Poll Time: Looking Forward to the Fall 2013 K-dramas

It’s pretty easy to figure out which K-dramas I’m interested in or excited about but there are lots more K-drama fishes in the pond then the ones I care to cover. For companies worldwide the fourth and final quarter of the year has started and it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and bring home the win. For the networks in Korea, some have flown high while others have faltered, but with so many upcoming K-dramas in the pipeline the Fall season is an unpredictable free for all that can reset the stage. Every network has a win in the different time slots so far this year: KBS did especially well on weekends with My Daughter Seo Young, The Best Lee Soon Shin, and now King’s Family, while MBC scored wins with Horse Doctor and Gu Family Book, and SBS has been spreading out the wins across time slots with That Winter, The Wind Blows, I Hear Your Voice, and The Master’s Sun. Now it’s time to look forward to the last batch of K-dramas that could give 2013 the final kick in the arse in terms of delivering a final injection of quality fare, or it’ll close out the year’s end with a whimper of lots of buzz with no bite. Take a poll and see which K-dramas are the most hotly anticipated, and conversely consider which K-dramas actually have potential to be really good. Despite the skewed coverage around here, there isn’t just two K-dramas premiering in the Fall in the form of Heirs/The Inheritors and Marry Him If You Dare. I’m actually plenty curious about most of what’s coming and giddy with excitement for some unexpected ratings and quality results. It’s so boring when its predictable, let the Fall K-drama showdown begin now!

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So how did you vote? Is your fave also leading the polls? Don’t worry, even if you’re the only one waiting for __________ drama to air, just think of it as more drama for you to love and no one to fight with you over it.


Poll Time: Looking Forward to the Fall 2013 K-dramas — 51 Comments

  1. Nice post!!! 🙂

    I picked marry me if you dare as the one that I am most anticipating. I think that medical top team has potential to be the best in terms of quality. I have very little expectation that empress ki will be good after this years bombs on mbc for me. I think heirs will get the high ratings and the commercial success ie money but I have doubts about the quality and the storyline. Kes is good and quite entertaining but SeGa had lots of wtf moments and AGD was fun to watch but the storyline etc was only ok.

    I still hoping that marry me if you dare comes out on top in the Monday slot. I really want to love it. Drama gods – please hear our pleas.

    • +1
      I loved Answer me 1997, especially its construction.
      I don’t know if Answer 1994 can manage to be as innovative. Though it doesn’t matter. It’s my generation anyway!

  2. Koala you are just soo loved…No wonder I stalk this site…It’s going to be Heirs hands down. The casting, the characters,genuine enthusiasm throughout the production. They are doing things so right. It’s like waiting for a baby to be birthed. Hurry up already. Die hard fans can just “see and sense” a winner in the making. An..ti..ci..pa..tion. What have I loved? All the”build-up”, the behind the scenes, seeing the filming crew. It takes every-one working together to make One Totally Awesome Drama. There seems to be a much deserved excitement, bring it on.

  3. Watching for shore- Marry Him If You Dare , The Heirs and Man From The Stars.

    No way i`m watching-Pretty Man, the weekend dramas and Empress Ki(60 episode sageuk drama no effing way ) .

    Will watch first episode to see whats up-Prime Minister and I,Basketball and Medical Top Team.

  4. Having a good feeling about Marry Him If You Dare. It has the potential of being “silent but deadly”. The type that does not rely so much on hype but on merits, I am looking forward. I love it that all the stills and teasers including the BTS videos they’ve released so far actually have substance and in some way gives you a deeper look at the characters and the drama itself and not just for promo-sake. So far, solid casting too. Great visuals, definitely but with that I meant just not being plain “eye-candies” but all 4 leads so far exudes distinct charisma. I am actually loving the contrasting charisma between Yoon Eun Hye and Han Chae Ah, Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa. Whoever ends up with who in this drama won’t be a problem. The chemistry is off the charts among the four. Meanwhile, the BTS shows you the synergy between the four as well, it can only get better (hopefully) as they get to know each other more. Not to mention veteran actresses Choi Myung Gil and Go Doo Shim are great assets to this drama too.

  5. I’m ridiculously excited for this new drama season. I can honestly say that it’s one of the rare times when almost EVERYTHING looks interesting.

    *does happy dance*

    Out of this (seemingly) good crop, I wonder which dramas will be the biggest surprises: the one that will surpass all expectations and be AWESOME and the one that will FAIL horribly.

    The one I’m most curious to see is probably “Basketball”. Probably because of the cast. And that’s a good thing.

