for the rest of the hoobaes. Song Joong Ki always struck me as a sincere, down-to-Earth, and hard working guy and I can see him giving his all in active duty with whatever final group he’s assigned. Plus he looks like such a baby still that some hard labor might toughen him up a bit. I saw a picture recently of assistant instructor Yoo Seung Ho and wow-whee he looks fantastically tanned, with an in-charge aura, and an extra dose of manly appeal. I’m hoping we’ll continue to see bits and pieces of Song Joong Ki while he does his military service, whether through official released stills from the military or maybe on his days off he can be spotted around. Two years is such a long time and I think his smile has healing qualities and I can use some of that from time to time. I’ll go console myself now with the vivid memories of all those gorgeous actors I sent off through tears and snot and wailing only to have back in my arms right now burning up my screen with their charisma, namely, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Jae Wook, and Kim Ji Hoon. I’ll be here waiting for your mega-watt smile and army abs, Song Joong Ki. Thanks for leaving on a high note with Nice Guy!


Song Joong Ki Enlists in the Military with a Smile and a Bow — 18 Comments

  1. Woowww…..if i didn’t know his real age, i would think he’s only 15. Look at picture no 7, he looks soo young! Good luck, Joong-Ki sshi and see you as a better and mature person in 20 months…

  2. Real Man announced they’d film at Yoo Seung-ho’s unit. Maybe they timed it right and we’ll get a glimpse of SJK in that episodes. 😉

  3. They generally report to Nonsan, to the south of Seoul, not Chuncheon, which is further up north. Which apparently increases the odds he’ll be posted to the front line in Gwangwondo.

    I’m going to miss him tremendously, but that’s my problem. As far as he’s concerned, I don’t worry. Okay, I worry but like you’d worry for someone you care about, irregardless of their abilities. Another fan once said you could drop SJK in the Amazon and he’d figure out a way to survive and befriend the natives. Hope the next two years aren’t as hostile, but yeah, he’s going to be fine… It’s a new chapter in his life, it’s life, and I look forward to seeing how it’ll shape him as an actor.

  4. 2015…2015…it’s not that far off. Right? Some actors looks unrecognizable without their hair, but Song Joong Ki looks the same…I lub him. I don’t know if I’ll still be obsessed with kdramas in 2015 (I’m slowly disappointed in more than I’m excited about now) but when he’s back I will watch his first project asap.

    I hope he has a safe, meaningful experience in the army and comes back with muscles and healthy-looking. Good luck!

  5. OMG, OMG, OMG cries infinity tears. I will wait for you oppa! *fangirling*
    I will miss his cute face with his perfect acting 🙁

  6. Off the Joong Ki topic…

    But the second to the last picture is kinda creepy…with that lone guy staring directly to the camera. Cureeeppppyy..

    Joong Ki! Good luck!

  7. Not that he needs any instructions on how to burn up the screen even more, but if the army does to him what it did to my princes Lee Jun-ki, Kim Jae-wook and Jung Kyung-ho (cute/hot before they left, but when they came back….WHOA dead fangirls all around!), I’ll try not to cry too much.

    (and with all this, I am really glad he turned down Blade and Petal, it would have been a weird aftertaste to the high note of Nice Guy/Werewolf Boy)

  8. This man is one of rare korean males with a nice b.ttlock. I think it will look nicer when he comes back from military service

  9. Wishing Song Joong Ki to be safe and healthy during his military service, good luck and God bless you…..see you 2 years a go

  10. wish you all the lucks everytime oppa!!!!!!!
    we will always wait for you for 2 years…….and make a new movie of yours……….saranghaeyo !!!!!!SONG JOONG KI!!!!!! *_*

  11. oh my god song joong ki. you’r really handsome and sure a lot of girls really admire u.

  12. 2 years is not long and as of ur fan i will always wait you song joong ki pretty boy.and always take care of ur self and always pray.i miss ur smile n i really love evrything about you.

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