Yunho in Talks to Join Man From the Stars with Kim Soo Hyun, Jeon Ji Hyun, and So Yi Hyun

What the *&(%*!@# is this casting possibility?!?! Are you kidding me, SBS? Just when I thought it was smooth sailing waters ahead for the year end SBS drama Man From the Stars starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, today came news that literally made me spit out my water and start sputtering like a tongue-tied swain meeting his secret crush. I don’t know why Yunho of DBSK needs to keep acting, because he has sucked from the very first moment he tried to act and continues to suck as of his last drama in Yawang earlier this year, but he’s determined to keep interjecting his dreadful acting mug in whatever drama will take him. Yawang was a ratings success for SBS but I cannot for the life of me give any credit to Yunho, but rather it was the insanely evil leading lady played by Su Ae that got people tuning in. Now SBS is in talks with Yunho to join Man From the Stars as the second male lead playing the fiancee of the leading lady, to which I can only say “Is anyone at SBS taking their meds?” This drama actually had potential to be decent written all over it, with popular young actor Kim Soo Hyun not to mention movie actress Jeon Ji Hyun (aka. Ms. Gianna Jun) making her television return in 14 years. Why would SBS even consider an idol actor in the main cast when there are tons of solid actors in their late twenties that isn’t currently in a drama or in the army – Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Wan, Lee Hyun Jin, Yeon Woo Jin. And if it has to be a DBSK boy then I’ll take Changmin any day over Yunho. ANY. DAY. There are also tons of idol boys who can act better than Yunho (and look better IMO) and off the top of my head I can think of three BEAST boys Yong Jun Hyung, Lee Ki Kwang, and Yoon Doo Joon. See, it’s not hard SBS! I can compromise on casting an idol, but Yunho is just the bottom of the barrel for me even in the idol ranks, except of course he is cream of the crop in Japan when it comes to selling power. Sigh. In less aggravating casting news, So Yi Hyun signed on last week to play second the second female lead in this drama, described as a well-educated classmate of Jeon Ji Hyun’s Hallyu actress and forever jealous rival. Her casting will obviously get less attention than news of Yunho joining, but I think she’s a solid choice to play the catty rival.

We can all pretend this is the cast and ignore the DBSK-sized elephant in the room. And Yunho fans can argue the usual “he’s not bad” or “he’s improved” all they want, I vehemently don’t agree and find in all his attempts at acting that “he IS that bad” and “he has NOT improved.” Changmin, on the other hand, can give acting another go and if he can control the tendency to eye bulge he might be inoffensive enough. At the very least I think Changmin is easy on the eyes (okay, okay, I’ll own up to it, I think he’s adorable and harmless and fluffy like a clueless puppy!), but Yunho is ugh in every which way I look at him. Aside from upside down, I haven’t tried that angle yet.


Yunho in Talks to Join Man From the Stars with Kim Soo Hyun, Jeon Ji Hyun, and So Yi Hyun — 117 Comments

  1. agree with you….Yunho seriously never improve in acting…he’s suck!!
    from your list.,i think Lee Wan is the best choice for the 2nd lead..but still its scary just to think Yunho might accept this…oh no!

    • Super agree, I seriously need my Lee Wan back on screen…

      It would be so funny to watch YunHo on screen cause I think he will be eaten alive by SooHyun

  2. Mehhhhhh. If it’s a deal, no second male lead syndrome whatsoever and certainly NOT an acting crush. Of your list, YSY or YWJ would be nice. Also, Song Jae Rim since 2Weeks is over. Or if they want a baby, Choi Woo Sik: That would be a mini Who Are You reunion (I know, they are not “bankable in Japan”). Sighs….

  3. SM really on fire putting their idols in almost all drama these days. As if they dont care that people cursing them for doing that.
    Shameless. .. I dont mind with idol doing drama, but at least let the one that can act doing it. He is really bad in queen of ambition. ..i dont get why he want to act again after that.

  4. Never seen this guy act, but damn. He must really suck for koala to be this worked up.
    Darn, Man from the stars was shaping up to be perfect. I’m not crying as much, cause he’s not the first lead. But still, would it hurt to have an equally good male rival?

    • It’s her blog: She can write what she wants (and most commenters will agree with her on what she wrote here). On the other hand, you’re the “guest” invited on that blog: Calling her “stupid” is not diplomatic either.
      If your fangirl sensibility is easily hurt and can’t handle criticism, I suggest you to stay on pro-Yunho sites.

      • Hear hear.

        I don’t see why we need to love someone’s acting if they can’t act. I am pretty peeved off actually as I was looking forward to this drama as a keeper but would hate re watching his scenes.