  6. PS: I can’t help but imagine how “The Woman Who Married Three Times” is going behind the scenes. I keep imagining the whole cast sitting at the table reading and getting criticized by the writer. Specially Lee Ji Ah! I do love her, but I can totally see the writer wringing her neck, trying to get the best acting out of her. And that image is hilarious!

  7. What is kinda of turning me away from Marry Him If You Dare…Don’t get me wrong, I for one appreciate seeing women in this industry,but it seems like
    there is a woman writer, woman p.d., strong women characters. I will pass.

  8. I dont really see what so good abt MHIYD I wish I copied my comment just now from db but im not writing it back !
    Omg sbs omg its been 32 weeks of me wTchimg allllll of those 2013 dram a omg what a journey ! Well its continued with HIERS of course lee min ho forever and ever and ever and ever and ever
    Bty im looking forward to man from the stars too ! Omg sbs I love yoh !

  9. marry him if you dare, I think this drama is highly anticipated and will be of good quality so far all the premises is confirmed and I’m really hooked on it.

  10. I think Man From Another Star would capture more interest if they had stills/teasers for it. still early in the game, but that is the show i am looking forward to most. It has all the elements of what could be sexy and cute.

  11. I am actually highly anticipating on how Miss Korea will turn out. I have a secret spot for pageants and “ugly ducking” transformation stories. Bring on the gowns and tiaras :]

  12. I’ll go for Answer Me 1994 (and Basketball) because both are cable dramas and cable dramas tend to have strong and interesting plot than the dramas that came from Big3. I’m also anticipating Heirs ‘coz most of the stars I admire are there so even if the flow of the story is bad, I think I ca handle it. ^^~

  13. The last quarter of the year is going to be busy for me. So, I’ll only watch ‘Heirs’ to stay in tune with majority. I know, this reason sucks, but I have to study a 12-volume book. But I’ll definitely check an episode of ‘Empress Ki’ for Yuan hairdos! 🙂

  14. I’m excited to see UEE & Jung Il Woo! A lot of drama sounds good, but this pairing sounds fun. I was looking forward to Kim Soo Hyun’s pairing as well…until I heard the second male lead. Urgh.

    As for which drama will end up the winner…hmmm… It might be Heirs if the script doesnt mess up, or it might be Medical Top
    Team due to the casts and theme, or it might be weekend drama?

    But I think Basketball is going to be a good watch. It might be under-rated, but the trailers looked like it would be a great drama.

  15. Well, Empress Ki and Marry Him if You Dare (ducks!!!) Well, Marry Him and Man from the Stars could be great or awful – I don’t think those will land in meh territory. Empress Ki – I dearly want another great female led sageuk this year. I’m still reeling, in a good way, from Cruel Palace. Normally I’d jump to watch Ha Ji Won for 50 episodes doing historical stuff. But MBC? um…yurk.

    • LOL took the words right out of my mouth. And I should probably be committed saying this, but after a few weeks of waffling (and re-reading your awesome recaps of WBDS), I’m going to recap “Empress Ki” after all. That period in Korean history has always intrigued me, and I’m reading anything and everything I can get my hands on in anticipation of the premiere.

      I might need some massive Poodle Therapy during its run, though. MBC, please please please don’t let us down!!!

      • Yeah for recaps! But! Oh my! I’ll send you a spare poodle for that. Part of my problem with Empress Ki is that Shin Don had the most AWESOME Empress Ki, and it’s going to take some seriously awesome drama to beat Shin Don in covering that period of time. I’m in for the start, at least!

  16. Heirs is the highly anticipated drama and with the cast of eye candies I am sure it will achieve commercial success but somehow I am not too keen to watch it as firstly I think some of the actors are too old to be in High School and secondly, there are too many chefs (actors) and I’m worried that may spoil the pie as I can’t see how the characters in the drama have enough time to develop. I’m rooting for MHIYD as I think the storyline is quite interesting and I love all the actors in the show.

  17. I’m actually looking forward to Basketball, Heirs, and Answer Me 1994 (Hopefully it won’t go like DH2, *crosses fingers*)

  18. I can’t even choose. I’m looking forward to AM1994, Basketball, Medical Top Team maybe, and Heirs (please don’t suck, for the sake of all these people I like).

  19. I had a pretty good year of dramas so far — the year started well for me with “Can We Get Married?” and “Childless Comfort.” I had a few good weeks in Spring with “That Winter” but got very annoyed towards the second half and then a fabulous summer with “Blade and Petal,” “Cruel City” and “Empire of Gold” and the most truly magnificent “The End of the World” and “Queen’s Classroom.” I watched “Shark” for Son Ye jin and checked out “I hear your Voice” occasionally and then dropped it. So, there has been quality stuff but I am now yearning for an emotionally satisfying romance/melo with lots of eye candy to end my year. What do you guys recommend?

