Tears Flow as Who Are You Episode 10 Relives the Si On and Hyun Joon Love Story

It’s a couples shirt, people! Dead Hyun Joon’s ever present blue shirt is a couple’s shirt! Ahhhhhh, the tears, they be coming like a spigot that won’t turn off. Episode 10 of Who Are You just flipped the switch for me from love to rabid insane whirlpool of emotion. The remembrance and reunion of torn apart lovers Si On and Hyun Joon was better than anything I could have scripted, included a final flashback to the fateful evening in 2007 when all Hell broke lose. I swear I was crying through my attempts to screen cap the heck out of all the perfect Hyun Joon scenes in this episode, because I don’t recall any drama where a first love relationship is shown with such simple beauty and affection. I love that the story continues to do little reveals that add more angst to the mix, such as the discovery that Si On was at the port that day to bring Hyun Joon a couple’s shirt as a present. So not only is the blue shirt he’s been wearing as a ghost a present from Si On, it matches the same shirt she owns! And the painful irony is that he likely died because he took off his bullet proof vest to put on the shirt, and was called away before donning the vest again. Poor Si On, all these memories are killing me watching it, I can’t imagine how much agony she must be feeling.

And then Si On opened the box from Hyun Joon’s belongings and discovered the engagement ring glistening inside. When she took it out and said to Hyun Joon with a smile that it’s beautiful, and he smiled back, I was sobbing so hard I was making incoherent gasping noises. Even a transition scene when Hyun Joon and Si On quietly walked back to her house made me double over in pain, because it’s like time stopped for them even in this in-between state where she’s alive and he’s not, but she can see him so it’s almost like they can pretend to still be with each other. Honestly, at this point I don’t care if this drama turns into a SciFi or fantasy one where dead people can be resurrected, or if Si On dies at the end – at long as these two torn apart love birds can be together in the end in any way, shape, or form, then that must happen. I do like Gun Woo but how can he win Si On’s heart when the entire love story of Si On and Hyun Joon is pretty much perfect?

The puppy pulls up to Si On’s house all excited and anxious to confess his feelings to her.
But she’s back in her own love story with Hyun Joon, finally remembering who he is and what he means to her. *sobs* He’s her oppa, her Hyun Joon oppa.

Poor puppy is sad and disappointed and tries calling Si On, who has moved the ghostly reunion to the Lost and Found department. She picks up the box that was left behind by Hyun Joon. Flashback to the night of 2007 and the ship raid.

Hyun Joon is looking at the box and sitting in surveillance with Detective Choi. He tells Detective Choi that he’s planning to propose to his girlfriend tonight.

He calls Si On and goes to meet her, getting into her car.

I’m not sure why this couldn’t wait until he got home, but she brings him a present of a blue shirt just like the one she’s wearing. She aegyos him put on the couple shirt. And he does. He takes off his bullet proof vest first and then his black shirt and dons the couple shirt she bought him.

He hugs her and starts to propose, but he gets a call over the walkie talkie from Detective Choi.

He heads back to the surveillance and she pouts as he walks away, when he suddenly turns back around and pulls her in for a kiss. Swoon.

He tells her wait for him because he’ll be back to finish what he was saying to her and she nods. He walks off with a bright giant smile and that’s the last time she talks to him alive. She realizes as she’s about to drive off that he didn’t put his bullet proof vest back on and heads back to give it to him.

He discovers Detective Choi missing and goes on the smuggling ship and discovers he’s part of the bad guys.

Hyun Joon confronts Detective Choi and Si On arrives on the ship just in time to see Hyun Joon get shot. She catches a glimpse of Detective Choi’s face as the shooter.

Si On remembers everything from that night and realizes that Detective Choi was the killer. Si On also realizes that Hyun Joon died because he wasn’t wearing a bullet proof vest and she was the reason he took it off to put on the shirt she bought him. She cries.

Si On opens the box and sees an engagement ring nestled inside.

She smiles through her tears and tells Hyun Joon that it’s beautiful. He smiles and every single heart shatters in pain in that moment. She takes the ring out of the box and holds it next to her heart.

Hyun Joon walks Si On home, and they have only eyes for each other. This quiet little moment when its just the two of them again, even if she can’t touch him and he can’t touch her.

Both look up in surprise as they arrive at her house, because who else but puppy Gun Woo has been waiting outside, apparently from sun-up to sun-down. Si On shoots Hyun Joon a quick glance and then walks up to Gun Woo.