      • This is not criticism! This is purely insult! I’m a dear fan of Yunho and i know his acting is not really good, but this is not the way to say it. Criticism is something objective and this article is totally subjective… If she was really criticising his acting still we would respect her but dont judje the fans because they cant tolerate their idols being insulted someone they dont even know. Althoght I prefer not to interfere because this is her opion and like you said obviously her own blog she can write whatever she want, but I’m almost sure the owner of this article would not want the idol she loves being insulted also. In this way I belive we have the right to expect some respect!

      • This is exactly why I run out of patience with fangirls; they become so pathologically attached to their object of obsession that this object becomes an extension of self, and therefore any criticism of the object is taken as a criticism of themselves.
        Moreover, this obsession is seen as some sort of virtue, and there are constant campaigns to insist that everyone else at least appear to share the same sensibility (if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…).
        Grow up. Get a life. Let others live theirs. If you must build a shrine to the fantasy you cherish, go right ahead, just don’t expect everyone else to worship there.

      • @ aylin, nope you don’t have the right to expect respect. Yunho has the right to earn respect. And he hasn’t. Not even close. How long has he been acting for that he’s still foot acting? So it’s hard to feel bad that your feelings are hurt because Koala eviscerated him

    • A few helpful reminders.

      1. I don’t write for the people who read it. I write because I want to.

      2. The eyes are on your face, you have free will to use them.

      3. The first rule of AKP is: No one’s opinion matters but your own. The second rule of AKP is: No one’s opinion matters but your own. The third rule of AKP is: No one’s opinion matters but your own.

      I hope you got my reference. If not, I’ll reduce it to easy speak. My opinion of Yunho should not matter to you. Your opinion of Yunho does not matter to me. That is the essence of having one’s own opinion.

      • “I hope you got my reference. If not, I’ll reduce it to easy speak. My opinion of Yunho should not matter to you. Your opinion of Yunho does not matter to me. That is the essence of having one’s own opinion.”

        Like! Oh… No like button. I’m pressing like anyway!

      • waaaa. i love mars’ idea — a like button.

        yo ms. koala, your ending line for this entry is two thumbs up! I haven’t seen yunho in any series and i am still in the process of enjoying changmin’s paradise ranch (in a very oh so installment basis) so i have grounds to comment…

  5. I literally said to my laptop screen “F*** OFF !!”. Please oh please NO !!. I adore Yunho, his talents lie in singing not in acting, it’s as simple as that.

  6. Yunho is the god of idols koala unnie. :’) him and the other DB5K are. You’re going to get a lot of hate for comparing him to B2ST. Gah I wish I can wrap a shield around you.
    I was happy to hear this casting news. I just don’t like SM in general.
    I love dbsk, I’m proud to call myself a cassie, but biasness aside, I do think he wasn’t bad at all in Yawang. In fact I strongly disagree those idols you mention are better than yunhoin terms of acting and looks.

    In all honesty, I don’t think Kim Soohyun deserves such a titular role. He was adorable back in his rookie days, but now I think he’s as overrated as Suzy.

    • Agree that Kim Soo Hyun is massively overrated (and kind of a butterface if you ask me), but Yunho? Girl. He made Kwon Sang Woo look like a thespian.

    • Suzy hon is like Minho and Taecyeon. Actually Taec would be better than Yunho.Hey what about Chansung? He was hot and broody in L7CS.

      If we have to have idols.What about Choi Siwon?No one would complain if he was cast right?And he is from SM?Even the other SuJu guy from Panda and the hedgehog is better.

      • Except for Taecyeon (I have to drink to watch him act too), I agree with the others being better.

    • Even if Kim So Hyun is overrated (which I don’t really agree with), he’s still a much better actor than Yunho in terms of acting. I like Yunho as an idol (actually, I was once very smitten with him) but I could never sit through any of his acting. It’s just downright horrid. His talent is in dancing, not in acting.

  7. Yong Jun Hyung or Yoon Doo Joon do not strike me as people who could play Jeon Ji Hyun’s FIANCE. Voyeurism aside, are there seriously no actors in their 30s who are willing to play second fiddle in these sorts of dramas? I guess not, judging by casting trends.

  8. Noooo!! I even gave up trying to sit through his scenes in Yawang. I love Yunho as an idol and I think he has a great personality but acting and rapping are two things he should never do. I really hope he doesn’t accept it because I’m really looking forward to this drama.