      • I’d recommend some short Korean dramas from KBS. I quite like Like A Fairytale and Medley Of Youth, a sweet high school drama which has 4 episodes. That’s about it from the top of my head.

  20. definitely MHIYD for me, i so love Yoon Eun Hye!..all else are secondary..heirs??I dont like the plot of heirs..the cast are old to play junior highschoolers,tsk.tsk.tsk.although i like lee min hoo.

  21. Definitely gonna watch Marry Him if you dare.
    I’m watching Heirs too but don’t know if it’s gonna be that good.
    And reply 1994, reply 1997 was really good so hopefully this one too!!!

  22. I am actually looking forward to watching Unemployed Romance the most. I am too nervous about Marry Him if You Dare because I so want it to be good for the sake of Lee Dong Gun. Okay, for my own personal reasons because a hit for him means that he will get more offers and more shows and I will get to watch him more and he won’t be tempted to go off and quietly do music and small films which I will never get to see. . . . because of course, this is ALL about me 🙂 But Unemployed Romance looks fun and not nerve wracking.

    • I’m also anticipating to UR the most, since it’s not on here I picked Heirs just based on cast. This year’s Big 3 dramas haven’t been blowing me away.

  23. I love korean drama for romantic-comedy genre the most! SO, it’s battle between HEIRS and MIRAE for me. HEIRS, I adore the writer which one of best writer in korea, from trilogy lovers to city hall to secret garden and last year gentleman dignity, I expect a good written drama but I doubt if the cast can carry it well, I like PSH but dont really excited about her acting…

    In other side, MIRAE, adore the acting of main lead, even more Lee Dong Gun looks hotter than before, but YEH always picks weak project after coffee prince which so disappointed, so I dont have that high interest this time in her drama… still I’ll see the recaps/review first before decide to watch them 🙂

  24. i choose Heirs, i just hope that with the popular casts, the storyline wouldn’t be suck! oh really do hope!
    but i can’t wait to see Ha Ji Won’s new saeguk drama, since it has been a long time since she did it!

    nah.. i didn’t choose MHIYD is because.. i’m not so into yoo eun hye and yonghwa.. but im looking forward to that drama too 🙂


  25. It was between Marry Him Of You Dare and Heirs for me, MHIYD won in the end. Lol
    Also interested with Man From the Stars and Medical Top Team. And I just can’t with JGS’s drama choices as of late.

  26. I voted for Basketball in both categories, it sounds (and looks) amazing. I’ve been anticipating it since it was announced just based on the plot and PD alone (I’m unfamiliar with the rookie cast).

    The other two I’m excited for are Answer 1994 and Marry Him If You Dare. I’m not really excited for the impending makjang of Golden Rainbow, but I am excited for the UEE/Jung Il Woo pairing because I adore them both. :’) Fall drama season is going to be very interesting, hopefully it’ll make up for the rest of the (pretty poor) year so far. Fingers crossed!!

  27. i can sense that Basketball will be the best because it production value and rookie actors(who doesn’t want new eye candy??)Btw, i can bet that Man from Stars will be good. The Heirs and Reply 1994 are gonna be awesome or totally sucks. Miss Korea could be turn out good if the PD,writing and stellar casts.

  28. I am really looking forward to Mirae’s Choice, Man from Stars, and Thrice Married Woman. The rest I will probably wait until they air all the eps since the last 3 months of the year will be very busy for me as well.

  29. I think MHIYD has the potential to be something great. If it goes the Nine route by having strong writing and substance without being gimmicky, it could be exceptional.

  30. I’m excited about MHIYD but I’m not even thinking it will be great (not that there’s no way it couldn’t be but I’m done hyping myself up for a drama only to be dissapointed). It’s always the dramas noone is really checking for that knocks everyone down and captures our hearts (ex: Answer me 1997). I’ll be paying attention to alot of the dramas you added in the polls. I haven’t even heard of most of the dramas you listed!

  31. I’ll vouch for MHIYD for Yoon Eun Hye, Medical top Team for Joo Ji Hoon (why can’t they have a drama together to spare me from watching them apart??) and Heirs for Kang Min Hyuk and Park Shin Hye! ♥ Miss Korea and Prime Minister and I’s plots sounds good, if they deliver, better. waaaah so many drama,so little time!

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