A Big Twist Arrives in Who Are You Episode 13 and the Stakes Are Raised Again

This episode 13 of Who Are You had much too little Hyun Joon, but it ended with as big of a narrative bang as it can get so that rather evens things out. From the moment I heard about some big “reversal” or “twist” coming up on WAY, I knew this was the most likely deus ex machina the production was talking about. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then the twist ends up being something totally ancillary to what everyone cares about. Since the three leads in WAY are cops, and the drama is set in the police world with investigations into criminal matters both living and the dead, it’s seriously absurd how slap-dash the procedural elements are written. Si On and Gun Woo keep encountering bad guys and getting into brawls or captured, but then it’s all resolved quickly and with little fuss. You would think that with a brand of smugglers running around Seoul and kidnapping cops left and right as well as major altercations going on, the investigation would have expanded by now rather than just Si On and Gun Woo playing puppy detective. I did love that episode 13 brought back a new ghost for Si On to encounter, as well as a former character of the prosecutor who lost his wife in episode 4.

Their appearance here is both a breath of fresh air and nicely useful for exposition purposes. Hyun Joon continues to shadow Si On and look after her, but clearly that is sapping his energy because he looks even more dead upon already being a ghost. Gun Woo has gotten over his sorrow and frustration over Detective Choi’s betrayal and is now back being the sunniest puppy in the whole wide world and Si On is his personal favorite bone. He rescues her, keeps watch over her at the hospital, and even moves into her house forcefully in order to keep watch over her. In essence, he’s taking over Hyun Joon’s role in her life whether she wants to or not. Poor Hyun Joon can only watch as little by little another man steps in and takes care of Si On for him. I don’t necessarily think he doesn’t want that, but it obviously hurts his heart because he loves Si On so much. I don’t know how this drama will end in terms of the love lines, but I do appreciate this twist because it potentially gives all three leads a fair shake at making choices rather than the outcome already pre-determined because one of them is dead. Of course this twist might be one of those temporary 49 Days-esque one last hurrahs, but I’m very easy to please when it comes to my Hyun Joon oppa and I’ll take whatever crumbs the screenwriter doles out.

Gun Woo goes to hand over the cell phone chip in exchange for Si On.

Clearly the bad guys aren’t going to let them walk away that easily, but thank goodness for Hyun Joon oppa’s ghostly omnipotence. He turns all the lights off to distract and prevent the bad guys from seeing where Si On and Gun Woo are, and then angrily flicks them on and off until all the bulbs shatter. Oppa Power FTW!

Si On sees Hyun Joon and follows his lead to hide from the bad guys, dragging Gun Woo along. Most awkward trio moment ever.

The bad guys catch up and Gun Woo takes them down but Si On takes a bat to the back to protect Gun Woo. Si On and Gun Woo get away while Hyun Joon can only watch.

Gun Woo takes Si On to the hospital and keeps watch over her. Hyun Joon is also there and can only stand in the corner.

Flashback shows us that during Si On’s 6-year long coma, Hyun Joon’s spirit kept watch over her. He sits next to her like where Gun Woo sat in the present, and says Merry Christmas to Si On as another holiday season arrives. He also uses his ghostly light flicker scare tactics to scare off Detective Choi who appeared to want to take off Si On’s ventilator.

In the present, Hyun Joon looks like he made up his mind.

Hyun Joon sits with Hee Bin and she worriedly warns him that if he keeps doing this then his spirit will be gone forever. Hyun Joon doesn’t care, the only thing he cannot endure is leaving Si On all alone in this world.

The cops bring over new lost items and Si On touches a necklace and sees a young nurse spirit materialize before here, with a few scratches on her face.

Hee Bin reveals to Si On that she knows there is a very handsome oppa hanging around unni, but if unni doesn’t let him go, then both of them will continue to suffer. Hee Bin tells Si On that the oppa is looking more and more haggard because he’s staying around. Si On cries.

Hyun Joon watches as the Police Chief meets with the bad guy and demands that he find what Detective Choi was hiding from him. Si On goes to confront the Police Chief but he’s unrepentant and unafraid since she doesn’t have any evidence against him.

Gun Woo and Si On use the key left by Detective Choi to open a bank safe box where inside is a recorder with a recording of Detective Choi talking with the Police Chief about something Detective Choi didn’t tell him about what happened that night 6 years ago. They hand this to the Prosecutor from episode 4 with the dead wife spirit and he agrees to help them but says this is not enough evidence.

Gun Woo decides to move in with Si On to keep watch over her.

Gun Woo takes Si On to the restaurant run by Hyun Joon’s sister where the rest of the team is there and they happily dine out. Afterwards, Hyun Joon’s sister hands Si On some take out and tells her to come by often if she brings a boyfriend. She wants Si On to move on from Hyun Joon.