    • Hmmm. As Jeon Ji Hyun’s fiancee? Lee Ki Kwang would look like her little brother. He’s all sorts of cute while she’s oozing with pheromones. Choi Si Won would be ideal methinks, if they’re really hell bent on choosing an idol to play the second lead.

  9. And they are putting him against Kim Soo Hyun?? What a joke. I cringed at his scene in Yawang and was thankful for the other leads especially Su Ae who had to carry him on his back. He can’t even emote. All of the idols, he is by far the bottom of the worst list. I don’t care if he can sell overseas so what? He can at least show that he wants to improve. Ugh ugh ugh! I’ll guess I’ll focus on the other leads again and ignore him hard.

    • In addition to their a Super Junior concerts, Siwon is making a movie called Helios with Ji Jin Hee in Hong Kong, and Donghae is running a taco restaurant called Grill 5.

      • What bothers me about Changmin is his mouth and his piercing gaze, and what bothers me about Yuhno is his dumbless expression. Even I am a big fan of DBSK. I love their music no doubt, and I was sad when they broke up, but acting is acting.

  10. Does it have to be an idol? I never seen this guy act, other then a small cameo in Poseidon. Yet I have never heard a good comment about his acting. So if we have to have an idol in that age group, there’s plenty Siwon being on top since he is from SM. I love the Beast boys but they would all look like puppies with the lead girl.
    There’s also non idols like Joon Sung, kid is talented plus he looks older.

  11. Was so excited for this drama, but now I’ve just plunged to the bottom pit with this possibility of a news. NO PLEASE DRAMA GODS. NO.

  12. My interest in this drama drops from 100 to 70.
    I like dramas where second lead actor gives me second lead syndrome. That’s important factor for me in a rom-com. And its not going to happen here.

  13. lmao, knetizens are all ”please, no, don’t do it” too lol just SM and some delusional fans are trying to make Yunho the actor happen.

  14. Didn’t he drop out of Yawang a month before it was finished? And now he want to sign on another drama? lol! So will also drop this when it gets too hard?

  15. WT-;(|<}%&((&;)@":/(&@,)$…(excuse for my laugage….
    Was the PD nims smoking?? How can they consider Yunho of DBSK to join that new drama? I rather they pick Changmin of DBSK or any boy band idols.
    I really don't have great impression on Yunho's drama at all because he overacted most of the time.

    • He does the weirdest idol acting combo ever – over-acting one moment and then acting like a stoned robot the next. It’s pretty hilarious if one isn’t cringing while watching him.

  16. I have no opinion over casting Yunho. The boy is laughing all the way to the bank already. What’s one more person not liking Yunho right?

  17. Huh? I thought he was cast in that Rainbow drama.

    What’s going on??? Either way, I have no judgment Yunho yet, because I’ve never seen any of his dramas, therefore I’ve never seen him act, but I’m nervous to even check one out now.

  18. Totally agree with Ockoala!! I tried to find an improvement in Yunho’s acting in Yawang, but couldn’t. Too bad. I think SM is trying to give Yunho more work to fill up his schedule, since Changmin is getting quite well-received in variety shows, and Yunho does not have much screen time as compared. This is a management decision rather than based on his talents. Maybe he will improve this time?

  19. Good for yunho and his fans (if (huge IF) this drama is a success) and too bad for the haters. We can’t really do much about it, so…

  20. Yunho wouldn’t be my first choice idol actor. Yeah, acting as the fiancee of Jeon Ji Hyun is a big task, and his age fits the role, but I rather have an idol who has better acting skills than he does. Yoon Doojoon would fit the role well. Lee Joon, but he is busy with promoting his blockbuster film, as is 2PM’s Junho who’s filming a film with Lee Byung Hun. Perhaps SJ’s Siwon or Donghae who can act better than Yunho. Oh well, good luck to him and at least he is decent eye-candy. This is Kim Soo Hyun’s drama anyway.

  21. Y ou see the thing is about SM, they’re a HUUUGE contribution to the entertainment circuit in SK. Whatever SM wants, SM gets. I agree with Koala unni that Yunho was all around BAD in any drama he was in. In fact, please try to recall any professional criticsm by the K industry saying he’s improved. I was a DBSK fan for awhile, and one thing I stayed away from was Yunho’s dramas due to certain acting clips i watched on Youtube. That does not mean i’m an anti fan whatsoever. Fangirls should not be blinded over matters like this even though their oppa is concerned. I’m a huge bias of T.O.P frm Bigbang. Yet i still try to be as sensible and not go batshit crazy when he got attacked from netizens for his acting skills. Furthermore, i was a kdrama fan first, kpop fan after. So it KILLS me that drama producers nowadays cast idols over talented young actors. eg: Yoon si yoon, Lee Hyun Woo to name a few. Idols that has shown potential in acting after a drama should not be overlooked to like the beast boys. Unlike them, they gave a shot in drama departnment, and did not suck. albeit they have rooms to improve, but they have some potential. Readers who are dbsk fans, its ok to air your opinions, but please try to filter what you say and be respectful towards other people’s opinion. Koala unni has given us a platform to ex press what we want to say, dont bash her over it. Or you know, you can just GTFO and leave this playground if you’re not happy with the post.

