First Look at Yoon Eun Hye Filming Time-travel Drama Mirae’s Choice

I find Yoon Eun Hye’s popularity, which is equally strong from the love versus dislike camps, quite a fascinating case study. I can post about Yoon Eun Hye picking her nose and there would be double the comments, split between she picks it so well or she’s an overrated nose picker who always picks the wrong nose. I hope everyone gets the point of that inane hypothetical, which is that she generates chatter to the degree that is unrelated to her talent (or lack thereof), experience, or successes and failures. Why? I won’t hazard a guess, but I do like her so very much for her expressive hardworking acting and a sweet warm persona. I’ve been pushing for her to break away from rom-coms for quite some time but her choice to do the melodrama Missing You resulted in a big disappointment for me – she did fine but her character was ridiculously one-note (cry and mope over Jung Woo) and the storyline rivaled that of the makjang weekend crap except wrapped in shinier paper. So now I want to just luxuriate in her return to her forte with the rom-com Mirae’s Choice (the official English title of the drama which can also be read as Future’s Choice). The news articles discussing this drama haven’t come out and called it a rom-com, but her character is being compared to a more mature version of her other rom-com performances in Goong and Coffee Prince. Her fried corkscrew perm styled into a ponytail has been generating lots of discussion and it’s so ahjumma-ish a hairstyle that clearly it’s done for the yuks and not to be taken seriously, hence the general vibe that MC will be more rom-com than serious drama. My only hope is that Mirae doesn’t embody all those overly used working class stereotypes – earnest, proud, excessively toiling, and a veritable energizer bunny. Not to mention style-challenged to acquire such a hairdo. Filming has started on MC and Yoon Eun Hye was spotted filming at a Subway, which I gather is a sponsor of the drama so expect lots of sandwiches to be eaten in this show.


First Look at Yoon Eun Hye Filming Time-travel Drama Mirae’s Choice — 26 Comments

    • I actually love the hair. To me, she’s one of the few actresses that is not afraid to look less-then-perfect in an effort to make her portrayal as realistic as possible. Could one of those plastic-perfect idol girls ever handle a part like Eun Chan? Don’t make me laugh.
      I love her wider nose, her slightly snaggly teeth, the goofy smile that makes her look like a real person. She must be very strong and confident, to resist the lure to “fix” all of her “imperfections.” I only wish that more actresses had her strength – and I am looking at you, Kim Sun Ah, who is totally unrecongnizable from her Kim Sam Soon days, and not just because of the weight loss. Sigh.

      • Skelly ..agreed what you wrote…her imperfection makes her more lovely, I like all her dramas. When she did her romcom ppl want her in melo..via versa can never satisfy ppl. She is a risker in her character, changed her appearances in each dramas..for me not as boring to watch..FC can’t wait!

      • In answer to your question, if one of those plastic-perfect idol girls could handle it,
        I say yes. If they put their effort of course they could afterall YEH was an idol herself.

      • YEH imperfections make her one of the most attractive Korean actress, my husband said so (he is a 72 years old English man). We both love her.Can’t wait till October.

  1. I bet we will forget about the hair once we get to know Mi Rae. I guess MI Rae is the type who don’t bother about her looks and just aim for better future. I love YEH so very much that i find every gesture of her is amusing.I Hope for the best! btw, Missing You is not that bad. Though the storyline is quite caught up in the crime part, i find her chemistry with her Co-star is very2 convincing. Plus, her role is very different and she proves that she really can act in both mellow and happy drama. Anyway,Ms Koala, the nose-picker example is really funny though. haha

  2. Maybe there’s a scene where she tried to get a discounted perm in the Salon and it resulted in this disaster! Hahaha. Cant wait the reason for this hair!

  3. YEH has “similar” hair style in one episode of Lie To Me: after her outdoor work crashed by bees and captured in tv news, she changed her hair style.. hoping people would not recognized her just before she go to hotel to met KJH ^^

    • What’s a “fantasy romance” genre..?

      Oh no. Mind, don’t go there don’t go there don’t go there.

      Ack! Too late.

      “Fantasy romance” drama with Lee Dong Gun. *dies*

  4. i will be following this drama for sure! i have been watching good doctor but i can’t wait for it to be done coz cant wait to watch yeh in another series! 🙂

  5. Forget melos or rom-coms. Give me an action movie or revenge thriller where she kicks ass, maybe even sageuk. Then my liking for Yoon Eun Hye will turn from like to love (i predict) — since i love badass heroines.
    She has yet to try those out — would love to see her in those genres. I think that’s also a test to her acting abilities. Some people say she’s awesome, some people say she’s alright. Going to be honest, i don’t think she’s groundbreaking in her acting skills, but she’s likeable enough onscreen.

    When i first discovered yoon eun hye (and stalked her through interviews/BTS) i found that she was so cute, bubbly, and natural. I respected her for not going under the knife, and liked her quite alot. But Coffee Prince was the last project she starred in that i liked, and how many years has that been? It was 2007. That was 6 years ago. I seriously need to revive my love for that girl. Fingers crossed this drama won’t turn out a dud (i trust this writer who wrote my fav. k-drama)

  6. IDK why people admire or compliment actress who are able to get haircuts of ugly make up on. Come on, they are actresses not models, they should be able to do it. It is just make up/hairstyle, just because the actress has the courage to get ugly hairstyles doesn’t mean = good actress.

    If so the girl from can you hear my heart would be such a great actress after so many ugly hairtyles and etc.

    • Hi 🙂 the hair is part of Mirae’s character… i read in twitter that she will get the lowest grade in a matchmaking marriage counselor center… So i think this is why YoonEunHye has to atleast make her self a little bit undesirable ~

  7. Yoon Eun Hye is the actress who is not afraid to kiss back her co-stars -not to mention that she closes her eyes during kiss scenes-.Kudos to her.

  8. Missing you was disappointing for me too. All the crying gave me a headache, and I became desensitized to it. Time travel dramas have been done to death recently. So I don’t know if I should watch this or not.

  9. I really admire Eun Hye Yoon, as she is a great actress, who is not afraid to make changes to their physical appearance just fit your character plus she is always beautiful.

  10. how i love YEH’s smile on that closed-up picture on top.she is so natural and beautiful.i don’t really mind the hair..she will always be my favorite when it comes to YEH..i am biased..tsk!tsk!tsk!

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