Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Explore the French Alps for Bean Pole F/W 2013 Ad Campaign

Why mess with something that’s good and working, right? New Coke taught us all well. I think the brain trust marketing team at the youthful outdoor brand Bean Pole is planning to milk the Kim Soo HyunSuzy couple pairing for as long as they can. It’s been nearly three years since Dream High and as much as I thoroughly enjoyed that drama it’s not one that that screams out classic so it’s a bit of an outlier to find the OTP from that drama still enjoying tons of marketing buzz over their collaboration. While Kim Soo Hyun went on to hit ratings and awards gold with The Moon Embraces the Sun, I don’t see anyone pairing him up with his co-star Han Ga In for any pictorials or endorsement campaigns. Ever. As for Suzy, she recently came off a relatively well-received sageuk Gu Family Book with Lee Seung Gi and I wouldn’t be surprised if those two start popping up in endorsement projects together. The Nation’s Little Sister and Boy Next Door is a no brainer to sell stuff ranging from appliances to life insurance. Call me jaded. Back to Bean Pole and the HyunZy couple – the brand has in the past sent them to New Zealand and subsequently Thailand, but this might be my favorite yet – they are in the French Alps of Mont Blanc for the Fall/Winter 2013 ad campaign. This one is a home run for me. I love the outfits, the pictures fully incorporate and showcase the beauty of the region, the outdoor activities Suzy and Soo Hyun are engaging in like hiking and biking seem so fun with their brand of well-acquainted energy and comfort, and both of them seem to genuinely be enjoying themselves during the shoot. What more can a brand ask for? If Bean Pole keeps producing such beautiful and fun ads, I’m totally cool with them featuring Suzy and Soo Hyun each and every time.

Bean Pole Fall/Winter 2013:


Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Explore the French Alps for Bean Pole F/W 2013 Ad Campaign — 11 Comments

    • I agree with you they look so good together… I hope they are dating
      for real… I hope that they will have a drama together!… Cheers!.

  1. Awww I ship them so much >< hope they do another drama.

    But funny thing is I read a rumor she and LSG are dating on rl… lol
    cute anyway, but I always thought Suzy had a huuge crush for KSH

  2. I actually love the pics, even if KSH and Suzy’s chemistry is a blur for me after Gu Family. She just looked way too awesome with Seung-gi, so I hope those two start doing CFs together. They are absolutely the popular actors right now, and the reigning CF King and Queen – so it wouldn’t be too far fetched. Also, they are rumored to be dating, so I guess we’ll see them somewhere together soon.

    Anyway, the pics are awesome, and I lurve the colouring of it. Very sporty and outdoors. I also like the simplicity of the clothes instead of trying something ‘different’. But this one isn’t my favourite BeanPole shoot, thought I do blame that on the lack hype compared to what they used to garner.

  3. They do look really cute in these Bean Pole ads. And lots of chemistry too. Suzy does look like she has a huge crush on SooHyun. Which makes me not believe those rumors of her and LSG dating. If anyone was dating it would be SooHyun and Suzy.

  4. They don’t need to “date” with Bean Pole setting up event after event for them.
    Can you imagine trying to top these outings?
    “Hey, Suzy – wanna go look at the Han River fire works?”
    “Hmmm…sounds fun, but I am buzy packing for my Swiss Alps trip that I am taking with Soo-hyun oppa.” We want to try the chocolate we keep hearing about.
    I do know that they are working during these shoots, but, still, those long plane rides together could be fun.

  5. Yeah they look a cute couple together.As for Gu Family Book I enjoyed the series and I like individually both main leaders but she looked as the little sister next to LSG.For the moment at least maybe in 5 years when she would be in her 20 and her face would not so baby girlish(beautiful though)the age difference next to LSGi will not show too much.

  6. She should just stick to modelling, she’s so much better and more natural at it than acting in dramas (and there is no shame at all in being good at one and not the others, most Western top models make terrible actresses too). The pics are gorgeous.

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