  22. As a dbsk fan, I can confidently say this is totally yunho’s doing. He’s been saying how he liked jeon ji hyun and his ideal type is someone like jeon ji hyun since day 1 and I can totally imagining him actively seeking a role in this drama just because of her. And as a dbsk fan, yes, my darling sucks at acting.

  23. okay, i believe everyone knows yunho cant act, bad actor, but koala babe no need to be so over harsh and rude. you are free to fly to skor and blame it all to SBS.. i love yunho and eventhough i agree that he isnt an actor but it hurts reading your “selfish opinion” (that’s my opinion) about him that bad and yet stations are giving him the role.. D:

  24. As much as I love DBSK or whatever left of it. Yunho CAN NOT ACT WORTH A PENNY.This is the absolute true, fan or no fan. I love Yunho as a singer, and I will not lie to his face about this acting neing improve or anywhere near bearable.

  25. i still remember what koala wrote (maybe weeks ago) when she said Jung Yong Hwa’s fangirls couldn’t take any criticism, compare to DBSK’s fandom (when she wrote Yunho and Changmin sucks at acting). She wrote DBSK fangirls stay calm and coud take whatever she said about the boys are sucks. But what i’m seeing now is those girls aren’t calm anymore… Well, everybody has their own bias, even koala has her bias. Just keep supporting them all you want, critisizing/badmouthing/insulting anyone else’s bias wouldn’t make any effect on them. They’ll be forever celebrity, and maybe forever your bias.

    • They do. The great majority of DBSK fans in this comment thread agree with me and still love Yunho. Only a few are really incensed about what I wrote. Whereas the percentages in other fandoms are switched up – the majority can’t handle criticisms of their idol and only a minority are level-headed enough to take no offense. I stand by my earlier observation. For the most part, I’ve noticed a great majority of DBSK fans are rational about their boys lack of acting ability and okay when people say it out loud. This particular comment thread actually validates my earlier observation.

      • I think because as a former fan of dbsk myself dbsk fans is old mature enough whereas other fandom just created these 5 years back and concist mostly teenager or ealry/mid twenties.

        But i think changmin is worse than yunho. XD.

      • That’s a great observation, the original Cassies have all been around for 8-9 years now, right? Yeah, imagine the insanity in the drama world when the EXO guys start trying to “act”.

      • i can’t pick who is worse. changmin or yunho… 🙂 i was DBSK fans when they were still 5, i love the golden year of KPop in 2008 with the excellent music and dance (Mirotic is my favourite one from DBSK.flawless song and flawless idols, OMG..), i think it will take a very long time for Kpop industry to make the same things all over again. but now i see the idols from that era, one by one making debut in acting. Even girls from Wonder Girls doing dramas. I mean,they’re doing very good as idols, they’re even good singers, but not yet good enough to do acting.

      • huh! when captain koala mentioned about EXO.. their fanatic fans and sasaeng fans are almost just like what DBSK had went through when they debut before. I don’t want to think how scary crazy fan girls are nowadays.

    • The difference between this post and the Jung Yong Hwa posts is that Ockoala essentially made unwarranted attacks on Jung Yong Hwa’s personality despite having nothing to back up her claims but speculation that he quit Heirs because he was too big for his boots and didn’t want to be 2nd lead anymore (which she presented as fact, I might add). Just how wrong this accusation was has already been validated by the fact that he’s now acting as second lead in Mi Rae’s Choice.

      Here, Ockoala’s criticising Yunho’s ACTING rather than his personality, which I think is a fair go. After all, if you’ve watched someone’s dramas and you think they sucked in them, then that’s your opinion. As far as I’m concerned, fans had every reason to react badly to the way Ockoala essentially spread false rumours about Jung Yong Hwa’s involvement in Heirs, while it would be far less reasonable if they lashed out merely at criticisms of Yunho’s acting.

