Jung Yong Hwa Listens to Yoon Eun Hye Vent in Marry Him If You Dare

The first stills are out showing the meeting of leading lady Yoon Eun Hye with second male lead Jung Yong Hwa in Marry Him If You Dare. The scene was filmed outside a convenience store and she’s clearly drinking while complaining away her sorrows and/or annoyances. With how much the two leading men look like brothers, this scene totally screams Mi Rae bitching about big brother to little brother and he thinks to himself “yeah, I’ve live with that pain in the butt man.” I’m kidding of course, the two leads are not related in this drama. Lee Dong Gun is broadcast announcer Kim Shin while Jung Yong Hwa is VJ Park Se Joo, who is hiding his real identity as the grandson of the network president. I’m relieved that Jung Yong Hwa and Yoon Eun Hye also look good together, though I’m getting a more friendly rather than sparks flying vibe between them. I like Yong Hwa’s look in this drama except for the fact that it doesn’t look much different than his looks in either Heartstrings or You’re Beautiful. Yong Hwa’s acting limitations aside, does anyone get the sense that he always comes off as slightly disengaged? I look at him act and I think to himself that he’s doing but not feeling, and his mind is somewhere off composing new songs. He’s like that talented artist who would rather be doing what he loves (music) but is instead forced to do what he doesn’t (acting). It’s different than other acting-challenged idols like Taecyeon or Kim Hyun Joong, where I got they sense they like acting but just so happen to suck at it. Or like the DBSK Wonder Twins Changmin and Yunho, who are like lost sheep who wandered onto an acting set and assigned the role of a golden retriever. If I ever got the impression that Jung Yong Hwa loved loved loved to act with a passion, then perhaps so much of his dispassionate onscreen projection would be dispelled. I hope he has fun making this drama and learns a lot from his sunbaes, because his character sounds cute and would be a nice alternative to grumpy pants Kim Shin if indeed Mi Rae seriously contemplates Not Marrying Him Because She Doesn’t Dare.


Jung Yong Hwa Listens to Yoon Eun Hye Vent in Marry Him If You Dare — 29 Comments

    • Man of Still strikes again! And what you said about him makes perfect sense: that he doesn’t mind acting as a gig, but that his heart and his brain are engaged elsewhere, and it is just the body that goes through the motions. Ever so often he arranges his face into an appropriate pattern, and he says the lines, but …
      And I also agree about Taecyeon and KHJ – when you watch them play a role, you can see the wheels turning, they are thinking thinking thinking about what they are supposed to be doing, they are trying so hard that it is of course a fail; that trying, that brain in action is a huge wall they can’t overcome. Plus Taec sometimes just can’t resist mugging for the camera sometimes, and breaking the fourth wall (a common idol disease).
      But he’s useful, here, as someone for YEH to riff off of. He is a useful foil, but if they really think to make him into a believable love rival—? Well, I’m skeptical.

  1. can’t denied about that.. he’s an artist after all. hehe.. I had not watch his work..can’t see his acting that try to act. duh.
    hahahaha.. captain koala, you got me LOL about the wonder twins.

  2. I agree. Disengaged is a nice way of putting it.

    The camera loves him, though. He looks good just standing there.
    He has a nice voice and hair – really nice hair.

    I think YEH will be fun with him. She can’t un-disengage him, nobody can.

  3. Oh goodness is he pretty! When he sings you love him because of his energy and he has a good voice. Yet when you see stills oh him, I can’t help but admire the pretty. I was like that in YB but not during heartstrings, here he seems to back to full pretty.

    • I totally agree with you. JYH is so pretty in these shots.

      I love him when he’s singing with CNBlue because he is so passionate and vibrant. If he can just relax and act more naturally, as in, project a little of his real personality while acting, he might become more effective. Perhaps he might be overthinking his lines, or trying too hard, but I concur, he does have that vacant look in his eyes when he’s acting – like a robot programmed to perform certain functions. *sigh… still love him though, so I will satisfy myself with this eye-candy.

      I should get the substance (my meat-entree) with YEH and LDG.

  4. I also thought LDG and Yonghwa looked like brothers! Yonghwa is not that bad. KHJ and Taecyeon are not that bad either compared to… I love him but I have to say it… YunHo. and his little bro Changmin. I watched some of their dramas and they were bad.

  5. Not bad… 🙂 the more I think about it, the more I want all 3 of them to sing in this drama. JYH is going to be awesome in whatever he sings and YEH and LDG would be great too. I know that yeh already has one singin part but duet please. 🙂

    I am so ready for this drama. I rewatched a favorite of mine, sweet 18 and also WIAN in preparation. If I have time, I am going to rewatch LTM again as well.

