Jo Min Ki Commits Suicide and Police End Sexual Harassment Investigation

It’s a quick end for one K-actor accused of sexual harassment as Jo Min Ki committed suicide on Friday March 9th. The actor was found hanging in the basement storage room of an apartment complex by his wife and was already deceased. Jo Min Ki’s prolific and decades long acting career was already over and he was also facing police investigation over the many allegations of sexual harassment by his former university acting class students. He was scheduled to be questioned by police on March 12th but now with his death the sexual harassment investigation has been closed by authorities. This may not be the closure any or all of his victims would have wanted but he confessed to his crimes in a statement released earlier and has paid for it with his life rather than potential incarceration. Jo Min Ki leaves behind a wife and daughters. Continue reading

Children of a Lesser God Delays Broadcast for One Week After Jo Min Ki Leaves Cast Due to University Sexual Harassment Allegations

There’s no end to bad news around K-dramas recently and another one has run into a roadblock of sorts. Upcoming OCN police thriller Children of a Lesser God will delay it’s premiere one week until March 3th due to supporting … Continue reading

The Great Seer with Ji Sung, Kim So Yeon and Ji Jin Hee Holds Script Reading

New drama alert! Upcoming SBS sageuk The Great Seer (Daepyongsoo) has finally started filming as the cast gathered together for a script reading session. The drama is slated for 36-episodes airing on Mon-Tues after Faith, which on the long side … Continue reading