      • I’m surprised there’s no response to what you have posted Lemon.
        I think your arguments are so valid that a response was not possible.
        I’m a fan of both DBSK and CNBlue. I think all fans can be over reactive or protective of their bias. To say that other fandoms are far less level headed and can’t handle criticism compared to DBSK fans is a totally wrong observation. An observation used for the purpose of justifying the unwarranted and unproven attacks on an idol and then blaming their fans for over reacting cracks me up.

      • so agree with u,i like this site and read it regularly but never leave comment,but my first one is when ms.koala wrote misleading info about yonghwa regarding his personality not his acting,making baseless assumption painting yonghwa as arrogant for not wanting 2nd lead on heirs. I see ms.koala reply to many comment here,but she never reply to any comment about her statement of yonghwa whenever ”cnblue fangirls”writing why they lash out,and including ur comment too,i wonder why?

      • Yes, your argument is logical – criticizing a person vs. criticizing an action (in this case, attempting to act) of the person.
        But you are still operating on the assumption that you actually know these people; that based on what you have read – press releases, interviews, fan articles – and what you have seen – concert footage, interviews, “candid” footage – you know these celebrities: how they think, what their values are, how they will behave, what their motivations are.
        What you really know is the outward persona presented to you: the mask they wear as a performer, the words they choose to share with the world, the “candid” material carefully crafted by their handlers. In fact, you have no idea what these people are really like. You’ve never even spoken to them, face-to-face, which is only the first layer of getting to know someone. You take everything presented to you as truth, because you are so anxious to believe it. Is Yong Hwa really as non-ambitious and humble as you seem to think he is? I have no idea. Neither, really, does anyone except for Yong Hwa and maybe a few of his close friends, if he has them (and yes, I know all the interviews have said x, y, and z).
        So get off your high horse; koala has a much right to her opinion as you do to yours, and there is no “insult” involved when really no one knows the truth of the matter. Koala made an assumption based on what she had read and observed, just as you did.

      • sorry if i talk about cnblue here when this is yunho article, just dropping for a quick comment in this argument. yes we dont know cnblue or yonghwa personally. we based them thru concert, interviews, fan articles or whatever. but i just wanted to say those accounts regarding his “image/personality” is not all coming from fans. twitter or whatever came also from non-fans such as a basketball player who didnt know it was yonghwa he is seen, a teacher from heartstrings, a person in a lobby, a waitress in a hotel, a staff in concert abroad. so whether yonghwa or cnblue is fake or what. fans of course are happy seeing that they have maintain their good image even outside the limelight.

        anyway i didnt came here for argument. i keep on coming here in koala because i like her site.

      • skelly-

        Actually, I am not operating on any assumptions whatsoever. As you have said, who can know what these stars are actually like in real life? I am merely pointing out that Ockoala has continuously been making those exact baseless assumptions that you have tried to accuse me of making. Based on a mere few stills and teasers released for Mi Rae’s Choice and past drama characters that Ockoala had deemed lackluster, she *assumed* that Jung Yong Hwa is “disengaged” from acting and has no passion for the craft. Based on speculations floating around Baidu/Weibo that Jung Yong Hwa had quit Heirs because he or his company had wanted a male lead role for him rather than a second lead role, Ockoala jumped to the conclusion that Jung Yong Hwa had grown too big for his boots. These are all assumptions Ockoala has made that has been proven wrong; what she knows is the outward persona that she thinks she has gleaned based on mere pictures and drama characters.

        So instead, you should get off your high horse and seriously examine what the person you’ve defended has done before you point fingers at others. At the very least I do not pretend to write a news/recap blog that presents legitimate opinions based on reliable sources.

      • So I’m just trying to understand your comments/arguments/opinion skelly

        1. You said that Koala made an assumption based on what she had read and observed that YH is too big for a second lead role.
        2. Unless Koala personally knows YH or is really close with him she would not know what he is really like right? Whether he is a humble person or whether he is an arrogant prick no one knows.

        Lemon’s point was exactly what you pointed out but you missed a crucial point here.

        1. No one knows these stars personally but when you make it out as if it is a FACT that he turned down a second lead role because he is too big of a star now one would expect some heated discussions from his fans.
        2. Just because his fans wanted to point out the fact that the assumption is groundless and ultimately proven wrong based on the fact that he did in fact take on a second lead role in MC does it mean that they are immature and need to get a life.

        I don’t think myself or even the other fans have ever purported to know YH’s personality or his values. We never said he was humble or the kindest person in this planet. We were merely pointing out what you have actually pointed out yourself. That Koala operated on an assumption and she presented it as FACT (which is wrong).

        I’m actually not sure if expressing one’s opinion or pointing out some groundless assumptions means they are on their high horses. If that is the case then I guess everyone here should get off their high horses too.

