More Castings for Future’s Choice Including Han Chae Ah as the Second Female Lead

Omo, this drama is coming together slowly and nicely. With the three leads of Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Jung Yong Hwa all confirmed for the upcoming KBS time travel drama Future’s Choice (Mi Rae’s Choice), the race is on to fill out the rest of the cast. Even though the love triangle aspect is already being played up with the high profile casting of three well-known stars, this drama isn’t eschewing the tried and true K-drama formula of having a male and female pair of first and second leads. Rounding out the main four will be Han Chae Ah as the second female lead but nothing is released yet about her role and relationship to the other characters. Let me preface by saying that I really like Han Chae Ah, which segues perfect into the irony that I really hate all the dramas of hers that I’ve watched. From Style to Gaksital to Oohlala Spouses, to her most recent one All About My Romance, it’s like she always lands in dreck or dramas I’m allergic to. But every time I check it out, I always like her in it. She’s got screen presence, a nice solid delivery, and versatility. In all her dramas I’ve watched, I always like her more than the female lead. I doubt that will happen here, but I’m beyond pleased she’s joined this drama. Also onboard is a recent co-star of Yoon Eun Hye – Oh Jung Se who played Yoochun’s cop partner in Missing You. I really wished there would be no more reminders of Missing You but I do like Oh Jung Se very much as a great character actor with unlimited upside so he’s a welcome addition as well. And on the newbie front there is Lee Jung Hyuk (not to be confused with Lee Jong Hyuk from Cyrano Dating Agency or currently in the army Lee Joon Hyuk from City Hall and City Hunter) who was recently in I Hear Your Voice with Lee Jong Seok and Lee Bo Young. Keep the casting coming, KBS!


More Castings for Future’s Choice Including Han Chae Ah as the Second Female Lead — 10 Comments

  1. Oh hey, it’s the male lead from How to Date Guys with Secret Tips! I’m loving the additional cast 🙂 really starting to look forward to this drama

  2. In most if not all of YEH’s dramas- the second female is always a none issue… As in she just totally loses all screen presence after a few episodes which makes me wonder why they would even bother.

    • yeah, when that happens even to Moon Chae-won (granted, a young MCW, before she became as good as she is now), anyone else may as well give up lol.

  3. Just because Lee Dong Gun I will really give this drama a try. Just hearing the news of this drama made me to watch his When It’s at Night 😀 I dont know what is about him being so charming, but when you watch him you want to watch him more and more 🙁 btw jung yong hwa is like the younger version of him dont you think? 😀

  4. I agree about Han Chae Ah, even though I’ve only seen her in All About My Romance. The character was hideously unsympathetic, but she did well with it, I thought. I was intrigued by “I really wished there would be no more reminders of Missing You” – did you dislike it that much? That series grew o me over several rewatches, although I did skip the first 4 episodes after the first time through.

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