Gun Woo immediately asks where she went all day? She wonders what his problem is and he finally stammers out the truth, that he was worried about her because he likes her. Awwww, if only his confession didn’t come on the heels of Si On finding out the love of her life was DEAD and she was likely a contributing factor in his demise. And that he was back in ghostly form. Si On tells Gun Woo that she got all her memories back, including remembering who Detective Lee Hyun Joon was. He was the man she loved, and she’s going to make it her mission to find out who killed him. She’s totally like “boy, I have no time for your puppy crush, go back to the sandbox and play like a good puppy.”

I honestly adore Gun Woo’s character because he’s exactly what this drama and Si On needs around her right now – such a refreshingly simple and straight forward good man. All sunshine and strength, nothing complicated. But that’s also why Hyun Joon’s character and personality is the soul of this drama, because he’s the one who had it all and got it viciously taken away. A brilliant police career, a beautiful girlfriend who loved him as much as he loved her. It’s the stories that don’t have endings that linger in the emotional vortex.

I don’t see Kim Jae Wook as playing the second male lead – he’s the most fascinating and complicated character and story in this drama, and I would have him play Hyun Joon over Gun Woo in a heartbeat. He gets significantly less screen time but easily triple the impact. I also think Taec is perfect as Gun Woo, and ultimately this drama love triangle is working marvelously for me. I unexpectedly love love WAY so much! Of course the ending will surely be bittersweet for my pitiful Hyun Joon.

Kim Jae Wook – singlehandedly making the mediocre into the magnificent all on the power of his gorgeous visage paired with his marvelous understated acting. We are not worthy. *bows down*


Tears Flow as Who Are You Episode 10 Relives the Si On and Hyun Joon Love Story — 28 Comments

  1. This drama gives the words Second Lead Syndrome new meaning.

    (and we really aren’t worthy. After this, can someone put the man in something where he actually gets the girl? That’d be a nice change)

  2. Why would be not worthy? Of course, we are! Other “actresses” and “actors” who pop up in our screen just because they have the face, backing or fame but not the passion, talent or hard work for acting are not worthy our time! They are the ones, who are not worthy to be shown/seen on the screen. We are definitely worthy of such good actors like Kim Jae Wook!

  3. Way to come back to us, Kim Jae Wook. Way to come back. Thank you. We couldn’t understand the choice when we first heard the casting, but clearly you are smarter than us all. (Bowing down behind Captain Koala)

  4. Searching for ideas: The puppy takes a bullet to his head and flatlines. The ghost takes possession of puppy’s body and can resume his life with his GF. I know that it’s not a perfect deal when it comes to the body exchange but…

    • I thought about that, but that would require Taec to act “like Hyun Joon in Gun Woo’s body, pretending to be Gun Woo outwardly with Hyun Joon’s soul inside”. That is beyond Taec’s ability. At all. He’s barely scraping by just acting as Gun Woo alone. LOL, poor limited cute puppy.

    • I thought about that one too and it kinda reminded me of The Ghost Whisperer… when her husband passed away but took over a different body but they’re still showing her dead husband’s face instead of the new body hehehe…I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one thinking that it’s ok if the female lead dies and be with her true love, or worse be cheesy and let the dead guy resurrected with I-don’t-care–how-they-do-it as long as he’s ALIVE!!! LOL! I was bawling too everytime they show their sweet past and oh boy! Kim Jae Wook unexpectedly stole my heart away 🙂
      Thank you Ockoala unni for great screencap ^_*

  5. In one drama (GOF) excellent actors behave like clowns because of stupid script and here we have a lightweight Taec and a heavy hitter Kim Jae Wok, unbalanced in acting abilities and screen time. Strangely, it works for Who Are You.

  6. you made me teary eyed while reading this even though I haven’t watched the episode yet, I usually stay away from spoilers but I cldn’t hold myself, I agree with every word you said abt kim jae wook, he is the soul of this drama, he has been blessed with sublime, quite unique looks and he is a very versatile actor just look at the contrast between the flash backs and the present him as a ghost. Cn’t wait to watch this episode 🙂

  7. I am going through emotions just by reading your recaps, as much as I want to watch the drama, I know I’ll be heartbroken in the end, so I will wait til it’s complete and have all the crying fest at once. Thanks for the recap

  8. ugh.. I’m teary eyed just reading it.. how am I going to watch this?!