      • There is no way to dispute Koala’s statements as factual or not. You can try and argue that Yonghwa’s subsequent choice of a secondary role proves that he does not require a leading role, but there is actually no way to prove that assumption about his motives. No one knows the real reason why Yonghwa made those choices, but Koala reported what a lot of people were thinking and saying about it. It may be unproven, but it’s a real stretch to call Koala’s claims unwarranted or even out of the realm of possibility. Lots of assumptions about celebrities are presented as facts by legitimate news sources. It just seems a little fannish to come down on Koala for something the New York Times is just as likely to do.

    • koala,
      that cuz many other loyal MEGA FANS of yunho oppa dont come here. or u woouldve been bashed. yeah, so he bad actor, but guess what…reality check… he good singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, composer, hot & goodlooking (one of best lookin’ i should say),multi-talented, do alot of charity work, successful guy. so u better pay the guy more reespect!!!…im just sayin’

  26. i’m dbsk fans and i love yunho, but in terms of acting, sorry, he’s still lacking, especially in the expression…the only dramas from the members (current or former) that i can sit still and watch till the end is yoochun’s…

    • Word. Acting for the original DBSK 5 is pretty much Yoochun + 4 guys who can’t act their way out of a bag. But I love love love their music and moves. Fantastic idol boy group IMO.

      • I actually think JaeJoong can act. I really liked him on Dr Jin, and even though I didn’t like Protect the Boss or Postman to Heaven, His acting I thought was good, I just didn’t like the plot.

  27. I remeber read one statement ” dont act because you like acting, act if you can’t live without acting(passionate about acting).

    Yunho love to act, and believe people support him and he will improve by time.

    He is a humle person and great man for sure. But one thing i disagree about him or dislike is that somebody think they want to try everything even if they are bad at it. Something is just not meant to you. Know your limit will make you a smart person. But many idol is not that smart.

  28. I don’t really have an opinion on yunho’s acting because I’ve never seen him act, but I think it’s kind of .. unnecessary to bring his looks into this.

  29. I knew you would be upset when I read the article on allkpop XD. I have yet to read the article on dramabeans but I’m sure it will be pretty much the same ^^
    But in a point, I want to disagree with you but it’s just my personal opinion. When you talked about the BEAST guys and said “Yoon DooJoon” could act better than him. I don’t think it’s saying much because the latter was awful in IRIS2. I don’t even understand how the hell he could have landed the second male lead because gosh’, boy can’t act at all. At least, in this kind of drama. It’s not just about being expressionless and for the credit, the drama in a whole was AWFUL so I guess it didn’t help but oh well.
    There is something funny with Yunho’s acting. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like his whole aura is bad at acting. Seriously, it’s so weeird which makes him the worst actor ever for me although God knows how much I love him. Acting isn’t his thing, that’s all. Nobody can be perfect, right ? And I read what the drama’s rep said about him :”it will make an hallyu drama”. And they wonder why idols are not viewed favorably. He is only considered as a popular product to sell the drama overseas. It’s sad.

    • I found Doo Joon serviceable in IRIS2, but I watched his one episode guest starring role in I Live In Cheongdamdong (where Yunho also did one episode) and he was uproarious and adorable and sooooo natural. So I think IRIS2 told him to act all cool and shit but Doo Joon can act. Whereas even in a sitcom poor Yunho looked clueless.

  30. Sigh, I was initially interested in this drama, but not interested in watching Yunho do his usual bad acting. I don’t understand all the angry/hurt statements here from Yunho fans. Look he already has an incredibly successful Kpop career, why does he also have to try to act? What about all the actors – established and aspiring – who could play the role (and well)but won’t get the chance because Yunho’s powerful agency got him the role? Why does he get to be cast in a major tv drama out of vanity? If any one has a right to be annoyed it’s us drama viewers who will have to put up with watching a bad performance. I don’t think all the Yunho fangirls would be too happy if SM forced Yunho and Changmin to include some tone deaf SM agency actor in their next album and performance. So I think we drama fans have a right to express that we’re annoyed/angry/frustrated to have to watch a bad performance.

    • I don’t get it. I have read tons of comments already and have yet to find ‘the angry/hurt statements’ from yunho fans youre referring too. Pretty much all the ones I have read have agreed that Yunho is not a good actor even though he’s loved as an idol

      • I am referring to the comments taking Ms. Koala to task for criticizing Yunho (on her own blog, no less). But I am probably overreacting to the similar comments from CN Blue/Yongwha fans as well. Sorry about that.