Hyun Joon watches at Gun Woo and Si On bicker and go home together.

The Prosecutor pulls up a file of Hyun Joon as he does his investigation and whatever he reads leaves him shocked.

Si On goes to the hospital and discovers a patient room in the ICU with the name tag that is the same name as the ghost nurse. She peeks in the window and sees the ghost nurse laying in a coma in the room.

The Prosecutor calls Gun Woo out to talk and reveals that six years ago, the dead body recovered was not that of Detective Lee Hyun Joon.

Si On asks the ghost nurse if she’s not dead, and the ghost nurse nods. Si On looks absolutely shocked that a non dead person can be a ghost walking around. Gun Woo looks shocked as well to hear that Hyun Joon’s body was never recovered. Now if only these two can share information and put two-and-two together, we might be having a genuine second lead reversal coming up. So obviously Detective Choi did more that night after shooting Hyun Joon and bopping Si On over the head. I think when Hyun Joon’s body is discovered we’ll get the full picture. I don’t think the production will go to such lengths to show us that Hyun Joon’s body was not the one recovered that night, plus a person in a coma can become a ghostly spectre, without a pay off somewhere. I don’t know if this was the way the drama was always going to go, or the writer has rewritten the script due the groundswell of second lead love. But I’m loving every minute of WAY, silliness and all.


A Big Twist Arrives in Who Are You Episode 13 and the Stakes Are Raised Again — 26 Comments


    A drama where Kim Jae Wook might actually get the girl?! Consider this fish hooked (though I’ll still wait for another episode to go by before I bite)

    • I’m not ready to bite yet, but I am circling in interest. I have been reading recaps because I detest Taec too much to watch but like KJW too much to ignore it altogether. I love reading about how he is totally stealing the show. If they are going to bring him back, and give him the first lead slot he so rightly deserves, I would actually watch this thing.

      • If you watch Taec like he’s a bumbling, over eager puppy (which he is), then the show becomes pretty watchable because KJW does wonders with his eyes.

  2. Is it possible that Hyun Joon was just gravely injured and has been in a come too all those years? And Detective Choi hid his body in a small clinic in the middle of nowhere?

    I’ll take any lousy excuse if it means that Kim Jae Wook comes back to life and gets the girl!

  3. If this ends with KJW getting the girl, I might actually go back and watch this!

    Still bitter about his not getting the girl in Bad Guy.

  4. OMG YES!!! HOPEFULLY…this drama isn’t giving false hopes.. i’m going to be so disappointed if he doesn’t get the girl -_-

  5. I’m totally okay with Hyun Joon getting his deus ex machina revival, or that this drama has an opening ending in terms of love line. Plus, it will be a nice trial to put Gun Woo through. While I think he’ll do the right thing in the end, it’s still interesting to see his reaction upon receiving this information.

  6. Wait, if he is in a coma, and she WAS in a coma, then wouldn’t they have been hanging out together in the coma/ghost world instead of him lurking by her bed all by his lonesome? Or am I trying to apply logic to a ghost plot twist?

  7. omg I would be so freaking excited if they go there and have them end up together, and it would totally explain why they have a million flashbacks of them together (those have been killing me knowing they cant be together, so much chemistry).

    but if that does happen im pretty sure taec will never get a leading role again since this will be the second time the second male lead was such a better actor and had so much more chemistry that he ended up getting the girl instead of taec. that’s like a huge ooouchhh to the ego

    • Taecyeon was NOT the male lead of Dream High. Kim Soo Hyun was the male lead of DH when it was cast. His character simply showed up late, but by then Taec fans had already believed in their mind that he had to be the male lead because he showed up first.

      DH was a JYP-Keyeast collaboration drama – the female lead was a JYP artist Suzy, the male lead was a Keyeast artist Kim Soo Hyun. Taec is another JYP artist.

      • reallyyy omg for like a year i thought that taec was the male lead and that once writers/pd realized how good ksh was that he just kind of became the male lead for the second half of the series. ive even talked about it on mydramalist with people haha …

      • Yeah his story from country bumpkin to superstar was the one the writer was most invested in. You could tell.
        I always thought everyone on the cast had their moment to shine but kim soo hyun’s story was the most impactful and best to watch(also just my opinion, heh)

    • Actually, Taec is the 2nd lead (it’s an acknowledged fact) & he was supposed to get the girl while Kim Soo Hyun was to become the “Superstar”.

      Unfortunately, the writers caved in for demand & changed the ending. There are cut scenes of Jingook & Hyemi on youtube that indicate/set up they’re going to be together in the end but were deleted.

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