  6. Considering that Jung Yong Hwa used to follow Park Shin Hye around during the filming of Heartstrings and pester her with questions related to acting and his script, AND was reported to have stood outside during most of the 4-5 hour shoot at the beach in Jeju in order to observe YEH filming her scenes, I would hardly think he’s “disengaged” and uninterested in acting.

    • Watch YEH film for 4-5 hours? If that is not dedication, I wouldn’t know what to call it. Merely observing or taking pointers? Either way, I’m impressed. JYH stills so far has not moved me one bit, but I concur, he does look pretty in those.

  7. I hope yonghwa can learn to improve his acting from this drama
    He need to be relax and not self conscious when acting
    Tbh,he’s visually perfect to be an actor as the cameras love him,looks good in any angle
    and I do see potential in him and he’s the type that really push himself to do the best

  8. JYH looks bored in this stills. Especially at the still where YEH drinks her beer. It’s look like he said “Are you done whining? I have composing to do”. Since we don’t know what kind of dynamic they have that moment, I will keep my opinion for now. I will give him credit if the script demands him to looked bored, otherwise he needs to enjoy his scenes more.

  9. i think disengaged really is the best way to describe it. but i dont believe its because he doesn’t have a passion for acting, maybe he just freezes up in front of the camera and defaults to a look that appears disengaged.

  10. Sometimes I could sense in a handful of actors and actresses always having this I-need-to-look-pretty-on-screen mentality as one reason that’s holding them back in their acting. Since these actors have always been known with their faces, hence I sense a un/conscious need to always make sure they show pristine pictures of their investments aka faces even if they’re not shooting CFs anymore. Some actresses that come to mind are Han Ga In and pre-JOJ Kim Tae Hee. I think Kim Tae Hee, since her little image drop ff Rain association, exerted more effort in showing emotions irrelevant of whether it can “uglify” her face. For some idol-actors, I think it’s the need to always look cool, that’s hindering some of them. And JYH seems to fall on this category.

  11. They look good together. Yonghwa looks really really good. The chemistry is there. This pairing has so much potential so looking forward to how it will develop in the drama.

  12. “DBSK Wonder Twins Changmin and Yunho”? Oh, Captain Koala. You crack me up. And I can say that with feeling because I actually watched (me and four other people) Heading to the Ground . . . twice!

  13. Oh Jung Yong Hwa, he’s my favorite in the k-pop world, he has this really smooth powerful voice when he sings. I love him but I want him to get better in acting, so I really wish him luck with this project.
    I’ll be waiting for his ost for this drama, I know it’ll be awesome.

    • I don’t understand where does the “as if he’s thinking something else”.. I wonder if we are looking at the same stills because to me he was intensely gazing at Mirae in those stills, that you can actually tell that he’s quite smitten with her or at least has interest in her.

  14. Oh my, I can also see chemistry sparks in these photos. I dont know about the story, but it seems YongHwa’s character here is a strong contender, given that he’s an Heir to a TV Network (not that other Heir w/ very long title!) and Mirae’s future w/ LDG’s character is blurry. Oh my,Oh my, could it be possible the ending is… she wont dare to marry him???

  15. the more i see the pics and hints of the story, the more and more i think this story reminds me of the drama all about eve with jang dong gun. all the cast works in a television/radio station, one guy is actually a top executive and they know his position on the later part. the leading lady is struggling to be the best, second lead lady wants both the guys and is greedy for the power. second male is obsessed with one girl.


    i have no doubt yonghwa will have his singing moments in this drama too hahah, he sings in all his drama and same goes to yeh and ldg. producers will not waste this opportunity to attract audience since this three can sing. i can already see the four characters in one karaoke room having party and secretly competing to each other and making each other jealous while singing. most of this part is in every korean drama


  16. He’s waited 2 long years to return to small screens, and has constantly told his fans how much he wants to act and how excited he is to return to acting. So I don’t think you need to worry about him being passionate about it.

    If he looks like he’s thinking hard, it may be him trying to work on his standard Korean speech, not music or other issues. Still, I personally never got the “disengaged” impression. Before I liked him, I didn’t notice at all that he was a rookie actor in YAB, much less an idol. Have high expectations for this drama as well.

    • I seriously don’t understand how this turned out into judging his passion for what he’s doing. I think that just went too far to think that these stills weren’t even that bad. In fact, if one has read original news articles in Korean and the comments that come with it, these got a lot of positive feedback especially how the two managed to overcome the age gap to look visually perfect in these stills. They (YH and YEH) obviously have chemistry based on these stills. Guess this is just too hard to accept for some who just don’t really like Yonghwa.

  17. Yong and eunhye looks good together, in bts of photoshoot yong makes eunhye laught haha~
    i really agree with lexie ^^ yonghwa is not to bad in act, he’s good, some people who really don’t like him can’t accept it whenever yong do it well ~ haters gonna hate, so don’t care about that piece^^

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