  31. I am a VERY BIG DBSK OT5 fan and I am not gonna be biased but YES. Sadly Yunho sucked YET in his acting. Even if he makes me giggle because he is in the drama, he just.. in every angle.. sucks 🙁
    P.S Yoochun is by far the most talented DBSK guy who can act. Second goes to Jaejoong 😀
    Hoping Yunho’s acting career will improve though. I know he will. It just sucks how SM tries to put so much effort on these people if theyre not even THAT ready yet.
    (Seohyun from SNSD sucks as well.. 🙁 )

  32. I really liked the original dbsk even though I wasn’t a Cassie. They really are so talented in singing/ idol group stuff. In terms of acting, yunho and also changmin are at the bottom of the barrel. They cannot act. It’s beyond cringeworthy.

  33. Noooo. Just no. He’s terrible. He seems like a nice and talented guy, but he shouldn’t act. Especially not in something so anticipated with such huge stars. He’s going to get eaten alive. I’m honestly sick of watching things with terrible acting that are “improving” supposedly. Go do a long running weekend drama as supporting role or a daily sitcom, something small to “improve” not prime time.

  34. Everyone already so desperate hearing this news. Me too actually. He is big fan of Jeon Ji Hyun, and SM has all that power to put him in this drama… so yeah…. i’m desperate too…

    Just don’t Yunho-yaa………..

    I Like Yunho, I was Cassie before. I like watching him dancing and singing. But in term of acting, he is sooo much lacking.
    Actually I agree with you in this, ms. koala. There’s so much actor who can act better, a loooot better than him. If it has to be an idol, this is my desperate plead, why not Lee Joon? He is so underrate. He has title the youngest korean actor in Hollywood, but no one actually offer him a role in dramas. The last time in Iris 2, he got smaller role than doojon. I’m lying if i say i’m not dissapointed. Doojon is decent, but Joon is better.
    I hate all the company play….
    SM you… @!*#

  35. Oh girls he’s not that great in singing let alone acting. For smart people, a pretty face and great body can’t sold out in term if acting. I’m not in the mood to watch korean dramas lately because too many idols in those dramas. Here are some of the show i avoided. If interesting then read on
    Dream high , you are beautiful , heartstrings , playfull kiss, to the beautiful you, love rain,

  36. I’m interested in this drama, i like Kim Soo Hyun. As for DBSK’s Yunho, i only watched Queen Of Ambition, don’t know his previous works, he started awkward but i thought he did well in his last episodes, i think he’s better than the other, Changmin, i really couldn’t finish Paradise Ranch and i don’t think he’s cute or handsome too so it doesn’t help. I’ve watched his variety because i like sports but he’s so over the top, he doesn’t act natural , like he’s exaggerating all his reactions. Yoochun’s RP was awesome, Hero Jaejoong should stick with singing, watched 2 dramas with him and he’s no good. The other guy i always forget the name i’ve never seen anything from him, can’t say if he’s good or not.

    • the other guy name was Kim Junsu,, he doesn’t act in any drama on film yet,,*just cameo in Kim Sun Ah& Lee Dong Wook ‘Scent of Woman’

      He took musical since 2010~^^ n fyi he doing good job there~:DD he received many awards from best newcomer till the latest best actor~^^ well the awards not based on popularity vote but assesment from musical expert

    • LMAO, I just can’t help to laugh when u mentioned this ” The other guy i always forget the name i’ve never seen anything from him, can’t say if he’s good or not.” not only soulmate even others love to troll him..poor our duckbutt 😀 But don’t worry KIM JUNSU is such a smart boy who knows what he want to do..Musical, singing and doing hip thrusts are his specialty so far 😀

  37. How will he ever improve if he doesn’t keep trying. I commend him for his efforts. I do agree his acting is not good, but I think he is slowly improving and if he continues trying one day he will be very good. I take for example The Rock, I so hated his acting in his first couple of movies but he’s now one of Hollywood leading actors. People need to be given a chance to improve in every goal they set up fo in their lives and not be shut down because at first they didn’t suceed. Regarding prefering Changmin over Yunho’s acting, I personally think Yunho is the better actor. Nonetheless, they both need a lot of work. Wish them the best.

    • he can improve by you know taking acting classes and doing small roles that don’t get much attention – does he really need to take main roles?

      • I just read that he was offered the role,but that nothing has been confirmed. They said they don’t know if it would fit his schedule cause he has tour for his 10th anniversary, so I guess we’re being to quick to assume he’s going to be in this drama.