    This drama wins for the perfect heart breaking first love EVER for me. I can’t believe I’m hoping she dies in the end so they can be together.. Please!

  9. Rarely do I ever find myself this emotionally entangled within a K-Drama love story, but Kim Jae Wook & So Yi Hyun have really stolen the show for themselves. Si On & Hyung Joon carry such a beautiful past with so many sweet moments, yet their young and fresh love has evolved into the complicated and intricate melodrama that is “Who Are You”. I don’t know if it’s because of the happy moments or Kim Jae Wook’s I-Leak-Heartbreaking-Sadness-24/7 eyes, but all I want is for Si On & Hyung Joon to be officially together again. Perhaps this is selfish considering Geon Woo’s feelings, but when the reasons are weighed out, it’s only realistic that the audience would want the original couple together. I mean, who wouldn’t?

    Although the drama isn’t perfect in terms of overall standards, it’s certainly a worthwhile drama to watch if you’re in for an emotionally bumpy ride. Seeing as though so much has already been divulged, I am anxious to see what’s in store for us in the last six episodes to come.

  10. Actually Hyung Joon was the one who called Shi On out. He told his senior that he was gonna meet his gf for a bit. Dumb move though. You shouldn’t be meeting your gf during an operation.

  11. Can you make it any sadder? I can’t just reading it is leaving my heart in absolute pieces. Look at his devastated face!!!! How can the writer make him at peace and leave her in the last episode? She can’t. This drama cannot have a romantic happy ending.

  12. I am glad I gave this drama an opportunity. Thank you for recapping the drama. I too want them to be together, even if Si On dies.
    There scenes together are just heartbreaking.

  13. These scenes were so touching that I cried too.

    Unfortunately I kind of rolled my eyes and suspended my disbelief when they just HAD to meet at the harbor that night right before the stakeout was about to end. That kind of puts a damper on my opinion of this whole drama.

    I wonder how the drama is being received in Korea. Is it getting good ratings? What do the viewers/netizens say about it? Is Kim Jae Wook’s acting getting the recognition it deserves? Will his next project finally be an actual lead in a romance drama?

  14. *all my tears, ALL MY TEARS* there has got be a way to undead him. come on writers COME ON lesser dramas have been able to pull it off. This love story, this character, this actor. Why so talented KJW!. Ugh, he has to be undead in the end.

  15. I just wish the writer won’t force Gun Woo – Shi On’s romance in the end.
    Happy ending doesn’t always mean the main characters have to be together, right?

    I love Taec, but I know he’s still limited ( boy, I hope you ask your company to pay acting lessons for you, I know you’ll like it, and need it ), and I think it’s a good decision for him to choose this role, who matched his personality best, with lesser pressure ( since WAY is on cable tv ), but at the same time, he can learn from sunbaes like Kim Jaewook and Kim Changwan.

  16. I tend to think that the bullet proof vest wouldn’t have saved him , instead he would’ve been shot in the head. No what ifs, no guilt lies in their cutecute couple shirts.

  17. Wow this drama…how can anyone not be teary eyed watching this episode? I’m so glad Gun Woo scenes where there to break the intensity. KJW’s red rimmed eyes as he communicated with Si On spoke volumes…aahhh the heartache! I found it kinda funny when Hyun Joon was typing the location where Si On was to be found and Gun Woo did not show any fear whatsoever, furthermore, Hyun Joon nodded to show that he was answering Gun Woo’s repetitive statement of the location. lol Can’t wait to see the next episode. I’m torn between Si On being alive and meeting a Hyun Joon look alike or dying to be with her first love.

  18. Yeah! I’m on board too! How I will find the time to watch so many of these K series I will never know. But I’m lovin’ this one.

  19. thank you!
    Can I just say how irritated I was at the end of the episode when she could not/ did not want to shoot that bastard detective Choi or whatever his name is!? The bastard who killed our Mr. PERFECTION??!!

  20. Wow…what a wonderful storyline….I am in Australia visiting family and cant get Dramafever, also Youtube has only a few episodes that are eng. sub, that’s why I really appreciate your recaps soooo much! I have been waiting for Kim Jae Wook to return to kdrama ever since he was discharged from the army……what a wonderful role he chose, smart man, and what a talented actor! 🙂

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