  38. I was not planning to watch this drama because I’m not particularly fond of any of the cast members and the premise doesn’t interest me. But I find it really upsetting that SM has the clout to force their foot-acting idols into drama roles that they are clearly unqualified to be cast in. I know I would be absolutely furious if Yunho was cast in a major role opposite of actors/actresses that I really enjoy or in a drama that I was really interested in. My condolences to the fans of Kim Soohyun and Jeon Jihyun.

  39. I really find Yunho incredibly good looking, I’m surprised Miss Koala doesn’t. I do agree he should stay away from acting. All Dbsk boys should. They should get together and give us another Mirotic, that’s what they should do.

    But I find Soohyun a bit overrated. He’s very solid, but not that great.

  40. First of all, I want to laugh so much…reading few comments…to fellow Cassies,please dont be angry with her…she is stating her opinion..doesnt mean you have to agree with her..but I’m sorry, as much as I love these boys I still think singing and dancing suit them much better but of course they can improve their acting…as for Jeon Ji Hyun for the lead actress I like her very much..she is great,even Hollywood agrees with me…hihi…Kim Soo Hyun,hmmm, I dont know…I like him too as a man,as for his acting I think he is not bad…but to say great acting,maybe a bit overrated…but these people,they are still young and with hard work,determination and passion they can be great because I know,by having these traits will bring you somewhere to the top…believe me…

  41. Oh dear. I agree, out all of idol actors why they chose Yunho? The worst acting idol ever. He tend to over exaggerating his expression and makes you cringe. He should stay away from acting. The only dbsk boys who can act is Yoochun.

  42. Oh pleazzzee. If he is a singer then stay in singing/music/dancing area. Grown up. Like it or not, he is not good in acting.

  43. lol, this is going to be sooo fun to watch
    (if I’m going to watch it) which I’m not
    b’coz he will be eaten alive by KSH acting
    and he will comes out like a crap!…ahhh
    SM don’t understimate this management they
    like to shoove their idols in all dramas as
    much as possible that’s how conniving they are!

  44. Lol you are obviously a Yunho hater that you actually went to criticize his looks as well. It’s not about you not liking his acting, you could have done it in a more decent, logical way but here you look like a 12 year old butthurt throwing tantrums.. I hope he gets the role, and do a good job because he has improved in Yawang. And you can go sulk in a corner ^^ teheeee

    • LOL no one but his fans will say anything good about him in Yawang. If improvement means going from acting like a constipated robot to acting like a constipated robot who is high on medication then yes, I guess he did improve.
      And trust me, it’s not just Koala who doesn’t want this casting, it’s pretty much anyone who cares about making or watching a decent drama.

      The only one looking like a butthurt 12 year old in this comment section is you, dear!

    • Looks are in the eyes of the beholder. If you don’t like her blog, then don’t read it. You are the rude one leaving hate notes on someone else’s blog. I don’t think Ockoala is a Yunho hater. She is just being honest and blunt, as we all know Yunho cannot act… at least up until now!

  45. Why don’t you watch Changmin’s japanese movie ” Fly with the Gold” and then comment on present tense? So you would be less ignorant. He got critic chosen awards for his role, not those petty popularity ones. It’s really hard to research a bit isn’t it?

  46. hahahha… i read this and i laugh hard!
    i like Yunho as the leader of DBSK, as a singer (not a rapper, even he’s the main rapper), but as much as i like him.. i just don’t like his acting! but it doesnt mean i hate Yunho or suddenly dislike him, nope.. i still like him but i didn’t watch his dramas.. LOLs..
    of course i like Yunho more than Yoochun, but then.. i still prefer watching Yoochun’s acting rather than Yunho..
    i like Yunho more than those 3 BEAST members, but for acting skill, i prefer them..

    so i won’t blame anyone who write an article about Yunho’s acting skill..
    don’t be so blind just becuz of loving someone..

    thanks Koala for writing this article.. i really do hope, someone from SME or SBS or maybe Yunho him self would read this
    i hope they could tell him to learn more about acting..

    people learn people change, he might lack of acting skill now, but later.. maybe later.. who knows..

    can’t wait to see him get praised by Ms Koala..
    ouh.. maybe later 😀


  47. I get that ms koala is pissed and it shows in the harsh words she used writing this entry. But it`s her blog and her choice, she`s not obliged to like Yunho or his acting. What pisses ME off is all these “cassies” that profess to looooove Yunho – to bits no less – and then proceed to insult him using the exact same language. If you`re a fan and have nothing good to say about your bias better say nothing at all rather than going around ridiculing him and bringing him down on every blog there is.

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